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Musical pieces: Musician makes his own modular instruments

Music: Matthew Regula is a real live wire. Comment

Bob Ross-inspired painting contest challenges boro artists

Bushwick: Bushwick artists are at the cutting edge of contemporary art, but can they paint a happy tree? Comment
Barbecue in Brooklyn right now is about as ubiquitous as the bicycle. Comments (3)

Find out what it’s like to be a Broadway actor

Theater: Even Broadway musicals have bloopers. Comment

Stan did great remembering Koch

Letters: Fond Koch-era memories, slaps for a “Catholic-bashing” columnist, and a NIMBY shout-out to a drug detox facility were among the hot-button issues Courier readers tackled on our well-lathered soapbox. Read on for more! Comment

Carmine rails against change — for the worst!

Big Screecher: I’m madder than a caterpillar that had a big meal, made himself a nice bed, fell asleep, and woke up in a whole new body with wings that he never asked for over the fact that no matter what I do, I can’t stop the constant change that interrupts our lives over and over and over again. Comment
Event: The Greatest Show on Earth is coming back to Brooklyn. Comments (12)
Cobble Hill: The State University of New York broke the law when it held a secret meeting the day before it decided to close the money-losing Long Island College Hospital, a judge ruled late on Thursday in a decision likely to delay, but not derail, efforts to shutter the medical center. Comments (6)

Striking a chord: Boxing and chamber music duke it out at Gleason’s

Music: It’s a battle of the band. Comment
Theater: It’s like “Waiting for Godot.” But for kids. With zombies. Comments (1)

Trust our drinking cartoonist: Sunshine Co. rises

Bar Scrawl: The Brooklyn Paper’s roving bartoonist hits up a Prospect Heights establishment that just earned its liquor license. Comments (1)

Heart in the right place

Art: Hurricane Sandy devastated Brooklyn, but a new work of public art proves the storm couldn’t break the borough’s heart. Comment

Hugo’s curtain call no ‘Chavesty’

A Britisher’s View: Another one bites the dust, much to the delight of our columnist who celebrates the final exit of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Comment

Train on!

Smooth subway sailing this weekend in another one of the greatest weekends on rails, ever! Comment

Second opinion: State now admits LICH real estate was on the table

Cobble Hill: They denied it for weeks, but State University of New York officials have finally admitted that real estate was on their mind while determining what to do with the struggling Long Island College Hospital, court filings reveal. Comments (14)

Parking meter costs to rise on Court, Smith, Atlantic

Better get some quarters — because rates at parking meters on Atlantic Avenue and Court and Smith streets will soon rise in a push by the city to free up often-occupied spaces. Comments (40)

Homes under water

Brooklyn’s coastal skyline is poised to grow taller — or face sky-high insurance rates. Comments (5)

Cops: We’ve nabbed the dognappers

Mill Basin: Talk about a Shih Tzu thing to do. Comment
Digital editions: It is with great excitement that we announce the historic successor to last week’s venerable edition of The Brooklyn Paper, the 10th issue of the 36th volume. We proudly unveil the newest news leader, the 11th issue of the 36th volume, which, during its time atop newstands, will assume the dignified title of “The Paper.” Its ascension to this lofty post did not come easy — it was not a frontrunner during the congregation of editors, but earned its position because it always kept hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

I’m sick and I need help!

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie trys to get the boys to act, well, like a mom. Comment

Tire fire: Car’s wheel melts in bizarre Downtown crash

Downtown: Talk about burning rubber! Comment

Pedestrian killed crossing Hamilton Avenue

Mean Streets: A 60-year-old woman was hit and killed by a tractor trailer early Wednesday in Red Hook, police said. Comments (5)

Emergency! Ridge, Hurst leaders rally for return of Victory

Bay Ridge: Could Southern Brooklyn get another shot at Victory? Comment

Watch out, drug dealers

Watch out, drug dealers

Bay Ridge: They’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! Comment

Dumping Hump gives Nets big bump

Front Court: Coach P.J. “Peej” Carelismo has made the tough decision and benched Kris Humphries, and for that, Brooklyn should be thankful. Comment

Never forget

Standing O: Students remember, lest we forget. Comment

Blood, sweat, cheers: Platelet-rich plasma injections are awesome

Back Court: Until league officials classify platelet-rich plasma injections as a form of blood doping, the Nets’ brass ought to make them as regular as lay-up lines. Comment

Ceremony honors heroic youth

Dyker Heights: Heroes come in all sizes. Comment

Dogs on parade in Park Slope

Park Slope: The Westminister dog show has nothing on the pooches of Park Slope. Comment

The Fix is out: Beloved W’burg record store will close

Music: Sound Fix is singing its swan song. (No, not this Swans song). Comments (1)

Jumbo sale in DUMBO: Massive lot could become huge retail space

DUMBO: DUMBO’s next retailer could be huge. Comments (13)

Bumpy roads ahead: Residents push for speed humps in Greenwood, Windsor Terrace

Mean Streets: Windsor Terrace and Greenwood Heights residents are racing forward in their push to install speed bumps on several blocks that they claim lead-footed have turned into dangerous raceways. Comments (22)

Madness! Blackbirds dancing again thanks thrird-straight conference title

Long Island University is heading to the NCAA tournament. Comment
Park Slope: This sandwich is tough to chew, but it’s anything but stale. Comments (5)

Bensonhurst burner convicted

Bensonhurst: A Brooklyn jury handed down a searing judgment on the man who set fire to an 86th Street tenement in 2010. Comment

Jo’s kiss off: keep it simple, stupid!

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist goes off on the creators of Facebook and aluminum foil! Comment

Making change — Brooklyn-based lender moves to new Bensonhurst location

Bay Ridge: Give credit where credit’s due! Comment

Assemblyman Colton aide and City Council hopeful Mark Treyger speaks

Bensonhurst: Will Bredderman: So what do you believe is the most pressing problem facing the district? Comment
Carroll Gardens: If a tree falls in Carroll Gardens, will anybody pick it up? Comments (7)

Match game: Developer to peg apartment prices to properties within 400 feet

Williamsburg: South Williamsburgers will be able to keep up with the Joneses if they land an apartment in a proposed building — because units in the planned structure will cost whatever the Joneses pay, a developer promises. Comments (4)
Dining: When in Park Slope’s newest French restaurant, eat as observant Jews do. Comments (17)

Stepping up? Gentile promises to be in Council leadership if re-elected

Bay Ridge: After seven years of fearlessly helming the City Council sub-committee on libraries, Vincent Gentile is ready to move up! Comments (3)

New grocery store opens in borough’s tallest building

Downtown: Residents of Brooklyn’s tallest building can now make the shortest of trips to get to the supermarket. Comments (4)
Crown Heights: Crown Heights is young — but not that young. Comments (8)

Z Best buddies

Z Best buddies

Sheepshead Bay: The embattled Z Best Car Wash enjoyed overwhelming support from Community Board 13 Wednesday night, when the panel voted unanimously to approve the business’s latest variance hurdle. Comment

When Stan cruises, he eats … a lot!

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist breaks down his itinerary for his days on the high seas or in various ports-of-call. Comment

Arrivaderci Bensonhurst, ciao Italy!

Bensonhurst: Forget the charter bus — 20 Bensonhurst high schoolers hopped aboard a plane on Feb. 14 for a week-long field trip to Italy! Comment

Checkout postponned

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has extended its Transitional Sheltering Assistance Program for an additional two weeks at the behest of the Governor Cuomo. Comment

Artists in residence: Concern in Crown Heights over bid to make factory a live-work space

Changing Brooklyn: A bid by a group of artists who want to lay their heads where they stretch their canvases has caused a rift in the community. Comments (15)
Greenpoint: Tenants in a Greenpoint flophouse are suing their landlord for allegedly failing to perform necessary repairs and basic upkeep — letting rats, roaches, and bedbugs run rampant and leaving their Manhattan Avenue home dilapidated and dangerous. Comments (5)
Bay Ridge: Hinsch’s is about to get some Greek flavor. Comments (7)
Greenpoint: Greenpoint will get a bit greener thank to neighborhood gardeners. Comments (1)

Loughlin trounces Stepinac to reach Catholic ‘AA’ boys hoops final

High School Sports: Bishop Loughlin coach Ed Gonzalez preached the importance of a fast start against an Archbishop Stepinac team coming off an upset victory in the quarterfinals. His squad more than delivered by putting the game away in the first quarter. Comment

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