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Last call for 93 Lounge?

Bay Ridge: Controversial Ridge club 93 Lounge may lose its booze after hearings this week — following years of complaints from neighbors about late-night mayhem and a New Year’s Eve incident where a drunk driver mowed down four revelers on the sidewalk in front of the establishment. Comment

And the winner is…

Brooklyn, your voices — and scissors — have been heard! Comment
Art: Say hello to the real-life Stuart Little. Comments (12)

Competitive erotic fan fiction

Park Slope: If you ever wondered what would happen if Robocop had a love affair with the ED 209, then this show’s for you. Comment

Loughlin routs Iona Prep, heads to semifinals

Bishop Loughlin’s game plan was simple, but they weren’t following it for most of the first half. Comment

Carmine on today’s stars: They stink

Sunday Screech: I’m madder than a criminal on the lam who gets caught because he complained to the Post Office that his name was misspelled on his wanted poster over the fact that celebrities today are only interested in themselves and their own precious fame, and don’t care at all about the communities that prop them up for doing such important acts as looking pretty or handsome. Comments (6)

Joanna DelBuono is ‘correct’ about meanies

Letters: Our letters page delivers all the news that’s fit to be hashed out by critical thinkers. Comment

Carmine can’t believe how inconsiderate stars are today

Big Screecher: I’m madder than a criminal on the lam who gets caught because he complained to the Post Office that his name was misspelled on his wanted poster over the fact that celebrities today are only interested in themselves and their own precious fame, and don’t care at all about the communities that prop them up for doing such important acts as looking pretty or handsome. Comment

Gallery recreates tiny living spaces

Art: If you think Brooklyn living is cramped, try Hong Kong or Japan. Comment

How Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ stopped being about sex

Music: Before it was used in every sad movie montage ever, before it was an anthem for cancer survivors and natural disaster recovery, “Hallelujah” was just a song — a weird, sexy song. Comments (3)

Trust our drinking cartoonist: Order the Van Helsing

Bar Scrawl: The Brooklyn Paper’s roving bartoonist greatly enjoys a beverage named after a Hugh Jackman character. Comment
Dining: The pie’s the limit. Comments (7)

Rough on riders

Weekend Watch: If you live in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, or Bedford-Stuyvesant, you might want to bust your bike out of winter storage this weekend. Comments (1)

Locals oppose new school

Midwood: If school’s in, parking’s out, according to Councilman Michael Nelson and Midwood residents. Comment

Oppression of Muslim women needs to be addressed

A Britisher’s View: An international day set aside for women is an apt time to shed light on the problem of female oppression in the Muslim world, writes our columnist. Comment
Park Slope: Neighbors are fighting to halt the Brooklyn Public Library’s controversial plan to sell off the borough’s first Carnegie branch — or at least find a way to preserve the historic building. Comments (18)

Hot dog! Nathan’s contest comes to Coney Boardwalk

The Fourth of July is coming early this year — for competitive hot dog-eaters at least! Comment
Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards critics and supporters have finally found something they can agree on: Forest City Ratner needs to get the job done already. Comments (7)

What’s wrong with the Nets? The problem is front and center

Front Court: You can try blaming Nets general manager Billy King’s inaction before the trade deadline or pinning it to Deron Williams’ ailing ankles, but the real reason Brooklyn is struggling is its increasingly inefficient front court. Comment
Williamsburg: It’s bigger and bound to be even terrific-er. Comment

Rule of thirds: Nets are terrible after halftime

Back Court: It’s time for the Nets to realize three out of four isn’t gonna cut it. Comment

Blasphemy! Dad’s daughter eats a burger!

The Dad: This week, the Dad reacts his daughter’s new dietary choice! Comments (8)

Sal calls for city task force to help Sandy victims

Hizzoner hopeful Sal Albanese says what Sandy victims need is a little human touch — and a big guiding hand from the city. Comment
Digital editions: We forge our newspaper the old-fashioned way — with American ingenuity and American labor. Assembled by our patriotic team of reporters culled from as close as South Brooklyn and no further than Berkeley, we proudly write and edit our copy on computers designed in California and print our broadsheet in a plant in the Bronx. No, it’s not some foreign knock-off — it’s The Brooklyn Paper, the one news product that always keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

Galarza shows how persistence pays off

Joe Knows: Professional boxer Frank Galarza lost both of his parents before he was 10-years-old — so he knows how to take a punch. Comment
Transit: The much-demanded F express is now part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s train of thought. Comments (71)
Cops know the ins and outs of every neighborhood in Brooklyn — so it’s no surprise they know where to find the best grub. Comments (6)

Residents: It’s full of mold!

Brighton Beach: You can call it a mold bomb. Comment
Brooklyn and the Barclays Center will host boxing history this weekend. Comment

Cops: We got ‘em

Sheepshead Bay: Cops in the 61st Precinct say they’ve nabbed the crew of fire-escape fiends who, since November, were responsible for nearly twenty burglaries in Sheepshead Bay. Comment

The Mayor adds nutritionist to his accomplishments

Not for Nuthin’: He knows all, sees all —he is the Magnificent Mayor of Oz — who is that man behind the curtain? None other than our very own Mayor Bloomberg. Comment

The winners are in

BoroBeat: Kings Plaza hosted the Brooklyn Derby, where young Scouts put their pinewood racers to the test to prove who has the fastest ride in town. Comment

Bishop Ford claims Brooklyn-Queens girls hoops title

The Bishop Ford girl’s basketball team chanted suspended head coach Mike Toro’s name during its customary pregame huddle before its championship game. Comment
Red Hook: Red Hook’s massive Fairway Market opened its doors last Friday for the first time since Hurricane Sandy, spurring jubilation throughout the waterfront neighborhood. Comment

Ocean sickness — neighbors outraged at approval of expansion for home for mentally ill

Coney Island: Things got crazy when Coney Island’s Community Board 13 voted to approve the expansion plans of a controversial Surf Avenue home for the mentally ill. Comment

Sanitation extends debris pickup

Your friendly, neighborhood, tax-paid garbage guys from the Department of Sanitation will be picking up your towering piles of Sandy debris until March 18, extending the city agency’s bulk pickup program even further past their previous Feb. 18 deadline. Comment

Board to death: Committee secretly plotted LICH’s sale, or its demise, activists claim

State officials either called a closed-door meeting to plot the sale of Long Island College Hospital’s valuable real estate the day before they voted to shutter the medical institution — or they broke the law, according to a lawsuit. Comments (9)

Sweet and sour on Domino: New plan draws mixed reaction

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Brooklyn is either sweet on the Domino development plan — or pushing a no-sugar diet. Comments (18)

Canned music — Youtube music video on bottle collectors draws criticism

Bensonhurst: A homemade music video by a beloved Bensonhurst icon is raising eyebrows in the increasingly diverse neighborhood, which has gone from mostly Italian to predominantly Chinese in the past decade. Comments (21)

Driver in deadly W’burg hit-and-run still on the lam, NYPD says

Williamsburg: The man believed to be behind the wheel in a crash that killed a young family has not been taken into custody, according to police, despite widespread reports stating the opposite. Comments (4)

Adams aims for Borough Hall

State Sen. Eric Adams took to the steps of Borough Hall Sunday, joined by its current and previous occupants, to kick off his bid to become the next borough president. Comments (9)

Fine dining and yoga together? It’s no stretch

Dining: Om … Yum. Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: The new owner of the Domino Sugar factory revealed its billion-dollar vision for the iconic Williamsburg site, calling for massively tall and architecturally bold skyscrapers that would redefine Brooklyn’s skyline. Comments (43)

Ocean Parkway is Brooklyn’s deadliest roadway

Mean Streets: It’s more like Ocean Speedway. Comments (47)

What a relief!

What a relief!

Marine Park: The city cut the ribbon Friday on Marine Park’s long-awaited Carmine Carro Community Center, the $16-million bathroom and meeting facility that’s been in progress since 2003. Comment
Prospect Heights: Brooklyn has plenty of bargain hunters — but only one store hunter. Comments (2)

Board votes for boards

Coney Island: Can a board save the planks? Comment

Stan isn’t cursing cruise lines

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist lets you know it is still safe to set sai. Comment

Cash for boots

Mill Basin: A group of civic associations representing Marine Park, Mill Basin, and Mill Island have pledged money to buy commercial-grade wheel boots for the 63rd Precinct, in an effort to curb the plague of 18-wheel truckers who have grown used to illegally parking their big rigs in residential spots. Comment
Sandy destroyed one Coney Island classic, but another will take its place in June. Comments (9)

Bishop Ford advances to second straight final with suspended coach in mind

Bishop Ford girls basketball coach Mike Toro wasn’t on the bench with his team, but he was with his players in their hearts. Comment

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