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Poetry pros

Event: BAM hosts a “Grand Slam” poe-jam. Comment

Take a bite outta the Bridge!

Dining: New sandwich shop serves up open-faced tributes to Brooklyn’s national treasure. Comment

Carmine says Con Ed’s behavior is shocking!

Sunday Screech: In this week’s screech, Camines got a beef with how the public utility is treating his pal. Comments (5)

Carmine’s shocked by Con Ed’s behavior

Big Screecher: This week, the Screecher lets off some steam about annoying public utilities. Comment
Subway riders love the five extra stops on the G train in Park Slope, Windsor Terrace and Kensington — and they are urging the MTA to maintain the extended service even after the repairs that mandate it come to an end. Comments (26)

Living single

Books: A discussion about the rapid rise in young adults choosing to live the single life. Comments (9)

Media warriors ‘press’ on — until death

A Britisher’s View: Reserve the highest honors for brave media members who dedicate their lives to uncovering the truth — sometimes paying the ultimate price. Comment

Should charters rule our schools?

Perspective: Success Charter Network, one of Mayor Bloomberg’s favorite charter school operators, hopes to expand rapidly in Brooklyn in the coming months. The charter’s founder, former Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, argues that her schools can improve the quality of primary education in neighborhoods with struggling public schools. But many parents say Success schools — and other charters — will undermine public schools in their neighborhoods and lessen parental influence over education citywide. We asked two major players in the controversy to chime in. Comment
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Cops and brides are Purim’s hottest costumes

Williamsburg: Forget ghosts and witches — the most popular costumes for this year’s Hasidic Halloween are cops and brides. Comments (4)

Midwood residents: We don’t need a nightmare on Elm Avenue

Midwood: The city wants to turn a small Midwood street into a pedestrian plaza, but some residents think the plan will cause nothing but headaches. Comment
Dyker Heights: Merchants want the same extended parking times Bay Ridge has. Comment

New art gallery brings action to barren Bushwick block

Bushwick: Bushwick’s newest gallery opens after a year of rennovations — and it’s taking the neighborhood by storm. Comment
Flatbush: Promised donations of more than $3 million have not come through, so students and faculty have taken it upon themselves to raise funds and keep the school afloat. Comment

Mugging on 83rd Street

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Different, but the same

Fearless Living: Our parenting columnist muses on the differences and similarities of communities while she visits her sister and brother-in-law on their RV compound in rural Arizona. Comments (2)

Plan cuts Prospect Park car lane, makes more room bikes and peds

Mean Streets: A revolutionary roadway redesign will bring transportation equality to Prospect Park’s main street by removing a lane of car traffic and giving the space to pedestrians and cyclists, park officials say. Comments (58)
Red Hook: An historic fuel tanker is sinking in a sea of red tape — and its captains fear they must sell the floating cultural center for scrap if they can’t find it a permanent port by April 30. Comments (7)

Holocaust couple blame temple for car vandalism

A couple who survived Nazi labor camps say mischief makers from a nearby synagogue attacked their ride. Comment
Manhattan Beach: The state senate hopeful promises to reschedule — once his doctor clears him for debate duty. Comment
Bay Ridge: Organizers say that their Summer Stroll, unlike the Oxygen show about back-stabbing Brooklyn broads, will prove that Bay Ridge has culture. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Puppies and wine — indisputably two of humanity’s favorite things — are coming together for the ultimate happy hour. Comments (1)
Downtown: Success Charter Network wants to open another school in a district stretching from Brooklyn Heights to Bedford-Stuyvesant after promising to launch a charter there, but settling on a site in a different zone. Comments (2)

Gunmen attack Bay Ridge man

A pair of thieves open fire on an Ovington Avenue resident, leaving him terrorized. Comment

Burn baby burn!

Dining: For four nights in March, the Brooklyn Lyceum will be transformed into an infamous coal mining town with a haunted past, thanks to Ugly Rhino Productions, a booze-infused theater company with a pentient for putting on weird shows with tailor-made cocktails to match. Comments (4)

One hairy situation! Cops say they’ve arrested fake follicle bandit

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

Winged migration!

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing! Comment

Kings Plaza flips for wee Aviator acrobats

BoroBeat: Young gymnasts and kickboxers showed off their skills at the Marine Park mall on Saturday. Comment

Jo’s got her finger on the pulse of ABC

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our national affairs columnist breaks down the Oscars. Comment

Phil and Phil — Brooklyn’s orchestra teams up with a literary legend

Downtown: ‘Classical’ music in Brooklyn is anything but these days. Comment

Tats for tots: Temporary ink lets Brooklyn kids look like Brooklyn adults

DUMBO: You know what makes Brooklyn children the coolest? They’ve got the best tattoos. Comments (19)
Gowanus: Whole Foods has the green light to sell organic produce and fancy cheese on the shore of the Gowanus Canal — and the posh grocer says it could begin construction on its first Brooklyn outpost as early as April. Comments (26)

Grimm blasted for taking pipeline money

Bay Ridge: Political watchdog groups say Rep. Michael Grimm (R–Bay Ridge) shouldn’t take donations from two companies that will grow rich off a natural gas pipeline he’s proposing, but the embattled pol doesn’t have a problem taking their cash, claiming that this is the way government is supposed to work. Comment

Dog gone it! Yorkie theft leaves Puppy Paradise in a ‘ruff’ spot

Marine Park: The owner of the Flatbush Avenue pet store may have to close if the $1,400 pup yanked from his shop isn’t returned. Comment
Prospect Heights: A beloved Jamaican patty purveyor will stay in his Prospect Heights pastry shop despite a landlord–tenant flare-up that almost resulted in another real estate turnover near the soon-to-open Barclays Center. Comments (6)

Lou: The Gowanus Expressway was a mistake

Speak Out: This week, America’s oldest continuously published columnist rails against America’s worst highway. Comment

Grimm blasted for taking pipeline money

Link: Embattled Rep. Michael Grimm is under attack by government watchdogs who claim he’s being paid by natural gas companies for backing legislation that could earn the energy giants millions — a pay-to-play deal that the defiant Bay Ridge pol says is how government is supposed to work. Read more…

Mind the Gap? Another huge retailer hits Fulton Mall

Changing Brooklyn: A Gap Factory Store opened Friday at the corner of Gallatin Place, marking the latest suburban-style addition to a retail corridor long considered to be Main Street for black shoppers in Brooklyn. Comments (4)
Coney Island: Neighborhood boosters gathered at Gargiulo’s last week to drum up excitement for the under-construction project. Comment
Williamsburg: South Williamsburg is no longer home to the makers of Viagra, but it now hosts the producers of a different kind of preservative. Comments (1)

Graffiti ‘quack’ down: Vandal’s waterfowl-influenced tag in Prospect Park

Park Slope: Brooklyn’s obsession with Prospect Park’s waterfowl has gone so far that even inspired graffiti taggers are paying homage to the borough’s feathered creatures. Comments (2)

Forbidden moves! Ridge board wants to bar dancing at controversial club

Bay Ridge: Community Board 10 has just one thing to say about Club Amnesia’s request for a cabaret licence — fugghetaboutit! Comment

In case you missed it...Grimm fought to keep convicted Brooklyn developer out of jail

Link: The New York Daily News reports that Rep. Michael Grimm (R–Bay Ridge) asked a judge to be lenient when sentencing Thomas Kontogiannis, a convicted criminal the congressman had dealings with during his time in the FBI. It’s one of many questionable decisions the embattled pol has been accused of making this month. Check it out! Read more…
Mean Streets: City transportation officials removed dozens orange traffic barrels intended to slow cyclists on a crash-prone hill in Prospect Park — and now they want your advice on what to do next. Comments (47)

Sunday slug-fest! Aviators take out Danville in bloody 4–2 bout

Mill Basin: The scrappy Brooklyn squad shed their gloves and ripped into the Dashers three times before skating off with another victory. Comment

Stan on the good, bad, and ugly of technology

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist talks about some of his favorite — and least favorite — inventions. Comment

Start me up: Tech companies boot up in Greenpoint

Greenpoint: A Nassau Avenue warehouse is bringing a bit of the Silicon Valley to Brooklyn’s “Garden Spot.” Comment

Forbidden moves! Ridge board wants to bar dancing at controversial club

Link: A civic group blasted the owners of a Bay Ridge Brazilian supper club for allowing dance parties without a permit, and, much like the town council in “Footloose,” is now stopping the club’s owner from getting the proper paperwork so his patrons can dance legally. Read more…

Our letter writers hate Joanna DelBuono

Letters: Once again, retired teachers are lashing out against our Not for Nuthin’ columnist. Comment
Mill Basin: Brooklyn’s boys of winter snag their second straight victory. It was against the worst team in the Federal Hockey League, but a win is a win! Comment
Brighton Beach: A second victim of the afternoon blaze was left with serious injuries, an FDNY spokesman said. Comment

Grimm hires scandal-scarred aide

Link: Our pals at Brooklyn Daily have been covering Rep. Michael Grimm (R–Bay Ridge) closely — here’s their latest piece on the Congressman’s newest controversy. Read more…
Brighton Beach: A Brighton Beach woman will be kicked out of her home if she doesn’t whittle her pride down to two cats. Comment

Cops: We got the teens who shoved this 81-year-old onto the tracks

Williamsburg: Police say they nabbed two crooks who stole an iPhone from an 81-year-old man and pushed him onto the subway tracks at the Lorimer Street J train station on Feb. 17. Comments (14)
Bridge ‘Park’: The pool of big-time developers vying to build a luxury hotel at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 is down to the final three, says a source familiar with the deal. Comments (4)
Link: Our pals at have the story on a woman who will be kicked out of her home if she doesn’t whittle her pride of cats down to two. Read more…

Elderly woman in critical condition following ‘hoarder’ fire

Gravesend: A woman was left with life threatening injuries following the Thursday afternoon blaze. Comment

Gas pains! City shuts off gas to Williamsburg housing tower

Williamsburg: Residents of a Williamsburg public housing tower fear they will be cooking with hot plates for as long as a year because of a gas leak in the basement of their Taylor Street building. Comments (4)
Mill Basin: The Brooklyn Aviators snap their four-game losing skid with a victory over the Warriors. Comment
Link: The Politcker reports that Councilman Lew Fidler, who is facing a nasty state senate race against GOP challenger David Storobin, was admitted to the hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction to his gout medication. Check it out! Read more…

Glenn Beck is angry at the Park Slope Food Co-op

The Greatest Story Ever: The Park Slope Food Co-op’s campaign to ban Israeli food products is a hate-spewing affront on the Jewish State that will injure the whole human race, conservative media personality Glenn Beck told a packed crowd in Crown Heights last night. Comments (71)

Birth cab for cutie! Greenpoint mom has baby in taxi

Greenpoint: See the amazing video! Comments (11)

Thug allegedly slugs man on Henry Street

Carroll Gardens: Plus a smattering of other crimes from the 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens. Comment

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