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Dance: The Mark Morris Dance Group comes to Brooklyn for a dual performance set to two beloved pieces of music. Comment

Carmine does battle with typos

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Screech, Brooklyn’s angriest columnist talks about working on an old typewriter. Comments (5)

Carmine has a thing or two to say about typos

Big Screecher: This week, our columnist goes off on those little mistakes that drive us mad, then has some nice things to say about Connie Hamilton. Comment
Dining: Care for a side of psychedelia with your sushi roll? Comments (6)

Balls to the wall!

It’s meatball madness at the Brooklyn Kitchen. Comments (2)

Woman bashes man with clock

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

Free Ryan Jerome, DA Vance!

A Britisher’s View: Our columnist demands that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance do the right thing and toss out the trumped-up gun possession charges against the retired, third-generation Marine. Comment

Theatrical journalism at the Heights Players

Brooklyn Heights: ‘The Laramie Project’ hits the stage. Comment

A ferry good idea, or are boats to Southern Brooklyn dead in the water?

Op-Ed: At his State of the Borough address, Borough President Markowitz said he wants to expand ferry service along the East River to Southern Brooklyn. Yet the city says expanding the ferry service would be too costly. We asked two Southern Brooklyn community leaders to weigh in on the feasiblility and practicality of the proposal. Click below for two views. Comment

What the L?

Weekend Watch: This weekend looked pretty good – until the MTA shut down the L train. Comments (2)

Shallow end for commodities pool operator

Gavel to Gavel: A good ole’ fashioned ponzi scheme leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel column. Comment

‘Iron’ fist!

Bar Scrawl: Down a few cocktails at Greenpoint’s newest watering hole. Comment

The weekender! Here’s what you should do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

Raccoons take over vacant Marine Park construction site

Marine Park: Furry squatters are the latest wrench for the problem-plagued project. Comment

A ‘pole’ new world!

Flatbush: Verizon says it will yank out the pole it illegally put in Fiske Terrace last year and replace it with a smaller cable box — but residents remain unimpressed with the telecommunications giant’s promises. Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: A proposed city law would require pedestrian overpasses to be flanked with tall fencing — except for the expensive footbridge planned to connect Brooklyn Heights with Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (8)

Planned parking-free apartments near Barclays Center stoke fear

Prospect Heights: A developer promises he’s doing the community a favor by not including parking at his planned 55-unit apartment building across the street from the Barclays Center, but Prospect Heights residents say he’s only making things worse. Comments (59)

BB gun-wielding thief attempts to rob store

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

City: Sewer pipe sensors will give real-time data on Gowanus Canal stink

Cleaning Our Waterways: The city says it will finally figure out just how much noxious-smelling sewage is pouring into the Gowanus Canal. Comments (1)

Hey Yvette: they named a wing after you!

Standing O: Sunset Park Standing O pal and educator extraordinaire Yvette Aguirre never dreamed that someday a wing would be named in her honor. Her only dream was to see a new facility where the children in her […] Comment

Jump around! Kids hop to it to raise money for hearts

BoroBeat: Students at PS 197 in Midwood put their best foot forward to skip rope — and class — for a good cause: the annual jump rope marathon to raise money for the American Heart Association. Check out our slideshow to see the students’ fancy footwork. Comment

Senior to city: Sell me the parking spot in front of my home!

Link: Hey, Mayor Bloomberg — how much do you want for the parking spot in front of my home? Read more…

Here’s one way to get lost in art

Art: A Gowanus artist turned her studio into a makeshift travel agency — but instead of selling vacation packages, she gave away mysterious adventures. Comments (1)

Fort Greene to city: Rotate this statue!

Fort Greene: Fort Greene’s Civil War hero must do an about-face if he wants to fit in with the neighborhood, some residents say. Comments (14)

Senior to city: Sell me the parking spot in front of my home!

Bay Ridge: A disabled activist wants the city to rent him the space in front of his Bay Ridge building. Comment

Rum: it’s not just for pirates anymore!

Ditmas Park: The swashbuckling swill is the latest to attract the borough’s smart drinkers Comments (4)

G’pointers: TV show ‘Smash’ treats us like trash

Brooklyn Is Angry: Greenpoint residents are calling cut on a TV show that they claim takes up too many parking spaces and causes too much noise. Comments (3)

Cops: We got Fort Greene’s bubble jacket bandit

Fort Greene: Cops say they’ve nabbed the bubble jacket-clad bandit who pretended he had a gun and robbed teenagers in Fort Greene of their iPhones. Comment

Joanna breaks down her TV week

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist fills you in on what’s good, and not so good, on her favorite networks. Comment

Police: Goon robs man on Coney Island Avenue, then brags about it

Sheepshead Bay: Plus an assortment of other crimes from Sheepshead Bay’s 61st Precinct. Comment

Aviators score big with visits to kids at SUNY Downstate and PS 212

BoroBeat: Star members of the Brooklyn hockey team spent two days off the ice to read with children at a Downtown hospital and lead a skills clinic with students at a Gravesend school. Comment

Behind the scenes of the city

Event: DUMBO’s architects open their studios. Comment

Adelphi employee arrested for child assault

Bay Ridge: An administrator allegedly roughed up a 12-year-old, parents charge Comment

Brownstone Brooklyn loses beloved newswoman and scribe

Cobble Hill: A memorial will be held for the late Geraldine Gross — one of Brownstone Brooklyn’s top bricks — at the Kane Street Synagogue. Comment
Greenpoint: Sharing pedals is going to be easy in North Brooklyn — unless you live in East Williamsburg and parts of Greenpoint. Comments (16)

Dog gone! Midwood hell hounds have a two-legged accomplice

Someone is springing the traps the city set for the vicious pit bulls that have preyed upon Midwood residents, helping them avoid capture, resident say. Comment

Marine Park is fuming over proposed gas pipeline

Marine Park: National Grid wants to run a new gas pipeline down Flatbush Avenue and through Floyd Bennett Field — but residents are blasting the idea. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: The show’s not over for the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. Comments (1)

How we dealt a blow to Delta Airlines

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, Stan learns how to fly to the “occupied Palestinian territory.” Or is that Israel? Comment

Coffee clash: Brooklyn baristas let it drip at java-making competition

Gowanus: This Gowanus barista is doing everything she can to win the cup. Comment

‘Black’ comedy

Books: Funnyman Michael Ian Black reads in Greenpoint — with Meghan McCain! Comments (1)

A federal offense: A’s lose to Outlaws, 3–1 — on President’s Day!

Mill Basin: The Brooklyn Aviators were shot down — and nearly shut out — during what was supposed to be a special match honoring Washington’s birthday. Comment
Checkin’ in with: Hometown playwright’s new play hits the stage. Comment

W’burg residents: We love gay bar, but hate its noise

Williamsburg: A Williamsburg gay bar is under fire — and neighbors say it’s not because they’re proud, it’s just because they’re loud. Comments (54)

A family vacation means fun — and stress

The Dad: Our parenting columnists talks about the inevitable challenges of playing the punching bag during stressful family moments. Comment

Red Hook vendors cry foul over city’s new park rule

Red Hook: Red Hook Park’s beloved Latin American food vendors say they’re the losers in a new city plan to grant kids more ballfield access than adults. Comments (11)
Mean Streets: The city has already spent $140,000 on legal fees to protect the Prospect Park West bike path — and it will likely spend more thanks to an appeal filed by cycling lane opponents. Comments (66)

Borough fall: D’town plaza’s bluestone is tripping hazard, pedestrians allege

Downtown: A stroll through the plaza in front of Borough Hall is no walk in the park — it’s more like a trip through a minefield, Downtown workers allege. Comments (11)

Cops cut cheese theft spree short

Park Slope: A gouda-grabber who made a business of stealing and reselling high-end cheeses from a Midwood grocery store has weaseled his last wheel, police say. Comments (11)

Cops cut cheese theft spree short

Link: A crook made a business out of swiping high-end cheeses from a Kosher grocery store then reselling them to nearby Midwood stores — until the plan curdled and crumbled right in front of him. Read more…
Williamsburg: The Manhattan power couple behind a controversial plan to open a charter school in Williamsburg is hoping to launch two more charter schools in North Brooklyn. Comments (56)

‘Shavana Abruzzo is an American patriot’

Perspective: Our readers take a minute to cheer, then jeer, our Britisher’s View column. Comment

Aviators crash and burn against the Akwesasne Warriors — again!

Mill Basin: Brooklyn’s boys of winter outshot the Warriors at every turn, but still lost, 5–3. Comment

Aviators fall to Warriors, 4–3

Mill Basin: The A’s lead was all but secured — until the Warriors went on the attack in the last period. Comment

Will you save this puppy?

Brooklyn Heights: Animal rescuers saved a dozen puppies from the gas chambers of Kentucky — but the abandoned pooches still need Brooklyn’s help. Comments (2)
Williamsburg: MTA officials admitted they left North Brooklyn straphangers in the cold — or jammed against fellow passengers like sardines — by failing to provide enough shuttle buses while the L train was out-of-service earlier this month. Comments (2)
Sheepshead Bay: City animal rescuers pulled the mistreated canines from two garbage-strewn addresses owned by the same dog-hoarding couple on Thursday. Comment

Cops: Help us find this Fort Greene mugger

Fort Greene: Cops are searching for a crook who mugged at least three teenagers for their iPhones in Fort Greene while pretending he was carrying a gun. Comments (5)

All aboard! Golden wants city to fund southern Brooklyn ferry service

Bay Ridge: State Sen. Marty Golden (R–Bay Ridge) wants the city to expand ferry routes to southern Brooklyn, but a city report says it would be a losing proposition. Comment

Former community affairs cop admits to running guns

Bay Ridge: Police Officer Marco Venezia, a Bay Ridge community affairs officer, was honored by the community repeatedly — but no one knew that he was running guns on the side. Comment

NYPD bruise! Off-duty cop in Kettle Black brawl betrayed the badge, defense lawyers say

Bay Ridge: Attorneys representing Daniel Golden — state Senator Marty Golden’s nephew — say an off-duty officer in the fight sparked the 2010 melee, then tried to hide evidence of his guilt. Comment

W’burg waterfront gets a supermarket

Williamsburg: The Williamsburg condo complex The Edge will house a supermarket — a potential game-changer for waterfront dwellers accustomed to schlepping their groceries back to the cluster of new developments along Kent Avenue. Comment

Off-duty cop in Kettle Black brawl betrayed the badge, defense lawyers say

Link: Defense attorneys say State Sen. Marty Golden’s nephew was just trying to pick up a girl when he got caught up in a brawl that left a Port Authority cop with a broken jaw — a fight allegedly sparked by a rowdy off-duty cop who later tried to hide evidence of his guilt. Read more…

Knife-wielding mugger attacks man in apartment building

Carroll Gardens: Plus a smattering of other crimes from the 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens. Comment

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