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BoroBeat: The Rotary Club of Verrazano held a fashion show at Gargiulo’s Restaurant to raise money for the underprivileged. See all the fun in our slideshow. Comment
Music: Alex Battles and the Whisky Rebellion pay homage to Johnny Cash. Comment
BoroBeat: Students at the Bath Beach school were visited by the trained canines, who demonstrated the power of their snouts. Comment

Note-passing bandit hits Chase

Flatbush: Plus an assortment of other crimes from Midwood, Flatbush and East Flatbush. Comment

Uh-oh, Carmine is giving out awards

Sunday Screech: Look, there comes a time when even the angriest columnist in Brooklyn has to say some nice things. Comments (1)

Choco-holic! This moonshine’s chock full of cocoa

Dining: When life gives you leftover cocoa husks, make chocolate moonshine! Comments (1)

Carmine’s got no gripe with Priscilla

Big Screecher: This week, the Screecher cheers a wonderful young lady. Comment

Brussels sprout in Brooklyn

Dining: Mini cabbages have captured the hearts of the borough’s foodie community. Comments (1)

Comedian tells Brooklyn what it’s like having agoraphobia

Books: Not only did Sara Benincasa conquer her agoraphobic fear of leaving her apartment — she became a standup comedian, and wrote a whole book about it. Comments (2)

The Brooklyn Museum is redecorating

Art: The museum is lending its historic period rooms as canvases from modern artists. Comment
Digital editions: Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Read more…

Our troops are heroes — not zeroes!

A Britisher’s View: There aren’t enough ticker tape parades in the world to thank our freedom fighters — but a few would at least let them know their efforts weren’t in vain. Comment

This ‘Terroir’ is your terroir

Park Slope: Finally, a wine bar for the people comes to Park Slope. Comments (2)

Robbers take laptop, video games from Bay 32nd Street home

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

To light the Parachute Jump, or not to light the Parachute Jump?

Perspective: Borough President Markowitz wants the city to spend $2 million to improve the lighting on the Coney Island Parachute Jump — in addition to the $1.4 million that has been already spent on it — so the shuttered attraction “can be seen from space.” The Parachute Jump is a Coney Island treasure, but some think the money should be spent on something other than a broken ride. Below are two views.

Bigger Slope historic district could curb development near arena

Park Slope: Preservationists and elected officials are pushing to expand Park Slope’s historic district — a move that could protect the neighborhood’s charm amidst a predicted wave of development sparked by the soon-to-open Barclays Center. Comments (4)

Groovy! Ateret Avot keeps seniors dancing like stars!

BoroBeat: A “Dancing With The Stars” contest had golden oldies movin’ at the Midwood residence. Comment

Your weekend reads — from three Brooklyn booksellers

Books: Once again, the ladies of BookMark Shoppe, Greenlight and Word give us their hot books of the week. Comment

Happy rails to you!

Weekend Watch: Good news! There are shouldn’t be many surprises for subway riders this weekend, though the J train will skip a few stops and the Q train remains out of commission. Comment
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

Doormen accused of hogging parking spots in Slope ‘parking ring’

Park Slope: The doormen at a posh Park Slope building are running a “Seinfeld”-style parking spot-saving scheme that has triggered mini-war between drivers hunting for spaces, neighbors say. Comments (64)

NYPD grilled for Lefevre investigation

Williamsburg: The mother of a deceased Bushwick cyclist blasted police at a tense City Council hearing on Wednesday for failing to thoroughly investigate the hit-and-run accident that took her son’s life four months ago. Comments (7)
Sheepshead Bay: State senate candidate David Storobin wants Councilman Lew Fidler to stop playing dirty in the race to replace state Sen. Carl Kruger, but his own people don’t mind throwing biased remarks around at public events. Comment
Flatbush: A 71-year-old man was struck down by two vehicles on Flatbush Avenue, the same way Noah Foxman was killed. Comment

Police: Teen attacks senior on Brooklyn Avenue

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

Classic Kushner play ties Reagan to Hitler

Theater: An early work by the man who brought you ‘Munich’ comes to Brooklyn College Comment

Kolache crazy!

Kolache crazy!

Dining: Texan breakfast pastries make their way to Brooklyn. Comments (25)

Exotic orchids inspire one special garden party

Prospect Heights: The world’s most seductive flower attracted the borough’s most seductive crowd for a dance party on Friday at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Comment

Coffee … for kids! ‘Babyccinos’ are espresso shots for tots

Parenting: They grow up so fast. Coffee shops around Brooklyn are reaching a whole new generation of cafe-goers. Comments (76)

Graveyard to truckers: Leave us in peace

Midwood: Midwood’s illegally parked big rigs are drawing the ire of the living at Washington Cemetery. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: The city is finally doing somethng with the vacant spot, but it’ll be a stripped-down version of what was promised years ago, officals say. Comment

Drivers cry foul over Fowler Square pedestrian plaza plan

Mean Streets: Fort Greene motorists are lashing out against the city’s plans for a pedestrian plaza between Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue, saying the tiny block of S. Elliott Place is better used as a roadway than as a leafy hangout. Comments (33)
Flatbush: Debt and dwindling enrollment has forced the school to shut its doors at the end of June. Comment

Verizon’s being deducted from my good list

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our national issues reporter haggles with a sales rep over iPhone insurance. Comment

‘How to be Black’ with Baratunde Thurston

Checkin’ in with: Funnyman and Onion editor’s hilarious new take on race relations Comments (2)

It’s a Bath Beach pork party

Dining: The other white meat takes center stage at Carnevale. Comment

This opera is ‘wright’ on!

Music: Rufus Wainwright brings his debut opera to BAM. Comments (1)

Redistricting judge ordered to handle partisan bickering

Gavel to Gavel: The legal fight over the controversial state redistricting maps leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel column. Comment

Lucky dogs in Brooklyn Heights get ‘pawdicures’

Fuzzy Brooklyn: Pampered Brooklyn Heights pooches got gussied up by a “pawdicurist” — helping them look their best for Valentine’s Day. Comment

Gay or straight is OK by me

Fearless Living: Our parenting columnist addresses the subject of sexuality with her kids — and ponders her free-wheelin’ parenting style. Comment

Greenpoint’s fart factory could be built with nabe’s cleanup cash

Greenpoint: A power company might turn Brooklyn’s farts into fuel by using money the state promised to spend cleaning up Greenpoint, a city environmental insider revealed. Comments (4)

Trial against Golden’s nephew begins this week

Bay Ridge: Daniel Golden is accused of breaking a cop’s jaw during a brawl at the Kettle Black bar. Comment

‘Monster’ Kimball Street developer fights to keep overgrown building

Marine Park: Developers of a controversial Kimball Street condo project the city wants cut by two floors — and neighbors call an overgrown eyesore — is making a last ditch pitch to keep its out-of-scale project whole. Comment
Bensonhurst: The developer building the Calko Medical Center on Bay Parkway is supposed to provide 231 parking spots, but the city is letting him get away with just 177, angry residents claim. Comment

High-end high-rise planned on Flatbush

Downtown: He has a background in real estate and a name linked with entertainment, but the developer behind the borough’s newest proposed luxury high-rise says he’s no Donald Trump — and he’s not building a garish, Trump-like tower. Comments (9)

Bushwick hospital bails from $450-million merger plan

Bushwick: A $450-million state plan to merge three ailing Brooklyn hospitals could be in jeopardy because a financially troubled Bushwick health center refuses to sign off on the proposal and lose its independence. Comments (2)

When the state should have rolled the dice on Coney Island

Speak Out: This week, our columnist says the People’s Playground — and other parts of New York — should have made gambling legal years ago. Comment
BoroBeat: Droves of couples married for 50 years and more turned out for the annual Brooklyn Sweethearts, right in time for Valentine’s Day. For photos of the love fest, see our slideshow. Comment
Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s hot dog king is doling out a different kind of sausage casing for Valentine’s Day. Comments (1)

Beer garden blooms Downtown

Beer garden blooms Downtown

Downtown: Bottles, cans, and kegs won’t be the only containers for beer when a Downtown market starts serving ales al fresco in a courtyard flanked by shipping containers. Comments (8)

Ridge Raid! Xaverian burns Bishop Loughlin in grand fashion

Bay Ridge: The Clippers clip Bishop Loughlin’s hoop dreams, defeating them 64–60. Comment

Assault trial of state Sen. Golden’s nephew begins this week

Link: Our pals at BrooklynDaily have the story on the pending trial of state Sen. Marty Golden’s nephew, who stands accused of assaulting a cop in a Bay Ridge bar brawl. Read more…

Lawsuit rolls on: Bike lane opponents appeal Prospect Park West ruling

Mean Streets: Like a bike with no brakes, the fight over the Prospect Park West bike lane just keeps rolling. Comments (45)

The need for speed bumps: Parents try to tame Cobble intersection

Mean Streets: Children walking to school will be hit by unseen, speeding cars unless the city installs bumps and mirrors at a dangerous Hicks Street intersection, claim Cobble Hill parents. Comments (72)

Pier-trastophe! Troubled party boat to move near senior citizen facility

Sheepshead Bay: A troubled Sheepshead Bay party boat is set to sail to a new berth — and residents of the Sunrise Assisted Living center are not happy about it. Comment

Final delivery: Columbia Street protests post office closure

Brooklyn Is Angry: The federal government is closing the only post office in the Columbia Street Waterfront District — but neighbors in the geographically isolated hood say the branch shouldn’t be stamped out. Comment

Critics: Third Ave. piazza will be a haven for drunks

Bay Ridge: Merchants say a car-free boulevard could drum up business, but some residents have problems with the bold plan. Comments (11)

Stan says these people have quite a nerve

It’s Only My Opinion: Ever hear of chutzpah? This week, our columnist defines it for you through the actions of those who have it. Comment

Shipping-wrecked: Pols and longshoremen say feds killing Red Hook port

Red Hook: A plan to end hand inspections of containers shipped to Red Hook will hurt business, say waterfront stakeholders. Comments (6)

Not for Nuthin,’ but Jo-Jo’s in a class of her own!

Perspective: Our columnist has people talking — and writing letters. Comment
Link: Our pals at Flatbush Scoop is reporting that someone slashed the tires to more than 13 cars near E. Seventh Street and Avenue M on Saturday night. Check it out! Read more…

In case you missed it...Video footage exonerates ‘reckless’ MTA worker

Link: The NYPD said Sheepshead Bay resident John Hockenjos tried to run a cop over with his car, but a surveillance camera at the scene recorded something entirely different. The Daily News has the video. Check it out! Read more…
Midwood: Noah Foxman’s family wants the person who ran the father of three over on Coney Island Avenue to turn himself in — and give his grieving children some closure. Comment

Flighty Aviators fall to Whalers, 3–1

Mill Basin: Brooklyn slams the brakes on a three-game winning streak with yet another loss to Danbury. Comment
Clinton Hill: Teachers are furious the city is closing their Clinton Hill middle school and replacing it with a brand new middle school — claiming officials let the school fail instead of answering their pleas for help. Comments (6)
Dining: The Williamsburg food festival Smorgasburg wants to add alcohol to the menu — but neighborhood leaders put that plan on ice. Comments (14)

PS 8 gets a middle school: City okays beloved Heights elementary’s expansion

Brooklyn Heights: The beloved Brooklyn Heights elementary school PS 8 will open a much-desired middle school several blocks away — pleasing neighborhood parents who have long urged the city to expand the popular school. Comments (1)

State Sen. Eric Adams wants to be next Borough President

State Sen. Eric Adams wants your vote this fall — and next fall, too. Comments (9)

Hate comes to Kensington: Anti-Muslim graffiti smeared on business

Kensington: Neighborhood Muslims fear that the vandalism could be some kind of retaliation against a spate of anti-Semitic attacks in Midwood. Comment

iPad-seeking thugs beat up man on Van Brunt Street

Carroll Gardens: Plus a smattering of other crimes from the 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens. Comment

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