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Hunter’s finds mark in Cobble Hill

Dining: There’s something Brooklyn about this place. Comment

‘Miss Subway’ exhibit a trip down memory track

Art: A photography exhibit looks back on the women whose pictures filled the adspaces on the subway. Comments (1)

NYPD: Duo steals from drug store

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

Slope scribe pens handbook for awkward men in search of wives

Books: If not love at first sight — write. Comment

They score! Band plays music over films

Cinema: If a film screens without a soundtrack, does it make a noise? Comment

Tuff on the ears!

Music: For maximum results, don’t use protection of any kind. Comment

Cops: Teen beaten up for his iPhone

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Carmine can’t stand it when old media wastes his time

Sunday Screech: This week, the Screecher wonders why newspapers fill precious space with garbage that no one cares about. Comments (9)

Speed bumps curb road hogs

Letters: Want to stop speeding on your street? Put in a speed bump, a letter writer says. Comment

Carmine hates it when newspapers waste space

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine plays editor, and determines that editors aren’t doing their job right! Comment

Keep your eyes on Ida!

She’s mounting a goal line stand. Comment
Digital editions: Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Read more…

Our roving Bartoonist reviews Williamsburg’s newest gay bar

Bar Scrawl: Bill Roundy — The Brooklyn Paper’s artistic drinking critic — says there’s loud music, lots of dancing, and a great happy hour. Comments (4)

The MTA has a Christmas present for you

Weekend Watch: This gift works underground, runs on a schedule, and will get you where you need to go! Comment

Arab Spring has sprung, but it’s borne no fruit

A Britisher’s View: Even after the Arab Spring, Muslim extremism has become an uncontrollable problem for the free world, writes our columnist. Comment

Crowning achievements

Fashion: Is it a hat — or is it a headpiece? Comment
Gravesend: Students at the Gravesend school learned the art of making gifts from scratch during a course in do-it-yourself crafts. Comment

Counselor faces 117 years for sex abuse

Gavel to Gavel: The verdict leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment

Cops: Suspect enters home, takes credit cards and cash

Sheepshead Bay: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 61st Precinct. Comment

Brooklyn brewers battle Sierra Nevada over ‘Narwhal’ name

Bushwick: Somehow, two different beer-makers decided it would be a good idea to name their brews after a strange-looking tusked whale. Comments (2)

Manhattan Beach honors rogue ax men

Manhattan Beach: The Manhattan Beach Community Group awarded politicians, volunteers, and neighborhood lumberjacks who showed incredible dedication to the community during and after Hurricane Sandy. Comment

College teams score Barclays gig

College teams score Barclays gig

High School Sports: College hoops has hit the big time. Comment
Mill Basin: It’s going to be a zumba-palooza! Comment
Digital editions: Ah, look here! A rare specimen — a print newspaper that’s the king of its domain! See the proud blue banner, the hard news stories, the sharply angled articles … those things could grab you by the throat and not let go! And it’s a fierce one, mate. Give it a look, but don’t get too close — this newpaper can get wild, and it always keeps hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

Chanukah comes to Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: The Bay Ridge Jewish Center welcomed the holiday — and Hurricane Sandy refugees staying in the neighborhood — to the annual big celebration of the festival of lights. See all the fun in our slideshow. Comment

Getting the boys to talk about girls

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie figures she has to start listening if she wants her boys to start talking. Comment

Standing O has the holiday spirit!

Standing O: It’s ho, ho, ho for Toys for Tots and do gooding all around the town. Comment

Don we now our Asics apparel

Don we now our Asics apparel

They jingled all the way — around the park, that is. Comment

What’s wrong with the Nets?

Nets: The Manhattan Knicks topped Brooklyn’s home team in a crushing defeat on Tuesday night that capped off a rough stretch for the Nets — and as always, our columnists know exactly who is to blame.
Front Court: If the Nets record over the last six games is any indicator, Brooklyn’s ballers will go only as far as the right foot of Brook Lopez will take them. Comment

Deron Williams must shoot better

Back Court: Joe Johnson grabbed the ball off a Gerald Wallace miss and swung it out to Deron Williams. With 2.8 seconds left, the franchise point guard had his feet set behind the three-point arc — a clear look at the basket — as Jason Kidd scrambled to contest his shot. Comment

Cops: Teen attacks schoolmate with apple

Coney Island: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from Coney Island’s 60th Precinct. Comment

Fear-inducing menorah goes dark

Kensington: Residents say they have no idea who snipped the wires and took away the cord that once hung over their heads. Comments (5)

Facecrook! Fort Greene grocer posts photos of alleged shoplifters online

Fort Greene: A Fort Greene grocer is trying to shame shoplifters into avoiding his store by embarrassing them on the internet. Comments (40)

Beep’s gutter ball

Beep’s gutter ball

Bensonhurst: Borough President Markowitz gave his tacit endorsement to Maple Lanes’s destruction last week as long as developers find a new alley for neighborhood pin heads, but builders say they will not abide by those demands. Comment

Pomegranate: We need more room

Midwood: The owner of Midwood’s largest supermarket is seeking his own “special” by demanding the removal of a bus stop outside his business to clear up alleged traffic snarls — but community leaders say the oversized grocer has made one request too many. Comment

Cops investigate brutal attack on 16th Avenue

Bensonhurst: Five knife-wielding crooks jumped a man on 16th Avenue on Dec. 9 — overpowering and stabbing him three times, according to cops who believe the brutal assault is connected to another mugging on 71st Street. Comment

Dem boss brightens everyone’s holiday mood — with a light display that can be seen from space

Canarsie: Frank Seddio carried on his traditional holiday light display for the 26th time on Dec. 9 — complete with perennial favorites and new adornments. See our slideshow for all the well-lit fun. Comment
Music: Williamsburg musician Emmy Wildwood has figured out one of the last remaining ways to make a living in the music industry — peddling vintage clothing on the side. Comments (1)

FEMA’s excuse gives new meaning to lame

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist says the Federal Emergency Management Agency should find a better lie. Comment
Mean Streets: A gloomy Atlantic Avenue underpass is getting a makeover. Comments (9)

Christmas bliss — volunteers light up Owls Head Park tree

Bay Ridge: The festive tree lighting featured hot chocolate, cookies, carols, and a visit from Kris Kringle. Comment

Falcons unseat Royals in season opener

High School Sports: Talk about showing courage under fire! Comment
Gowanus: A struggling woman submerged in the Gowanus Canal was pulled to safety Tuesday evening by firefighters, an FDNY spokesman said. Comments (2)
Sheepshead Bay: The Kings Bay Y helped families celebrate the second night of the festival of lights with food, games, and of course, a giant menorah. Comment

It’s Chanukaaahhhhh!

It’s Chanukaaahhhhh!

Kensington: Chanukah has become a festival of frights for residents of Windsor Terrace and Kensington. Comments (12)

Towing pains: Sandy car removal program a sham, motorists say

Sheepshead Bay: A Florida-based tow company the city hired to haul off Sandy-busted vehicles in Southern Brooklyn is a villain on wheels, charge angry Sheepshead Bay residents who claim the company is lugging away lawfully parked cars. Comment
Ditmas Park: Hurricane Sandy took a bite out of a soon-to-open Ditmas Park pizzeria — but a pizzaiolo from the other side of the borough is offering up the ingredients for a quick recovery. Comment

Stones celebrate golden anniversary in Brooklyn

Prospect Heights: The Rolling Stones have been touring for just over a half century — but those were just dry runs for the electrifying performance the rockers put on at the Barclays Center on Saturday. Comments (1)

Shopping center planned for Bushwick

Changing Brooklyn: Bushwick already has art galleries, fashionable young folks, and weed-strewn open spaces that rival the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea (we’re looking at you, High Line) — and it could soon have its very own “grittier Chelsea Market,” according to one real estate broker. Comments (1)

Blackbirds fall in 3-pointer-palooza

High School Sports: The Long Island University Blackbirds women’s basketball squad has found its kryptonite: 3-point shooters. Comment

Red Hook’s crab shack’s beach-y looks saved it from Sandy

Red Hook: Brooklyn Crab gets great reviews for hurricane survival. Comments (10)

Star Trek: The next celebration! Sir Patrick Stewart wishes merriment across the galaxy

Captain’s Log: In this episode, our courageous Captain, Sir Patrick Stewart embraces an ancient Earth custom. Comments (1)

Lou was a member of Kelly’s Kobras — and don’t you forget it

Speak Out: This week, America’s Columnist laments the folding of the newsletter that helped keep his old war buddies together. Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: A scrap metal company paid an $85,000 fine for treating the already-polluted Gowanus Canal like a trash bin. Comments (4)

Club owner: Zebulon closed because new W’burgers aren’t like old W’burgers

Williamsburg: One of Williamsburg’s most-acclaimed music venues closed for good last week because “squares” have moved into the neighborhood, according to the club’s owner. Comments (28)

First responders bring special presents to Cancer-striken boy

Bay Ridge: Several first responders packed a van full of gifts and drove to Virginia to give a young cancer patient who idolizes emergency personnel the present of a lifetime. Comment

Blue Devils set sights on basketball title

High School Sports: Poly Prep’s Jacquie Kennedy and Kerri Saputo are on a mission to win a basketball crown this year — and nothing’s going to stop them. Comment

Stan on pizza, latkes, and Chanukah gelt

It’s Only My Opinion: Get ready for Stan’s annual Chanukah column! Comment
Link: Our pals at helped a Bay Ridge motorist free her car from a bureaucratic logjam. Read more…

Cops hunting F train creep

Cops are searching for a man accused sexually assaulting a passenger on the F train on Nov. 12. Comments (1)

Tis the season for magic!

Sheepshead Bay: Magician and mind-reader Michael Lee performed for kids at PS 209 — a month after the show was supposed to go on, before Hurricane Sandy intervened. Comment
Link: One person was killed and three others were wounded when an out-of-control SUV flipped onto the sidewalk at the corner of Quentin Road and W. Fifth Street in Bensonhurst yesterday. The New York Post has the story. Read more…

Lion’s whimper: Bishop Loughlin falls to Cardinal Hayes in season opener

High School Sports: So much for making a comeback. Comment

Sandy refugees need a seaside escape, cruise line officials say

Displaced Hurricane Sandy victims have had a hard time over the past few weeks — so why shouldn’t they be given a chance to sip a mai tai on a cruise ship’s lido deck? Comments (3)

Cops: Phony cop busted for Hurricane Sandy steal

Bay Ridge: A mugger used Hurricane Sandy to his advantage during the height of the storm, police say. Comment

Dog day afternoon!

Kensington: Students from St. Saviour High School in Park Slope chipped in at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Kensington — and became animal lovers in the process! Comment

Walk this way!

Walk this way!

Bridge ‘Park’: A new footbridge linking Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park will give pedestrians a bounce to their steps when it opens later this month. Comments (7)

Royal beauty bright! Politico cranks up Christmas display

BoroBeat: Frank Seddio carried on his traditional holiday light display for the 26th time on Dec. 9 — complete with perennial favorites and new adornments. See our slideshow for all the well-lit fun. Comment

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