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BoroBeat: Meat Palace Supreme gets a makeover. Comment

A slice of modernity in Midwood

Midwood: Posh Tomato brings a new type of pizza to midwood — and uses an iPad as a cash register! Comment

Knife-wielding thug attacks man, steals cellphone

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Carmine’s honor is the greatest honor of all

Sunday Screech: Forget the Oscars, the Golden Globes, or the Nobel Prize — there are no more-important awards than those Carmine hands out! Comments (4)

Awards season! And I ain’t talking about the Oscars!

Big Screecher: This week, our beloved columnist gets ready for his annual awards dinner. Comment

The sub standard!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: It’s the greatest thing on sliced bread — literally. Comments (3)
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‘Cash for gold’ is too brash for some Slopers

Park Slope: All that glitters isn’t good for the neighborhood, critics say Comments (36)

Nigerian princess and burlesque star to host Valentine’s Day bash

Princess Pat — a.k.a. musician and burlesque performer Patience Mukoro — will bear (almost) all in name of love and harmony in Sideshows by the Seashore’s second annual Valentine’s Day For Lovers and Losers party on Feb. 14 in Coney Island. Comments (4)

Ida says the Giants will be victorious!

Our pigskin prognosticator reveals her Super Bowl pick. Comment
Bedford-Stuyvesant: Brooklyn’s first mystery sandwich delivery service. Comments (4)

Long live the Navy SEALs!

A Britisher’s View: The “men with green faces” are second to none when it comes to rescuing Americans in danger while protecting U.S. interests across the globe. Comment

Best in foam

The borough’s best brewers will compete for the home brew keg king crown. Comment

They’re doing good deeds — on the wings of ‘Eagles’!

Standing O: Standing O, Brooklyn’s biggest booster, is back with this week’s short list of the borough’s brightest do-gooders. Comment

Skyscraper outcry!

Perspective: The City Council approved a plan to designate a stretch of Downtown as a historic district, landmarking 21 skyscrapers in the process. Some neighborhood advocates are thrilled that these buildings are being preserved, but others are furious about expected increases in taxes, costs and regulations. Click below for two views.

Heartbreaking work of staggering Showalter

Greenpoint: This funnyman’s memoir isn’t about being funny … it’s about writing a memoir. Comments (2)

Weekend watch: It’s getting weird out there!

Weekend Watch: L train riders dodge the bullet, but the D, N and R trains are wacky. Comment

Tap this!

Bar Scrawl: A bar boasting the best of Brooklyn’s brews. Comments (2)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

Noisy Greenpoint bar sues over noisy neighbors

Greenpoint: The pot would be calling the kettle black — if anyone could hear it over all that racket. Comments (13)

Lou speaks out: Bring casinos to Coney

Speak Out: This week, our 92-year-old columnist says its time to bring gambling — and all its benefits — to the People’s Playground. Comment
Boerum Hill: Residents of Park Slope and Boerum Hill are outraged that a vacant KFC on Fourth Avenue has become a garbage-filled eyesore. But they could be lovin’ it if McDonald’s makes it a fancier drive-thru. Comments (18)

3rd Ward gets $1.5 million to open kitchen for food start-ups

Bushwick: Brooklyn’s starving artists won’t have to look far to fill their appetites. Comment

What’s the special ingredient in Vinegar Hill House’s Caesar salad?

Dining: The King of Vinegar Hill puts the crunch in this beloved dish at his popular restaurant. Comments (2)

Occupiers arrested in W’burg condo takeover

Party time could lead to prison time for several protestors who broke into a vacant condo building near Bedford Avenue on Saturday night and held an “Occu-Party” before clashing with cops on the street. Comments (6)

Railsplitter coach rails on team after humiliating loss

Coney Island: Coach Dwayne “Tiny” Morton forces his team to listen in on an interview where he rags on his players — how’s that for a pep rally! Comment
Cinema: Try some potato knishes and kvell over this light-hearted film at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. Comments (3)

Over, done: Morton’s closes

Downtown: Morton’s the Steakhouse abruptly closed after three years of flipping T-bones Downtown on Wednesday, baffling carnivores and marking a major culinary closure for a neighborhood where dining destinations have only recently fired up their grills. Comments (26)

High time! Downtown skyscrapers are now landmarks

Downtown: City Council overwelmingly approved a controversial landmark district in Downtown and Brooklyn Heights that would preserve historic high-rises, but could raise the cost of living and trammel commerce in the communities, according to critics. Comments (7)

Foot patrols for footbridge

Mean Streets: Cops say they’re planning to increase enforcement on a treacherous Fort Greene overpass where teens have tossed bricks at cyclists and started targeting cars. Comments (25)
Bay Ridge: The city will double parking times along Third and Fifth avenues in April. Comment

Eagle Scout takes on state Sen. Marty Golden

Bay Ridge: Democrat Gounardes calls the six-term Republican legislator a hypocrite during his campaign kick-off. Comment

Mom busted for abandoning kids on street corner

Canarsie: The story of a woman who will not be named mother of the year leads this week’s 69th Precinct police blotter. Comment

Pint-sized PS 329 ‘entrepreneurs’ become business owners

BoroBeat: Students at the Coney Island school are studying the ABCs of starting their own companies. Comment
Dining: These cheesy noodles got especially brutal at this competitive cook-off. Comments (2)

This new business idea is sew good

Carroll Gardens: A sewing studio is setting up shop in Williamsburg that will allow crafty Brooklynites to put their needles and thread to good use. Comment

Gallery goes graffiti in Bushwick

Art: Skewville gets honored with a retrospective at the Factory Fresh gallery. Comment

Tenure, schmenur, something’s gotta give

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist goes off — again — on tenure for teachers. Comment

It’s the end of the world! So what?

Fearless Living: Our parenting columnist vows to enjoy life — and that includes eating lots of red meat — before the world allegedly ends. Comment

Islanders to play in Brooklyn!


Islanders to play in Brooklyn!

Prospect Heights: The Barclays Center announced today that the New York Islanders will face off with the New Jersey Devils in Brooklyn in October. Comments (30)

Special delivery! Slope sex shop dispatches toys within an hour — by bike!

Park Slope: At Babeland, you don’t have to leave your home to get exactly what you want. Comments (15)

Attacked in McCarren Park

A thug shattered a bottle over a man’s head in McCarren Park in a brutal attack that left the victim needing surgery. Comments (22)

Mind the gap! New cement Boardwalk is a stumbling ground, residents say

The famed footpath’s cement woes are only just beginning, critics claim. Comments (7)
Bay Ridge: The loading zone’s been moved a block — and neighbors are rejoicing! Comment

Death flight: Bird lovers say Four Sparrows car dealership will kill habitat

Mill Basin: The NYC Audubon says toxins will kill the nesting space — and the birds will kill themselves by flying into the building’s glass windows! Comment

Lap it up, fuzzballs: Carroll Gardens park to get ‘doggie drinking fountains’

Fuzzy Brooklyn: Lucky dogs in Carroll Gardens will be lapping from the lap of luxury when two new cast-iron “doggie drinking fountains” arrive at DiMattina Playground. Comment

Rockin’ out at PS 255

BoroBeat: Special-needs students from the Sheepshead Bay school brought the house down during their Rock-N-Roll show on Jan. 24. See all the fun in our slideshow. Comment

What’s in a name? That other hockey-playing Cam Neely a Brooklyn-born skater

Carroll Gardens: And he loves being compared to the Boston Bruins great! Comment

Grimm: I’m not a campaign finance crook

Bay Ridge: The Bay Ridge legislator is refuting a stunning report that he violated campaign finance rules by strong-arming Jewish donors. Comment

City gives stink-eye to Boerum eye in the sky

Boerum Hill: A group of would-be crimefighters in Boerum Hill want to become Big Brother — but city bureaucrats are standing in their way. Comments (13)

Open big house: Jail opens its doors to community

Boerum Hill: The Brooklyn House of Detention is unlatching its cell doors on Saturday for refreshments, a guided tour, and a chance to express their concerns over the resurrected slammer. Comments (3)

Happy day! Greenhouse Cafe’s 12-hour ‘happy hour’ makes it boro’s jolliest bar

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge watering hole named the champ of cheap booze. Comments (1)
Midwood: Police have been unable to capture the two terrors stalking neighborhood pets. Comment

Grimm: I’m not a campaign finance crook

Link: Our pals at have the latest on Rep. Michael Grimm as the Bay Ridge Republican battles allegations that he violated a littany of campaign finance laws while accepting money from followers of a famed rabbi. Read more…

It’s Groundhog Day. Haven’t I heard that before?

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, Stan discusses his favorite holiday — and movie. Comment
Art: The Brooklyn Museum is kicking off the new year by opening its doors — and handing over its showrooms — to two promising young artists inspired by the museum’s venerable permanent collection. Comment

Joanna has no idea what ‘tenure’ means

Letters: Once again, our columnists are put through the ringer. Comment

Beached! Aviators fall to Whalers, 8–3

Mill Basin: So much for that winning streak. Comment

Man killed in grisly hit-and-run

Midwood: A motorist mows down a father of three on Coney Island Avenue — moments after a van clipped him on the same stretch of road. Comment
Mill Basin: Brooklyn’s stellar winning streak extends to five. Comment

Fight or move! GOP cuts Adams out of his own district

Prospect Heights: State Sen. Eric Adams might be forced to pack up his apartment and move thanks to new district lines drawn up by his political rivals in Albany. Comments (4)
Link: Our pals at the Brooklyn Paper had this great story about how there are more single guys than girls in Bay Ridge — but the ladies aren’t too happy about it! Read more…
Clinton Hill: The scariest bar in Brooklyn is about to become home to two of America’s most ubiquitous corporate chains — a high-speed overhaul in Wallabout that’s skipping typical steps in the process of gentrification. Comments (10)
Marine Park: Cops nabbed one of three muggers who beat up a Chinese food delivery man on Tuesday night. Comment

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