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Who you gonna call: Expert on sexual specters tells all

Books: Is there something strange in your neighborhood? You better hope it’s not Il Masturbatore! Comments (3)

NYPD: Machete-wielding man attempts murder

Flatbush: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from the 70th Precinct. Comment

Restaurant from Italy’s hippest neighborhood opens in Brooklyn’s

Williamsburg: When in Brooklyn, do as the Romans do. Comments (1)

Critics: Clean ‘trash avenue’

Bay Ridge: Apartment tenants on 69th Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues must clean up their act, members of a Bay Ridge community panel say. Comments (2)

Blowing up the skirts

Art: Artists Laura McMillian and Kristin Reger are inviting people to look up their skirts in a new fabric and steel art installation that demonstrates what’s really under women’s dresses. Comment

Police: Man assaults, robs woman

Marine Park: The crime leads this week’s 63rd Precinct police blotter. Comment
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Carmine reads it, but he can’t believe it!

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine says Denis Hamill should win the Wurlitzer Prize! Comments (6)

A white Russian Christmas

Cinema: This holiday season you can relive the nostalgic, cartoon-filled Saturday mornings of your youth by indulging in a spiked bowl of Fruity Pebbles at a cartoon and cocktail event. Comment

Carmine can’t believe what he reads

Big Screecher: Carmine’s read something important — and he wants you to know about it! Comment

Ida still has faith in the Jets

Our pigskin prognosticator has read the stars, seen the tea leaves and watched the cracker crumble. Comment

Artful nudes: Adult performers show other side of pornography

Art: Come for the skin, stay for the art. Comments (2)
Red Hook: A ragtag group of doctors and medical do-gooders left their hospitals and clinics to care for Red Hook’s sick and elderly after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the neighborhood’s housing projects. Comments (1)

Art pranksters get drivers’ attention with fake parking tickets

Don’t worry, motorists: the orange slip on your windshield isn’t that piece of paper you never want to see — it’s just one of those surveys you’re never going to fill out. Comments (19)

Our roving Bartoonist discovers a cocktail spot in Gowanus

Bar Scrawl: Bill Roundy — The Brooklyn Paper’s artistic drinking critic — stumbles upon a Third Avenue watering hole that serves up classics and some original creations. Comment

Sandy victims slam Recchia over sewer project

Talk about raising a stink! Comment

Palestinians are their own worst enemies

A Britisher’s View: Our columnist outlines the growing violence perpetrated against Palestinians — by Palestinians themselves. Comment

Wheels of ire

Weekend Watch: It’s been one month since Hurricane Sandy and things are finally returning to normal in Brooklyn — yep, weekend track work is back. Good luck getting around the borough! Comment

Friday night lights

Art: You won’t see a bazaar this bizarre but in Brooklyn. Comments (9)

Latin Kings plead guilty to firebombing

Gavel to Gavel: The plea deal leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment

Cops: Gun-toting thugs rob man

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment
Transit: Riders of the Brooklyn Local want a free Manhattan transfer. Comments (17)
Park Slope: The controversial plan to shrink the areas that feed into two of Park Slope’s most beloved schools passed the test on Wednesday night. Comment

Making a stink! Sandy victims attack Recchia over sewer overhaul

Coney Island: Cops were called in to break up the heated exchange, witnesses said. Comment

Skyscraping arts, retail, housing development planned beside BAM

Changing Brooklyn: Developers say they’ll pave over a parking lot and put up paradise next to the Brooklyn Academy of Music when they build a cultural center topped with housing. Comments (1)
Kensington: Who needs iPads if you have windows? Comment

Belt sea wall is falling down, residents say

Bensonhurst: Hurricane Sandy left gaping holes in Southern Brooklyn’s sea wall between Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst, but city agencies say repairs to the Shore Road Promenade barrier are a long way off. Comment

Burger King delivery service will give you one whopper of a waist line, nutritionists say

Brooklynites will soon get their Whoppers their way, right away, at their door — and to hell with their waist lines! Comment

Tigers roar! Fort Hamilton nets city volleyball crown

High School Sports: Two years ago, Fort Hamilton High School sophomore Marlena Budna didn’t know a volleyball spike from a railroad spike. On Tuesday, she helped lead her school to its first city championship. Comment
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Coming to terms with the Season of Joy in a post-Sandy world

Fearless Living: This week, Stephanie figures out that its good to give. Comment

Standing O is back and cheering Brooklyn on!

Standing O: We’re boosting Brooklyn one boost at a time. Comment

Cops: Thief snatches man’s cash and sneakers

Sheepshead Bay: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from Sheepshead Bay’s 61st Precinct. Comment

Lesser stars push Nets past Knicks

Nets: The Nets beat the Knicks in the first bout of the city’s new subway series — and our columnists say it was thanks to two of Brooklyn’s less high-profile players. Meet the under-appreciated stars in this week’s edition of “Front court / Back court,” below.

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie! Nets spark plug a nightmare for the Knicks

Front Court: It’s a name that has tormented Knicks fans for years: Reggie. Comments (1)

Whose house? Stackhouse!

Back Court: Brooklyn’s 96–89 triumph in the first installment of the battle of the boroughs showed a lot to like on the Nets lineup — save for the fact that shooter Joe Johnson still can’t remember how to shoot. Comment
Gowanus: Gowanus dwellers fear the floodwater that inundated their homes and businesses during Hurricane Sandy contained raw sewage, dangerous bacteria, and harmful toxins that puts their health at risk. Comments (3)
Marine Park: Park-goers on the go have been going in Marine Park’s bocce courts, players say. Comment

Pastor holds church services at Williamsburg dive bar

Williamsburg: At this church service, a disco ball spins in the corner, the pews were once the back seats in vans, and you can get a PBR and a shot for just $5. Comments (5)

Cops: Limo driver runs over brother-in-law

Midwood: Police arrested a limo driver who they say was drunk when he accidentally ran over his brother-in-law on Kings Highway. Comment

Volley vault! Long Island University Blackbirds fly west to take on Bruins

The Blackbirds are flying to California — and National Collegiate Athletics Association glory. Comment

Crossing the aisle — Democrat, Conservative bigs join forces for hurricane fund-raiser

BoroBeat: Bay Ridge red and blue leaders joined forces to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy victims. Comment

If you ban the nativity, you should ban nudity

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist says she prefers donkeys to butts. Comment
Red Hook: The Sandy-ravaged businesses of Red Hook are one step closer to opening their doors. Comment

Park Slope artist turns copper into gold

Loew’s — for all your home improvement needs, and your next art installation. Comment

Off view: Little-known vista at risk, preservationist claims

A picturesque view of the Empire State Building framed by Grand Army Plaza’s iconic arch is in danger of being blocked forever. Comments (20)
Bay Ridge: A massive blaze scorched the third and fourth floors Bay Ridge apartment building on Nov. 23 — injuring two residents and a firefighter, officials said. Comment

NYPD: Ice cream bandit is behind bars

Park Slope: Cops have arrested a man who allegedly knocked off at least 10 ice cream and sandwich shops across Brooklyn — including the same Tasti-D-Lite in Park Slope that he robbed three times, police said. Comments (1)

Volley vault! Long Island University Blackbirds fly west to take on Bruins

High School Sports: The Blackbirds are flying to California — and NCAA glory. Comment
Red Hook: The Sandy-ravaged businesses of Red Hook are one step closer to opening their doors. Comment

El Caribe hosts Thanksgiving for Sandy victims

Mill Basin: The Mill Island country club was among several Brooklyn institutions that provided holiday meals for victims. Comment
Atlantic Yards: The owner of the Barclays Center withdrew a lawsuit seeking to lessen a property assessment of the new arena and reduce the amount of money it owes the city — just three days after the press reported on the court filings. Comments (4)

Police Athletic League creates safe haven for kids in devastated Coney

Coney Island: The children’s charity organization provided games and food for kids and parents at MCU Park this past weekend. Comment

Brooklyn Industries clothing chain stretches out to Ditmas Park

Changing Brooklyn: Brooklyn’s T-shirt and hoodie empire is poised to open a new oupost on Cortelyou Road. Someone put that on a T-shirt! Comments (5)

Stan has two gifts that keep on giving

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist recommends magazine subscriptions as holiday gifts, offers advice on how to save on holiday cards, and explains how he became a philatelist. Comment

Police: W’burg rapist cuffed

Williamsburg: Cops say they caught a man who followed a women into her Kent Avenue building and raped her in her apartment on Nov. 17. Comment

The man behind Bridge Park’s velodrome plan

Link: The New York Times checks in on reticent philanthropist Joshua Rechnitz — a bike benefactor who plans to build an indoor velodrome in Brooklyn Bridge Park and an arts space in Gowanus. In case you missed it over the weekend, the Gray Lady gets some good details on the media-shy Rechnitz, but resorts to using the same handout photo we’re stuck with. Read more…

Flying high! Dutchmen one win away from title crown

High School Sports: The Dutchmen are going to the championships! Comment

Mission workers: Hurricane Sandy is forcing us to close

A homeless shelter that cared for scores of displaced super storm victims is about to shut its doors — and it has Hurricane Sandy to thank, volunteers say. Comments (1)

Xaverian running back named All American

High School Sports: Laray Smith will end his high school career making history. Comment

Flatbush native takes Xavier to the finals

High School Sports: Trey Solomon is having the best playoff season of his career — a tremendous performance he’s dedicating to his 11 teammates left homeless by Hurricane Sandy. Comment
An attorney for Salvatore Perrone began laying the groundwork for an insanity defense yesterday, telling reporters that the suspected serial killer “does seem as though he has mental health issues.” Comment

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