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Cops: Man threatens woman’s life with metal rod

Coney Island: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 60th Precinct. Comment

Gym rats to flood Flatbush

Gym rats to flood Flatbush

Flatbush: Blink Fitness says it can help fix the obesity problem in Flatbush. All you need to do is bring is your towel. Comment

Lights, theater, action!

Theater: On the stage, you have to do your own stunts. Comment

Cops: Teen stabs, chokes young boy

Flatbush: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from the 70th Precinct. Comment

Sit back with your coffee and Carmine.

Sunday Screech: Carmine doesn’t need an introduction. Just read it. Comments (1)

Giving thanks to Brooklyn

Letters: Despite all that’s happened over the last few weeks, our letter writers are still giving thanks. Comment

Carmine’s got a few words for a few things

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine has a few things to say about a few things. So read it. Comment

Ida’s hot, and so are her picks

Our football favorite Ida Eisenstein calls the shots. Comment

Best folk friends forever

Formed in the youthful days of college, Bombadil is a North Carolina pop-folk quartet that has survived the years by sticking to what matters — the music. Comment

Police: We rebuilt Bergen Street’s makeshift bike lane barrier

Mean Streets: Bergen Street’s makeshift bike lane barricade is back — and this time cops say they’re the ones who built it. Comments (36)

Sandy-ravaged Cherry Hill Market reopens

Sheepshead Bay: Life is returning to Hurricane Sandy-slammed Emmons Avenue. Comment
Midwood: Avenue M’s famed stage is the setting for an increasing number of big budget productions, but residents say it’s coming at their expense. Comment

Our roving Bartoonist finds a place to enjoy movies with a brew

Bar Scrawl: Bill Roundy — The Brooklyn Paper’s artistic drinking critic — has discovered an establishment where you can rent DVDs and enjoy alcohol. Comments (1)
Digital editions: You know what’s the best part about community news? It’s just as good on Friday as it was on Thursday. Sure, it’s fun reading and enjoying all of the stories when they’re piping hot and at their freshest — but there’s something to be said for savoring a second helping of your favorite local news coverage in our print edition. There’s still plenty of great stuff in there, and who knows, maybe you missed out on some of our best reportage during the busy holiday week. We’ve got tons of good journalism left over, it’s all made with care, and we guarantee another news feast will keep you hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

When attending a play set in Rome …

Theater: Et tu, audience? Comment

Christmas Fair a holiday hit

Gravesend: Our Lady of Grace Church’s annual Christmas Fair had something to offer the whole family — including a visit with St. Nick. Comment
Theater: Disney’s got talent! Comment

Israel’s offensive in Gaza is a necessary evil

A Britisher’s View: Jews have contributed more than their fair share to humanity — despite being vilified – our columnist says. Comment

Woman charged with Medicaid fraud

Gavel to Gavel: The arrest leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel column. Comment

Cops: Crook loots electronics from Avenue Z store

Sheepshead Bay: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 61st Precinct. Comment
Photo Galleries: Turkey was on everyone’s mind this week as scores of borough business leaders opened up their hearts — and refrigerators — to supply residents with free birds for their Thanksgiving table. Gobble up all the good will in our slide show! Comment
Mill Basin: The El Caribe Country Club in Mill Island will be providing Thanksgiving dinner to 3,000 Hurricane Sandy victims today — and the sweet potatoes have never tasted sweeter! Comment
Shopping: You know you prefer a Pinot Grigio to a Chardonnay, but do you know your favorite varietal of olive oil? Comments (1)

Art is a beach after Sandy

Art: Go to beach and enjoy the waves — on the banks of the Gowanus. Comments (1)

So many faces in and out of my life…

The Dad: This week, The Dad ponders the lives of all those kids he’s helped raise through osmosis. Comments (1)
Standing O: We’re putting down our turkey leg (but just for the moment) so we can give a few special Brooklynites the atta boys they deserve. Comment
Police say they have arrested Southern Brooklyn’s shopkeeper killer. Comment
Atlantic Yards: Read their lips: no more taxis! Comments (26)

Sandy refugees flood Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: Hurricane Sandy victims from the Rockaways, Breezy Point, and Staten Island are looking to Bay Ridge for sanctuary — but neighborhood realtors say they don’t have enough open houses for the glut of new residents. Comment
Bushwick: Yemi Amu believes that fish poop can change the world — or at the very least change an abandoned Bushwick lot into a thriving farm. Comment

Tonight! Put aside your political ideologies for a good cause

Bay Ridge: Two Bay Ridge political leaders on opposite sides of the aisle will be setting aside their ideologies for a good cause tonight — aiding Hurricane Sandy victims. Comment
Mill Basin: A glass-bashing vandal attacked at least four vehicles parked along E. 57th Street in Mill Basin on the night of Nov. 15, busting out the cars’ windows. Comment

Sandy leaves Coney Island Hospital in critical condition

Coney Island Hospital is open, but still healing from Hurricane Sandy’s assault, city hospital officials said yesterday. Comment

Not for Nuthin’, but enjoy that turkey

Not for Nuthin’: You guessed it: A column discussing things to be thankful for. Comment

Wheelers: We’ll be wheeling again

Sheepshead Bay: The kitchen’s gone, the equipment’s gone, and the floor is gone, but Wheeler’s Restaurant will be back, according to the Sheepshead Bay staple’s proprietor. Comment

Cops question ‘John Doe duffel bag’

Link: Police are talking with a ‘person of interest’ in the murders of three Brooklyn shopkeepers. Read more…

Will you root for the Brooklyn Nets or the Manhattan Knicks?

Nets: As the Nets gear up for their first game against their rivals from across the river, the borough’s basketball fans must make the call and throw their support behind Brooklyn’s new home team or a franchise that chooses to employee Rasheed Wallace. Our columnists say the choice is easy.

Trust the stats and root for the Nets

Back Court: Before the NBA season tipped off, Councilman Jumaane Williams (D–Flatbush) voiced the concerns of his constituents in a single Tweet. Comments (1)

Nets big guys better than aging, overrated Knicks

Front Court: Go ahead, Knicks fans, enjoy it — because we all know it won’t last. Comments (12)

Boody students donate their time — on a weekend!

Gravesend: Students from IS 228 organized five vans full of supplies for Coney Islanders in need following Hurricane Sandy. Comment

New Utrecht wins third soccer title

High School Sports: Talk about going down to the wire! Comment

Picking up the pieces — volunteers help clean out Mermaid Avenue green space

Coney Island: People came from across city to help clean out the Santos White Community Garden in Coney Island. Comment

Cops seek ‘person of interest’ in shopkeeper killings

Link: Investigators are hunting for a man seen near two of the three stores where Brooklyn merchants lost their lives in a series of mysterious murders all committed with the same gun. Read more…

City stops axe men from clearing downed trees, critics say

Talk about being cut off! Comment

Gerritsen’s cry for help

Gerritsen Beach: Gerritsen Beach residents say the city ignored them after Hurricane Sandy — until community leaders forced it to pay attention. Comment

Dutchmen survive Shark attack in 38–30 overtime squeaker

High School Sports: Erasmus Hall’s Dutchmen flew over the Sheepshead Bay Sharks in an overtime win people will be talking about for months. Comment

Brooklyn Marathon a runner’s high for borough’s joggers

Photo Galleries: Who needs the ING New York City Marathon when you can run 26.2 miles without leaving the borough? Comments (2)

Rockin’ out for a good cause

Bay Ridge: Frankie Marra headlined a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims at the Salty Dog Restaurant on Sunday — where more than $14,000 was raised. Comment

City to volunteer ax men: Lower your chainsaws and stop chopping trees

Link: These post-storm tree-cutters have an ax to grind with the Parks Department Read more…

Rosanne Cash sings for Red Hook

Music: Now you can square dance for a cause. Comments (1)

New York Marathon didn’t work out, but Brooklyn’s did 

Photo Galleries: Nearly 500 long-distance runners pounded the pavement in Prospect Park for the second annual Brooklyn Marathon on Nov. 18. Comment

Cops: Bike bandit snatches girl’s cellphone

Bay Ridge: The theft leads this week’s 68th Precinct police blotter. Comment

Gowanus condo plan advances, but councilman warns there will be flood

Gowanus: The development company Lightstone Group won’t let Hurricane Sandy — or an angry councilman — stand in the way of its plans to construct a massive housing complex on the banks of the Gowanus Canal. Comments (9)
Clinton Hill: Bedford Hill Coffee Bar is giving parents a break every Saturday night. Comments (15)

Hurricane Sandy makes strange bedfellows

Sheepshead Bay: It turns out Brooklyn politicians are willing to help out those across the aisle — it just takes a hurricane to get them to do so. Comment
Mets ace Johan Santana voluteered in the Sandy relief effort, handing out lunches in Coney Island. Comment

Eldorado back for another season

The Eldorado will be back for another season — once workers finish cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy. Comment

Stan’s thankful for many things, including O’Reilly

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, Stan gives us the run down on Papa Bear’s books, and offers some Thanksgiving advice. Comment

Bishop Ford wins second straight football title

High School Sports: The Bishop Ford Falcons are champions — again! Comment

Wings clipped! St. Edmund Eagles fall to Crusaders

High School Sports: A lackluster performance by the St. Edmund Eagles cost the Sheepshead Bay soccer squad a shot at the Catholic School Athletic Association crown. Comment

Scare tactics: Masked thieves knock over Ridge bank, say police

Bay Ridge: Cops are looking for two costumed crooks who held up a Bay Ridge bank last month. Comments (2)

Update: Police arrest man for yesterday’s deadly hit-and-run

Williamsburg: Police have 27-year-old man in custody, claiming he drove off after killing one person and injuring another in Williamsburg yesterday. Comments (3)
Brooklyn Heights: Monica Greir has lived at the Bossert Hotel in Brooklyn Heights during bad times and good, and, as new ownership takes over, she wants to make sure she remains. Comments (2)

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