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Jam from the past

Music: Friends who play together, stay together. Comment

Carmine’s like a kid in the candy store!

Sunday Screech: This week, we remind you that nothing makes Carmine more content than kids having fun — and him eating candy! Comment

Plea for Veteran’s Day — no more war!

Letters: Our letter writers remember our veterans as well as those left rattled by Hurricane Sandy. Comment

Kids plus candy equals one happy Carmine

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine recounts how he and the Harway moms pulled off an impromptu Halloween party! Comment

Ida’s on fire this week!

Our pigskin prognosticator has the hot hand. Comment

Cartoonists are the stars of this comic show

An artist is taking the page to the stage. Comments (1)
Fashion: Just because you love vintage wares doesn’t mean you can’t love your iPhone. Comments (2)
Art: Chaos begets creativity — or is it the other way around? Comment

Fontbonne storms on! Volleyballers lose homes to Sandy, vow to keep playing

Bay Ridge: Hurricane Sandy has left most of Fontbonne Hall’s varsity girls volleyball team — and its coach — homeless, but the athletes say the games must go on. Comment
Art: Sandbags weren’t the only line of defense against Hurricane Sandy. Comment

Our roving Bartoonist discovers a new Kensington gastro pub

Bar Scrawl: In the second cartoon review of this week’s Bill Roundy double feature, our drinking illustrator scopes out Hamilton’s. Comment

Are Americans chopped liver?

A Britisher’s View: Uncle Sam pours bilions into foreign aid while Sandy’s ravaged victims continue to suffer in silence. Comment

Ridge volleyballers won’t let Sandy spike their dreams

Link: Hurricane Sandy has left most of Fontbonne Hall’s varsity girls volleyball team — and its coach — homeless, but the athletes say the games must go on. Read more…

Kennedy picks hardwood over nets

High School Sports: Poly Prep’s Jacquie Kennedy’s days as a three-sport athlete has come to an end. Comment

Courts back on track one week after Hurricane Sandy

Gavel to Gavel: The item leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment
You better check your license plate before fill your car up tomorrow — because if you don’t have the right number, you’re not going to get a drop of gas. Comment
Canarsie: Two fire trucks collided at E. 103rd Street and Avenue J in Canarsie today, propelling both trucks through a man’s brick wall and sending 10 of New York’s bravest to local hospitals in serious conditions. Comment

Cement Boardwalk couldn’t weather Sandy’s wrath, advocates say

Hurricane Sandy proved Boardwalk advocates’ claims that wood is good — especially during major storms. Comments (5)

Our roving Bartoonist finds a buzzing little bar near the BQE

Bar Scrawl: Hurricane Sandy coverage got in the way of last week’s Bar Scrawl, so this week we’re making up for it by giving readers two straight days of Bill Roundy’s legendary illustrated drinking reviews. Check back tomorrow to see Roundy’s take on another new bar! Comments (7)
Digital editions: The polls are closed, the ballots are being counted, the results are coming in — and at this point we’re ready to make the call: The Brooklyn Paper is awesome. Readers across the borough have made their voices heard and shown support for the incumbent in neighborhood news once again. It’s hard to say, exactly, how The Brooklyn Paper keeps winning issue after issue — perhaps it’s the great articles, amazing photographs, top-notch arts coverage, or captivating columnists. Or maybe it’s the way it keeps hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

Lessons learned during Hurricane Sandy

The Dad: This week, The Dad learns that you can’t shield your kids from everything — and sometimes that’s a good thing. Comments (1)

Playwrights find new home in Bath Beach

Theater: Southern Brooklyn theater’s got bite. Comment

Standing O is back and cheering Brooklyn on!

Standing O: We’re boosting Brooklyn one boost at a time. Comment
BoroBeat: Ridge and Dyker tots were treated to two Halloween events as Brooklyn rebounded from Hurricane Sandy. See the slideshow for all the spooky fun. Comment

Cops: Thug robs woman in building lobby

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment
Politics: Brooklyn is still Barack-lyn. President Obama won his second term in the White House with 81 percent of the borough’s vote, once again making Brooklyn the biggest Barack-backing county in the state. Comment
Gerritsen Beach: Mayor Bloomberg is pleading with residents of hurricane-ravaged Gerritsen Beach to get out of their low-lying homes now before today’s nor’easter brings another dangerous tidal surge. Comment

G train service returns

Transit: The “Brooklyn Local” is back! Comments (2)

Shelter shocker: Homeless move into Carroll Gardens building — right now

Carroll Gardens: A controversial plan to turn a vacant W. Ninth Street building into a homeless shelter became a reality on Tuesday night due to Hurricane Sandy. Comments (14)
Surf Avenue merchants say Hurricane Sandy flooded their stores and damaged supplies — and at least one Coney Island merchant is considering abandoning his beloved People’s Playground forever. Comment

Manhattan Beach: Bloomberg, we need help!

Manhattan Beach: Manhattan Beach should be treated the same as Manhattan, Hurricane Sandy-ravaged residents said on Monday as they waylaid Mayor Bloomberg on his way to a neighborhood press conference, demanding the city restore power to houses of worship and protect homes from looters. Comment

Flatlands vollies help first responders in need

Gerritsen Beach: Brooklyn’s first responders are helping their own. Comment

Thank goodness they cancelled the Marathon

Not for Nuthin’: This week our columnist vents about the Marathon. Comment

Sandy drives us to drink!

Gerritsen Beach: This floating bar was a welcome windfall for Sandy’s victims. Comment

Here’s what the Nets must do to win

Front Court/Back Court: The Nets had a strong showing on opening night, but fell to the weak Toronto Raptors in the second game of their short existence in Brooklyn. Our columnists — one a staunch supporter of big men, the other an expert on the league’s guards — tell you what that means for the borough’s new home team.
Park Slope: In some parts of the country, people spend their time fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent others from voting. But here in the Brooklyn, locals are giving their blood, sweat, and tears to get everyone they can out to vote — especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Comment

Crook steals iPhone — shatters it during his getaway

Park Slope: Plus all the other crime news from Park Slope’s 78 Precinct. Comments (2)

Fairway’s return is a ways off

Red Hook: Don’t expect to find organic kale, artisan cheeses, or Greek yogurt in Red Hook any time soon. Comments (7)

Sandy puts presidential election into a tailspin

Residents in Sandy-scarred Southern Brooklyn say they don’t know where they’re going to vote — and may opt out of exercising their Democratic right altogether. Comment

Vandal hits car wash with swastika during Hurricane Sandy

Sheepshead Bay: Sheepshead Bay’s Z Best Car Wash has more to clean than just cars. Comment

North Brooklyn to MTA: Give us the G train … or at least give us shuttle buses

Williamsburg: Talk about the “ghost train.” Comments (9)

Samuel soars, but Badgers in title hoops game

High School Sports: South Shore’s Terrence Samuel scored 19 of his 21 points in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to claw out a win against the New York Panthers. Comment

Hurricanes, power loss, transistors, and Lou Powsner

Speak Out: Lou remembers the days of radio, and how it continues to speak out! Comment
High School Sports: Canarsie native Shenneika Smith hit a game-winning three-pointer to give St. John University’s Red Storm its first win over UConn since 1993 — breaking the Huskies stunning 99-game winning streak — and she has former coach Apache Paschall to thank. Comment
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has opened up shop here, but not everyone is singing its praises. Comments (8)

Sandy forces El Greco, Cherry Hill to toss out tons of food

Sheepshead Bay: Emmons Avenue’s businesses are frozen without refrigeration. Comment
Transit: It’s back to work for Brooklyn — so here’s an update on the status of the rails more than one week after the city’s subway system ground to a halt due to Hurricane Sandy. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: Tweets of Roll ‘n Roaster’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Comment

Grimm opponent ignoring Ridge, political watchdogs say

Bay Ridge: Democrats are raging over the virtual invisibility of congressional contender Mark Murphy as his race against Rep. Michael Grimm (R–Bay Ridge) comes down to the wire. Comment

Get cash back for food spoiled by Sandy

Link: Did you lose power after Hurricane Sandy — and with it all of the food in our fridge? If so, you may be eligible for reimbursement from Con Edison. Here’s the form! Read more…

Stan has had it with polling

It’s Only My Opinion: With the election just a day away, Stan tries his best to write a neutral column. Comment

Moneyball — Golden bringing home state money to seal election win, political insider says

Bay Ridge: State Sen. Marty Golden is shoring up his re-election chances in the home stretch by bringing big money to his district, a New York political insider says. Comment

Occupy Wall Street preoccupied with Sandy relief

Red Hook: The demonstrators from Zuccotti Park are helping Brooklynites in need after the storm. Comments (6)
Photo Galleries: The Nets kicked off a new era with a victory over the Toronto Raptors in the first pro sports home game in Brooklyn since 1957 — providing a moment of respite for a borough still reeling from Hurricane Sandy. Comments (11)

Prospect Park reopens, more trains coming back on track

Brooklyn’s backyard is back. Comment
Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath has created a gas shortage for the ages that’s disrupting commuters and businesses throughout the borough, motorists say. Comments (19)
Bay Ridge: Bay Ridgites have a new neighbor: a heavily armed 270-foot U.S. Coast Guard Cutter harbored near the 69th Street Pier. Comments (1)
Mill Basin: Kings Plaza has become Southern Brooklyn’s port in a Frankenstorm. Comment

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