Yiddish rockstars

Music: Mazel tov! Comment

It’s deca-dance!

It’s deca-dance!

Dance: Rich folk sure know how to throw a party. Comment

Carmine remembers the World Trade Center bombing — and an old friend

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine gets some sad news, and the memories come rushing back. Comments (2)

Carmine remembers the first World Trade Center attack

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine gets some sad news, and the memories come rusing back. Comment

Fish tales: New graphic novel tells of Hudson River mermaid

Books: The Little Mermaid lived under the sea, but she wouldn’t dare go into the Hudson. Comments (2)

Brooklyn ‘never stops loving’ Babs

Letters: That, and other letters from our mailbag. Comment
Never talk politics at a bar — just let the color of your drink speak for itself. Comments (16)

Enjoy Monday, bloody Monday at Fort Greene’s new butchering class

Dining: A restaurant in Fort Greene is offering a class on butchering large, medium, and small animals. Comments (4)
Bar Scrawl: Fancy cocktails get Roundy’s seal of approval at this cute Wilson Avenue joint. Comments (5)

‘Frankenstorm’ halts most weekend service changes

Weekend Watch: Everything you read about weekend service changes is now false. Comment
BoroBeat: Kids, parents, and teachers had a great time celebrating all things fall at the school’s first Fall Festival. See all the fun in our slideshow. Comment

U.S. terror outrage ‘not optimal’

A Britisher’s View: American outrage to war on terror is “not optimal,” according to our columnist. Comment
Link: Our pals at have the goods on a huge real estate deal in southern Brooklyn. Read more…
Marine Park: There’s new ownership at the Kings Plaza Shopping Center Read more…
Park Slope: Q: What’s the best place to show off your useless knowledge about Brooklyn? A: Trivia finals at the Sackett. Comment

Standing O is back and cheering on Brooklyn!

Standing O: It was a tough trek over hills and dales in a strange place called Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, but our girls at Bishop Kearney High School ran rings around the other schools at the New York City Mayor’s Cup Race. More than 48 teams, comprised of public and private schools, competed in the annual event, but guess who came out on top? Comment
Page 1: Here’s a short list of possible headlines The Brooklyn Paper considered publishing to announce the arrival of the Islanders at the Barclays Center:

"Ice to meet you, Brooklyn"
”Brooklyn nets Islanders”
"Barclays on ice"
”Brooklyn finally gets Zamboni”

Which one did we choose? You’ll just have to read our print edition — on paper or in convenient PDF format — to find out. Thanks for reading and keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

Checkin’ in with Brooklyn’s foremost ghost expert

Checkin’ in with: Did you know Alfred T. White’s ghost is a foot fetishist? Ever think that Jacques Torres opened his chocolate shop in Brooklyn because of paranormal forces? Were you aware that there are sperm-stealing witches in DUMBO? If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to have a chat with supernatural insider L.V. Salazar. Comments (4)
Music: Johnny Cash famously sang that he shot a man in Reno just to watch him die — but did he eat the guy’s brains? Comment

My daughters and women’s rights

The Dad: This week, The Dad realizes how lucky he and his kids are becasue they live in a country where women have rights. Comments (6)

Auxiliary cops on wrong side of the law

Gavel to Gavel: A teen auxiliary cop was nabbed for wrongly accusing a Brownsville bodega worker of hawking hootch to a minor during a phony bust in April, said authorities. Comment



The New York Islanders have signed a 25-year lease with the Barclays Center, moving the team from the suburban portion of Long Island to the urban. Comments (50)

See also:

✔ POLL ✔ Poll: What should the team be named?
The New York Aquarium released photos — and a video — of it’s newest resident, Mitik the baby walrus! Click above to see them! Comments (3)

Bump your a-- off, one last time!

Coney Island: Friday may might be your last chance to bump your a-- off! Comments (1)

Golden claims not to support mosque spying, but letter says otherwise

Bay Ridge: State Sen. Marty Golden is all for spying on mosques — except when he’s not. Comments (14)

Wanted: Obama and Romney?

Wanted: Obama and Romney?

Art: A new street art campaign is anything but an endorsement for this year’s candidates. Comments (3)
Marine Park: Councilman Lew Fidler is demanding the city’s aesthetic gatekeepers provide bocce players in Marine Park with an inexpensive pre-fabricated awning instead of costing taxpayers 10-times as much on a custom-built sunscreen. Comment

A sob story — right up until the end.

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist wonders if the banks will ever learn their lesson. Comment

Pick a pumpkin: PS 130’s fall fest is a blast for families, kids and pumpkin lovers

BoroBeat: Think you could guess the weight of a giant pumpkin? Comment

Marco Polo gets facelift: Major makeover for classic Italian eatery

Changing Brooklyn: The owners of a legendary Italian restaurant are saying “Ciao!” to their old-school, fresco-lined dining room and reinventing the eatery to fit into Carroll Gardens’s hip dining scene. Comment
BoroBeat: Students in the Coastal Classrooms program at John Dewey High School celebrated the inaugural and very-successful launch of their robotic submarine on Oct. 20. Comment
Bay Ridge: Two cars collided at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and 86th Street on Saturday — sending one driver to the hospital. Comment

Carney: City snipped my zipline

Development: An old-school Coney Island carney is barking mad because he thinks the city is trying to stifle competition in the People’s Playgound. Comments (2)

Learning to fear the bomb: Atomic survivors teach Brooklyn students the horrors of war

Downtown: Two survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic attacks — and the grandson of the man who ordered the bombings — moved a classroom of high school students to tears with an impassioned plea to bring an end to the nuclear age. Comments (6)

Infinite fest: Foster Wallace fan club a supposedly fun thing they plan to do again

Books: Self-proclaimed book geeks are celebrating all things David Foster Wallace with a new meet-up group that promises to be as quirky, obsessive, and self-deprecating as the hipster lit icon himself. Comment

Sen. Marty Golden butts heads with rival Andrew Gounardes regarding education

Bay Ridge: The two contenders all but drew blood at their third meeting before the November election. Comments (4)

Fight breast cancer — in style

BoroBeat: Women flocked to Third Avenue’s Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon to lace their hair with pink extensions — proceeds of which went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Comment

Paulie drops the gloves!

Paulie drops the gloves!

Downtown: Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi has a message for the naysayers: I won. Comment

Bridging the gap: Lentol pushes for bike lane on Pulaski

Mean Streets: Greenpoint’s Pulaski Bridge will gain a bike lane and lose a lane of automotive traffic if a North Brooklyn politician gets his way. Comments (77)
Bridge ‘Park’: Park officials are dishing out two food-focused plans to rake in funding at Brooklyn Bridge Park: a small take-out shack and an upscale rooftop restaurant with Manhattan skyline views. Comment

Hoops fix-up delay

Manhattan Beach: The overhaul of the basketball courts at Manhattan Beach Park which was supposed to begin this fall has been pushed back to spring, and politicians and neighbors are wondering what is taking so long. Comment
Manhattan Beach: Manhattan Beach Community Group President Ira Zalcman claims Assemblyman Steven Cymborwitz is ducking a debate because the legislature thinks the civic council is biased against him. Comment
High School Sports: A blocked pass on the final play of the game earns the Dutchman the win. Comment

Stan says PBS isn’t worth funding

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist figures Sesame Street is too big to be subsidized, and that Joe Biden has a big mouth. Comment

Xaverian routs Holy Trinity

High School Sports: Running back Laray Smith’s three first-half touchdowns led the Xaverian Clippers to a 53–18 rout of the Holy Trinity Titans on Friday night at Aviator Sports Complex. Comment
Mean Streets: The dangerous conditions that led to the death of cyclist Mathieu Lefevre remain as hazardous now as they were one year ago today, when a hit-and-run driver killed the 30-year-old artist and ignited a street safety movement that sought to change the city’s traffic enforcement culture. Comments (20)

Perp torches Bensonhurst couple’s trash can, urinates on their car

Link: It’s a weird one, and our pals at are all over it. Read more…
Are you in for PS 321 or PS 107? Or are you out? Comments (10)

Who needs Walgreens? After pharmacy replaces grocery, nabe plans its own co-op

Windsor Terrace: A band of kale lovers are hoping to bring a co-op to Kensington and Windsor Terrace following the closure of a beloved Key Food — and the pending arrival of a Walgreens pharmacy in its place. Comments (9)

Female corpse found floating in Mill Basin

Mill Basin: The body of an unidentified woman in her late 20s was discovered floating in Mill Basin. Comment

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