The definitive family guide to Halloween in Brooklyn

Event: Trick-or-treating is just the start of Halloween festivities in Brooklyn. To get into the spooky spirit, has collected the most haunted houses and the freakiest festivals. Comment

Cops: Shoplifter bites security guard

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

Gilbert Gottfried shows his range

Checkin’ in with: The controversial comic checks in with The Brooklyn Paper before his Oct. 30 show at the Bell House. Comments (2)
Fort Greene: Social media ties together social unrest from Wall Street to North Africa, according to a new exhibition at MoCADA. Comment

Cops: Crooks attack woman on Bay 28th Street

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Free Carmine!

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine takes a cue from those guys at Occupy Wall Street and demands free things! Comments (4)

How about a Dept. of Peace?

Letters: Our letter writers want our representatives in Washington to give peace a chance. Comment

Carmine wants stuff for free, just like those fellas at Occupy Wall Street

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine once again points out his short arms and deep pockets. Comment

Ida’s losing faith in the Jets

Football players need pads, a helmet and a new jersey every game. All Ida needs is a pen. Comment
Books: Members of the Bushwick Book Club don’t just sip wine and discuss the literature, they sing about it. Comments (9)
Page 1: Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Read more…

Armani arrives on Fulton Mall

Changing Brooklyn: Benvenuto, Armani Exchange. Comments (2)
Bensonhurst: Cops have connected a 21-year-old Gravesend resident to two violent crimes in Southern Brooklyn, officials said. Comment

Club Dread: 93 Lounge has gotten more dangerous, neighbors say

Bay Ridge: An increasingly violent 93rd Street nightspot has its neighbors living in a constant state of panic, say residents who want the club shut down. Comments (38)

Time’s up for the leader of the free world!

A Britisher’s View: The most powerful man on earth roared in like a lion in 2008, but debated like a lamb last week, according to our columnist. Comment

Bartoonist finds Bushwick bar where everyone knows your name

Bar Scrawl: Our drinking illustrator Bill Roundy finds a watering hole filled with friendly regulars and cheap beer in cans. Comments (8)

If you’re going to Manhattan, you’re in trouble

Weekend Watch: After roughly 100 plus years, we have finally found an example of Manhattan — not Brooklyn — getting the shaft: this weekend’s train schedule from the MTA. But worry not. After all, why would you leave the borough you love in the first place? Comment
A macabre mafia rules the roost in a new play where a throng of ghoulish, risen-from-the-dead raver-girls lead the audience from scene to scene throughout the building, serving cocktails (yes, cocktails!) as the story unfolds. Comment

Harvest festival ushers in autumn at Salt Marsh Nature Center

Marine Park: The Brooklyn Dance Center welcomed the golden season with song and dance in Marine Park — putting on a moving performance at the Salt Marsh Nature Center. Comment

Feds: Grimm fund-raiser investigated for ecstasy smuggling

Gavel to Gavel: The announcement leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment

Cops: Husband sets wife’s hands on fire

Sheepshead Bay: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 61st Precinct. Comment
Elisa Seeger has made it her mission to mandate infant testing for adrenoleukodystrophy, a disorder that quickly damages the brain and adrenal glands — but can be treated when detected early enough. Comment

Vandals smear swastikas inside PS 277 playground, watchdog group claims

Gerritsen Beach: Vandals smeared 10 swastikas on two park benches in Gerritsen Beach’s Dr. John’s Playground this week, say neighborhood graffiti busters who fear that the hate-filled wall scrawlers will soon return to the scene of the crime. Comment
Meet Brooklyn’s newest transplant: he’s only four months old, and he’s already got the hippest mustache in town. Comments (3)

Political smack down! Gounardes clashes with Golden at fiery debate

Bay Ridge: Gounardes went on the offensive during his first debate with the five-time legislator, accusing him of being a GOP lackey who votes against his constituents’ interests. Comment

Analyze this! W’burg gets first therapy center, shrinking commutes to Manhattan

Williamsburg: Williamsburgers need not schlep to mom’s neighborhood to sit on the couch and talk about their mothers. Comment
Page 1: Ever since hyperlocal journalism blew up, there have been plenty of places to consume neighborhood news. But back when community coverage was still underground, there were only a handful of true innovators reporting on the neighborhoods — doing it out of love, way before it was cool. And one of them was The Brooklyn Paper. The trend-setting publication was, and is, a huge influence in the community news scene, offering distinctive takes on stories, trendy trend pieces, artful photography, and a culture section that truly covers the borough’s subcultures. And it’s free every week, meaning it’s no sell-out. Plus it always keeps hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

Brooklynites run for walruses in need

Coney Island: Hundreds turn out for annual Run for the Wild — which honored the mighty mustachioed walrus this year. See all the fun in our slideshow. Comment

Grave rockers! Musicians honor legendary pianist in Green-Wood Cemetery

Music: An influential pianist will be a part of one last concert: 142 years after his death. Comment
Taking your civic duties seriously is one thing, but you should never let them go to your head. Comment

Teens, parties, booze, and choices

The Dad: This week, The Dad let’s his daughter decide how to spend a Friday night. Comments (2)

Cops: Neighbor tormented woman

Coney Island: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 60th Precinct. Comment

Grimm warning: I’ll teach you respect

Bay Ridge: Rep. Michael Grimm lashed out at a resident who questioned his connections to people under federal indictment during a Dyker Heights Civic Assocaition forum last night. Comment

Holocaust Park has become a homeless hangout, residents say

Sheepshead Bay: Sheepshead Bay’s Holocaust Memorial Park has become an unofficial homeless shelter, say residents who want the derelicts they find lounging in the public space to move somewhere else. Comment

Empire STORES: Retail headed to Bridge Park warehouses, planners say

Bridge ‘Park’: Park officials and developers are moving to turn Brooklyn Bridge Park’s crumbling-but-historic Empire Stores building into a waterfront retail hub, jump-starting a long-proposed plan to generate cash to maintain the expansive greenspace. Comments (11)
Midwood: Midwood’s Pomegranate super market hasn’t yet served a president, but it has catered to Israel’s prime minister. Comment

Squid house now homeless

Bensonhurst: Casa Calamari has lost its casa. Comment
Kensington: A Kensington bar’s ‘Mug Mondays’ bring back 90s prices for beer. Comments (10)

Cops: Kidnapper tries to snatch clerk in 86th St. deli

Bensonhurst: An unhinged suspect attempted to kidnap and shoot an 86th Street deli clerk on Oct. 2, according to police. Comment
You can call him a “scum sucker” — and mean it as a compliment. Comments (1)

Cartoonist fights real villain: boredom

Books: A Prospect Heights artist has a simple question for the comic book industry: why so serious? Comment

Where is Ed Sullivan when you need him?

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist breaks down the history of reality television. Comment

Ancient Jewish tradition comes to new Coney park

Coney Island: Luna Park set up a giant sukkah inside its gates for Jewish people celebrating Sukkot to congregate, eat, pray, and have some fun. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: A new supermarket chain is poised to open in the shuttered Pathmark building on Nostrand Avenue, this paper has learned. Comment
Ice skaters in North and Brownstone Brooklyns will have to find somewhere else to practice their double lutzes this winter. Comments (9)

Zigun’s hurt — and he needs your help!

The unofficial mayor of Coney Island is in the hospital — and he’ll gladly give you some old timey People’s Playground postcards if you pay his medical bills. Comments (16)
Gerritsen Beach: He may not look it, but Simba is happy to be home — and he has our paper to thank for his safe return. Comment

Cold-cut comfort! Bar to open inside Ridge butcher shop

Bay Ridge: A Bay Ridge butcher shop wants their customers to get sauced while waiting for their favorite cold cuts. Comments (6)

High school football roundup: Tech teaches New Utrecht a lesson

High School Sports: Brooklyn Tech trounced New Utrecht and Canarsie murdered Midwood in an exciting weekend on the gridiron. Comment

City cuts ribbon on gift to Ridge children

Bay Ridge: Students and staff at the new PS 264 Bay Ridge Elementary School of the Arts celebrated the opening of the new learning facility with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Oct. 3. Comment

Lou’s back, and he’s talking about radios!

Speak Out: This week, Lou returns with a tale of talkies and tunes. Comment

Bensonhurst’s past and present come together on Columbus Day

Bensonhurst: The annual Brooklyn Columbus Day Parade united Bensonhurstites old and new as it marched down 18th Avenue on Oct. 6. See our slideshow for all the fun. Comment
Link: Our pals over at played an instrumental role in the recovery of Simba, a missing cat who despite his expression is happy to be home. Read more…

Unholy act: Copper thief raids Saint Finbar’s Church

Bensonhurst: A devilish scrap-metal thief targeting St. Finbar’s parish stole pricey antique copper gutters off three Bay 20th Street church buildings, say parish officials who want the copper crook in custody. Comment
Mean Streets: The Bushwick street where a hit-and-run driver killed cyclist Terence Connor last week must be tamed before it takes another life, neighbors and mourning family members say. Comments (88)

Dance off: Brooklyn Museum kills its legendary dance parties

The only dancers at the Brooklyn Museum will be Edgar Degas’s after the esteemed arts institution reins in its popular monthly party series. Comments (6)

Hot find! Pizza maker discovers coal oven in his basement

Ditmas Park: Meet David Sheridan — Brooklyn’s first pizza archeologist. Comments (9)

Fumbles stop Kangaroos from leaping over Dutchmen

High School Sports: Ground-ripping rushing attacks led the Erasmus Hall Dutchmen to a handsome 24–14 victory over the Kangaroos on Sunday. Comment
Midwood: A Flatbush driver narrowly escaped death when his minivan ended up on its roof on Oct. 4, witnesses say. Comment

Stan on the state of Israel

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist reminds his readers how important he thinks Israel is. Comment

They’re mad in Massachusetts! Poly Prep tops Worchester Academy Hilltoppers 28–7

High School Sports: Chris Parker scored three rushing touchdowns and ran for 155 yards to carry Poly Prep past the Worcester Academy Hilltoppers 28–7 in Bay Ridge on Saturday. Comment

State officials: FDNY flushed toxins into Paerdegat Basin

Bergen Beach: The spill threatening the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is teeming with cancer-causing carcinogens, investigators claim. Comment
High School Sports: Soccer phenom Rorie St. Lawrence stole a victory from the undefeated Tigers on Thursday. Comment

Brooklyn’s best high school football player eyes Clemson University

High School Sports: Brooklyn All-American footballer Ebenezer Ogundeko says he’s seriously considering becoming a Tiger. Comment
Bensonhurst: Members of the Societa Santa Fortunata di New York led the saint’s procession through Bensonhurst during the weekend of Sept. 29. Comment

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