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Cops: Attacker smashed bottle over a man’s head

Flatbush: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from the 70th Precinct. Comment

Philosophical burlesque show indulges the mind in Coney Island

Theater: Striptease meets Socrates in this burlesque blowout. Comment
Ditmas Park: Once a month, Dan Bodah’s WMFU show broadcasts remotely from the Castello Plan. Comments (3)

Look, Carmine’s not throwing out his Kodak Disc camera

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Screech, Carmine gives dozens of reasons why he can’t throw out his momentos — and yes, that includes old batteries. Comments (5)

‘Kudos’ to ‘gutsy’ Jo-Jo

Letters: It’s rare, but every now and again our readers sing our columnist’s praises. Comment

It’s official, Carmine’s a hoarder!

Big Screecher: This week, the Big Screecher comes to terms with the fact that he can’t throw anything out, but that’s okay, because he’s Carmine! Comment
Fort Greene: It would be a pity to let those juggling skills get rusty. Comments (12)
Digital editions: Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Read more…

Meet Abraham Tischler, the 21-year-old challenger to Simcha Felder

Midwood: The Borough Park native says Felder wouldn’t know which way to vote if you told him. Comment

Armed robbery in Prospect Park

Meadows of Shame: A gun-wielding thief and an accomplice beat up a man then snatched his iPhone in Prospect Park on July 31, according to police. Comments (11)

Brooklyn Heights gets a pizza the action

It’s pizza for uno! Comments (1)

Ooooh-lympic fever!

A Britisher’s View: The Olympics are so great that even sports haters love ‘em, our columnist says. Comment

Neighbors: Ted Nugent’s son’s bar is turning Greenwood Heights into giant urinal

Brooklyn Is Angry: Boorish booze hounds are peeing on property, having sex in cars, and tossing used condoms onto Greenwood Heights sidewalks, say the grossed-out neighbors of a massive new beer garden that was opened by the son of rocker Ted Nugent. Comment

Bartoonist reviews boro’s newest waterfront drinking spot

Bar Scrawl: Our roving illustrator tests the waters at the Brooklyn Beach Shack in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (1)
Dance: A friend of the late actor Patrick Swayze is bringing the star’s passion for dance to the Prospect Park band shell. Comment

You won’t be railing at the rails this weekend

Weekend Watch: It won’t be a bad a weekend on the rails out all out there, folks, so those of you who’ve already used up your vacation time or money (or both) should have an enjoyable staycation. Comment
Link: Once again, residents of Bay Ridge are getting that sinking feeling. Read more…

Knife-wielding thugs rob woman

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Cyclist’s makeshift bike lane barricade stops cops cars from blocking path

Mean Streets: A vigilante cyclist jury-rigged a street barrier to keep cop cars from double-parking on a Prospect Heights bike lane. Comments (102)
Bay Ridge: Once again, Bay Ridge is getting that sinking feeling. Comment

Report: Leiby Kletzky’s killer to get 40 years

Link: Murder suspect Levi Aron will take a plea next week to spare Kletzky’s parents from going through a heartbreaking trial. The New York Post has the story. Read more…
Ditmas Park: A landlord who wants to make Ditmas Park more upscale is covering up a community mural, angry neighbors claim. Comment

Doctor: Maniac attacked me inside Ridge bistro

Bay Ridge: A neighborhood physician claims he was attacked inside the Cebu Bar and Bistro on Friday. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: The owner of an embattled Coney Island Avenue car wash hit with numerous noise violations has muzzled the ear-splitting blowers residents and civic leaders have called a neighborhood nuisance — and we have the proof! Comment

Windsor wages Walgreens war

Windsor wages Walgreens war

Windsor Terrace: Windsor Terrace residents have a less-than welcoming message for their neighborhood’s newest business: feed us or leave! Comments (6)
Digital editions: A small expedition forged a bold new route to reach to a previously unattainable peak in hyperlocal news coverage. Relying on only the most rudimentary equipment and their well-trained wits, the community news explorers from The Brooklyn Paper team navigated around numerous stories and chipped away at their scoops until they found the truth — and claimed the summit. And on their way to the top, no matter the conditions, they always kept hustin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

This art is a steal!

This art is a steal!

Art: If it’s free, is it art? A new gallery show questions the financial value of art by challenging visitors to decide if they would like some lemonade. Comments (19)

Clones squeeze past Tigers thanks to fielding error

The Ride: Brooklyn’s boys of summer bested their rivals from Connecticut thanks to a botched play in the fifth. Comment

I hate myself because my daughter’s away at camp … and I love it

The Dad: This week, The Dad laments the fact that he doesn’t miss his daughter enough! Comments (1)

Feds: Sex abuse suspect took minor to New Jersey

Gavel to Gavel: The case leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment

Cops: Would-be burglar scared off

Sheepshead Bay: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from Sheepshead Bay’s 61st Precinct. Comment

Haitian fusion band blends Vodou rock, reggae, hip-hop, and jazz

Music: These tunes will cast a spell on you. Comment

City in limb-o over dead Ditmas Park tree, residents claim

Ditmas Park: A sickly-looking white birch in Ditmas Park is a disaster waiting to strike unsuspecting pedestrians, claim outraged residents who want the city to tear the dying tree out of the ground before it keels over. Comment

Chatting with Mindy

Chatting with Mindy

Flatbush: Flatbush state senate candidate Mindy Meyers says the state senate is probably bored up in Albany — so they should welcome her with open arms. Check out our interview with the “magenta yenta.” Comment
Manhattan Beach: The planning board is dragging its heels on a $500,000 project to turn a dog run into a community garden, activists claim. Comment

Knife-mare on 57th Street

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

Restler’s match: District leader faces challenge from CB1 chairman

Williamsburg: A high-stakes political chess game between an old-time Democratic party boss and an upstart youngster is heating up in North Brooklyn, and a little-known, unpaid position hangs in the balance. Comments (18)

Lazy man’s Heisman: Gowanus sculptor molds fantasy sports trophies

Shopping: The world’s most talented armchair quarterbacks are thanking a Gowanus sculptor for creating a real-life reward for fantasy sports. Comment
Bay Ridge: The Public Theater is on the march — and its marching right to Fort Hamilton. Comment
Link: Find out what the Flatbush resident and Albany upstart thinks about hydrofracking, her rival’s success in the district, and her favorite movie (no, it’s not “Legally Blonde”). Read more…

Junior performers bring Broadway to Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: Brooklyn kids put their own twist on Broadway shows in the Narrows Community Theater’s revue, “Broadway in Bay Ridge.” See all the talent in our slideshow. Comment

A transit jobs is a thankless occupation, until now

Not for Nuthin’: This week, Joanna sings the praises of our transit workers. Comment

Cops: Man bites opponent at hospital

Coney Island: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 60th Precinct. Comment
Williamsburg: The members of this heavy metal crew don’t want to be misunderstood. Comment

Buga-boo! Another ghost stroller baffles Park Slopers

Park Slope: A second mysterious “ghost stroller” is haunting Park Slope — and this time it has a Jamaican accent. Comments (4)

City: Ridge raccoon house to be demolished

Bay Ridge: The city said it will tear down a delapidated 79th Street home its neighbors have nicknamed the raccoon house because it has become an unwelcome shelter for squatters and a menagerie of unwanted critters. Comments (6)

CB18 backs away from Kings Plaza car service fight

Mill Basin: A Mill Basin civic group opposed to a car service’s bid to operate from inside the Kings Plaza Mall said it will end its fight against the livery cab company — ending what the car service owner says has been years of political roadblocks constructed by disgraced former state Sen. Carl Kruger. Comment

Coney mayor: Chain restaurants should come, furniture stores should go

The unofficial Mayor of Coney Island had a few more thrills up his sleeve for the People’s Playground during his annual State of Coney Island address. Here’s a rundown. Comments (4)
Books: If they won’t come for the books, they might come for the coffee. And if they don’t come for the coffee, they’ll definitely come for the booze. Comments (11)

She minds the gap: Activist says there’s too much space between trains and platforms

Link: Straphanger Michele Kaplan often gets stuck on the train, but unlike many commuters, it’s not delays or track work that slow her down — it’s the space between the subway car and the platform. Read more…

Nimmo found: Top Mini-Mets prospect leads Clones to victory

The Ride: Brandon Nimmo’s skills at the plate helped give Brooklyn the edge for the second straight game. Comment

She minds the gap: Activist says there’s too much space between trains and platforms

Midwood: Midwood straphanger Michele Kaplan often gets stuck on the train, but unlike many commuters, it’s not delays or track work that slow her down — it’s the space between the subway car and the platform. Comment

Kings plaza converted into tie-dye factory

Mill Basin: Kids had a pretty groovy time tie-dyeing T-shirts at the Kings Plaza on Saturday. See all the fun in our slideshow. Comment

Neighbors: Beer garden is turning Greenwood Heights into giant urinal

Brooklyn Is Angry: Boorish booze hounds are peeing on property, having sex in cars, and tossing used condoms onto Greenwood Heights sidewalks, say the grossed-out neighbors of a massive new beer garden. Comments (51)
The city should use its power of eminent domain to seize the Shore Theater from its disgraceful owner — who has sat on the property for nearly two decades without doing anything to it — and turn it into the palace it once was, the unofficial mayor of Coney Island decreed on Thursday. Comments (8)

It’s over before it begins! Malignaggi won’t be fighting the Kosher Kid at Barclays, promoters say

Barclays Center boxing promoters have given the title match of their Brooklyn Pride night to two pugilists with no connection to the borough. Comment

Prisoners of love! Olean Street sexcapades are getting out of control, residents say

Midwood: The city must take Olean Street back from the sex-crazed teens who have turned the lush country lane into their personal love shack, say outraged residents who are tired of having their quiet block turned into a troublemaker’s playground. Comment

To flush or not to flush? Stan provides the wisdom

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, Stan waxes poetic on the climate, Sen. Schumer, and his favorite mayor, Ed Koch. Comment

He’s Captain Nimmo! Clones star leads Brooklyn to victory

The Ride: Brandon Nimmo’s batting helped Brooklyn sink the Scrappers. Comment

98-year-old Brooklyn Heights man runs for president of nation’s largest labor group

Checkin’ in with: The Brooklyn Paper’s Danielle Furfaro checks in with Harry Kelber and talks about his campaign for president of the AFL-CIO, his life, his views on labor, and the era when a pony ride cost about the same as a haircut. Comments (3)

Bay Ridge welcomes new colonel

Bay Ridge: Fort Hamilton Army Base held a change of command ceremony as Col. Eluyn Ginestakes charge of the Bay Ridge base. Comment

It’s over before it begins! Malignaggi won’t fight Kosher Kid at Barclays, promoters say

Link: Boxing promoters have given the title match of “Brooklyn Pride” night at the new arena to two pugilists with no connection to the borough. Read more…

Boyd error sets stage for Scrapper’s winning two-run homer

The Ride: The Clones started strong, but lost their momentum during the grueling back-and-forth bout in the Buckeye State. Comment

Clones bats absent in loss

The Ride: The pride of Coney Island couldn’t get it done in the batter’s box. Comment

18th Avenue Feast will return this year, organizers say

Bensonhurst: It’s back! Comment
Flatbush: More than 50 people were injured as firefighters scrambled to put out yesterday’s seven-alarm inferno. Get a play-by-play of what happened with our slideshow. Comment

Protestors: Golden doesn’t know what women want

Bay Ridge: Protestors rallied in front of Golden’s office on Tuesday to blast the legislator’s ‘walk like a model’ seminar, even though the class was cancelled weeks ago. Comments (11)
Mean Streets: Cyclists say cars often double-park on Jay Street, obstructing the bike lane and forcing them into traffic. But is Jay Street really worse than Fifth Avenue, Bedford Avenue, or the Brooklyn Bridge? Let us know by voting for the borough’s most terrifying bike lane. Comments (55)

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