Carmine’s got a crystal ball, and it’s called the past!

Sunday Screech: This week, the Screecher says the more things change, the more they stay the same! Comment

Brooklyn’s ‘Nucky Thompson’ had his own Boardwalk Empire

Sunday Read: This week, we take you back to the days when gambling and graft were business as usual on Coney Island. Comment

¿Dónde están los tacos?

DUMBO: Download this DUMBO firm’s iPhone app and embark on a taco-finding adventure. Comment

Hey Stan, Christmas war run by extremists!

Letters: Our letter writers have some final thoughts on the holidays. Comment

Same old same old for Carmine, and he’s not happy about it

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine realizes that everything old is new again — much to his chagrin. Comment

Update: Cobble Hill residents say planned renovation is too tall

Brooklyn Is Angry: A Cobble Hill family wants to expand its three-story row house with additions in the backyard and on the roof — but preservationists in the historic district say such renovations could spark skyscraping changes in the community. Comments (11)

Not your average cup of joe — W’burg cafe treats java as art

Dining: There are coffee houses — and then there’s Toby’s Estate. Comments (2)
Brooklyn Heights: The filthiest backyard in Brooklyn Heights has gotten so bad that at least one neighbor has started cleaning it himself. Comments (17)

Clean up your act, Papa Jay-Z!

A Britisher’s View: It’s time for the former crack dealer to become a man. Comment

Who will be held prisoner?

Perspective: The city plans to reopen the Brooklyn House of Detention in Boerum Hill next month — and area residents are up in arms. Below are two views on the controversial jail.

Sock it to ’em!

Sock it to ’em!

Standing O: That’s right, Standing O is back to honor Brooklyn’s biggest boosters. Comment

The Ida file: She picked this year’s playoffs back in 1976!

Our pigskin prognosticator reveals who will be going to the big dance. Comment

White and red at Owl’s head

Bar Scrawl: A new wine bar opens up in Bay Ridge. Comments (2)

MTA cancels all weekend service changes ahead of snow storm

Weekend Watch: BREAKING NEWS: Riding the train this weekend will be a bit easier. Comments (1)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

MTA project is cracking up! Long-awaited work on D line is already falling apart.

Bensonhurst: First they had rats. Now they have cracks! Comment

Thrill Kill? Cyclone fans fear coaster will become kinder, gentler

Plans to update the Coney Island Cyclone have roller coaster fans worried that changes could take away some of its thousand points of fright. Comment

‘Roots’ for the win — Charter middle school approved in Fort Greene

Fort Greene: Community Roots Charter School is moving into Fort Greene’s PS 287, thrilling parents who want another education option in the neighborhood but dashing hopes of the public elementary school’s own proposed expansion. Comments (20)
Brooklyn Paper: Midwood suffers from yet another wave of anti-Semitic attacks. Comment

W’burg parents fight city’s school-closing plan

Brooklyn Is Angry: Angry North Brooklynites claim the city “failed the community” by proposing to eliminate three grades from a beloved but struggling S. Third Street elementary school. Comments (22)
BoroBeat: You knew we would be the first! Comment
Bay Ridge: A notorious Bay Ridge landlord has more than a half dozen properties in foreclosure — a move that has neighborhood preservationists cheering. Comment

Church to upstage famed civil rights theater

Bedford-Stuyvesant: The owner of Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Slave Theater plans to convert the civil rights landmark into a church by booting the “squatters” living and working inside. Comments (13)

Cops: Dummy accidentally shoots friend

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

They have the same job — and they want the same job

Fort Greene: Two Fort Greene political rivals who hold the same unpaid Democratic Party post are vying to replace departing Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. Comments (10)

Sign of the brines!

Clinton Hill: Pat Fairhurst sells pickles the old way at a new shop on Classon Avenue — and she’s keeping the classic New York-style pickle alive. Comments (5)

No brrr-avehearts at Occupy Wall Street vigil!

Bay Ridge: A frosty rally in Pigeon Park draws a hanful of OWS supporters, who ran away to warm up as soon as they could. Comment

The land of milk and movies!

Cobble Hill: Israel Film Festival brings cinema to the synagogue Comments (3)

Goons snatch woman’s jewelry from house

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

The contest: School offers prizes if kids hold it in

Coney Island: A teacher in a Coney Island grammar school is handing out awards to students who don’t leave class to wee-wee, and now parents are screaming ‘Let our children go!’ Comment

Hold it in — and win? Teacher gives prizes to kids who don’t take bathroom breaks

Link: Our pals at have the exclusive on a fifth grade class in Coney Island where a teacher has started rewarding students who don’t use the restroom. Read more…

Fighting over ‘Success’ — opponents call planned W’burg charter ‘racist’

Williamsburg: Critics of a plan to open a politically connected charter school in Williamsburg blasted the Success Academy’s outreach efforts as “racist” at a heated public hearing on Tuesday. Comments (226)
Mean Streets: Crossing Atlantic Avenue to reach Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 will no longer be a dangerous game of “Frogger” for park-goers after the city stops allowing motorists to make right turns on red. Comments (11)

A kinder, gentler Cyclone

Coney Island: Plans to update the Coney Island Cyclone have coaster fans worried that changes could take away some of its thousand points of fright. Comment

Mayor Bloomberg hits another homer

Not for Nuthin’: Mayor Bloomberg is back in Joanna’s good graces — and it only took three terms. Comment

To beat, or not to beat?

Theater: That is the question in Bay Ridge-based Genesis Repertory’s racy BDSM re-imagining of Shakespeare’s classic. Comments (3)

A ‘Pig’ fit for Kings!

Dining: A bourgeois staple comes to Cobble Hill. Comments (1)

The Dutch connection!

The Dutch connection!

Music: An arts space brings the Netherlands to Brooklyn with the U.S. debut of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek contemporary music festival. Comment

Montero’s matriarch Pilar dead at age 90

Brooklyn Heights: The local icon’s legacy lives on at Montero’s Bar and Grill. Comments (4)

Double the love!

Fearless Living: Our columnist explores the inevitable parenting conundrum of how to express her love for her children equally, so nobody feels the other is loved more. Comment
Brighton Beach: The Marine Park lawmaker ends months of speculation and gets into the ring. Comment

Public housing residents: Bike lane fence is offensive

Mean Streets: Residents of two Fort Greene housing projects want the city to come up with a way to protect cyclists from brick-throwing teens that’s smarter and less stigmatizing than a cage-like fence. Comments (65)

BAM’s Martin Luther King, Jr. tribute draws visitors — and protesters

Fort Greene: There were equal parts of angst and admiration at the 26th annual tribute to the legendary civil rights leader. Comment
Coney Island: The waterway is a dumping ground for vessels from the past — and the state is washing its hands of them. Comment

Philly phlavor phinds phans in W’burg

Dining: A new cheesesteak truck is serving up meaty hoagies to hungry foodies in North Brooklyn’s primary snack corridor. Comments (3)
Marine Park: A decommissioned emergency vehicle that now hauls construction equipment has been sitting at an expired meter for more than a week, outraged merchants claim. Comment

Carlo cashes in: Scissura breaks fundraising records

Downtown: The Borough Hall hopeful raises $127,000 in three months Comment

No pain, no gain: Injured hoopster helps South Shore beat St. Anthony

Canarsie: South Shore defeated St. Anthony on Jan. 15 — but the 46–45 victory was a painful one for senior post Fannisha “Box” Price. Comment

Abor-rent behavior! Vandals deface community garden with swastikas

Mill Basin: The vandalism at Floyd Bennett Field was one of two anti-Semitic attacks investigated in the borough this weekend. Comment

GOP: Let’s turn southern Brooklyn red!

Brighton Beach: Borough Republicans say they will do everything possible to get David Storobin elected to disgraced state Sen. Carl Kruger’s seat. Comment

Some W’burg parents don’t want ‘Success’ in their schools

Williamsburg: Opponents of a plan to bring a politically connected charter school to Williamsburg slapped disparaging remarks on subway ads promoting it. Comments (186)

In case you missed it...Mad Max confesses to more murders!

Link: Maksim Gelman, the man convicted of killing four people during a Sheepshead Bay murder spree, had a lot to say during a jailhouse interview with the New York Post. Check it out! Read more…
Williamsburg: Tired of splits? Brooklyn Bowl’s new singles league gives daters a chance to hit a strike. Comments (3)

Stan looks at the numbers, and does the math

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, Stan breaks down America one digit at a time. Comment

Dog lovers: Loose pit bulls are terrorizing Midwood

Park Slope: Vicious strays are responsible for at least two dog attacks, residents say. Comments (1)
Mill Basin: A spirit-lifting win caps off Community Newspaper Group’s free cooler bag night. Comment

Brooklyn gone wild!

Brooklyn gone wild!

We’ve all experienced the wonders of nature through the expert lens of the thoroughly British documentary superstar Sir David Attenborough, but what happens when your average Brooklynite comes face-to-face with the oft’ majestic, and sometimes dangerous, forces of the wilderness? Comment

Hakeem Jeffries announces bid for Congress

Fort Greene: The coy legislator finally went all-in on Sunday, publicly announcing his run for Congress after months of speculation. Comments (10)
Mill Basin: The first 500 fans coming to watch the Aviators dash the Dashers will get a free cooler bag. How cool is that? Comment

Aviators suffer Friday the 13th slaughter!

Mill Basin: Brooklyn’s bad luck continues with a 7–3 loss to the New Jersey Outlaws. Comment
Brooklyn Paper: The NYPD says the vandals who scrawled anti-Semitic graffiti and torched three cars on Ocean Parkway were carrying out an elaborate insurance scam — yet Midwood residents remain skeptical. Comment

Cops nab alleged groper in subway station attack

Sunset Park: Police arrested an alleged molester on Wednesday night in the second such sex attack since New Year’s Eve, cops told neighborhood advocates in Greenwood Heights. Comments (1)

Billboard collapses onto BQE in Williamsburg

Link: Our pals at Gothamist posted some unbelievable pictures of a giant billboard that crashed onto the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway as high winds ripped across borough. Read more…

Schoolyard brawl: Parents fight over Fort Greene charter expansion

Fort Greene: Parents at a Fort Greene elementary school are lashing out against the city’s proposal to move a new charter school into their building, claiming that their own expansion plans were denied to make room for a school with more political clout. Comments (48)

Thief steals bikes and gear from Union Street apartment building

Carroll Gardens: Plus a smattering of other crimes from the 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens. Comment

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