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A painting without paint

They aren’t made with brushes or paint, but Walter Thompson’s “soundpaintings” are most certainly a form of art. Comment

The bass man cometh

Williamsburg: He’s more than just a pretty bass. Comment

Carmine’s at Kingsborough, for dinner!

Sunday Screech: In this week’s screech, Carmine wonders why he didn’t study the culinary arts. Comments (2)

Welcome back, Carmine

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine heads back to his alma mater — Kingsborough Community College — to do what he does best: eat and talk. Comment

Sounds weird, tastes wonderful

Dining: It’s not quirk for quirk’s sake — it tastes amazing, too. Comment
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The greatest weekend on the rails — ever!

Weekend Watch: Once every blue moon, every fortnight of fortnights— perhaps about as frequently as Halley’s Comet comes around — riding the subway on the weekend is unsullied by its characteristically cumbersome service changes. Comment

PS 52 art students inspired by the greats

BoroBeat: Students at the Sheepshead Bay school displayed their artwork and performed in concerts at the end-of-the-year celebration. Comment

Get your geek on at Union Hall

Park Slope: This one’s for the true believers. Comments (1)

How do you spell D-R-I-N-K-S? Williamsburg’s boozy adult spelling bee

Event: Contestants bring their A-game to this competitive bar battle for word nerds. Comment

Arabic in a public school? No thanks!

A Britisher’s View: A United Nations-affiliated educational program being adopted by a public school receives an “F” with our columnist. Comment

Cops: Speeder caused car crash

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

Our drinking illustrator finds an artsy bar with a carpentry theme

Bar Scrawl: The Brooklyn Paper’s bartoonist Bill Roundy drops in on the Bushwick watering hole Tradesman. Comments (3)

Park Slopers say outdoor sex on quiet street must stop

Park Slope: Horny Park Slopers and drug users have turned a secluded nook behind a popular grocery store into a makeshift bedroom for public sex — and neighbors want them to get lost before a grade school opens nearby. Comments (25)

Rookie rout! Storobin beats Fidler in final hand recount

Sheepshead Bay: The never-ending special election for prison-bound Carl Kruger’s state senate seat is over — but Councilman Lew Fidler still won’t admit defeat. Comment

Midwood residents torn on Agudath cameras

Midwood: Residents of Midwood say they have mixed feelings over news that Agudath Israel of America was given $1 million to place surveillance cameras in the neighborhood — fearing that an organization that discourages Jews from reporting sex crimes to police without first consulting a rabbi wouldn’t protect all residents. Comment

Sign not of the times: Old meets new at Slope’s Stone House

Park Slope: Don’t worry history buffs: the bright flashing sign adorning one of Park Slope’s most famous historical landmarks isn’t a Las Vegas-style advertisement. It’s art! Comments (3)

A field of red, white and blue

Marine Park: More than 250 flags lined the fields in Marine Park on Saturday — each one honoring an American soldier who had fallen in a distant country — giving the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the Democratic way of life. Comment

Storobin beats Fidler in final hand recount

Link: The special election to replace prison-bound Carl Kruger in state senate is finally over — but Councilman Lew Fidler still won’t admit defeat. Read more…

The zombie plague grows

The zombie plague grows

BoroBeat: Participants in the ninth-annual “NYC Zombie Crawl” made their way around Williamsburg on May 27 in full undead makeup. Comment

Navy band rocks out at Sheepshead Bay High

BoroBeat: Bad weather kept the Navy Seals from putting on a planned air show at the school, but the rain didn’t stop a Navy band from entertaining the students. Comment
Theater: Come and play — but the puppets of this DUMBO production are not okay. Comment
DUMBO: DUMBO’s historic Tobacco Warehouse will become a playhouse under a new deal that will keep a beloved avante-garde venue on Water Street by allowing private development on parkland. Comments (10)

The Dad on death: Here’s what I’ll teach my kids

The Dad: This week, The Dad figures out how he’ll answer when his girls ask him about death. His death. Comment

Open season! It’s Bushwick’s biggest art event of the year

Art: Here’s the shortlist of the 500 plus studios open to the public in Bushwick this weekend. Comments (3)

Woman implicated in bicyclist’s death set free

Gavel to Gavel: The dismissal leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment

Police: Teen robbed, punched for sneakers

Sheepshead Bay: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 61st Precinct. Comment

Memorial Day Parade unites soldiers young and old

BoroBeat: A new crop of veterans who marched in the parade on Monday are keeping the nation’s oldest Memorial Day celebration going strong. See our slideshow for all the patriotic festivities. Comment

Field house fiasco

Marine Park: Construction will resume on the long-delayed Marine Park Field House this week after Comptroller John Liu broke down and allowed the Parks Department to work with a contractor he claimed it illegally hired. Comment

W’burg’s outdoor cooking critics decry Memorial Day grilling mess

Williamsburg: They can’t take the heat — and they wish everyone else would go back to their kitchens. Comments (14)

The man who saved Park Slope from the wrecking ball passes away at 92

Park Slope: Trail-blazing Brooklyn preservationist Everett Ortner died last week — leaving behind the borough’s most famous architectural style as his legacy. Comments (3)

Bicyclist hit by Jeep

Midwood: A teenager is in critical condition after she was struck down on Avenue M near East 18th Street on Sunday night. Comment

Cyclists get psyched up at Bike Fetish Day

Williamsburg: There’s no love like the love a Brooklynite shares with his or her bicycle. Comments (2)

For Mayor Mike, bikes are better than parking

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist takes on the Mayor’s plan to replace parking spaces with bike-sharing racks! Comment

Game on! Checkers coming to Coney

A national fast-food chain wants to get the jump on Brooklyn homegrown eateries coming to Coney Island — where it will spark a neighborhood burger war and take a stab at a hot dog giant that made the People’s Playground famous. Comments (3)

Sheepshead Bay goes country!

BoroBeat: PS 238 brought country to Brooklyn during their rockin’ spring concert. For all the fun, see our slideshow. Comment

Saluting our veterans — with champagne!

BoroBeat: More than 80 veterans raised their glasses to toast their fellow service members during a pre-Memorial Day celebration on May 20. Comment

Violent attack on Avenue O

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment
DUMBO: They’re going to need some bigger boats. Comments (3)

Elm Avenue plaza plan returns

Midwood: The city hasn’t given up on its plan to bring a pedestrian plaza to Avenue M — even though residents would rather see a community garden there instead of a bustling public square. Comment
Park Slope: Two ailing historic buildings will get hundreds of thousands of dollars for renovations after placing at the top of a citywide preservation contest. Comments (8)

CB17 Chairman: Assemblyman Perry has been in office too long

Flatbush: The chairman of Community Board 17 has launched a campaign against longtime incumbent Assemblyman Nick Perry. Comment

Stan’s happy to be an American

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, Stan reminds us what Memorial Day is all about. Comment

Don’t stop Milk Believing! Rookie team races out to 8–0 start

Greenpoint: The Brooklyn Kickball League’s rookie phenoms tied a league record with four wins on Sunday, earning an 8–0 record overall and firm control over first place. Comments (3)

It’s Memorial Day

Please take a moment to remember the men and women who died in the armed services. Comment
BoroBeat: Nearly 2,000 people welcomed sailors to New York at the 10th annual Salute to Ships at Fort Hamilton. See all the festivities in our slideshow. Comment

A big salute

Link: It’s Memorial Day in Brooklyn. Read more…
Williamsburg: Human beings will enter a Williamsburg bar tomorrow and walk out on to the streets transformed — with a bit of an undead stagger in their step. Comment
Park Slope: Cops are hunting a Park Slope sex fiend responsible for a May 23 attack — a man witnesses say they detained at the scene, until police let him go. Comments (16)

Midwood spy cams go to group accused of shielding sex predators from police

Link: A religious group that discourages Orthodox Jews from reporting sex crimes to police without first consulting a rabbi is getting $1 million from the state to install security cameras to catch criminals and child predators on the streets of Midwood and Borough Park — but police won’t get to see vital footage first. Read more…

Cart-tastrophe! Ridge merchant group snubs offer to have vendor-blocking benches removed

Bay Ridge: A Fifth Avenue merchant opposed to street vendors says he’ll pay have the benches someone bolted onto the sidewalk to displace a vilified gyro cart torn out — but his offers are being ignored by the one group that can remove the repositioned street seats. Comments (17)

Midwood machete showdown! Domestic abuse call ends after two-hour standoff

Midwood: Cops arrested a 30-year-old man they say beat his girlfriend with a machete before barricading himself inside his Midwood apartment on May 23, sparking a two-hour standoff with police. Comment

Our comic-style review of Brooklyn’s newest beer gardnen

Bar Scrawl: The Brooklyn Paper’s bartoonist Bill Roundy scopes out Dekalb Market. Comment

Police: Man stole thousands in stuff from cars

Carroll Gardens: Plus a smattering of other crimes from the 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens. Comment

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