Carmine’s had it with dog poop, but loves to fight cancer

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Screech, Carmine goes on and on about stuff. Comment

Boardwalk War of 2012 rages on our letters page

Letters: It’s your page and you know it! Boardwalk fans rush to defend the famed walkway from getting a concrete makeover. Comment

Carmine chimes in on the Relay for Life, and dog poop

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine says he’s had it up to here with people not following the pooper-scooper law. Comment

Slope bike lane critics: Put Plaza Street West cycling path on the sidewalk

Mean Streets: Opponents of a much-anticipated cycling route that connects the Prospect Park West bike lane with Park Slope and Prospect Heights want the city to push aside the new path — literally. Comments (54)

Doorman says Slope ‘parking ring’ is real — and necessary

Park Slope: A doorman at a posh Prospect Park West building has cracked the code of secrecy about a parking spot-saving scheme, saying he’s forced to abandon the unwritten ethics of the street because parking in Park Slope is so competitive. Comments (26)

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend for straphangers

Weekend Watch: How sweet it is to be loved by the MTA, folks. You can look forward to some smooth cruising out there this weekend! Comment

Jazz musician vibraphones home

Red Hook: Talk about good vibrations. Comment

Good riddance to Mr. Facebook — for dumping U.S.

A Britisher’s View: The social netrowk titan jumped ship to Singapore to avoid paying capital gains taxes — ahead of his company going public. It’s a beastly bit of insider trading, sez our columnist. Comment

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend for straphangers

Weekend Watch: How sweet it is to be loved by the MTA, folks. You can look forward to some smooth cruising out there this weekend! Comment

Cops: Man arrested in bat attack

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

New Slope bar looks like your mom’s living room in the 1970s

Bar Scrawl: Our bartoonist finds a watering hole that reminds him of his past. Comments (4)

BYOBBQ? OMG! City rule allows Cooper Park visitors to bring own grills

Williamsburg: Williamsburg residents fear that where there’s smoke, there’s going to be, well, more smoke. Comments (16)

Booted Boardwalk bar owner to open his own amusement area

Call it Cha-Cha’s revenge. Comment

Man gunned down on Flatbush Avenue

Flatlands: Cops say a Brooklyn Avenue teen was shot repeatedly minutes after he entered the Top Taco on Flatbush Avenue. Comment

Bused in! Dogs from Park Slope, Ditmas Park sent to Dyker Beach Dog Run, critics charge

Bay Ridge: Dyker Beach is going to the dogs, but very few are from the neighborhood, dog-lovers say. Comments (7)
Prospect Heights: The Barclays Center will debut an unconventional horseshoe-shaped seating configuration for a preseason hockey game this fall — raising questions about whether the undersized arena could truly accommodate an NHL franchise. Comments (29)
Mill Basin: Floyd Bennett Field is now home to Spartan races — and all the sore muscles, fun, and feasting that go with them! Comment
Page 1: After a long trek through some remote corner of the internet, we know you’re glad to see a familiar site. It can be rough out there on the information superhighway, with all the spam, the faulty links, and those pop-ups about free iPads. But you can put that behind you now, because there’s no place like homepage. So keep surfin’ — and keep hustin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

France says ‘merci’ to Heights veteran — 68 years after the fact

Brooklyn Heights: Better late than never. Comment
Williamsburg: Their geri curls may be wigs, but these rappers insist they’re the real deal. Comments (3)

They’re too big to fail, but I can’t help

The Dad: This week, The Dad tries to figure out how to ensure his daughters come out on top when the stakes are high. Comments (1)

Light fire with fire!

Light fire with fire!

BoroBeat: Lag BaOmer celebration lit up Midwood last week as marchers paraded down Ocean Avenue. Comment

Robber hits 86th Street bank

Bensonhurst: Get ready for your weekly run down of crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: When it rains in Sheepshead Bay, residents say they hold their noses. Comment
Bay Ridge: Bill de Blasio tossed himself into the fire raging between restaurants and sidewalk food carts. Comments (3)

MCA remembered in mural

MCA remembered in mural

Midwood: Fans of recently deceased rapper Adam “MCA” Yauch showed their gratitude to the legendary Brooklyn-born Beastie Boy by painting a mural in his honor. Comment

‘Girls’ stinks, but Mother’s Day brunch was delicious

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnists tells you about the good and bad of Mother’s Day weekend. Comment

Here’s mud in your eye!

BoroBeat: More than 400 tossed tractor tires and slogged through the muck during the Metro Dash at the Aviator Sports and Events Center. See all the pictures in our slideshow. Comment

Head under heels! Prospect Heights do-gooders do handstands

Prospect Heights: Now you can lend a hand — while standing on your hands. Comment

Nuns and neighbors pan planned Greenpoint bistro

Greenpoint: A landlord wants to replace a Greenpoint dive bar with a Hungarian restaurant, but neighbors and nuns from a school on the block say Newell Street is not the place for nightlife. Comments (5)

Horror mom guilty of starving daughter

Gavel to Gavel: The verdict leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment
BoroBeat: New York Methodist Hospital’s surgeons, physicians, nurses, and guests rocked out with stars at the Brooklyn Museum for the medical center’s annual fundraiser on May 12. Comment

Cops: Drunk driver arrested after bad parking job

Crime: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 61st Precinct. Comment

Seaside Summer Concert Series will return to cramped Coney lot

Borough President Markowitz’s Seaside Summer Concert Series will once again be held in a W. 21st Street lot a third the size of Asser Levy Park, critics say. Comments (32)
Sheepshead Bay: David Storobin has retaken the lead in the race to replace prison-bound ex-pol Carl Kruger — and this time it might stick. Comment
The city will install 148 bike share stations in DUMBO, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights, and Downtown — but Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Cobble Hill will be left out in the cold until next year. Comments (17)
Link: David Storobin has retaken the lead in the race to replace prison-bound ex-pol Carl Kruger — and this time it might stick. Read more…

Manhole cover swiper nabbed, cops say

Bensonhurst: Police arrested a man they said swiped manhole covers for a living — until he was nabbed for the string of thefts on May 9. Comment

Mother’s Day Massacre! Milk Believe slays two top-tier teams

Greenpoint: Rookie squad Milk Believe has put together a strong start to the Brooklyn Kickball League season with a 4–0 record and victories over the John Cougar Mellencamps, the Mathletes, and People’s Court. Comment
BoroBeat: New recruits and their families got a sneak peak at their future in the Army with a day of competitions and exhibitions at the base. Comment

Obscure borough president wins battle against Washington

Park Slope: A popular Park Slope playground reopened last week with a new name honoring a long-forgotten borough president — marking a minor victory for the barely remembered politico over the landmark-hogging forefather who snatched away his legacy. Comments (2)

Romeo and Juliet survive in modern take on Shakespeare’s classic

Williamsburg: Spoiler alert: in this adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet,” the star-crossed paramours live to love another day. Comment

NYPD: Man arrested for swiping jewelry and cash from home

Coney Island: Get ready for your weekly run-down of crimes from the 60th Precinct. Comment

Jimmy Kimmel says Brooklyn isn’t a punch line — chew on that, Portland!

Fort Greene: The late-night star is bringing his show to Brooklyn, so we decided to pester him about the borough where he was born. Comments (4)

Shul showdown in Midwood!

Midwood: Avenue N residents say a proposed new synagogue that could be three times larger than anything else on the block will give them headaches. Comment

Sandwich smackdown! Randazzo’s Sandwich Spot vs. Jimmy’s Famous Heroes

Sheepshead Bay: We weigh in on who has the best hero on Sheepshead Bay Road. Comment
Bay Ridge: Halal cart workers say they’re being harassed because they’re Middle Eastern — and threatened to sue the city if they’re forced to leave Bay Ridge. Comments (27)

Felder: There’s nothing ‘super’ about new senate seat

Midwood: Former Councilman Simcha Felder says he’s running as a Democrat for Midwood’s new state senate seat, but says he will work with whoever’s in charge so he can “bring home the pastrami.” Comment
Mean Streets: Painting the Prospect Park West bike lane isn’t the only part of the controversial project that took a lot of green. Comments (22)

Name game! City rechristens Sheepshead, Dewey high schools

Sheepshead Bay: The city is overhauling two failing Southern Brooklyn high schools — starting with their names! Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Domino co-owner Isaac Katan sued developer Community Preservation Resources Corporation this week in its second legal motion seeking to stop a move to refinance over $100 million of debt. Comment

Stan the Man give us the digits

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist examines some of the nation’s most intersting phone polls. Comment

Celebrate Brooklyn’s riding obsession at Bicycle Fetish Day

Williamsburg: It’s a fetish fest — but the only chains you’ll find are the ones attached to bicycles. Comment

DA drops case against accused pedophile priest

Marine Park: A grand jury failed to indict Monsignor Thomas Brady on sex abuse charges, stopping the criminal case against the Good Shepherd Church spiritual leader in its tracks. Comment

NYPD: Fake cop held up family at gunpoint

Canarsie: Police say a man wearing an NYPD jacket and sporting a gold shield robbed a Canarsie Road family earlier this week. Comment
Changing Brooklyn: Discount chain Century 21 will become the first new department store on the Fulton Mall in nearly 90 years when it sets up shop in a massive space in the planned City Point development in 2015. Comments (3)

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