Sunday, April 15, 2012

Carmine says the phone company can’t locate Brooklyn

Sunday Screech: In this week’s screech, our columnist gives his telephone service provider some information it needs. Comment

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A brief wondrous reading

Downtown: Brooklyn twenty-somethings take note: acclaimed author Junot Diaz says this isn’t the place to live if you want to be an artist. Comment

Friday, April 13, 2012

Court ruling: State broke law okaying Atlantic Yards, new review ordered

Atlantic Yards: The ruling by an appellate court will not stop the construction of the Barclays Center or several residential towers slated for the area around the arena. Comment

History shows it’s not the G train ‘extension’ — it’s the G train renewal

Save the G: Saving an at-risk extension of the G train won’t just make straphangers happy — it will preserve the beloved train’s historic role as the line for Brooklyn’s working populace, historians and transportation advocates say. Comment

Weird sisters: Sideshow women talk feminism in Coney

A panel of professional women will convene in Coney Island to discuss female independence and entrepreneurship — but don’t be surprised if they show up wearing nipple tassels or bedazzled, lobster claw gloves. Comment

Do analog drummers dream of electric beats?

Music: Questlove’s music is probably on your iPod — and now your iPod is influencing his music Comment

MTA levels sights on the G train, at least this weekend

Weekend Watch: Try not to consider it a harbinger of what’s to come, but the G train is barely running this weekend. Comment

Gowns up for grabs: Free prom dress giveaway

Fort Greene: These do-gooders give new meaning to the term “dress for success.” Comment
Fort Greene: It’s certainly more action-packed than crocheting. Comment

A visit to the ‘Fort’

Bar Scrawl: Our bartoonist hits Park Slope’s new meat — and cocktail — castle. Comment

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trans-planters: How Manhattan’s flower boxes wound up in Red Hook

Red Hook: Fear not Red Hookers: an obscure Manhattan business group is not encroaching on Pier 41 — even though more than a dozen weathered planters appear to indicate otherwise. Comment

Business group won’t remove Bay Ridge’s rogue benches

Bay Ridge: The 86th Street Business Improvement District will not remove two benches that were mysteriously bolted onto Fifth Avenue under the cover of darkness last month to displace a controversial gyro cart, claiming that it shouldn’t be responsible for cleaning up someone else’s mess. Comment
Page 1: It’s 2012 and some say the end times are upon us. The Brooklyn Paper has not been able to confirm that assertion, but just in case the borough will soon be rocked by cataclysmic events or great changes, it can’t hurt to prepare for the worst. That means gathering a wealth of knowledge about all of the vital happenings in Brooklyn, obtaining a guide to locations across the borough that offer sustenance and provisions, and stockpiling a means of entertainment that can brighten even the darkest days. Thankfully, The Brooklyn Paper can do all that — and more — to keep you hustlin’, Brooklyn. Comment

Ladies night: Feminist art show opens in East W’burg

Bushwick: Check out the latest show at Interstate Projects featuring some of the most influential feminist artists in the business. Comment

Beloved North Brooklyn educator dead at 56

Fred Rubino, the newly appointed head of North Brooklyn schools and a beloved former principal who nurtured the IS 318 chess club and saved it from city budget cuts, died from a heart attack in Greenpoint on April 2. He was 56. Comments (2)
Music: The Feelies are still rocking after more than 30 years, and shockingly, so too are their fans. Comment

It’s hard to be humble when you’re great

Fearless Parenting: This week, our fearless mom yells some sense at her overly confident son. Comment

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

War of words: Driver fights PPW parking ticket over meaning of ‘to’

Mean Streets: Justice is blind — and it doesn’t understand English very well, according to one angry Park Slope motorist. Comment

Rick’s out of the race, but you can still raise a glass to — and of — Santorum

Nightlife: A cocktail named after Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has turned out to be more popular than the candidate himself. Comment

Prokhorov isn’t looking for a Brooklyn pied-a-terre

Atlantic Yards: The owner of the Brooklyn-bound Nets bought the $1-billion Barclays Center — but he won’t pony up for a new home in the borough! Comment

Another big deal on Bedford: Bagels and health food give way to chain

Changing Brooklyn: The Bedford Avenue property owner who sold off some of his land to make room for Whole Foods is parting with another major parcel across the street, paving the way for another big-time tenant and ending two small business’s decade-long run in the Northside. Comment

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … Supermensch!

Art: Move over, Elijah — a new Jewish superhero is coming to the rescue. Comment

New Mexican: Lights on for DUMBO’s new Gran Electrica

Dining: Gran Electrica is adding a jolt to DUMBO’s oft-maligned food scene. Comment

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Atlantic Yards: Nassau Coliseum’s asbestos problem could be the Barclays Center’s biggest coup. Comments (2)

Welcome to ‘Frooklny’!

Kensington: The Kensington Post Office makes a pick-up slip slip-up. Comment
Bay Ridge: A manager of an embattled food cart has gotten his lawyers involved in the ongoing struggle to stay on Fifth Avenue. Comments (1)

Slope battles another bar near Barclays

Atlantic Yards: Park Slope residents say a planned music venue just blocks from the soon-to-open Barclays Center gives new meaning to the term “bad chemistry.” Comment

Night on the ‘Town’ — Gallery Players take on Broadway classic

Theater: It’s a big Broadway play in a little Brooklyn theater. Comment

Monday, April 9, 2012

Nightlife: A Lower East Side nightclub owner wants to bring his sexy soirees and tour buses to N. First Street, but neighbors say the concept is over the top, even for Williamsburg. Comment
Transit: The movement to save the beloved G train extension is picking up Brooklynites faster than a rush-hour train. Comment

It’s food gossip time!

Dining: It’s out with the old and in with the Ethiopian in Carroll Gardens, while Park Slope and Sunset Park go seriously green in this week’s bumper crop of locally produced gossip! Comment
Park Slope’s newest dessert destination boasts star chefs and a Gordon Ramsay pedigree, but it’s going to be more ma-and-pa eatery than “Hell’s Kitchen.” Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: A part-owner of the former Domino Sugar factory claims he recruited an unnamed investor to buy up his partner’s massive debt and salvage an ambitious plan to bring 2,200 units of housing to the Williamsburg waterfront. Comments (1)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shooting on Columbia Street

Carroll Gardens: Plus a smattering of other crimes from the 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens. Comment

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