Monday, March 26, 2012

Gowanus art collective is the epicenter of ‘Occupy’ art

Gowanus: Occupy Wall Street has been streamed, televised, radioed and tweeted. But perhaps most importantly, it has been posterized. Comments (5)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Carmine — and Con Ed — solves his pal’s electric problem

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine once again proves the power of his prose! Comments (6)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Go green: James Beard Award-winning cookbook author celebrates ‘Vegetables’

Dining: James Peterson doesn’t need to tell you twice to eat your vegetables — he makes them so delicious, you’ll forget they’re good for you. Comment

Friday, March 23, 2012

City wants to cut required parking lots at D’town developments

Downtown plan: The city wants to drastically reduce the number of parking spaces required at Downtown residential developments — elating both builders and transit advocates who claim bulky garages raise rents and are under-used wastes of space. Comments (41)

Markowitz’s wingman solves history’s mysteries

Downtown: This Brooklynite spends his days as the righthand man to a New York City powerplayer, but he moonlights as a kind of private investigator, digging up records, chasing down leads, and solving mysteries. Comments (1)

It’s posher, not Kosher

Dining: Restaurants inspired by Jewish cuisine are serving completely amazing — and totally against the rules — fare. Comments (4)
Event: Please enter through the gift shop. Comment

This Ramone remains

This Ramone remains

Dining: Marky Ramone to play the old hits at the Bell House. Comments (4)

A conversation with Krauss

Dining: Brooklynite Nicole Krauss and Aleksandar Hemon celebrate European fiction. Comments (1)

The ‘Hunger Games’ hunger

The Dad: The Hunger Games” movie comes out this week, and my 14-year-old daughter, like millions of other teens, insisted on getting tickets for opening day. She loved the book and made me read it. Comments (1)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Downtown plan: Here it is — Brooklyn’s tallest building! Comments (30)

Happy trails! Prospect Park nature lovers make new path to outdoor sex spot

A quirky band of do-gooders built a path to a notorious public sex spot in Prospect Park to keep horny woodsmen from trampling nature while knockin’ boots. Comments (18)
Dining: This ain’t your grandma’s gefilte fish. Comments (4)

‘Shul hopping’ Orthodox teens get drunk at synagogues

Link: Teens all over the country experiment with alcohol, but kids in Midwood are doing it at their local synagogue. Comments (1)

Ridge panel allows drinking at Amnesia — but no dancing

Bay Ridge: Patrons at Bay Ridge’s scandal-socked Club Amnesia can drink all they want — but they still can’t dance, Community Board 10 ruled this week. Comments (4)

The power of Brick

Williamsburg: The theater group is letting fans vote for president of the company. Comment

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Save the G: Nixing an extension of the G line is an assault on love that will push many straphanging couples into long distance mode, or even break them up, lovebirds say. Comments (31)

Frisky business: Williamsburg cops stop-and-frisk all the time

Williamsburg: Cops at the 90th Precinct stopped and frisked about two people per hour, statistics show. Comments (23)
Meadows of Shame: Lawless anglers are up to something fishy again in Prospect Park: stashing illegal tools to facilitate an elaborate fish-smuggling operation, wildlife lovers claim. Comments (29)
Brooklyn Heights: Some people say Brooklyn Heights is dead. On Tuesday, they were partly right. Comments (2)

Success charter eyes Spanish-speaking students, amid controversy

Williamsburg: A charter school slated to open in Williamsburg promises that one in five of its students will be English language learners — but critics in the neighborhood’s Latino Southside say that ratio is too low Comments (6)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Couch potato? Artist puts gardens under furniture

The Greatest Story Ever: No longer should you feel ashamed about eating things you find under your couch. Comment
Cleaning Our Waterways: The city is rolling the dice on an untested plan to stop human waste from flowing into Brooklyn’s most polluted waterways thanks to a new agreement with the state that delays a required overhaul of the borough’s inadequate sewer system. Comments (10)

Cyclists and pedestrians mourn those killed in car crashes

Mean Streets: It was a day of love and rage. Comments (21)
And you thought a ride on the Cyclone was the most death-defying form of entertainment. Comment
Now that Albany will allow seven Vegas-style gaming rooms to open in the state, residents want to make sure one of them will be built in the People’s Playground. Comments (8)

Get ready to eat for cheap — Dine in Brooklyn is back again

Foodie-in-Chief: Dine In Brooklyn slashes the prices at some of the borough’s most finger-lickin’ restaurants. Comment

Monday, March 19, 2012

GoogaMooga ticket snafu leaves music lovers waiting … and waiting

Brooklyn Is Angry: The Great GoogaMooga — a massive music festival that will soon hit Prospect Park — is off to a not-so-great start. Comments (3)
Brooklyn has its own doggone pooch show — for mutts and misfits, not purebreds and perfectionists. Comments (6)
Checkin’ in with: A new documentary about the plan to turn Williamsburg’s former Domino Sugar factory into a massive housing development has all the trappings of a festival circuit favorite: a grandiose plot, an historic setting, a punny title, lots of conflict, and plenty of twists. Comments (3)

NYPD: Bay Ridge tire slashing spree solved

Link: Cops busted three men accused of vandalizing vehicles on Fort Hamilton Parkway last week — but neighborhood motorists say at least 10 people took part in the March 11 automotive attacks. Comment

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bay Ridge panel slams city plan to shrink 86th Street

Bay Ridge: Residents say the city’s proposal to remove two lanes of traffic from 86th Street between Fourth Avenue and Shore Road will create gridlock along the heavily-traveled thoroughfare. Comments (55)

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