Erasmus AD makes amazing recovery

High School Sports: The Brooklyn high-school athletic director who drew national headlines for having a heart attack and being shocked back to life during his school’s football playoff game in November is healthy and back at work. Comment

Brooklyn flies a flag for freedom

Perspective: The simple act of raising the red, white and black banner spoke volumes while extending a heartening message: We’re with you. Comment

More thought’s from Stan’s dustbin

Perspective: And still more from the scraps of paper I find in my pockets. Comment

A feast fit for three kings — where to eat out this Christmas Eve

Dining: Sure, Christmas Eve is one of the big “family nights” on the Gregorian calendar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the family out to a great meal at one of the few borough restaurants that are open. Here’s our guide to the best Christmas Eve dining options (minus Chinese restaurants, which never seem to close). Comment

Suspended Naz coach: ‘I let the team down’

High School Sports: Apache Paschall has missed games before. Just this season, the Nazareth coach was in the hospital for a few days and couldn’t be on the bench with his team for a contest against Mary Louis in December. Comment

Defensive-minded Iona Prep shuts down Edmund’s in slugfest

High School Sports: When neither team could locate the bottom of the basket even if they had a magnifying glass, Vic Quirolo wasn’t exactly jumping for joy, but the Iona Prep boys basketball coach wasn’t upset either. Comment

Another Bay Ridge church to be demolished

Another one of Bay Ridge’s beloved old churches is going to be demolished for development — and locals aren’t happy. Comment

Knees-up for Danish Mardi Gras at DAC

BoroBeat: Whatta final hurrah it was. Comment

“Vampire” serial killer suspect goes to court

Crime: Prosecutors accused alleged SeaGate serial killer Dmitriy Yakovlev of leaving a grisly looking Dracula mask at the spot where he dumped the dismembered remains of one of his three victims as his murder trial opened in federal court last week. Comment

This sucks! Humorless officials nix beer-pint-for-blood-pint donation drive

Clinton Hill: A Clinton Hill brewer who was set to generate gallons in blood donations by giving away pints of his beer as an incentive was snubbed at the last minute by blood bureaucrats who questioned the “taste” of his alcohol-fueled initiative. Comments (5)

She’s smokin’! But that’s the problem, as Park honcha must quit before May 23

The Greatest Story Ever: It’s the first installment of “The Great Stephanie Smokeout,” a new Brooklyn Paper column tracking North Brooklyn Parks administrator Stephanie Thayer’s struggle to quit before the city’s ban takes affect. Comments (9)

Cops bust Bushwick art space … for beer at opening!

Bushwick: Um, shouldn’t an art gallery be busted if there isn’t booze at an art opening? Comments (5)

It’s on! Fed League playoffs open Friday with Aviators poised to harpoon the Whalers

Hockey history will be hammered out on the ice inside Floyd Bennett Field’s Aviator Sports Complex this weekend as the New York Aviators skate into the playoffs with their eyes fixed on snatching the Federal Hockey League’s first championship trophy and, more important, crushing their hated rivals, the Danbury Whalers. Comments (3)

Hey, taxi! Brooklynites may soon get to hail metered livery cabs

Many here in the so-called “outer boroughs” are cheering a plan to put meters in livery cabs — and allow them to legally make street pick-ups. Comments (10)

British book night at BookCourt on March 10

Books: Check out Jonathan Coe and Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding) next week. Comments (1)

Celebrate Egyptian freedom — at Gyro Station

Melting Pot: It’s a long way — literally and metaphorically — from Tahrir Square to Bay Ridge. Comments (1)

Chalk it up! Bloomberg would lay off more than 1,000 Bklyn teachers

Mayor Bloomberg is not hot for Brooklyn teachers. Comments (5)

That’s our Oscar! Brooklyn filmmaker wins the naked gold guy

Checkin’ in with: We sit down with newly minted star, Luke Matheny. Comments (2)

Stuff it! Hey, Brooklyn — this lady says you don’t know a thing about taxidermy!

Books: Sure, there are stuff animal shows all over the place, but Melissa Milgrom wants you to know about the real deal. Comment

Cop’s Mustang never roams — even for alternate side

Brooklyn Is Angry: Rules are made to be broken — especially if you’re a cop in Williamsburg. Comments (7)

Bring them the head of Jose Gregorio! Bar wants its mascot back

Park Slope: Someone kidnapped the kitschy little statue that serves as the mascot and good luck charm at Barbes bar. Comments (2)
Atlantic Yards: Fifth Avenue’s beloved old-man bar, O’Connor’s, will get a makeover and expansion just in time for the Barclays Center to open a couple blocks away — but the owner says his loyalties are to longtime customers, not the thousands of sports fans who will fill the arena next year. Comments (6)

This ballet’s got all the basics

Get ready for some Ballet 101. Comment
Boerum Hill: Councilman Steve Levin had one heck of a bad weekend. Comments (4)

Get buzzed at the Brooklyn Booze Experiment on March 6

Get ready for the booziest cook-off yet. Comment

Finally, a restaurant in the old Monte’s space

Carroll Gardens: The King is dead, long live the King. Comment
Art: The Brooklyn Museum is shaking things up — way, way up. Comment

Purple Yam is one great place for Mardi Gras

Dining: Get the taste of the Caribbean this Carnival. Comment
Coney Island: Coney Island won’t be “the greatest show on Earth” this summer. Comments (9)

Slopers are too late to stop Yards-area bar

Brooklyn Is Angry: First came the fight over Atlantic Yards — now comes the fight over all the bars it will attract. Residents stormed a community board hearing on Monday night to protest a liquor license for Prime 6 — but it turns out that the bar already has the booze permit. Oops. Comments (22)
Bay Ridge: Nick Nikolopoulos wowed the vice president with his edible seat of power. Comments (5)

Bribing friends and influencing people

Fearless Living: Her kid bribes his way back into his friends’ good graces. And what’s so wrong with that? Comments (1)

Sex predator on the loose in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: A gun-wielding man sexually assaulted and robbed two women in the span of about 40 minutes on Feb. 25 on 82nd Street in Bay Ridge, cops say. Comments (9)

Black marks for schools chancellor on trip to Williamsburg

Brooklyn Is Angry: Hours after Mayor Bloomberg announced on Monday that 4,600 teachers would be laid off due to budget cuts, Schools Chancellor Cathie Black took her roadshow to Williamsburg, where she was verbally assaulted by nearly 200 seething Williamsburg parents and teachers. Comments (9)

Good golly, Miss Mali! Sway Machinery adds West African singer

Music: Sway Machinery has been a who’s who of the city music scene since forming six years ago, taking in members of Balkan Beat Box, Arcade Fire and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But for its sophomore album, “The House of Friendly Ghosts, Volume 1,” the band journeys to West Africa, recruiting Malian vocalist Khaira Arby to write and perform. Comments (2)

Towns and county — Congressman seeks low-level party post to challenge Vito

Rep. Ed Towns has been at the top of Brooklyn’s political ladder for 28 years, but now he wants to go right back to the bottom — and perhaps deal a blow to Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez. Comment

The badass of Korean film — at BAM

Kim Jee-woon is a damaged filmmaker — but the Brooklyn Academy of Music means that in the best way possible. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: The Brooklyn Heights Association’s annual meeting on Monday night was great fun (even when the group gave a “community service” award to our competitor!). Comments (1)

Despicable duo

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

iPhone mania in Fort Greene

Fort Greene: At least two of the fancy smartphones are swiped. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (5)
Foodie-in-Chief: Great sandwiches, new burgers and a dearth of Aussie cuisine are part of Sarah Zorn’s menu this week. Comments (1)

New boxing drama at St. Ann’s lacks punch

New boxing drama at St. Ann’s lacks punch

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: “Beautiful Burnout” has some nice moments, but it’ll make you throw in the towel early, our critic says. Comments (1)
Music: Let’s face it, everyone loves “The Mikado.” Comments (3)
BAM District: A building owner wants to sell a site across the street from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. But he wants a lot of money for it. Comments (4)
Shopping: By Laura Gottesdiener Comments (11)
Dyker Heights: And there was much rejoicing. Comments (2)

Vicious rape at Third Avenue bakery

Park Slope: A horrific rape and attempted robbery at a Third Avenue bakery on Friday has left merchants on the fledgling Gowanus business strip on edge. Comments (1)

Another Bay Ridge church to be demolished

Bay Ridge: Another one of Bay Ridge’s beloved old churches is going to be demolished for development — and locals aren’t happy. Comments (5)

While league waits on decision, Nazareth suspends girls hoops coach

High School Sports: JOSEPH STASZEWSKI Comment

Bait-and-switch never tasted so good.

Perspective: For those of you with a teenager in the house, the bait-and-switch tactic is not a new concept. In fact, most teens have been using this technique for so long, they’ve created an elaborate art form. It starts out with “I’m going to Ann’s house, OK?” You say, yes, you like Ann. Comment

Loughlin leaves opportunity on table in Molloy loss

High School Sports: Kasim Alston wasn’t a happy man for just about the whole game. The Bishop Loughlin coach, who’s usually vocal and active on the sidelines, took a seat in the third quarter out of sheer frustration. Comment


The local lawmakers vowing to replace the soon-to-be-shuttered Sheepshead Bay Pathmark with a new supermarket won’t give people the thing they want most: a Walmart. Comment

Stan cleans out his pockets

Perspective: Every two weeks, when I pick up my clothing from the dry cleaners, I get a dirty look from the gal behind the counter. I don’t like her.She staples those little numbered tags right inside the crotch of my pants but never closes that staple tight. Ouch! Comment

Don’t bring the noise!

It’ll be sleepless in Canarsie if John F. Kennedy Airport goes through with plans to add three more runways and up to 70 flights per hour. Comment

Journalists also make the ultimate sacrifice

Perspective: Their abuses and bloodshed are mapped in treacherous trails around the world. Their crime? Getting the word out. Comment

From greenest to grimiest

Flatbush: The Greenest Block in Brooklyn is being trashed by careless merchants and apartment dwellers, say those who are trying to keep the block beautiful. Comment

Ruffled feathers! Environmentalists, Walmart foes want to stop Four Sparrows shopping center

Mill Basin residents say the city’s plan to expand a shopping center built atop protected marshlands near the foot of Flatbush Avenue is not going to happen without a fight — and some argued it shouldn’t happen at all. Comment

Report: Boardwalk businesses saved!

Seven of the eight evicted Coney Island businesses may return to the Boardwalk for one more summer — but Shoot the Freak could be shut out of the deal. Comment

Slice and dice on Fourth Ave

68th Precinct Comment

Council bike data bill will prove us right — foes <i>and</i> cycle supporters say

Friends and foes of bike lanes can’t wait for a new city bike-crash data law to take effect — because both sides think it will show they’re right. Comment

Masked vandals attack Gerritsen Avenue

Bay News: Masked miscreants Comment

Missed recycling pickups trash Dahlgren Place

Dahlgren Place residents say holidays and snowstorms have cancelled their recycling pick-ups for over a month, and now the “green” garbage is blowing all around the neighborhood. Comment

The badass of Korean film — at BAM

Kim Jee-woon is one severely damaged filmmaker — but the Brooklyn Academy of Music means that in the best way possible. Comment

Scouts go sled-to-sled in Coney for Klondike derby

BoroBeat: Coney Island beach morphed into a winter runway for scouts on sleds who powered their lean, mean, homespun machines on Saturday for the Boy Scouts of America Brooklyn Council’s annual Klondike derby. Comment

Cops close underground club — in someone’s home!

Canarsie: Underground party poopers Comment

Ready, set, shoot

BoroBeat: Aspiring Kobe Bryants at the Brooklyn Sports Club discovered how its done in the big leagues when they challenged their mettle in a three-point shootout contest on Sunday. Comment

This was a real potty crime

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Sheepshead Bay Pathmark to close

The Pathmark on Nostrand Avenue is going out of business, and Sheepshead Bay residents are going out of their minds. Comment

Thugs raid Bergen Beach home

Mill–Marine Courier: Home invasion on U Comment

Man beaten for parking spot

Kings Courier: Road rage attack Comment

Talking trash

Flatbush: Call it a trash-22. Comment

Runway rumble

Environmental activists say a proposal to fill in an area roughly two-and-a-half times the size of Governors Island off the coast of John F. Kennedy Airport to build new runways in protected Jamaica Bay would be damaging to sea life, hurt the local fishing industry, and have repercussions as far away as Floyd Bennett Field. Comment

Humboldt horror master facing 16 counts in sex slave case

Williamsburg: A Williamsburg man who cops say held a 27-year-old woman captive in his apartment as his “sex slave” for nine days was hit with on 16 rape counts on Friday — but his lawyer is claiming that the victim was a willing participant in the “mutually fulfilling relationship.” Comment

Pot head identified as Flatbush skull breaker

Flatbush: Nabbed for robbery Comment

This thief was charged up

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Sharp benefit for Issue Project Room

Music: Steve Buscemi and his wife, Jo Andres, host benefit for the Issue Project Room on March 4 — and Elliott Sharp will perform. Comments (2)
Cinema: The French film legend will be a “Belle du Jour” for a month. Comments (1)

Get buzzed at the Brooklyn Booze Experiment on March 6

Dining: Nick Suarez and Theo Peck are at it again — this time, hosting a cookoff of foods involving booze. Nice. Comments (1)

Slopers will rally tomorrow night against sports bar near Barclays Center

Brooklyn Is Angry: First came the fight over Atlantic Yards — now comes the fight over all the bars it will attract, as residents will storm a Community Board 6 hearing on Monday night to protest a liquor license for Prime 6 NYC. Comments (40)

State cuts kill hundreds of school seats in Bay Ridge and Dyker

Bay Ridge: The city has elminated nearly 2,000 new classroom seats across Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge, thanks to a 50-percent cut in school construction funds coming from Albany. Comments (1)

Hey, taxi! Turkish automaker says it will build cabs in Brooklyn

We now have a rooting interest in the race to find “the taxi of tomorrow.” Comments (7)

Small town America comes to Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights: Yes, people, there’s now a Rotary club in America’s first suburb. Comments (2)

DUMBO prepares for its artistic close-up

DUMBO prepares for its artistic close-up

Art: Starting next weekend, DUMBO will be the center of the art world, when the Verve Art Fair comes to town. To prepare, we’ve done the normal art preview, but also tossed in a roundup of all the other important sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the neighborhood down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass. Click below for our full coverage.

Low-cost bottles? Start wining at Red White & Bubbly

Shopping: Adam Goldstein — wine store owner and wine maker — has done it again. Comment

The bike lane battle rages! Here’s our Op-Ed package

Mean Streets: The Prospect Park West bike lane is the story that just won’t die — but it’s a bigger story than just one local cycle path, but a tale that calls into question how the city goes about installing bike lanes and how they affect drivers, pedestrians and, of course, cyclists. We asked two foes to square off on the issue. Click below for their opinion pieces.
Dance: The name may be Brooklyn Ballet, but the game is fusion. Comments (2)

Rabbi denies molestation of pre-teen

Williamsburg: A Williamsburg rabbi pleaded not guilty last week to molesting a youngster over a four-year period. Comment

Come on, America — let’s honor ‘Honest’ Abe!

Letters: Honestly, America needs to honor President Abe Lincoln. Comment

It’ll be an L of a bad time

Weekend Watch: Here are all the service changes affecting you this weekend (Saturday, Feb. 26 at 12:01 am to Monday, Feb. 28 at 5 am, unless otherwise noted). Comment
Exclusive: A much-hyped internship program for inner-city kids appears to be designed more to help local minority politicians than minority students. This story is going to go viral! Comments (21)

Dem ‘robo-calls’ target Bay Ridge Rep. Mike Grimm

Bay Ridge: Rep. Michael Grimm’s support of the GOP’s controversial spending bill has left the Marine and former FBI agent with a big target on his back. Comments (3)

First the anger, now the lawsuit over Greenpoint Hospital

Greenpoint: The city gave a chosen developer an unfair advantage over its rival when it awarded development rights to the former Greenpoint Hospital to a Queens construction company last year, a bombshell lawsuit charges. Comments (2)
Downtown: We’re with you. Comments (9)

Come on, feel the noise! Alma Lounge is so loud, it’s sending neighbors to the hospital

Brooklyn Is Angry: A raucous Williamsburg nightclub plays its dance music so loudly it sent its sleepless neighbors to the hospital. Comments (6)
Cleaning Our Waterways: Pig — meet lipstick. Comments (2)

‘Clock’ of ages! Arthur Miller’s Depression-era show returns for the recession

Theater: One of Arthur Miller’s lesser-known plays is finally getting its due. Comment

Give a pint (of blood), get a pint (of beer) at Kelso on March 4

Event: Now this is what we call fair trade. Comments (1)

Our cartoonist offers a wet kiss for Hanson Dry

Bar Scrawl: Bar Scrawl takes his cartoonists’-eye view into Fort Greene’s gastropub. Comments (1)

‘Mass’ exodus! Zannah out as the Walentases’ cultural ambassador

Art: DUMBO has lost its art ambassador. Comments (1)

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