Buford, Poly Prep put an end to Collegiate hex

High School Sports: Alex Buford uses his father Darryll’s memory as motivation every time he steps on the court. Comment

Youth is served: Lions claw Cross

High School Sports: On a night Holy Cross honored its seniors, it was the Bishop Loughlin freshmen who helped the Lions celebrate a 68-64 victory in both team’s regular-season finale at William J. O’Meara Gymnasium on Feb. 15. Comment

Coney Island sizzles in 65-degree winter heatwave

BoroBeat: For invigorated pedestrians, a walk on the Riegelmann Boardwalk was a step away from spring. Many welcomed the opportunity to take in a leisurely stroll, fly a kite or just relax on a bench along the world-famous footpath, which was masked by snow days earlier. Comment

Prescott shoots Transit Tech past Eagle, into second round

High School Sports: Anthony Prescott felt sporadic shots of pain in his lower back. He was bleeding from his lip, a napkin soaking up the blood. Comment

Marty ushers in ‘Year of the Rabbit’ in Bay Ridge

BoroBeat: Quirky Ed Eisenberg even donned bunny ears for the occasion. Comment

Remembering Steven Solarz

Perspective: In the annals of Brooklyn politics, young Stephen Solarz carved a decisive niche that culminated in action, near-upheaval, victory and an unforgettable defeat. Comment

Ford wins key game against Loughlin for missing coaches

High School Sports: It’s hard enough going into a hostile environment like Bishop Loughlin. But last week, Bishop Ford had to do it without its main coaches. Comment

L-train weeknight outage returns!

Williamsburg: Better tune up that bicycle — the L-train shuttle is back this weekend. Comment

Give a pint (of blood), get a pint (of beer) at Kelso on March 4

Now this is what we call fair trade. Comment

Geoffrey Rush is just insane — freakin’ <i>insane!</i> — in Gogol’s ‘Madman’ at BAM

Geoffrey Rush should win an Oscar for “Diary of a Madman” at BAM. Comment

Foes decry Park ‘tax’ scheme, push for revenue from Witness buildings

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park could raise one-quarter of its massive maintenance budget through a new tax on local businesses and residents — but that idea is dead in the water, say critics, who think there are better ways to raise the money. Comments (8)
Mean Streets: An ambulance driver who abandoned traffic-choked Prospect Park West to use the controversial bike lane as a shortcut was hardly a lone rogue. Comments (54)
Williamsburg: Brooklyn’s next great food trend could be born at the Williamsburg’s Moore Street Market. Comments (2)

Fifth Avenue gets trash cans straight out of ‘The Jetsons’

The Greatest Story Ever: In Park Slope, even the garbage gets a fancy new home. Comments (5)

Our chef offers ribs — the Brooklyn way

Prime Time: Joe Raiola from Morton’s sauces us up, but good! Comments (7)

School daze! State budget cuts kill new W’burg PS

Brooklyn Is Angry: School’s out — for five years. Comments (1)
Dining: Maybe Al Gore should take credit for this restaurant. Comment

Council bike data bill will prove us right — foes and cycle supporters say

Mean Streets: Friends and foes of bike lanes can’t wait for a new city bike-crash data law to take effect — because both sides think it will show they’re right. Comments (35)
Park Slope: Coming soon to Park Slope’s Pavilion Cinema: “Renovation II — The Sequel.” Comments (5)
Park Slope: The developer of a controversial 11-story hotel on Prospect Avenue has a plan, and he’s sticking to it — in spite of a growing chorus of naysayers blasting his scheme as inappropriate for the neighborhood. Comments (15)
Gowanus: Humble hero Kenneth Uribe ended up in a high-speed chase, but he got his man. Comments (4)

Michael ‘Mr. Funny Pants’ Showalter is all over town this week

Nightlife: Michael Showalter is a tad obsessed with process. Comments (2)
Committeman Confrontation: Rep. Ed Towns has been at the top of Brooklyn’s political ladder for 28 years, but now he wants to go right back to the bottom — and perhaps deal a blow to Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez. Comments (6)

Home on the range! Brooklyn Museum reaches new heights with tipi exhibition

This exhibit puts the art in artifacts. Comment

Bedfellows! Rival pols Levin, Restler battle — together and apart — to move MTA bus depot

Williamsburg: Two young political rivals are working separately to move the MTA from a waterfront lot in Greenpoint that has been slated to become a park since 2005. Comment

Cupid is a car thief

Fort Greene: Someone stole sexy lingerie from a car on Valentine’s Day. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comment

John Liu wants you! Tell him which agencies to audit

Here’s your chance to bust a shady city agency! Comments (6)
Dining: Nature greeted the opening of the new Van Leeuwen brothers’ ice cream shop in Boerum Hill with a blast of cold, Canadian air. Boerum Hill greeted the brothers with a packed house. Comments (5)
Carroll Gardens: Forget gelato and cannoli, visitors to Carroll Park’s controversial “piazza” might instead be feasting on a steady diet of tortas and quesadillas. Comments (4)

Eat some crepe! There’s a Euro-style pancake joint on Seventh Avenue

Dining: It’s a cross-cultural crepe smackdown in Park Slope, where an Italian take on the traditional French pancakes promises to knock the socks — err, chaussettes — off even the most devout Francophile. Comments (4)

Booze Aid! Help a great museum by drinking great cocktails

Nightlife: Spirits are rising — to save the City Reliquary! Comment

Our columnist’s secret: Vacations are Daddy’s little helper

The Dad: It’s school vacation, and I’m away with the kids skiing, having a blast, hanging with friends from breakfast until we all collapse at night. My wife wanted to come, planned to, but stayed behind because of work. Comment

Bus bruiser busted

Canarsie: Bus blitz Comment

Condo crumble: OceanRock condos are falling apart, according to residents

Canarsie: Canarsie’s OceanRock condo owners say their homes are leaking like a sieve — and they think the builder is to blame. Comment

Snow bound Brooklynites: We want a refund!

Southern Brooklynites left buried during the late December blizzard want Mayor Bloomberg to pay for his inaction — literally. Comment

Note-passing nincompoop hits Bensonhurst

Bay News: Bank botch Comment

Punched for a cellphone

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Man beaten outside Capri Nightclub

68th Precinct Comment

B44 beat down

Kings Courier: B 44 bash Comment

Another iPhone is swiped

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Nasty pistol-whipping

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Pedal pain: Bicyclist shot on E. 54th Street

Mill–Marine Courier: Bicyclist shot Comment

Unholy act!

A heartless hooligan ripped open the hearts of congregants attending the Avenue Z Jewish Center on Feb. 5 when he broke inside the house of worship and tossed around a Torah as if it were a frisbee — nearly tearing the cherished parchment in two. Comment

City: There’s only ‘one way’ of looking at Martense

Flatbush: A Flatbush community board approved a controversial city plan to turn Martense Street into a one-way route between Flatbush and Bedford avenues to help improve the safety at nearby Church Avenue — provided that the city install humps to keep drivers from speeding on the side street. Comment

Senior dies in fire

Flatbush: Killed in fire Comment

Stan reports back on the numbers

Perspective: We are now told that 78 percent of America approved of Obama’s handling of the Tucson shootings. After his speech, my president’s approval rating surged to 54 percent. That’s an eight point jump and it’s the highest it has been in almost a year. If he keeps this up he has a pretty good shot at another four years in the White House. I know that you won’t believe this, but the very second I typed that last line there was a bolt of lightning right outside my window followed by an explosion of roaring, rolling thunder. I think I heard a laugh also. Does God have a sense of humor? Comment

Feeling snubbed in Manhattan Beach

Bay News: So much for a powwow. Comment

Shopping for a dress — with reinforcements

Perspective: It’s prom dress shopping time again. Any type of shopping with a teenager is difficult, but prom dress shopping can be particularly explosive. Comment

Songwriters Exchange is on the road again

The Brooklyn Songwriters Exchange has been quite the little nomad. Comment

Randi Garay is our Parent of the Year

Perspective: Randi Garay, this year’s Bensonhurst West End Civic Association’s Parent of the Year, was born to Ilene and Ned Kuskin, lived on Bay Parkway with her sisters until they moved to Harway Terrace where her grandparents Sylvia and Harold Feinberg lived. Comment

Canarsie cops narrow in on ‘5 am rapist’

Canarsie: Canarsie’s top cop says the “5 am rapist” will soon be doing time. Comment

Taking a pass on gas

The proposal for an offshore gas processing plant that environmental watchdogs warned could blow the entire borough off the face of the earth has been killed by an unlikely savior — New Jersey. Comment

Get a load of Scott Brindl’s sausage

You can take the boy out of Bensonhurst, but you can’t take the Bensonhurst out of the boy. Comment

Lutheran celebrates ‘Year of the Rabbit’

Visitors to Lutheran Medical Center had a reason to pause, smile, clap and toe-tap last Friday when the Brooklyn Chinese-American Association rang in the New Year with a joyous celebration in the lobby. Comment

Bereaved mom slaps Kruger

A grief-stricken mom says state Sen. Carl Kruger is using her dead son to promote a bill that will force people to shut off their iPods when they cross the street — even though her child’s death had nothing to do with the popular device. Comment

PS/IS 104 honors Dist. 20 family advocate

District 20 family advocate William Chin usually spends his days navigating puzzled, curious and frustrated parents through the Department of Education maze. Comment

Kid’s ‘love’ art show at Gallery 364

Proud pint-sized Picassos were in a class by themselves when they displayed their awesome masterpieces at Gallery 364 for Valentine’s Day. Comment

Dem bums! Los Angeles Dodgers exploit Brooklyn roots — again!

Well you can say this for the Los Angeles Dodgers — they’ve got balls. Comment

All quiet on the temple’s front

They must really be the chosen people! Comment

The badass of Korean film — at BAM

Cinema: Kim Jee-woon is one severely damaged filmmaker — but the Brooklyn Academy of Music means that in the best way possible. Comments (1)

Slope’s Scalino reopens after two-day tax scare

Dining: The popular Seventh Avenue restaurant Scalino — shuttered by state authorities on Thursday — reopened on Saturday, apparently having paid a $230,000 sales tax bill. Comment

Andy disses Vito! Cuomo’s new Housing czar is no fan of Lopez

Vito under the Microscope: Gov. Cuomo slapped Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez, picking a longtime rival of the powerful Assemblyman to run the state’s housing agency. Comments (8)

Humboldt horror master facing 16 counts in sex slave case

Williamsburg: A Williamsburg man who cops say held a 27-year-old woman captive in his apartment as his “sex slave” for nine days was hit with on 16 rape counts on Friday — but his lawyer is claiming that the victim was a willing participant in the “mutually fulfilling relationship.” Comments (1)
Park Slope: Parents at Park Slope’s PS 107 are fired up over a city decision to transfer their beloved lunch lady because the lunchroom serves slightly less than the minimum daily requirement of school meals. Comments (1)
Cobble Hill: A historic Cobble Hill mansion dumped by the cash-strapped Long Island College Hospital is heading towards a controversial redevelopment as luxury housing. Comments (3)

‘Cause they’re the taxmen! Slope restaurant seized for non-payment! 

Dining: State finance authorities have forced Park Slopers to say “ciao” to a tasty-but-troubled Italian eatery, slapping bright orange “SEIZED” signs on the windows of Scalino for allegedly not paying taxes. Comments (4)
Cleaning Our Waterways: The owner of a commercial bus depot along the Gowanus Canal dumped trash and motor oil into the already toxic waterway — and now he’s going to pay for the damage, state officials said this week. Comments (5)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: Geoffrey Rush should win an Oscar for “Diary of a Madman” at BAM. Comments (2)

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