Fort Greene group seeks neater bow-ties

Mean Streets: Four triangle parks may get spruced up. Comment

Sharks weightroom warrior signs with New Hampshire

High School Sports: Rashid Armand was recruited by Miami and Penn State. The Sheepshead Bay defensive lineman was in talks with Rutgers, Syracuse and UConn. Comment

BAM brings in the ‘Grass and Ass’ with Cheech, Chong and Porky’s

Nobody does lowbrow better than the highbrow folks at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Comment

PS 114 saved! For now…

Canarsie: Parents and teachers from PS 114 apparently convinced the Department of Education not to close the Remsen Avenue school just yet — arguing that a rogue principal was responsible for its downfall, not the staff or curriculum. Comment

The best wings in the borough — this Saturday

The hardest thing in professional sports is repeating as Super Bowl champions — but it’s even harder to pull off a “two-peat” at the annual Best Wings in Brooklyn contest at Red Star in Greenpoint. Comment

What a ‘Rush’! Aussie madman Geoffrey Rush stars in Gogol’s ‘Diary’ at BAM

Geoffrey Rush has a certain penchant for playing men slightly off their rockers — David Helfgott in “Shine,” the Marquis de Sade in “Quills,” the pirate Barbossa in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Comment

Brooklyn Youth shows again why it is the ‘It’ choir

The Brooklyn Youth Chorus is, how you say, having a moment. Comment

Wait a minute — there’s video of Gersh eating dog food?

Brooklyn Angle: Go with it. This is what he does. Comments (7)

Save Pierre, the new goose in town!

Editorial: Our editorial board once again supports the rights of geese to live. Comments (12)

For Vito, there is life — and food — after Cono’s

Williamsburg: Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s loss is every Williamsburg restaurant’s gain. Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Strong condo sales could be an indication that the economy is bouncing back. Comments (6)
Campbell’s Soup: You can mourn the old Freddy’s, but our columnist is celebrating it. Comments (5)

Brooklyn’s ultimate sweethearts

When Elliot and Harriet Reiken wed, World War II was coming to a close, the Catskills was a popular summer resort town, and the subway cost a nickel. Comment

Our letters column returns — with a doozy from the boss’s dad!

Perspective: After a hiatus, the Letters to the Editor column is back with a bang! Comments (1)
Red Hook: But don’t worry — it’s so good, humans will be howling for a bite. Comments (4)

Bridge out! Returning from Manhattan? Don’t take the Brooklyn!

Mean Streets: Brooklyn-bound drivers on the Brooklyn Bridge will think they’re in London several nights this week as emergency repair work will divert cars to the northern lanes of the fabled span — as workers repair weather-beaten exit ramps on the Brooklyn side. Comment
Mean Streets: This Hollywood invasion is going to close off about eight streets. Better move your car! Comments (1)

What a team wants! Cyclones offer Aguilera a chance to reprise anthem

Cyclones: The Brooklyn Cyclones are offering disgraced singer Christina Aguilera the ultimate chance at redemption — inviting the fabled Genie in a Bottle to reprise the National Anthem, this time with the right lyrics, at a game this summer. Comments (2)
Nightlife: And men are the first to complain about Roy Den Hollander’s class-action “reverse” discrimination suit. Comments (7)
Downtown: Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas was all set to meet with Mayor Bloomberg and the secretary general of the UN on Tuesday — but his first stop was in Brooklyn. Comments (1)

It’s wall to wall balls in Williamsburg

Dining: Have a ball, Williamsburg! Comments (6)

New Park Slope restaurant’s got game 

Dining: Babysitters, beware — a new restaurant in Park Slope is about to cut into your business. Comments (12)

GOP Chairman Eaton takes bite out of Young Republicans

Bay Ridge: Will the real Republican youth movement please stand up? Comments (243)
The Coney Island Boardwalk diner — the one in Colorado, we mean — could finally move to the place where it truly belongs. Comments (4)
Mean Streets: Alternate-side parking returns — and few are happy. Comments (16)
Mean Streets: Boerum Hill residents are pushing the city to slam the brakes on reckless drivers by cutting the speed limit to 20 miles per hour in their exclusive brownstone enclave. Comments (14)

Cyclist left for dead in Williamsburg hit-and-run

Mean Streets: Now her friends are hunting for the driver. Comments (8)

ShopRite wants to beat Walmart to Gateway II space

War-Mart: And local pols are pushing the unionized supermarket over the bigger box store. Comments (17)

Marty’s ‘pole’ numbers are dropping

The pole dancing climax to Borough President Markowitz’s State of the Borough address didn’t go over so well — and some critics are saying that Markowitz’s objectification of women can no longer be ignored. Comments (13)

Oooh, this smells! Cops bust Bushwick pot ring

Bushwick: Police intercepted a CARE package filled with 38 pounds of marijuana from a Morgan Avenue warehouse this morning. Comments (3)
Williamsburg: A massive fire ripped through a Conselyea Street building on Feb. 7 — and hoarding may be to blame. Comments (3)

Lawrence St. stab

Brooklyn Heights: 84th PrecinctBrooklyn HeightsRandom stabA ruffian with a knife was arrested after he stabbed a man on Lawrence Street on Jan. 25.Fully bakedA thieving pothead was arrested for holding up a woman at knifepoint on Adams Street on Jan. 25.Jewel heistA jewel-hungry burglar stole $20,000 worth of gems from a Livingston Street apartment on Jan. 25.Shoe-t!A shoe-happy hooligan stole $6,000 worth of sneakers and electronics from N.O.S. Shoes on Front Street on Jan. 26.Payless, get cutA scissors-wielding perp cut a Payless employee in the neck because he didnLaptop burglarA thief stole a couple laptops from an unlocked Cranberry Street basement on Jan. 29.Car thefts Comment

BAM brings in the ‘Grass and Ass’ with Cheech, Chong and Porky’s

Cinema: Nobody does lowbrow better than the highbrow folks at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Comments (1)
Theater: Robert Louis Stephenson’s classic is brought to live in Fort Greene. Swordfight, anyone? Comment

Impounded car stolen — from cops!

Fort Greene: And it wouldn’t be a police blotter without more crime at the Atlantic Terminal Mall. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (2)
Event: To the list of things that get better with age — wine, cheese, your always-gorgeous wife — add something else: bonsai trees. Comment

This ‘Frost/Nixon’ is like the president himself — riveting, but flawed

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The Heights Players prides itself on its intimacy, and that couldn’t be more evident in its current production of “Frost/Nixon.” Comments (3)

Dealing with his teenager’s cleavage

The Dad: Our columnist knows he’s getting old — but there really is too much sex in our culture right now, right? Comments (8)

The best wings in the borough — this Saturday

Dining: The hardest thing in professional sports is repeating as Super Bowl champions — but it’s even harder to pull off a “two-peat” at the annual Best Wings in Brooklyn contest at Red Star in Greenpoint. Comments (5)

Marty celebrates Bklyn’s ultimate sweethearts

When Elliot and Harriet Reiken wed, World War II was coming to a close, the Catskills was a popular summer resort town, and the subway cost a nickel. Comment

Cops bust purse swiper

Canarsie: Purse grabber pinchedA 16-year-old was arrested on Jan. 24 after he tried to steal a womanGunman grabPolice have arrested a 37-year-old man in connection with two gunpoint robberies on Nov. 4, 2010.Busted for DWIA 26-year-old was arrested on drunk driving charges on Jan. 30 after he was caught swerving through traffic on Remsen Avenue.Cabbie bruisers bustedA young couple were arrested on Jan. 27 after dining and ducking from a Sheepshead Bay ApplebeeSnow plowA 47-year-old motorist was arrested on drunk driving charges on Jan. 30 after he nearly caused a multiple car pile up on the Belt Parkway.Still missingIt was cold this week, but not as cold as the NYPDCommercial conundrumTwo Canarsie businesses were looted last week, both on Jan. 16. Comment

Cops search for hulking rapist

Flatbush: Rapist searchA hulking, heavy-handed thug is being sought for raping a 26-year-old woman on Glenwood Road.Shot deadA gunman shot a 30-year-old man dead on Jan. 28 during an exchange inside a high-rise on McKeever Place.Three stabbedA knife wielding assailant attacked three people on Fenimore Street on Jan. 30 No oneAnyone can be mugged Bottle bruiserA 40-year-old man was arrested on Jan. 28 after he tried to brain another man with a glass bottle on Rogers Avenue.Purse grabber pennedA man beat a woman for her purse during a Jan. 22 mugging on Albemarle Road Changing localesIt seems that the trio of trigger-happy thugs who have been raiding East Flatbush supermarkets have begun looking for greener pastures. Comment

Cold comfort: Thugs rob teen of coat, sneakers and iPhone

Kings Courier: Cold feetTwo thugs jumped an 18-year-old on Ocean Avenue on Jan. 27, taking his sneakers, iPhone and coat.HenryA crew of thieves broke into HenryMadison menacesThree James Madison High School students […] Comment
Music: They’ve worked with everyone — and now they’ll star in their own DUMBO show. Comment

Salmon swiper celled!

Bay News: Heading upstreamA 21-year-old thief was arrested on Jan. 29 when he was caught trying to make off with $125 worth of salmon from the Avenue Y Stop & Shop.Headphone grabA quick-moving thug ripped a […] Comment
Theater: First, he’s nominated for an Oscar for “The King’s Speech.” Now, Geoffrey Rush is live onstage at the BAM Harvey in a scenery-chewing role. Comment
Art: Georgia O’Keeffe had flowers. Clarity Haynes has breasts. Comments (4)
Greenpoint: A controversial proposal for a new homeless shelter in Greenpoint has unraveled. Comments (6)

Fort Greene rape suspect now wanted in three attacks

Fort Greene: The violent thug who tried to rape a young woman near the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Jan. 19 and possibly another woman a week later has now been linked to another, earlier attack in Bensonhurst. Comment

Bite me! Pavilion Cinema manager tries to exterminate bedbug rumors

Park Slope: Sends extraordinary letter to silence the whine of complaints. Comments (4)

Inside the new Freddy’s Bar!

Nightlife: The bar that the Atlantic Yards project destroyed returned on Thursday night with a preview for friends and insiders. Of course, The Brooklyn Paper was there. Comments (5)
Clinton Hill: Myrtle Avenue will become more friendly to pedestrians with ample seating, shrubbery and a farmer’s market under a long-awaited city plan that unveiled to a largely supported public on Tuesday night. Comments (34)
Politics: The Beep pokes fun at his anti-bike-lane stance by pedaling into his annual State of the Borough speech. Comments (36)

Should tennis fees be hiked?

Should tennis fees be hiked?

Perspective: There’s little love for the city’s plan to double fees charged to users of public tennis courts. But in the interest of fair play, we invited both sides of the issue to volley this one back and forth. Click below for their position pieces:

City closes a Prospect Heights middle school to make way for a charter

Brooklyn Is Angry: A city education panel has killed MS 571, a Prospect Heights middle school that will be shuttered to allow a charter school to take its place. Comment
Event: Marty and Jamie celebrate love. Comments (2)

Enter — or just eat at — the best red velvet cake contest next week

Event: The Brooklyn Historical Society will have you seeing red next Friday. Comments (2)

Wild weekend on the rails

Weekend Watch: Here are all the service changes affecting you this weekend (Saturday, Feb. 5 at 12:01 am to Monday, Feb. 7 at 5 am, unless otherwise noted). Comments (1)
Carroll Gardens: The acclaimed novelist and radio man thinks the heart of Carroll Gardens should be more like Europe. (And here come the Letters to the Editor!) Comments (44)

Snowtacks! Brownstone Brooklyn under assault by ice-wielding thugs

Carroll Gardens: Winter has bred a new kind of criminal in Brownstone Brooklyn — roving packs of teens so cold-blooded they’ll attack a pregnant woman and laugh about it. Comments (14)

Bus running late? At least you’ll now know how late!

Slowest bus in the borough? There’s an app for that. Comments (1)
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: The city finally committed cash to prop up long-ailing East River ferry service on Wednesday, ending years of financial struggle among independent ferry operators — but whether commuters will actually utilize the new service is still up in the air. Comment

Robbery crew hits Fort Greene

Fort Greene: A robbery team that’s cut a swath of terror across Brooklyn and Queens is apparently now working in Fort Greene. Comments (11)
Bridge ‘Park’: Forget his multi-million-dollar fee — starchitect Michael Van Valkenburgh just won a $2,500 prize for designing Brooklyn Bridge Park! Comments (4)

Our columnist is bashed by teens

Campbell’s Soup: Senior reporter Andy Campbell is attacked on the job! Kids today. Kids today. Comments (13)
Dining: When the temperature drops, so does the price of Chez Oskar’s spiked cider! Comments (4)

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