Greenpoint: A man’s home may indeed be his castle, but on one Greenpoint street, the stoop is an entirely different matter. Comments (1)

Another iPhone swiped by the bicycle thief

Park Slope: The teenager who has stalked iPhone users in Park Slope for two years continued his reign of terror last week, swiping another of the fancy smartphones from a woman on Flatbush Avenue. Comments (1)
Cleaning Our Waterways: And if you’re eating any crabs from the canal, you’d better stop now. Comments (2)

Here’s the winner of the hairy face-off

From chinstraps and juncos to Van Dykes and Garibaldis, Sunset Park space-rocker Aaron Kelly knows how to shave off the competition when it comes to waging a battle of the beards. Comments (8)

Artist: Who needs ‘Black History Month’?

Event: And this coming from a man who’ll lead a Black History Month exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, no less! Comments (4)

Cops: This is the Fort Greene rapist

Fort Greene: The violent thug who tried to rape a young woman just feet from the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Fort Greene last week is a white man with chubby cheeks, sunken eyes and light hair, cops say. Comments (5)

We’re grateful ‘Dead’ will be returning to Littlefield

Music: All Conrad Keely wants to do is scare you — make you turn the lights on and pull up the covers. Comments (1)

Really scary carjacking on Atlantic

Fort Greene: And it wouldn’t be a police blotter without more crime at the Atlantic Terminal Mall. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (2)

‘Super’ parties at rival Cobble Hill bars

Event: Two storied football franchises are facing off in the Super Bowl —and so are two storied Cobble Hill bars. Comments (2)
Cobble Hill: The former treasurer for PS 29’s parent association is facing more than just a call to the principal’s office after she allegedly embezzled thousands of dollars from the group last fall. Comments (9)

Bed and ‘Board’ — unofficial CB 1 website pitches sex toy party!

Williamsburg: Move over, Craigslist! Community Board 1’s bulletin board is now the hottest place to advertise sex parties — but some members are all hot and bothered about it. Comments (15)

Copping list! Police may run errands for home-bound seniors

Carroll Gardens: Crooks beware: The milkman’s packing heat! Comments (1)

Heights Players take on ‘Frost/Nixon’

Theater: By hook and by crook, this is a great play. Comments (1)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The mousy man in the Broadway memorabilia-filled apartment just wants to be entertained by a story and a few good songs. Comment

Our columnist can handle the truth!

Fearless Living: Even when her boys talk about their penises in public. Comments (8)

Cops guard the pews as O’Shea says last Mass at Montserrat

Bedford-Stuyvesant: The Brooklyn Diocese called in a strong show of police force on Sunday outside a beloved Bedford-Stuyvesant chapel that the church hierarchy closed in a controversial move. Comments (3)
Cinema: A well-deserved retrospective to the lady behind the sunglasses in “Thelma and Louise” and the white T-shirt in “Atlantic City.” Comments (1)

Abominable snowmen

Carroll Gardens: A man is pelted and robbed. Plus all the other crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comments (1)

Pratt PO to return — but users shrug

Clinton Hill: The Pratt post office will reopen as early as next month after a year of repairs and arguments — but some customers could care less. Comments (2)

Confirmed! ‘Sweet Music’ as Viola tapped to teach the Clones to pitch

Ridin’ the Cyclones: Met legend Frank Viola has been named pitching coach of the Brooklyn Cyclones. And beloved former Clone Bobby Malek will be hitting coach. Oh, and some guy named Rich Donnelly will be the skipper. Comments (1)
The owner of an ever-expanding Manhattan Beach McMansion has racked up more than $100,000 in violations for illegal contruction over the past eight years — and now the additions are intruding on neighbors’ property. Comments (4)

Oh, doctor! Dr. Suess gets the burlesque treatment in DUMBO next week

Nightlife: The perfect show for bedtime (though not for bedtime stories). Comment

Coffee, scones and capitalism at Crop to Cup

Dining: The “collective” management style has been replaced with real ownership at Crop to Cup’s new Third Avenue shop — and the coffee is even better. Comment

Ridge leaders do what they do best — lead!

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge activists gathered together to celebrate their achievements last Saturday at an annual event whose guest list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the neighborhood. Comments (1)

You’ll say ‘Shalom’ about Joe’s Israeli chicken

Prime Time: Last year, my beautiful wife Abby and I visited her family in Israel. Comment

Abominable snowmen

Brooklyn Courier: 76th PrecinctCarroll Gardens-Cobble HillSnow jerksFour creeps pelted a man with snow and ice and robbed him on Hoyt Street on Jan. 30.Baltic bummerSomeone stole a fancy Lexus from Baltic Street overnight on Jan. 26.Another bummerSomeone stole a 2010 Toyota from Baltic Street on Jan. 26. Robbed for $2A fearsome foursome robbed a man on Hoyt Street on Jan. 22. Comment

DA: Sex triangle almost leads to baby’s murder

Crime: A jilted wife pregnant with her husbandSex traffickers celledArtic Anyone with information about someone who is being forced to work as a prostitute is asked to call the Brooklyn Sex Trafficking Unit Hotline, at (718) 250-2770. Comment

Principal Domicick D’Angelo: Our man of the year

Perspective: Gravesend native Dominick A. DDominick became an educator after a successful 17-year career in business. He took the helm of Intermediate School 228 in his native Gravesend in 2007, transforming the 80-year-old school into one of the most innovative middle schools in New York City. He aggressively sought to make David A. Boody the city Comment

Boldly going where they haven’t been in 100 years

Perspective: Admiral, there be whales here!Twenty-five years later, it seems this Leonard Nimoy-directed flick was prophetic after all, because now the humpbacks, along with dolphins and seals, are back in the waters […] Comment

This month, BAM is the Church of Sarandon

Thanks to Susan Sarandon, there are many great, iconic moments in the film lexicon: her sporting vintage sunglasses behind the wheel of that fated blue Thunderbird convertible in Comment

It’s Regina Opera’s annual ‘Salute to Broadway’

Broadway is coming to Bay Ridge.Salute to Broadway at Regina Hall [1210 65th St. at 12th Avenue in Bay Ridge, (718) 259-2772], Feb. 6 at 3 pm. Tickets $12 ($5 for teens, free for children). For info, visit Comment

Enter — or just eat at — the best red velvet cake contest next week

Get ready to see red. Red velvet cake, that is.Brooklyn eating, Borough President Markowitz. Though the real winner will be you, dear reader, as once the judgingRed Velvet Cake contest at the Brooklyn Historical Society [128 Pierrepont St. at Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights, (718) 222-4111], Feb. 11 at noon. Free. For info, visit Interested participants can e-mail Comment

And for those of you who love love…

A themed dinner in a warehouse. Whiskey pairings for two. BBQ goodness. Sounds like ValentineMeltThis dating destination is a natural choice for a romantic meal for two in general, making it an obvious […] Comment

Love stinks! The Valentine’s Day guide for people who hate Valentine’s Day

Whoever said that one is the loneliest number obviously never celebrated Valentine’s Day in Brooklyn. Comment

Basement window boob sought

Mill–Marine Courier: No entryA thief broke into an E. 55th Street home on Jan. 9, but ended up fleeing empty-handed.Check kiter searchA check kiter is being sought for trying to bilk $16,000 from a Marine Park resident.Door […] Comment

Hatemonger attacks BMW

Kings Courier: Bias attack on BMWA week-old attack on a 2011 BMW is being investigated as a bias crime, officials said.Sex assault investigatedPolice are looking into a 13-year-old girlBeaten with pipeTwo thugs jumped a 60-year-old man on E. 12th Street on Jan. 21 Lemonti lootThieves broke into the Lemonti fur store on McDonald Avenue on Jan. 18, although it was unclear if anything was taken.Station stealA thief made off with a 51-year-old womanCompu-swipeA thief turned in a broken laptop for a working one on Jan. 14 during a visit to a computer repair shop on Avenue U.Wallet whiskA thief entered a Quentin Road store on Jan. 16 Comment

Man picks fight with ice pick-wielder

Flatbush: Stabbed in the eyeA drunken thug attacked another man with an ice pick on Jan. 18, stabbing his victim in the eye during the violent exchange on Martense Street.Changing localesIt seems that the trio of trigger-happy thugs who have been raiding East Flatbush supermarkets have begun looking for greener pastures.Caught in the actA thief busted his way into an Avenue I home on Jan. 13, but made a hasty retreat as soon as he was discovered.Door kicker soughtA thief kicked in the door to an E. 56th Street home on Jan. 13, but ended up taking nothing.More door entriesSomeone forced his way into an E. 58th Street home on Jan. 14, taking $260 and a cellphone.Gunned downA gunman shot and killed a 25-year-old man during a fierce Jan. 10 exchange on Church Avenue. Comment

Fifty cents just ain’t enough

Brooklyn Courier: 76th PrecinctCarroll Gardens-Cobble HillTwo-bit crookA jerk jumped on a womanSomeone burglarized a Van Brunt Street restaurant overnight on Jan. 22. Comment

Search for missing 7-year-old languishes into second year

Canarsie: Still missingIt was cold this week, but not as cold as the NYPDCommercial conundrumTwo Canarsie businesses were looted last week, both on Jan. 16.Store raidThugs held up a Flatbush Avenue store on Jan. 10, but were unable to open the safe.Caught in the actA thief busted his way into an Avenue I home on Jan. 13, but made a hasty retreat as soon as he was discovered.Opening rushA trio of thieves jumped a Flatbush Avenue tattoo parlor employee just moments after he opened the store on Jan. 16. Comment

Craigslist caper

68th PrecinctBay RidgeCraigslist caperSome jerk stole a MacBook from a Bay Ridge Avenue home on Jan. 23, right after telling the pricey laptopapartment, which is between Fifth and Sixth avenues, at about […] Comment

Salmon swiper celled!

Bay News: Heading upstreamA 21-year-old thief was arrested on Jan. 29 when he was caught trying to make off with $125 worth of salmon from the Avenue Y Stop & Shop.Headphone grabA quick-moving thug ripped a […] Comment

Man shot dead outside Marlboro Houses

Bay News: Shot deadA gunman shot a 23-year-old in the back of the head Bank jobA daring thief tunnelled his way into the Sovereign Bank on 86th Street on Jan. 15, but ended up fleeing with his tail between his […] Comment

City’s first ‘animal hoarders’ are indicted

Crime: A Williamsburg couple are the first people indicted under New York’s new animal-hoarding law — and the two are now facing one to two years in prison for keeping over 100 animals in a loft in Williamsburg. Comment

Our award winners are ultra-deserving

Perspective: The Bensonhurst West End Community Council is celebrating its 50th Anniversary on March 24 at the exquisite Riviera at the corner of Stillwell and Neptune avenues in Coney Island. I spotlight our 2011 honorees in these columns to show why they so deserve their awards. Executive board member Michel Rizzotto nominated Frank Carone as our Business Man of the Year. Comment

The Left doesn’t see the light, but Stan does

Perspective: Ten minutes after the tragedy in Tucson hit, the left wingers were out there on the airways attempting to gain political capital on the crisis. Shame on it, and good for America for not buying its bovine excrement. The latest poll results are in and weChris Matthews, a left wing, bomb-throwing, trouble-maker himself, was busy the other night focusing negative comments in the direction of Mark Levin and Michael Savage. Comment

Don’t want to cook this Thanksgiving? Use our guide

Dining: Want to know what we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving? These following restaurants, which will be keeping their ovens and stoves running this Nov. 25 so you don’t have to. Here’s a sampler of Thanksgiving menus across the borough, depending on what you’re looking for. Comment

A salty, gooey take on an American classic

Dining: Forego the usual pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving and take a stab at this salted caramel apple pie, courtesy of the ladies behind Four and Twenty Blackbirds. The newish Gowanus bakery has quickly gained fans for its classics pies, with a twist. Comment

In this football play, there are no boys allowed

Theater: Are you ready for some gender politics? Comments (2)

It’s Regina Opera’s annual ‘Salute to Broadway’

Music: So long, Wagner — hello, Webber! Comment
It’s been five years burning down the road, but Disasterpiece has finally claimed the Idiotarod race’s top prize of “best in show.” Comments (2)

‘Sweet Music’ as Viola tapped to teach the Clones to pitch

Ridin’ the Cyclones: Met legend Frank Viola has been named pitching coach of the Brooklyn Cyclones. Comments (1)
Williamsburg: Who’s that tall gawky guy with Lincoln Restler? Comments (10)
The state agency behind the controversial Atlantic Yards mega-project and the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront development now has a Brooklynite at the helm. Comments (2)
Greenpoint: Workers of Greenpoint, unite — at a new office space just for freelancers. Comments (3)

Judge to city: ‘Stay’ out of Broadway Triangle

Bushwick: The city’s bid to develop affordable housing in South Willamsburg stumbled this week, when a Manhattan judge refused to move forward on a lawsuit against the plan because the federal government is still investigating one of the city’s nonprofit development partners. Comments (3)

Lake Simons’s new show is life upside down

Theater: Get ready to throw all sense of reality out the door. Comment
Boerum Hill: The tennis bubble atop a Boerum Hill gym collapsed overnight on Wednesday, a victim of Snowpocalypse III, which dumped 13 more inches of the white stuff on an already powdery borough. Comments (1)

Comediennes take center stage at Word Bookshop next week

Books: Three comics headline a night of laughter by women, but for everyone. Comment
Williamsburg: Beware hailing a taxicab during a blizzard. Comments (1)

Our cartoonist likes Union Hall

Bar Scrawl: Bar Scrawl takes his cartoonists’-eye view into Park Slope’s bar-library. Comment

F-ing headache continues

Weekend Watch: Here are all the service changes affecting you this weekend (Saturday, Jan. 29 at 12:01 am to Monday, Jan. 31 at 5 am, unless otherwise noted). Comments (2)

Our photographers are snow damn good!

Our photographers are snow damn good!

Here it is, folks, the inevitable snow slideshow. Enjoy. Comments (1)

Carroll Street ‘Hell House’ coming down!

Carroll Gardens: A developer will dismantle the illegal 40-foot addition atop a 19th-century building on Carroll Street, a project that had become so controversial that it led the city to rezone the neighborhood. Comments (4)
Tennis players are raising a racket over a scheme to double the fee to play the sport of kings on outdoor public courts, part of a citywide athletic fee hike that could make it more expensive to stay fit. Comments (11)

Spend and win on Fifth Ave.

Shopping: All it takes is $14 and a dream. Comment
Bay Ridge: Now, it’s really “Dead Man’s Hill”! Comments (5)
Music: Back from the brink, Brooklyn’s orchestra has new cash and a new leader. Comment
Awesome: It’s the third jewel in the hipster Triple Crown. Comments (3)
The Greatest Story Ever: It’s all part of a National Grid gas-recovery system that will turn your gas into, well, gas. Comments (1)

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