Want soul? You’ll be going up with OTiS

Music: The Park Slope-based outfit is determined to let the world know that Brooklyn’s got a soul scene — even though you might not know it. Comment

Dirty Brooklyn! Our borough spawned legendary pornographers!

Really? Yes, Screw magazine publisher and Penthouse legend Bob Guccione our favorite sons of Brooklyn. Comments (5)

The ol’ bump and rhyme! Striptease and poetry come together at Coney

Nightlife: Sideshows by the Seashore does it again. Comment

Carmine’s happy when teenagers clean up

Sunday Screech: In today’s Sunday Screech, Carmine tells it like it is about the youth of today. Comment

This little ‘Light’ of theirs — they’re gonna let it shine

Theater: A new musical about hope and dreams — bring the family. Comment

Carmine finds teens who care — and keep this place clean!

Big Screecher: I’m madder than a squirrel who’s lost the map to his nuts after spending all summer hiding them over the fact the media today focuses all of its attention on the bad things that young people do, instead of pointing out all the positives that are begging to be written about! Comment
BoroBeat: The riding club held its 23rd annual Christmas Toy Run in Coney Island, delivering early holiday gifts to kids. Comment
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Everyday is ‘Thanksgiving’ in America!

A Britisher’s View: A Britisher’s View wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving — and puts gratitude in perspective with some food for thought. Comment
Downtown: Help save the New Baptist Temple! Comments (9)

Thumbing for trouble

Sheepshead Bay: A mad hitchhiker leads this week’s 61st Precinct police blotter. Comment

Goon busted for burglary

Canarsie: Plus a smattering of other crimes at Canarsie’s 69th Precinct. Comment

Four arrested for alleged sex trafficking

Gavel to Gavel: Two sex-trafficking indictments lead this week’s Gavel to Gavel column. Comment

Board battles Ave. S turn ban

Marine Park: Members of a local civic panel say the city is taking a wrong turn by planning to ban traffic from going down Flatbush and Utica avenues from Avenue S, claiming bureaucrats misunderstood them when they asked them to calm traffic two blocks away. Comment
BoroBeat: Former congregants and students of St. Anselm’s Parish returned on Saturday for a mass and wine and cheese party to kick off a year of celebrations marking the 90th anniversary of the Bay Ridge church. Comment

Hate comes to Avenue J

Crime: A bias crime at the Avenue J station leads this week’s 70th Precinct police blotter. Comment

A budget ‘Babes’ at the Brick

Theater: A new rendition of the Christmas classic, “Babes in Toyland,” is a recession spectacular! Comment

Aviator out-shoot Privateers


Aviator out-shoot Privateers

Marine Park: Well blow me down! Comment
Op-Ed: Think about it while reading personal reflections from the borough’s leaders. Comments (2)

Join the Marine Park wild carrot hunt!

Marine Park: Duck season! Wabbit season! Marine Park carrot season! Comment

Man blinded in assault

Marine Park: A brutal attack at a Farragut Road factory leads this week’s 63rd Precinct police blotter. Comment

Dr. Thomas Yechout named ‘Professor of the Year’

Harbor Watch: Dr. Thomas Yechout, a professor in the Air Force Academy’s Aeronautics Department, was recognized for writing an engaging flight mechanics textbook and for inspiring the Academy’s cadets. Comment

Unions save Bruce with big pay cut to get Yards going

Construction Update: Union workers are coming to Bruce Ratner’s rescue — again! — agreeing to take massive pay cuts to pave the way for the first residential building at Atlantic Yards, a cut-rate, pre-fabricated tower to rise next to the Barclays Center. Comments (25)

Millman carries teachers union’s spear in charter school battle

Success Charter Network wants to open on Baltic Street, but the assemblywoman is backing the teachers union, which opposes the school. Comments (25)

Goon flashes gun for $46

Bensonhurst: A gunpoint robbery on 17th Avenue leads this week’s 62nd Precinct police blotter. Comment

Not for Nuthin’, but enjoy that Turkey

Not for Nuthin’: You guessed it: A column discussing things to be thankful for. Comment
BoroBeat: Pie-eyed Ridgites showed up for the second annual Bay Ridge Pie Social on Sunday to show off their baking skills, sample the sweet treats, and raise money for a good cause. Comment

Borough races into athletic history with ‘Brooklyn Marathon’

BoroBeat: Read, set, GO! Runners storm the site of the Battle of Brooklyn for the first-ever borough marathon at Prospect Park. Comment

Aviators fall to Cape Cod in ugly 8-2 loss

Mill Basin: So much for that winning streak. Comment

Coal’d comfort! Grimaldi’s to move, but oven will stay behind

DUMBO: Grimaldi’s, regarded by many as the best pizzeria in the city, is moving to a new DUMBO location, but leaving behind the key to its success: its coal oven. Comments (5)

Burlesque-Dixieland fusion!

Music: Rosie 151, the Red Hook Ramblers and the Way Station — perfect together. Comments (1)
Brooklyn Heights: The anti-greed movement is good for business, it turns out. Comments (1)

Bawled ‘Eagle’! Newspaper HQ to become nondescript apartments

Brooklyn Heights: A developer wants to raze the squat offices of the Brooklyn Eagle for a new apartment building — but a Brooklyn Heights leader thinks his design is too boring for the neighborhood. Comment

Bar Scrawl — special Thanksgiving edition!

Bar Scrawl: Why wait until Friday — you can get our latest bartoon right now! Comment

The Turkey Day roundup

Weekend Watch: Traveling this weekend? Read this before you throw up your leftovers! Comment
Mice are the latest creatures to flock to Di Fara Pizzeria — and the Health Department is cracking down. Comments (20)
Dining: The owner of a cheap neighborhood favorite will close his restaurant after 45 years in Park Slope and Prospect Heights, citing a landlord-tenant dispute fueled by a nearby sports arena. Comments (24)

Ice creamed! Woman finds dime in a pint of Häagen-Dazs

This pint of ice cream came with cash back. Comments (25)

Bruising brothers arrested for assault

Coney Island: An attack inside a Brighton Beach Avenue store leads this week’s police blotter. Comment

Kara-NO-ke! Board slams karaoke bar’s liquor license bid

Bay Ridge: No booze for you! Comment
Mean Streets: The city has a message for bicyclists in Prospect Park in the wake of two near-fatal crashes: Slow down! Comments (42)
BoroBeat: Students at the Mill Basin center raised $6,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital during their Kick-A-Thon on Saturday. Comment

Short stands tall! Reporter gets mega-cash for dogging Vito

Aaron Short’s relentless pursuit of shenanigans inside Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s office and its charity spin-off has kept readers in thrall for years — and now it’s won a major award. Comments (13)
Downtown: A proposal to landmark nearly two dozen towers in Downtown is heading for a climactic battle at the City Council as co-op residents and the borough’s most-powerful landlords fight preservationists in hopes of cutting the landmark zone down to size or killing it altogether. Comment
Mill Basin: The hex at the Hangar has been broken! Comment

Live hot sex (talk)! Writers talk dirty at Union Hall

Nightlife: A raucous evening onstage next week. Comments (4)

Cops: We have teen terrors

Williamsburg: Plus all the other dastardly news from Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct. Comment
Boerum Hill: A group of Warren Street residents want security cameras put up on a lamp post on the block — but the city has given them the run-around Comments (7)

Brooklyn Paper saves dog!

Not to toot our own horn, but our article about a brutalized dog led to a flood of generous donations. You’re welcome. Comments (9)
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Off course! Ridgite wants Marathon out of his hood!

Bay Ridge: A Bay Ridge man who walks with a cane is running out of patience with the New York City Marathon, and is demanding the racers avoid his neighborhood entirely so that Ridgites can get one more enjoyably fall day a calendar that has too few of them to begin with. Comments (22)

City: Vito’s charity boss cooked the books

Bushwick: A scathing investigation charges that the head of a Bushwick charity faked financial documents and the group broke state law. Comments (11)

Ridge rage: Restauranteur says controlling CB10 has him thinking of moving — to Park Slope!

Bay Ridge: A Third Avenue restaurateur says that he made the worst mistake of his life when he bowed down to a local civic panel so he could get a liquor license — and now he’s considering a move to Park Slope! Comment

Some Ridgites stand behind scandal-scarred precinct

Bay Ridge: Dozens of residents showed their support for cops at the beloved Six-Eight during the precinct’s monthly community council meeting on Tuesday, offering thanks, praise — and a giant blue ribbon — to its top cop less than one month after five officers who worked there were charged in a gun-running scandal. Comment

Turkey chow mein never tasted so good

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, Stan tells us the best way to ensure a tasty Thanksgiving dinner — made to order! Comment

Brooklyn Philharmonic flutist strikes a sweet chord at the Midwood Senior Center

BoroBeat: Brooklyn virtuoso David Wechsler had seniors gobbling up his wow works when he performed a solo concert for an early Thanksgiving party on Nov. 16. Comment

A feel-good, no judgment column

Fearless Living: Want to feel better about your kids? Stop using other people’s standards and use your own. Comments (3)
Mean Streets: A Windsor Terrace actress who was nearly killed in a crash with a bicyclist in Prospect Park is preparing to sue the city for $3 million, claiming speeding two-wheelers put pedestrians in danger on the park’s popular roadway. Comments (29)

Tame those wild carrots — and put them to good use

Marine Park: Once you’ve foraged all the wild carrots you can carry out of Marine Park, here’s a simple, flavorful soup Wildman Steve Brill says you can whip up in minutes. Comment

Here’s a recipe that will put those wild carrots to good use

Marine Park: Once you’ve foraged all the wild carrots you can carry out of Marine Park, here’s a simple, flavorful soup “Wildman” Steve Brill says you can whip up in minutes. Comment

Grimaldi’s will serve its final pie — then move next door

DUMBO: We knew it was coming. The iconic DUMBO pizzeria lost its lease, but it’s opening a fresh new parlor next door. Comments (10)
Dining: The borough of Nathan’s has a new frank. Comments (6)
Books: A new book explores the family legacy of the Great Bridge. Comments (2)
Carroll Gardens: MTA officials made good on their promise to remove the token booth clerk at the Carroll Street station’s President Street entrance, angering locals who fear for their security, but not moving their elected officials to action. Comments (4)

Private investigator is now on the Rubin case

The family of the missing cafe owner Josh Rubin also offers a $5,000 reward for information leading to his return. Comments (3)

Aviators cripple Dashers in 9-3 victory

Mill Basin: Call it a three-peat repeat. Comment

Gunman slays high school hoops player

Canarsie: An unhinged gunman hunted down and executed a 17-year-old high school basketball player on Friday afternoon following a bloodthirsty confrontation on E. 76th Street — just a few short blocks from South Shore High School. Comment

Jesus! This is one damn good art exhibit

Jesus! This is one damn good art exhibit

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The Brooklyn Museum’s controversial portrait show — including the ants crawling on the crucifix — is a hit! Comments (3)

Victory at home! Aviators drown Bluefins, 5-3

Mill Basin: Finally, the hex at the Hangar is broken! Comment
BoroBeat: Students, staffers and supporters mixed business with pleasure when they dressed up in costume for their third annual benefit walk. Check out their costumes in our slideshow. Comment

Missing cafe owner’s family appeals to media to support new search effort

The family of the Ditmas Park café owner who went missing more than two weeks ago will hold a press conference tomorrow to announce a “significant change” in their search strategy, according to the “Find Josh Rubin” Facebook page. Comments (2)
Atlantic Yards: Bruce Ratner will build the tallest modular buildings in the world at his Prospect Heights mega-project, cutting labor costs and reducing architural panache. Comments (58)
Downtown: The “99 percent” took its incendiary movement into two subway stations in Brooklyn on Thursday as part of a huge day of protests celebrating the two-month anniversary of the first settlement at Zuccotti Park. Comments (18)
Clinton Hill: A Fort Greene Baker is waging a last-ditch, 1,600-pie battle to save her storefront after the city repeatedly shut her down for health violations. Comments (20)
Brooklyn Heights: Ooooh, that smell! Comments (3)

Another rape in Williamsburg

Williamsburg: Police are looking for four suspects who allegedly brutalized a woman inside the Glenwood Hotel. Comments (14)
Atlantic Yards: Here’s your first look at Bruce Ratner’s pre-fabricated residential towers that will go up at Atlantic Yards! Comment
Atlantic Yards: Is it pre-fabulous or not? You decide — we’ve got the pictures. Comments (24)

Hundreds demand: Park must be safer!

Meadows of Shame: Prospect Park needs stepped-up enforcement of roadway speed limits, better signage and more cops, park-goers demanded at a packed hearing on Wednesday night, less than two weeks after a park pedestrian was nearly killed in a crash with a cyclist. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: An early morning murder kicked off a bloody day in the 61st Precinct. Comment
Greenpoint: An artist suffers for his creations — but now so do some of his neighbors. Comments (3)

Punchless Aviators fall to Whalers, 3-1

Marine Park: Another match up against Danbury ends in defeat for our Boys of Winter. Comment
Dining: I just turned 30, so I asked The Brooklyn Paper to help me cheer up, so my short-armed, deep-pocketed editor coughed up some big bucks so I could consume 30 of the borough’s best dishes! But you won’t need a special occasion to try them — or even a big budget! — as most of these treats top out at $10. The Big 3-0 never tasted so good! Comments (10)

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