Get used to Carmine, people, because he isn’t going anywhere

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Sunday Screech, Carmine says he’s going to live to be 150 — even if his organs don’t! Comments (3)

Carmine’s going to live forever — or at least to 150!

Big Screecher: This week, the Screecher unlocks for you, dear reader, the secret of long life, and it ain’t eating well and excercising! Comment
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Rat scourge! Hurst residents say rats are on the loose — and they’re taking over homes!

Bensonhurst: The state has unleashed a legion of beady-eyed rats on New Utrecht Avenue that are running through garbage, getting hit by cars, and even invading houses, say neighbors who believe that construction beneath the 79th Street station of the D line caused the plague. Comment

Statehood? Palestinians just aren’t up to the job!

A Britisher’s View: That, folks, is the opinion of our columnist, who thinks jealousy over Israel’s national successes has fueled an antagonistic Palestinian agenda. Comment

Sinister exterminator arrested for burglary

Coney Island: Plus a host of other crimes from Coney Island’s 60th Precinct. Comment

A Brooklyn Thanksgiving

Clinton Hill: Thanksgiving is upon us and there are so many things to buy, eat, do or see in Brooklyn that, once again, you don’t need to schlep into Gaphattan for fun. From finding the perfect bird to easying your post-meal guilt, here’s our annual Turkey Day tribute. Comments (2)

A very Raiola Thanksgiving — a full meal from our chef!

Prime Time: Our personal executive chef creates an entire menu for your holiday feast. You better click on this story if you want to impress a house full of relatives! Comments (2)

Bank robber targets 86th Street

Bensonhurst: Plus a host of other crimes from Bensonhurst’s 62nd Precinct. Comment

Robbed on delivery

Marine Park: Two thugs rob a Fed Ex deliveryman on E. 57th Street in Mill Basin, plus a host of other crimes from the 63rd Precinct. Comment

This week’s heroes — yes, it’s Standing O

Standing O: Brooklyn’s biggest booster is back again with more tributes, roses and paeans. Comment

Residential parking permits — two views!

Perspective: The City Council moved forward with a plan to create residential parking permits near the Barclays Center — but the proposal needs Albany approval. So guess what: We got two state lawmakers — one Democrat and one Republican — to weigh in. Below, read their responses:

Elders salute vets and staff at Senior Citizens League of Flatbush

BoroBeat: Snazzy seniors put on the glitz during a fall frolic at the Ditmas Park center. See all the fun in our slideshow! Comment

Go drinking — at a distillery!

Bar Scrawl: Our Bar Scrawl heads to Breuckelen Distilling Company. Comments (1)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comments (2)

PS 52 kids put best foot forward for diabates

BoroBeat: The budding benefactors trekked around their school and raised more than $2,000 for the American Diabetes Association. See the big-hearted bunch in our slideshow! Comment

Grandma Jenny and the Genie Bra

Not for Nuthin’: This week, our columnist considers the magic of a new brassiere. Comment
Marine Park: Marine Parkers are banding together to put the brakes on a notorious Stuart Street speedway, demanding the city put a stop sign on what they call a lawless two-block strip that’s an accident waiting to happen. Comment

Jared jack: Cops nab Subway thief

Canarsie: A screwdriver-wielding goon robs two Canarsie eateries, plus a handful of other crimes from the 69th Precinct. Comment

Jury convicts teen in slaying of ABC newsman

Gavel to Gavel: John Katehis’s second trial comes to a conclusion in this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comments (2)

A ‘hole’ new station

A ‘hole’ new station

Brooklyn Paper: Neighbors of the Avenue J station say its Swiss-cheese fence is making the MTA bad neighbor. Comment

Armed punks raid Avenue X home

Sheepshead Bay: A home invasion in Sheepshead Bay leads this week’s 61st Precinct blotter. Comment

True-blue Veteran’s Day salute at Fort Hamilton honors our war heroes

BoroBeat: Heroic freedom fighters — past and present — were the men and women of the hour for grateful patriots eager to show their true colors. Check out our slideshow. Comment

Prospect Park gala laid on the glitz

BoroBeat: Dancing, drinks and awards mark the Nov. 10 event. Comment

Are tree pits a ‘quick fix’ for Gowanus stink?

Cleaning Our Waterways: No — the just-installed, $16,000 “bioswales” can’t retain enough water to keep the poop out of the canal. Comments (3)
Boerum Hill: Where can you find 1950s pastry cutters, a mouthwash invented for Louis XV, or eardrops for dogs made by Italian nuns? At Dry Goods on Atlantic Avenue. Comments (17)

This weekend — it’s trainmageddon!

Weekend Watch: Shuttle buses replace the F train this weekend. Comment

Missing cafe owner was thinking about moving

Ditmas Park: The Ditmas Park café owner who disappeared two weeks ago may actually have been planning his own escape. Comments (22)
Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner set up a “sham” job-training program that ended up screwing workers out of promised union positions on his $5-billion mega-project, a bombshell lawsuit charged on Tuesday. Comments (5)
Coney Island: The city has given pink slips to the operators of nearly a dozen old-school carny game boothes in the heart of Coney Island’s amusement district Comments (7)

Spirit is willing — and the flesh is full of gin!

Nightlife: Brooklyn’s newest craft distillery is churning out the hooch with the spirit of a Prohibition-era bootlegger. Comments (3)

Elizabeth, beloved museum iguana, is dead

Crown Heights: Elizabeth the iguana, who entertained thousands and mingled with mayors, celebrities and disabled children from her perch at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, has died. She was 19. Comment
Event: You gotta get to the garden to see this massive orchid. Comments (2)

Ready to roll: Panera Bread opens at Kings Plaza

Mill Basin: Here’s a bread line everyone wants to join! Comment
BoroBeat: Students at the Sheepshead Bay school gave vets a star-spangled tribute on Nov. 10. Comment

George Weber butcher convicted of murder

Gavel to Gavel: John Katehis’s second trial comes to a conclusion in this week’s Gavel to Gavel. Comment
Nightlife: Enter “The Muppet Vault” on Nov. 20 — a few days before the new Muppet movie opens! Comments (1)
BoroBeat: The new PetSmart in Carroll Gardens celebrated its grand opening with a tail-wagger tourney for Brooklyn’s most wag-tastic hound — thing is, she’s from that other state across the Hudson River! Comment

Grandmas are ‘glam-mas’ for senior beauty pageant at ‘National’ restaurant!

BoroBeat: Elder lovelies show that age is merely a number as they strut their stuff during the 10th annual contest of glamor and grit in Brighton Beach. See all the coverage in our slideshow! Comment

Hi, ‘Five’! Irondale stages ‘Henry V’ as part of a two-year ‘1599 Project’

Fort Greene: Get ready to party like it’s 1599! Comments (1)
An animal rescuer is desperately seeking homes for dozens of abandoned cats after a renowned Sunset Park kitten hoarder died last week. Comments (6)

K9 cops! Windsor Terrace gets watchdogs to escort women home

BoroBeat: Windsor Terrace is calling in the watchdogs! Comment

Nude bomb! Here’s the skinny on Ridge’s naked avenger

Bay Ridge: Clothes-less lady on major street. Yes, the Full Monty on Third Avenue. People are talking, but we’ve got the pictures. Comments (13)
Park Slope: Seventh Avenue business owners are moving ahead with a plan to levy a new tax to clean up Park Slope’s main shopping strip after city officials failed to properly do the job. Comments (17)

Grocery owner seeks to rezone Lundy’s for supermarkets

Sheepshead Bay: The businessman who illegally converted a portion of the historic Lundy’s restaurant into an upscale market wants the city to overturn the 1970s-era law that restricts supermarkets from using the landmarked site, infuriating residents who are demanding the store be closed now. Comment

Aviator coach: We’ll break the ‘Hex at the Hangar’

Mill Basin: The Hanger is becoming the Bermuda Triangle for our beloved Brooklyn Aviators. Comment

Historic Coney carousel will return to new Steeplechase Plaza

Coney Island: An historic Coney Island carousel is coming out of retirement. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: The missing mouser is still the subject of a hot pursuit in Brooklyn Heights. Comments (30)

Flatbush family overcome by fumes

Flatbush: A fire broke out in the basement of a Glenwood Road building on Nov. 11 — mixing up a noxious cocktail of carbon monoxide and pesticides that sickened seven residents. Comment

Pond scum! Prospect Park’s lake has a really gross sheen

Meadows of Shame: The Parks Department spent much of the past three days denying reports that deadly green bacteria have overwhelmed the Prospect Park lake — but then revealed this week that biologists are testing the scum to determine the full extent of the threat. Comments (5)

Guns down! Police buy $15,000 worth of hot metal

Flatbush: The city got 69 — count ‘em, 69 — guns off the street this weekend, for $15,000 with no questions asked. Comment

Great new pa$ta place on Montague Street!

Foodie-in-Chief: Plus all the other food gossip this week. Comment

Look, crime is bad in Fort Greene

Fort Greene: Hold your letters and can your comments, people. There is lots and lots of crime in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. We do this for a living and we can say that crime is worse in Fort Greene than elsewhere. Enough. Comments (48)

‘Betrayed’ workers to sue Ratner today

Construction Update: A group of unemployed construction workers is suing Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner to recover lost wages for jobs that they claim they were promised but never received at the $5-billion Prospect Heights megaproject. Comments (12)

A great adventure — without ever leaving the five boroughs

Event: Explore the depths of the sewer system, a labrynth of abandoned subway tunnels or a condemned mental institution on the outskirts of town — without getting dirty next week at Union Docs. Comments (1)

To be a great dad, fail sometimes

The Dad: Our columnist learns that when he makes mistakes, his daughters learn. Comments (4)
Bay Ridge: A woman upset that she couldn’t get free Chinese food ransacked a Third Avenue restaurant then took off all her clothes and danced in the street. Comment
Photo Galleries: Protesters decry “crony capitalism” at Atlantic Yards, Albee Square and other locations. With a slideshow, even! Comments (12)

Attack was not a hate crime — but pols, Jews rally anyway

Williamsburg: A big Sunday protest to call for more NYPD patrols — though cops say that Friday night’s attack on a Hasidic man was not a bias crime. Comments (17)

The height of stupidity

The height of stupidity

Brooklyn Paper: Somebody needs to get the Department of Transportation a tape measure so it can figure out how high this overpass is! Comment

Stan’s not a one-percenter, but they sure pay a lot

It’s Only My Opinion: I wanted to know how my income compared to the rest of the country so I googled the question and was directed to the Kiplinger website. You might be interested in knowing that the top one percent of wage earners — STOP! Comment
Nightlife: Williamsburg’s beloved Bedford Avenue dive bar, Turkey’s Nest, reopened last week with a clean bill of health after inspectors closed shut it down on Halloween. Comments (27)
Changing Brooklyn: The gentrification of Columbia Street continues. Comments (1)

Get your art pumping at this gallery fitness classes

Fitness: Kiwi Sweat, a new pop-up aerobics program that offers fitness classes in unusual locations, is taking over Invisible Dog for one weekend. Comments (2)

Pie-eyed! Annual social raises money for charity and thickness for your waist

Event: And there’s a whole mess of pies. Comment
Williamsburg: An abandoned naval cemetery will be transformed into a peaceful, wildlife-filled respite under a proposal being pushed by the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. Comments (14)
Art: And you get to go see it on Friday. Comments (6)
Brooklyn Paper: Beautiful Avenue H station reopeneds — $48-million later. WITH SLIDESHOW! Comment

Aviators fall to Danbury 3-2

Brooklyn loses another home game at the Hanger. Comment
Two black city officials were vindicated — albeit only partially — on Thursday as the NYPD disciplined three officers who detained and handcuffed them after the West Indian Day Parade on Labor Day. Comments (5)
Red Hook: Sixpoint Craft Ale’s “Occupation Ale” proves that the revolution will be brewed. Comments (7)

Aviators fry ‘the Fish’ in 6-1 stunner

The Aviators served the Bluefins up for dinner on Friday. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Pasta-lovers are devastated that Ralph Tommaso — owner of the 30-year-old Montague Street institution — shut down without warning. Comments (16)
Brooklyn Paper: Rascist thugs torched three cars and scrawled hateful graffiiti in the normally placid neighborhood on Comment
Downtown: Occupy Wall Street protesters — some in costume — hit Downtown on Thursday, rallying outside JP Morgan Chase’s offices to condemn tax breaks that gave the wealthy bank hundreds of millions in subsidies even though the company did not retain the thousands of jobs it promised. Comments (6)

Vicious dog-on-dog violence in Prospect Park

Park Slope: A slim greyhound is brutalized by a pit bull, leaving one woman facing thousands in vet bills. It really is a dog-beat-dog world. Comments (55)
The borough’s fledgling social justice movement will offer two days of rallies, teach-ins, speeches and, yes, some good old-fashioned protesting. Comment

Don’t leave town! FDR ramp closure will make it hell to get back to Brooklyn

Mean Streets: This just in (literally): The Department of Transportation has just told us that Brooklyn-bound drivers should avoid the Brooklyn Bridge at all costs this weekend! Comments (10)
Windsor Terrace: Thousands of F- and G-line commuters in Windsor Terrace will need to find a new way to get home starting on Monday when some service is eliminated to the 15th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway stations. Comments (3)
Greenpoint: Three Greenpoint artists will deploy miniature boats that will record underwater life on Brooklyn’s most-polluted waterway. Mmm, delicious. Comments (4)

Aviators lose to Vermont Wild in crazy 6-5 overtime loss

There’s a hex at the Hanger. Comment

Friends keep vigil for park crash victim

Meadows of Shame: A beloved Prospect Park volunteer was badly injured — and is now in a coma — after a collision with a cyclist on her own turf last Thursday. Comments (9)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comments (1)
Prospect Heights: The Museum says it will not remove a controversial artwork depicting bugs walking on a crucifix of Jesus Christ. It opens next Friday! Comments (17)

Where are my wheels!

Where are my wheels!

Two cars were found with their tires and rims removed this morning, reminding Brownstone Brooklynites of the bad old days of urban living. Comment
Two cars were found with their wheels removed this morning, reminding Brownstone Brooklynites of the bad old days of urban living. Comments (5)
Mill Basin: Aviation history was re-made at Floyd Bennett Field in Mill Basin on Wednesday as the U.S. Navy tested one of its new, old-school, lighter-than-air airships. Comment

De-fence! Facing tough opposition, Poly Prep withdraws plan to take dead-end street

Bay Ridge: A fancy Bay Ridge prep school has changed its mind — and the people are happy. Comments (8)

Park lover in a coma after being run down by cyclist

Meadows of Shame: A beloved Prospect Park volunteer was badly injured — and is now in a coma — after a collision with a cyclist on her own turf on Thursday. Comments (14)
Brighton Beach: A construction crew’s haste to speed up a Brighton Fifth Street condo project led to the Nov. 8 partial building collapse that buried three workers under a ton of rubble — and caused one of their deaths. Comment

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