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Canarsie: In this week’s Sunday Read, we take a look at Canarsie’s fascinating history … and the neighborhood museum that pokes its head out as often as the ground hog seeks his shadow. Comment

Scandal-tarred ex-city official wants to be a judge

Bay Ridge: A disgraced School Construction Authority trustee whose decision to hand out a patronage construction job ultimately led to a teenager’s death in 1998 wants to make more life-altering calls — this time from behind a judge’s bench. Comments (5)
Digital editions: Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Read more…

Betrayal, greed and crookery? The ‘Finest’ they’re not!

A Britisher’s View: Blue-hoo! Our columnist thinks the rogue’s gallery of cops is getting noxiously prolific — with hundreds of NYPD officers arrested so far this year for allegedly exploiting their badges for personal gain. Comment

Gas goon robs station

Marine Park: Plus a host of other crimes from Marine Park’s 63rd Precinct. Comment

The way we were! Carroll Gardens native recalls the ‘hood in funny new book

Books: Depending on whom you ask, Brooklyn in the 1980s was either a violent, dirty, cesspool, or a wonderland filled with hilarious characters. For author John Khoury, it was both. Read more…

Hit the brakes! Bicycle thief nabbed on Avenue K

Brooklyn Paper: Plus a smattering of other crimes from Midwood’s 70th Precinct. Comment

Sex ed in schools?

Sex ed in schools?

Perspective: In August, the Bloomberg Administration announced that it plans to implement a comprehensive sex-ed program in January, 2012 — should it be manditory in all public schools? Click below for two views:

Man attacks woman 35 years his junior

Coney Island: A generation gap attack leads this week’s 60th Precinct police blotter. Comment

Historical Society celebrates ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ and its Brooklyn roots

Event: For one thing, author Norman Juster and illustrator Jules Feiffer lived in the same Brooklyn Heights building. Not bad. Comment

You’ll want to ‘Sample’ and hold

Bar Scrawl: Our Bar Scrawl cartoonist likes a tiny new Smith Street bar. Comments (2)

The Occupiers are getting a taste of capitalism

Not for Nuthin’: Our columnist says that a schism at Zuccotti Park has the heads or Occupy Wall Street sounding like a bunch of CEOs. Comment
Cinema: And this Brooklyn-made film stars Richard Chamberlain as a pot-smoking rock club owner! Comment

Twisted PTA treasurer pleads guilty; begins paying school back

Gavel to Gavel: The final chapter of the “Momstrosity” leads this week’s Gavel to Gavel column. Comment

Punchy about cellphones

Bensonhurst: A brutal cellphone robbery in Gravesend leads this week’s 62nd Precinct blotter. Comment
Digital editions: Sure, our boss is a big deal in Park Slope. And, yes, the Civic Council asked him to lead the annual Halloween Parade for the third straight year. And, granted, he turned the year’s biggest news story — the bike lane! — into a one-of-a-kind talker of a costume. But does that means he deserves to be on the front page of The Brooklyn Paper’s award-nominated print edition?! Actually, YES, IT DOES! Face it, it was a master stroke from a man who knows a thing or two about master strokes. So why not click the headline above and see for yourself? Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…

Six nabbed in burglary

Sheepshead Bay: This week’s 61st Precinct police blotter begins with six crooks who tried to break into a home on Brigham Street — but get caught by the homeowner. Comment

Occupy Brooklyn — two views

Occupy Brooklyn — two views

Op-Ed: Occupy Wall Street has finally made it to Brooklyn. But what’s it all about? We asked one Republican and one definitely not Republican to explain.
BoroBeat: Kids — and adults — came decked out in their finest Halloween costumes on Monday for the Trump Village Apartments’ third annual holiday bash. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: There’s a new club in town where only dogs are allowed. Comments (1)

2,3 tango continues

Weekend Watch: This weekend’s transit won’t be so bad (man, that will be weird!). Comment

Go-karts could again be gassing up at Coney

Coney Island: Go-karts could be zooming their way back to Coney Island — and they may reach the finish line near the spot where developer Joe Sitt demolished their last speedway. Comment
Marine Park: If you gotta go, you better not go in Jamaica Bay, federal officials announced as they declared the waterway a No Discharge Zone. Comment

Sold! Cha Cha’s sells contents at auction before closing on Nov. 1

Cha Cha’s, the legendary Boardwalk bar known for its live music and honky-tonk feel, sold it’s heart and soul to the highest bidder on Tuesday during a seaside auction that put old boxes of cigars, cash registers, and classic neon beer signs on the block. Comments (2)

Momstrocity pays! PS 29’s PTA embezzler avoids jail with first restitution check

Cobble Hill: A last-minute deal — and a big check — keeps Providence Hogan out of jail (for now). Comments (17)
Mean Streets: The city abandoned plans for a two-way bike path on Plaza Street West in the wake of a lawsuit over the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane — and seething cyclists say that transportation honchos were simply scared of another fight. Comments (25)

Mill Basin big-box is killed

Mill Basin: Brooklyn’s biggest developer has pulled out of a controversial plan to build a shopping center that would include a Walmart-sized store on city owned land near Kings Plaza, killing the Flatbush Avenue project that was connected to Carl Kruger. Comment
Bay Ridge: A mysterious mushroom is feasting on Bay Ridge trees, an arborcidal mycomaniac that appears to be hell bent on murder. Comments (3)
Art: Help the homeless, build a school or maybe you just want to have sex with Beyonce. Comments (2)

Knife-wielding robbers hold up cabbie near park

Bay Ridge: Two knife-wielding thugs are on the lam after holding up a livery driver near sleepy Owls Head Park on Oct. 26 — and police say they have one’s menacing face captured on film. Comment

Get ‘Farked’ up at this nerd news party

Awesome: Fans of — our favorite weird news aggregator — are getting together for a completely normal party on Friday. Comment

Trick-o-treaters get their ghoul on at Kings Plaza!

BoroBeat: Kings Plaza howled with Halloween spirit on Saturday as children donned their freakiest glad rags and strutted their spooktastic selves for prizes and bragging rights! See it all right here in our slideshow. Comment
Nightlife: Ex-pat Midwesterners have a home-away-from-home in Burnside, a new Williamsburg bar specializing in food, beers, and cocktails of the fly-over states. Comments (27)

Brooklyn D.A. ‘gunning’ for cases by allegedly dirty cops

Bay Ridge: The District Attorney is considering reopening dozens of cases involving the eight Brooklyn cops who were busted last week for allegedly running an interstate smuggling racket, focusing on cases where the accused crooked cops had a direct role in investigations that went to trial. Comment

All hands on deck! Neighborhood Auxiliaries called in to help deter crime

Flatbush: More than 75 auxiliary police officers converged on the corner of Nostrand and Church avenues on Oct. 26 to help police the streets and prove that all one has to do to help their community is keep his or her eyes open. Comment
Photo Galleries: It was a delightful dog’s life for triff tail-waggers at the ninth annual mutt costume contest along the promenade! Comment

‘Lawrence P. Dorsey Way’ unveiled to cheering crowd of residents and artists in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

BoroBeat: The unpretentious art patron and area merchant showcased the works of internationally-acclaimed African-American artists — now, his legacy will live on at the corner of Rogers Avenue and Fenimore Street. Comment

Pole vault! Verizon extends deadline to keep wires off street

Residents mount last ditch effort to rid their block of telephone poles Comment

BAM-boozle! Brooklyn Brewery releases a craft beer for Academy of Music

Event: Brooklyn’s about to get BAMboozled — and by BAMboozled, we mean boozed up at BAM. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Food, rides and more ramp up fall fun in Downtown Comment

Christopher Mega, prolific Bay Ridge politician, 80

Bay Ridge: Christopher Mega, a former Republican state senator and assemblymen whose prolific career, work ethic and omnipresence at community events transformed the way Bay Ridge politicians did business, died on Sunday after a long illness. He was 80. Comments (4)

Spooky fun at the Park Slope parade

Park Slope: Here’s our slideshow from the annual Halloween Parade — featuring our editor as a bike lane! Comments (4)

Do you know this jerk? Cops seek hit-run-and-drag driver

Downtown: Cops are looking for a cold-hearted driver who struck a man on the Brooklyn Bridge and dragged him along the road earlier this summer. Comments (4)
Gerritsen Beach: No incidents of egg-throwing or general mischief were reported Monday in Gerritsen Beach when an army of officers from two precincts — along with former marine George Broadhead and pal Charlie Hogan, above, — ensured this year’s holiday was more treat then trick. Comment

Christopher Mega, prolific Bay Ridge politician, 80

Bay Ridge: Christopher Mega, a former Republican state senator and assemblymen whose prolific career, work ethic and omnipresence at community events transformed the way Bay Ridge politicians did business, died Sunday after a long illness. He was 80. Comment

And baby makes art! Kotak delivers a profound piece — and a son

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: A rave from The Butcher for Marni Kotak’s live birth in a Bushwick studio. Comments (6)

Going once! Going twice! Coney’s Cha Cha’s goes on the block today

Coney Island: Cha Cha’s, the Coney Island institution that rivaled Ruby’s Olde Time Bar in honky-tonk feel on the Boardwalk is selling itself — to the highest bidder. Comment
Mean Streets: The city plans to turn West Street, a pockmarked 12-block truck route on the Greenpoint waterfront, into a one-way northbound street while adding a bike lane and removing half the parking spaces. Comments (52)

Sister act! Bay Ridge and tiny Norway town are now bonded forever

Bay Ridge: Say hello to our pals in Farsund — and they love us. Comments (7)

Park Slope honors a favorite son

BoroBeat: The neighborhood’s fallen soldier, Julian Brennan, is remembered at a street-naming ceremony on Prospect Park West. Comments (3)

Wax works! At one bar, it’s BYOV

Ditmas Park: At Sycamore, the “v” stands for vinyl. Comment

Great Midwestern grub — plus a full fortnight of food news

Foodie-in-Chief: How’s this for gut-busting gossip? You can belly up to the bar in Williamsburg, have your fill of fried chicken in Carroll Gardens, or get good and cheesy in Park Slope — just don’t look to pad your tummy with Prospect Heights’ dumplings or Red Hook banh mi. Comments (1)

Eat it! Potluck party to celebrate ‘Edible Brooklyn’ cookbook launch

Books: This is an event not to be missed (burp). Comments (1)

Greeks bearing gifts! All month, it’s ‘pay what you wish’ at W’burg eatery

Williamsburg: Homer was wrong — don’t be afraid of Greek presents. At Santorini Grill, you can eat what you want — and pay what you want. It all starts on Friday. Comment

Crime is crazy bad in Fort Greene

Fort Greene: Lots more iPhone thefts. And more crime at Atlantic Terminal Mall. Just lots of crime from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct (you know, the usual). Comments (55)

The column of magic and loss

The Dad: Our columnist thinks about how his daughters will remember him (at least they can!). Comments (2)

The ID of Stan, and his toothbrushes

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist says it’s easy to vote in America, but tough to find an American-made toothbrush. Comment

DUMBO designers: Watch out for the triple bandits!

DUMBO: A trio of brazen thieves stole tech toys from a DUMBO office building last week, prompting the victims — who say the landlord is trying to keep the crimes quiet — to make their own “Wanted” fliers. Comments (6)

Vito led ‘Occupy Wall Street’ solidarity march — even though he’s a 1 percenter!

The firebrand Brooklyn Assemblyman who led last week’s solidarity march to Occupy Wall Street is actually not one of the “99 percent.” Comments (18)

Bitters is better! New book explores the cocktail’s forgotten friend

Books: Don’t be bitter — but buy some bitters! And enjoy our two recipes! Comments (1)

When Carmine takes on the world, we all win

Sunday Screech: In this Sunday Screech, Carmine looks beyond his own backyard— and has the answers America has been waiting for! Comments (2)
Gerritsen Beach: A Marine Corps veteran who led combat missions in the Korean War has organized a security patrol to make sure Halloween mischief-makers in Gerritsen Beach are kept in check. Comment
Fort Greene: And roughly 70 locals get jobs. Comments (17)

Walden is a winner on Lorimer Street

Dining: Simple food, done well. Comments (2)
Greenpoint: Sure, the city said kayakers will get sick from the fetid Newtown Creek, but the state offers $3M to make the boathouse happen. Comments (24)

International rules: Carmine spells it out for the world!

Big Screecher: This week, The Big Screecher looks beyond his own backyard — and finds things he can’t stand from around the globe! Comment

Fish fry! Aviators lose to Bluefins 3-2 in heated overtime bout

The Brooklyn Aviators failed to capitalize on the winning momentum sparked by their season opening victory against the hated Akwesasne Warriors on Friday night as they suffered a 3-2 loss to the Cape Cod Bluefins in overtime. Comment

BPL’s ‘Masquerade Bowl’ was spectacular

BoroBeat: A-listers to D-listers, they were all there at the Brooklyn Public Library’s benefit Halloween masked ball at Brooklyn Bowll, where merrymakers were no crankers when it came to having phant-tastic fun! Comment

Price hike! Brooklyn Museum raises its ‘suggested’ donation

Prospect Heights: The cash-strapped Brooklyn Museum has increased its “suggested” admission fee to $12, a 20-percent jump caused by the poor economy, Museum officials said last Thursday night. Comments (7)

Cobble Hill parents vow to fight Moskowitz’s charter school

The city wants to give one third of a formerly struggling Cobble Hill high school to a high-performing charter school — but parents are already fighting the co-location plan. Comments (19)
Cobble Hill: The family that’s owned the bar and grill for decades says it is about to hand over the reins. Comments (2)
Say it loud: Two Bushwick designers have created a full line of environmentally sound unmentionables. Comments (1)

Payback time! Aviators beat hated Warriors 3-2 in season opener

Revenge is a dish best served on the ice. Comment

Flying Chinese! Acrobats soar at Brooklyn Center

Get ready for the National Acrobats of the People’s Republic this Saturday. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: That must be one heck of a bathtub! Comments (4)
Mean Streets: The parents of deceased cyclist Matthew Lefevre blasted the NYPD for stonewalling the family about the hit-and-run accident that killed their son in Williamsburg last week. Comments (3)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

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