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Masked thugs rob teen on Ave. N

Crime: Haloween isn’t here yet, but these thugs are already out, tricking for other’s treats, plus several other crimes reported to the 63rd Precinct. Comment

Go casserole crazy at this year’s deep dish dead heat!

Dining: The Brooklyn Kitchen hosts the mother of all food competitions on Oct. 24. Comment
Music: The klezmer whiz is back with “Old Brooklyn,” a subtle homage his hometown. Comment

Wrap your skull around this Mexican halloween tradition

Event: Learn to make authentic sugar skulls at Huitzilli to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Comment
Event: The Brooklyn Diggers art collective will deploy scent boxes to really bring you back to 1861 as part of a tribute to the ironclad ship, the Monitor, which was constructed in the neighborhood 150 years ago. Comments (2)

Dance on a grave! Revisit the history of Green-Wood Cemetery through dance

Dance: In “Dancing Through the Light,” dancers perform among the graves and headstones. Comments (1)
Digital editions: Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Read more…

Man breaks teen’s jaw over backpack

Crime: A brutal mugging on Rockaway Parkway leads this week’s Canarsie police blotter. Comment
Mill Basin: Panera Bread, an artisanal bakery and sandwich chain, will open its first shop in Brooklyn on Oct. 31 — inside the Kings Plaza Mall on Flatbush Avenue and Avenue U. Comment

Car looter caught in the act

Crime: A Midwood menace is behind bars, plus a smattering of other crimes reported to the 70th Precinct. Comment

Burn in hell, Anwar al-Awlaki

A Britisher’s View: Another lethal al Qaeda tentacle has been disarmed, thanks to a targeted U.S. drone strike — cause enough for celebration, says our columnist. Comment
A 140-year-old Abraham Lincoln statue will soon face backwards at its new locale in Grand Army Plaza — an affront on history that one Emancipation-obsessed activist says will make the park’s co-designer, if not the 16th president himself, roll in his grave. Comments (7)

BIDs — good or bad?

BIDs — good or bad?

Op-Ed: Are Business Imrovement Districts good for Brooklyn? Click below for opinion pieces on both side of the issue.

Julie Klausner is going to have a great ‘Week’ at the Bell House

Event: The comedienne behind the fun podcast, “How Was Your Week,” will tape the show live on Oct. 20. Comments (7)

Judge gives small bail to cop shooter

Gavel to Gavel: A gangbanger gets a slap on the wrist and a city commissioner gets busted for taking bribes in this week’s Gavel to Gavel column. Comment

Atten-tion! It’s this week’s ‘Standing O’

Standing O: Yes, it’s time for our tribute to the heroes walking among us. Comment
Books: Once again, the ladies of BookMark Shoppe, Greenlight and Word give us their hot books of the week. Comment
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

Cops: We have the South Slope Sex Fiend (well, at least one of them)

Windsor Terrace: Police have arrested a man and charged him with the latest groping — and cops are trying to connect him to others. Comments (1)

Dog daze! City is going after Brooklyn’s pooch-friendly bars

The city has cracked down on the borough’s pooch-loving bars — and Southern Brooklyn stores are in the crosshairs. Comment
The city has cracked down on the borough’s pooch-loving bars — and North Brooklyn is especially in the doghouse. Comments (19)

Money lifted in lift

Brooklyn Paper: A delivery man is robbed in a Homecrest building, plus a host of other crimes in Midwood and along Avenue U and Kings Highway. Comment

Good Samaritan surprises thief; gets stabbed

Crime: A man is attacked when he tries to stop someone from breaking into cars in Gravesend, plus a host of other crimes from the 60th, 61st and 62nd precincts. Comment
Marine Park: Television executive turned Rep. Bob Turner’s campaign promise to bring “fiscal sanity” to Washington hit a bit of a snag last week when he was assigned to three committees that have nothing to do with the nation’s budget: the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security. Comment
Art: The tiny museum with a big personality hailed its silver success with an anniversary party on Smith Street. Comment
Shopping: Downtown’s daily flea made of old shipping containers will add 30 more vendors on Saturday — kicking off with a day of music, gourmet treats and even a Dumpster art installation. Comments (1)

Jury says city must pay injured Gerritsen Beach teen $19M

Gerritsen Beach: The city will have to pay a Gerritsen Beach teenager who was left disabled and with brain damage after he was hit by a speeding car on Gerritsen Avenue $19 million, a jury ruled this week. Comment

A killer mashup! It’s ‘Gossip Girl’ — but with blood, guts and heavy weaponry

Books: Cecily von Ziegesar is coming to BookCourt with a novel — and this time, her “Gossip Girl” characters are real killers. Comments (1)
Dining: It’s a coffee shop that magically transforms into a wine bar five nights a week. Comments (7)

Another fatal car crash in Greenpoint

Mean Streets: A drunk driver was arrested on Monday night after he mowed down a 41-year-old delivery man on Leonard Street in Greenpoint, police said. Comments (2)
Windsor Terrace: Cops are reportedly questioning a suspect in an attempted rape in Sunset Park on Monday night — and will possibly link him to one or more of the 13 attacks by the South Slope Sex Fiend since March. Comments (3)

Occupy Brooklyn? Anti-greed movement coming to boro this Saturday

Park Slope: The free-spirited protest movement that’s “occupying” Wall Street is finally coming to Brooklyn — and the borough’s top elected official is already fueling up the bandwagon. Comments (9)

Residents: Verizon poles an unwanted eyesore

Brooklyn Paper: East 16th Street residents say Verizon is giving them the shaft — literally — by planting unwanted utility poles on the block’s wireless street instead of placing their wires in backyards where they belong. Comment

Campers are flocking to Floyd Bennett Field

Mill Basin: At $20 a night, the old airfield has become the borough’s cheapest hotel! Comment

City’s plan for Boardwalk leaves just four blocks  of wood

Unbelievable — click to check out our awesome map, too. Comments (34)

Hold on to your hats folks, because once again the end is near

Not for Nuthin’: The Apocolypse has arrived. Comment
Music: The city’s biggest indie music fest begins next week — so let us tell you where to go, what to do, and who to see at this year’s showcase. Comments (3)
BoroBeat: These guys went from being the scourge of the subways to the toast of the art world. Comment
Downtown: The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership is looking for one eager beaver to replace Joe Chan, who is on to bigger and better. Comments (6)
Williamsburg: The milestone was celebrated on (when else?) Columbus Day. Comments (3)

More phone robberies

Greenpoint: And it all starts with a brutal iPhone mugging (what else is new?). Comment

Fright ‘Night’! New theater company’s first show is a blood-filled slasher

Theater: Better get your poncho in the lobby, this one could get messy. Comment

Colson Whitehead’s new novel explores the city — after the apocalypse

Books: And Fort Greene’s top (male) writer will read and release it at Greenlight Bookstore on Oct. 19. Comment

Very very very bad weekend

Weekend Watch: This weekend’s transit snafus. Comment
Windsor Terrace: The attempted rapist who’s terrorized South Slope for months attacked another woman on Sunday night, this time in Windsor Terrace — making it the 12th incident in the area since March. Comments (5)
Mean Streets: Greenpoint’s community board has asked the city to halt its plan to remove much-needed parking spaces to accommodate an extended bike lane on Greenpoint Avenue. Comments (19)

City: Time to 86 left turns at Fourth Avenue

Mean Streets: A proposal by the city would make it illegal to turn left from 86th Street, but some say it will just cause more traffic futher down the block. Comments (8)

Bounty! Greenpoint bizman offers reward for graffiti vandal’s capture

Greenpoint: A TV studio owner wants to capture a Greenpoint tagger dead or alive (OK, alive — we’re kidding about the “dead” part). Comments (8)

Cangiano’s closes, ending an era

Bay Ridge: The legendary Italian grocery served its last meatball on Friday. Comment

Our columnist — Eleanor Roosevelt?

Fearless Living: A trip to Val-Kill inspires our columnist to live more like the legendary First Lady. Comments (1)

Lou chats with the mayor about Coney Island — and pro football

Speak Out: Residents constantly clamor for the “Old Coney Island.” Comment

The demise of Williamsburg’s art scene is exaggerated

Williamsburg: The neighborhood’s galleries will host the monthly “second Friday” art crawl this week. Comment

Roberta’s is expanding — plus a full fortnight of food news

Foodie-in-Chief: Got gossip? We’re talking pizza and pastrami, chocolate and croquetas, and a Fort Greene menu with Brooklyn attitude to spare. Comments (2)

Get food for the mind — and belly — at the Red Hook Film Fest

Cinema: The Tribeca Film Festival may be star-studded, but the Red Hook Film Festival’s got free key lime pie. Comment

Hey, Fort Greene iPhone owners — prepare to be mugged

Fort Greene: One week after the release of the iPhone 4S, more iPhone thefts. Plus the other crime — lots of it — from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (18)
Windsor Terrace: The attempted rapist who’s terrorized South Slope for months attacked another woman on Sunday night, this time in Windsor Terrace — making it the 12th incident in the area since March. Comments (2)

Book worms! Slope library branch to remain closed for at least one more year

Park Slope: A $2-million, two-year renovation of a branch library in Park Slope begun in 2009 will end up taking at least another year — and its cost is no longer even being projected. Comments (9)
Mean Streets: The city wrongfully towed a slew of cars on Prospect Park West after installing a bizarre “No Standing” sign that confused everyone — including parking cops who were deployed to maintain order on the world’s most-controversial roadway. Comments (50)

Blood on the stre — oh, wait, it’s just spit

There’s blood on the streets of Ditmas Park! — at least that’s what some residents think when they see the red splotches that are marking the sidewalks. Comment

Social Security is the government’s Ponzi scheme

It’s Only My Opinion: This week, our columnist bears the naked truth about money, government and unkosher Social Security. Comment

Congregation Beth Elohim has the coolest sukkah in town

Park Slope: Jealous? You know you are. Comment

Spike Lee sells out in Brooklyn

Fort Greene: Spike Lee came back to Brooklyn on Saturday — albeit just to sell stuff. Comments (3)

We’re all Weiners! New mask lets you be Anthony!

Sheepshead Bay: This Halloween, you too can be a Weiner — Anthony Weiner. Comment

Oh deer! Animals caught as they attempt to enter Brooklyn

Bay Ridge: Two deer died, and one was returned to Staten Island, after they tried to swim the Narrows and make a home for themselves in Brooklyn. Comment
Shopping: Finally, a butcher shop where they do some actual butchering! Comments (6)
BoroBeat: Many tried out, but few were chosen for next week’s finals in hopes of being the voice of the Brooklyn Nets. Comments (3)
Prime Time: Our personal executive chef serves up the perfect Monday night recipe. Comment

Hey Brooklyn! Get off your butt!

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Sunday Screech, Carmine says it’s time you stop watching TV, and get out to a civic meeting to make the world a better place! Comments (3)

Carmine says ‘Get off your butt!’

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine encourages you to get out to civic meetings so you can make a difference! Comment

Crowning achievement! Artist will give live birth in a gallery

Bushwick: Head to Bushwick’s Microscope Gallery to witness either the miracle of life or one heck of a performance art piece (or both!). Comments (16)
Meadows of Shame: Brooklyn Bridge Park won’t get its much-touted indoor soccer field because the city failed to attract developers for it — prompting locals to slam the city for deliberately bursting the recreational bubble. Comments (21)

Up the river! New venue for Williamsburg waterfront concert series

Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s waterfront concerts a movin’ on up — up three blocks north on Kent Avenue from East River State Park to appease residents who have complained about unruly crowds, garbage and drug use from the controversial events. Comments (12)
Williamsburg: Why did the Orthodox Jewish woman cross the road? Because a Yiddish sign ordered her. Comments (77)
The dead wasn’t even buried yet, but a group of Brooklyn politicians was already calling for a ban on all tourist helicopter flights over the East River. Comments (3)

Hey, Spike, welcome back to Brooklyn!

Now, sell us something! Comments (9)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

Hakeem — the dream! Jeffries to fight Rep. Towns in 2012

Fort Greene: Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries will battle 30-year Rep. Ed Towns next year — a battle for a congressional seat that is part political mission, part generational shift. Comments (9)
Fort Greene: A spunky Fort Greene pastor and labor organizer who transformed his church into a center for social justice is retiring — and locals are devastated to see him go. Comments (1)

Feds: Bensonhurst cop used badge to intimidate foes

Bensonhurst: A police officer who handcuffed and pepper-sprayed a man during a dispute at a Bensonhurst bar owned by the cop’s cousin was arrested by FBI agents and charged with civil rights violations on Wednesday. Comment

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