Event: Screen print your own invitations at a weeklong DIY wedding workshop Comments (1)

Go to Bed-Stuy? Mos Def!

Music: The rapper and actor headlines the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s first show of the season on Oct. 8. Comments (5)

Dinner with a tyrant? Wake up and smell the coffee, America

A Britisher’s View: Did we have to canoodle with a creep? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s dinner at the Warwick Hotel gave our columnist indigestion. Comment

Shorefront food drive kicks of Rosh Hashanah in Brighton Beach

BoroBeat: The Jewish New Year arrived in Brooklyn with a food distribution by the Shorefront Jewish Community Council, proving that charity begins at home. Comment

Hot letters! Lander and Levin explain Seventh Ave trash

Letters: Plus other letters in this week’s mailbag. Comments (5)

Still not perfect

Weekend Watch: This weekend’s transit snafus. Comment
Books: Once again, the ladies of Greenlight and Word — plus a special guest! — give us their hot books of the week. Comments (1)
Windsor Terrace: Police that have been swarming a wide swath south of Ninth Street to catch the so-called South Slope Sex Fiend just missed capturing a suspect on Wednesday morning — a botched arrest that came amid frayed nerves that may have contributed to a separate incident involving the beating of an innocent man. Comments (13)
Coney Island: Residents who hate that the city has replace wood with concrete on portions Brooklyn’s world-famous Boardwalk say it’s breaking apart. Comment
Greenpoint: Residents say they are fighting a losing battle against a rat population tough enough to eat through heavy-duty garbage cans. Comments (2)
Art: Erik Berglin is turning Williamsburg into his own personal aviary. Comments (12)
A scaled-back Walmart store could open down the block from your house — find out where. Comments (27)
Mean Streets: Bay Ridgites are furious that a handful of car dealerships along Fourth and Fifth avenues are breaking the law by parking their inventory on the sidewalk, blocking the path of pedestrians and forcing people in wheelchairs to roll into oncoming traffic. Comments (19)

Gala honors survivors and crusaders of pediatric cancer

BoroBeat: Top cancer researchers, cancer survivors and a chef were honored on Sept. 23 at Hopefest 2011. Comment
Theater: It’ll be the most entertaining Philosophy 101 class you’ve ever sat through. Comments (3)
Theater: The Irondale Center hosts the award-winning “Nightmare Story” — just in time for Halloween. Comment

The champs! Red Hook vendors win the ‘Vendy Cup’

Dining: Solber Pupusas, the pride of the Red Hook ball fields, has again shown the world that it makes the best damn street food in the city. But you knew that. Comments (1)

Rolling delivery: Baby born in Nissan

Park Slope: A pregnant 24-year-old Flatbush woman gave birth to her second child on Tuesday — in the back seat of her cramped Nissan. Comments (5)
Mean Streets: Moving crosswalk signals will create chaos along Prospect Park West — if you believe a majority of Community Board 6. Comments (27)

PLEASE pull the plug on ‘Two and a Half Men’

Not for Nuthin’: Our columnist thinks Ashton Kutcher is not a good match for the popular TV show. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: Disgruntled drivers say the new, thinner lanes painted on Emmons Avenue are dangerously narrow and bad for business, but city officials told them the changes to Sheepshead Bay’s busiest thoroughfare will reduce congestion — and that they’re here to stay. Comment

Suspected arsonist hits Canarsie Courier

Canarsie: Plus a smattering of other crimes reported by Canarsie’s 69th Precinct. Comment

Man shot dead over iPhone

Sheepshead Bay: Plus a host of other crimes reported to cops in Sheepshead Bay, Bensonhurst, Gravesend and Coney Island. Comment

Move over Carrie and Clay — there’s a new ‘Idol’ in town!

BoroBeat: Brooklyn’s first “Teen Idol” is a 13-year-old warbler from Park Slope! Comment

Flying high! Joystick jockeys helps fight breast cancer

BoroBeat: The fight against breast cancer soared to new heights on Sept. 26 as members of the Pennsylvania Avenue Radio Control Society held a unique fundraiser in Floyd Bennett Field — where flying aficionados got to take model airplanes up for a spin while helping an important cause. Comment
The Greatest Story Ever: And, apparently, it works! Comments (25)
Brooklyn Is Angry: A sports bar on oh-so-quiet Sixth Avenue? It sounds crazy to some. Sounds like competition for the Park Slope Ale House to others. Comments (47)

Awards dinner hails urban warriors

BoroBeat: An area group lauds seven honorees for helping to improve the neighborhood. Comment

On the move! Brighton Neighborhood Association relocating longtime office

Brighton Beach: The Brighton Neighborhood Association is hoping to make a bright new start — by moving out of its water-damaged storefront, which is slated for conversion into a medical facility, into offices three blocks away on Brighton Beach Avenue. Comment

Looking forward to taking on Clinton

Flatbush: That win Saturday against Boys & Girls was huge. There was no way we were going to go 0-2. We knew we had two more hard games coming up against DeWitt Clinton and Tottenville. We needed that win to boost our confidence. Comment
Cops say they nabbed the Fort Greene Park gunman on Saturday — and, in doing so, hope they’ve ended a spree of brazen stickups that plagued the crime-filled greenspace for weeks. Comments (8)

Your guide to the Atlantic Antic!

Event: You can’t tell Brooklyn’s best street fest without a scorecard — so here’s the scorecard! Comments (3)

MTA finally gives up its Jay Street ghost

Downtown: The cash-strapped agency will finally let the city find a new use for Downtown eyesore. Comments (8)
Event: The hip hop legend, media mogul and minuscule Nets owner will do at least one show at the new arena next summer. Comments (9)
Greenpoint: The JCMs, Pony Boys and Never Scared are undefeated in the playoffs — but only two can make the finals. Comments (1)

Every kid is above average — in something!

Fearless Living: The trick is to help him or her figure out what it is. Comments (4)

Brooklyn Heights chooses top dog — it’s Woodley!

BoroBeat: The second annual Brooklyn Heights Dog Show brought canines big and small, but only one Goldendoodle stole the show! Comment

Fetching the gold! Daisy the pit bull wins three-peat at Doggie Olympics

BoroBeat: Dozens of pooches — and their masters — flocked to Marine Park on Saturday for the seventh annual competition. Daisy the pit bull took home her third gold medal. Comment

Clinton runs over Erasmus Hall 30–8

Flatbush: DeWitt Clinton is a team that isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, and with one of the only grass fields left in the Public School Athletic League, the Governors thrive on poor conditions — thanks to their smash-mouth style that is perfect in the mud. Comment

Ragamuffins on parade!

Event: The annual kids costume parade is back, so break out your home-made costume and high-tail it to Bay Ridge on Saturday. Comments (3)

Heroic work by bartender!

Carroll Gardens: Plus more from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Full ‘Steamer’ ahead!

Brooklyn Heights: Jo Haller quickly bobbed and weaved with the ball through defenders outside the box. Comment
Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s former firehouse moves closer to becoming a community resource again. Comments (5)

Call them the ‘Brooklyn Nets’

Event: It’s official: The New Jersey Nets will be changing location — and hopefully their fortunes — but not their name. Comments (9)

Price of Marine Park’s ‘house’ soars to $16 million

Marine Park: It’s the Marine Park money pit! Comment
Mean Streets: Suddenly, a one-way conduit becomes a two-way nightmare near Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (13)

Stan’s cost-saving measures: cut back funds to the National Institute of Health

It’s Only My Opinion: Columnist Stan sticks a pin in over-infalted budgets. Comment
Dining: Our top-shelf story about Brooklyn Republic Vodka. Yes, we tasted it, too. Comments (4)

This week’s tasty — but less filling! — food gossip

Foodie-in-Chief: New restaurants, new chefs and even new potato chips! Comment

Mole! Spicy chocolate featured at annual chile pepper festival

Event: Get sweet on the hot stuff this Saturday. Comments (2)
Brooklyn Paper: For this civic group, things ain’t the way they used to be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Comment

Wow! Carmine is on fire this week!

Sunday Screech: In today’s Sunday Screech, Carmine has a thing or two to say about how Mayor Bloomberg is running the city, and his failure to recognize subject-object agreement in his speeches. Comments (12)
Dance: The curtain is up at Brooklyn’s most forward-thinking performance art festival — and this year is all about taking risks. Comment

We’re pretty confident Bloomberg doesn’t have Carmine’s vote

Big Screecher: The Screecher has had an on-going problem with our mayor that dates back to the demise of WNEW-AM! Comment

Massive fire on Fourth Ave.

Massive fire on Fourth Ave.

Park Slope: An auto shop burst into flames on Fourth Avenue on Friday, prompting hundreds of firefighters to rush to the scene. Comments (2)

Copycat crime by new South Slope Sex Fiend?

Windsor Terrace: Police are on the hunt for a robber and attempted rapist who attacked a woman on a Coney Island-bound F train on Wednesday night — a shocking echo of a series of attacks that have terrified Windsor Terrace and the South Slope for six months. Comments (6)
Event: The hip hop legend, media mogul and miniscule Nets owner will be making a big announcement on Monday. We think we know what it is. Comments (15)
Windsor Terrace: The 11th attempted rape in the area since March was on Wednesday night. Comments (10)
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Police seek ‘bank robber’ who bolted wihtout cash

Bay Ridge: Police are looking for a would-be bank robber who tried to hold up a Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge, but ran away before the teller handed over any cash. Comments (8)

Greg Murjani, ‘Mr. Rubbish,’ is dead

Park Slope: The beloved trash hauler and humanitarian was 45. Comment
Development: Boerum Hill will remain a “small neighborhood” with building heights capped to prevent “out-of-scale” development under a rezoning plan approved unanimously by the City Council on Wednesday. Comments (4)

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