Flatbush frolics! Annual street fair draws big crowds for live acts, beer tent

BoroBeat: Last week’s annual Flatbush Frolic drew hundreds of Brooklynites out for live music, face painting and — for the first time ever — a beer tent. Comment

Need a shot of very expensive coffee? These guys will bring it to your house!

Greenpoint: Two coffee aficionados have developed a super-secret coffee elixir and want to bring jars of java right to your doorstep. Comments (11)
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‘Dem’ bums invincible no more, thanks to Turner win

A Britisher’s View: The special election for the Ninth congressional district turned up some major surprises — some of which are unearthed here by our columnist. Comment

BAM gala celebrates a classic

BoroBeat: What would you do for your 150th birthday? Comment
Bar Scrawl: Raves for the new Bearded Lady in Prospect Heights. Comments (3)

It’s always something

Weekend Watch: This weekend’s transit snafus. Comments (2)
For Peter Shelsky, that means a never-empty herring case. Comments (1)

Last week’s Park(ing) Day was fun

Photo Galleries: They put the “park” in “parking.” Comments (1)
Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge has gone from “Saturday Night Fever” to “Footloose.” Comments (15)
Dining: Appetites were conquered, thirsts were slaked, and dreams were realized at the annual food fest. Comments (1)
BoroBeat: Volunteers once again collected dozens of pounds of broken glass in Fort Greene Park this Saturday — the second weekend in a row that locals had to clean up a park that they say is increasingly neglected. Comments (9)
Photo Galleries: Forgetting which trains run to Coney Island is impossible when they’re tattooed on your calf. Comments (3)

Cops: No sequel to Gerritsen Halloween horror show

Gerritsen Beach: Cops will beef up patrols in Gerritsen Beach on Oct. 31 in a show of strength against the mischief-makers who turned the neighborhood’s main street into a Halloween war zone last year. Comment

Post-concert open-air drug market in Williamsburg!

Williamsburg: A Widespread Panic concert ends — and the streets around East River State Park become an “orgy” of nitrous oxide abuse. Comments (46)
Brooklyn Heights: A police officer accidentally fired a bullet into a residential building on busy Atlantic Avenue on Tuesday after a driver tried to run him over. Comments (1)

Thirty years later, the sky is still falling

Not for Nuthin’: Our columnist says satellites go round and round — and life stays exactly the same. Comment
Sheepshead Bay: But get ready for six months of lane closures! Comment

Cyclists to city: Don’t let the terrorists win on the Williamsburg Bridge

Mean Streets: New bike path barriers, designed to thrwart attacks, are driving bikers mad. Comments (25)

Voorhies mosque backers will countersue foes

Sheepshead Bay: An eye for an eye? Comment

Murder on Batchelder Street

Sheepshead Bay: A man was gunned down in an apartment building lobby, plus a smattering of other crimes from Sheepshead Bay and Coney Island. Comment
Theater: Ed Schmidt is giving it all up — his books and his playwriting career — in one mega-tragicomic show. Comment

Community Bookstore celebrates 40 years at the heart of the Slope

Photo Galleries: More than 800 book lovers defied the supposed death of print on Saturday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Community Bookstore, a fixture in a neighborhood that has changed, but still loves the printed word. Comment
Art: A mid-career retrospective on Sandford Biggers shows off this gutsy and whimsical artist. Comments (2)

Poly’s Gebon voted city’s best playmaker

Kevin Gebon’s teammates don’t let him forget what they expect from him. At a crucial moment in a game, the Poly Prep senior quarterback is given a friendly reminder of exactly what the guys around him want him to do. Comment
BoroBeat: The new indieScreen could be the first to get a liquor license for in-theater drinking. Comment
Music: A children’s music festival featuring Elizabeth Mitchell and Karen K and the Jitterbugs is coming to the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Comment

Seventh Avenue is filthy!

Seventh Avenue is filthy!

Park Slope: And we know why: The city let a clean-up contract expire without renewing it. Comments (31)
Fort Greene: The park continues to be an epicenter of crime. Comments (23)

Ice try! Ratner now says he wants Islanders at Barclays Center

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner said he’s “hoping” that the New York Islanders will move to the Barclays Center once the struggling team’s lease at the Nassau Coliseum expires in 2015 — a reversal of his longtime claim that the Prospect Heights arena would be too small to host pro hockey games. Comments (21)

Lou Powsner and the downfall of Ed Koch

Speak Out: Of all the charity pleas, the Brooklyn Public Library is our neighborhood’s number one. Comment

Take a spin on Jane’s Carousel

BoroBeat: Our exclusive slide show from the first week of the hot new carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comment

Top teams roll in Kickball playoffs

Greenpoint: The best survived the second weekend of the postseason with nary a scratch. Comments (8)

Literary lions! Borough’s best writers salute Community Bookstore

Park Slope’s literary community held a lovefest on Saturday to not only honor the 40th anniversary of the Community Bookstore — but also to celebrate its own survival. Comments (2)
Event: Skylight One Hanson hosts an all-you-can-drink (er, we mean, all-you-can-learn) wine event. Comments (4)

Holy Cross drops Xaverian 15–13

Bay Ridge: Holy Cross coach Tom Pugh was not sure what to make of his young team. Sure, the Knights were going to be fast and athletic, but exactly how good they would be was anybody’s guess. Comment

Adrian Grenier loves Devin Ratray!

Cinema: The “Entourage” star and pal Ratray star in “True Bromance,” the highlight of this year’s Willifest! Comments (1)

Segure leads Fort Ham to 34th straight win

Bay Ridge: Travon Reid Segure has been tabbed as one of the city’s top prospects because of his two-way play-making ability as a ball-hawking safety and explosive wide receiver. Comment

Criminals love iPhones — yours

Fort Greene: More iPhone thefts in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (16)

Bonnies fall to Hilltoppers, 2-1

Bay Ridge: The defending champions lose their season opener. Comment

At Gallery Players, this ‘Dog’ has teeth!

Theater: Love is overrated — and often gets in the way — in Douglas Carter Beane’s “The Little Dog Laughed,” which wraps up its first New York revival at the Gallery Players this weekend. Comment

Touchable! ‘Killer’ gets 30 years for identity theft

Sea Gate: Federal prosecutors who took a page from “The Untouchables” playbook nailed their man on Thursday when a judge sentenced a Russian immigrant whom they believed killed three people to 30 years in prison — for identity theft and bank and credit card fraud. Comment

Enjoy our awesome Brooklyn Book Festival slide show!

Awesome: Lions and tigers and Marty, oh my! Comment
New York’s best beer stein holder loses national championship to a guy from Cleveland. Comment
Art: This weekend, DUMBO’s quiet streets will turn into a playground of giant love letters, blindfolded wrestling, a fluorescent Walt Whitman — and even a 3D universe on the Manhattan Bridge. Comment

Stan on goats, golf and old bonds

It’s Only My Opinion: Stan wants to know why the government is poking its nose into the goat business. Comment
Boerum Hill: Soccer players at the Dodge YMCA are demanding that the sports club fix its busted hardwood gym — the result of an unrepaired six-year-old ceiling leak that’s made part of the court unplayable. Comments (5)
Cyclones: A look at the best and the worst of the Cyclones hit-or-miss 2011 season. Comment
Shopping: The annual bike flea market returns to the Old Stone House in Park Slope. Comments (1)
Theater: And you thought the Collyer Brothers were just some mentally ill hoarders. Now, they’re also great theater. Comment

Hey, kids, P.S. he loves you

The Dad: Our columnist learns the most important lesson from 9-11: Tell your kids that you love them. Comment

You get what you pay for: tickets for parking legally!

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine goes after the city for giving drivers tickets — even if they paid for their space! Comment

You get what you pay for: tickets for parking legally!

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine goes after the city for giving drivers tickets — even if they paid for their space! Comments (24)

Finally, the 18th Amendment has been repealed (at your moviehouse!)

Coming soon to a theater near you — booze while you watch! Comments (2)

NFL star ‘tackles’ the flu

BoroBeat: He may have run for 2,587 yards in his 52 starts and completed 21 touchdowns, but even former Giant Stephen Baker needs a little protection from the flu. Comment
BoroBeat: Italian-Americans hailing from the town of Mola di Bari in Italy honored their patron saint — a little lady named the Blessed Virgin Mary — with an elaborate parade in Carroll Gardens with celebrants carrying her statue, with a knife through her heart, above the crowd. Comment

Jane’s Carousel opens today!

Bridge ‘Park’: And we have exclusive video from the inaugural ride! Comments (6)
Mean Streets: The city picks a vendor to handle the new cheap bike-rental scheme — but the devil is in the details (which, by the way, remain unclear). Comments (36)
Newly elected Rep. Bob Turner (R–Marine Park) made his first gaffe in Congress the fist time he opened his mouth — addressing the entire House of Representatives before Speaker John Boehner (R–Ohio) acknowledged his presence. Comment
Boerum Hill: Enjoy a beer — with Lou Reed! — this weekend. Comments (1)

Double D-saster! Pool numbers were way down this summer

Boerum Hill: Usage of the Douglass-Degraw Pool — once slated to be closed by the city for attracting too few swimmers — was down 14 percent this summer, raising fears that the Bloomberg Administration will again try to swing the budget ax on the summer oasis next year. Comments (4)

Joe’s goes whole hog for red snapper

Prime Time: Our personal executive chef gives up a great fish recipe. Try it at home! Comments (3)
Greenwood Heights: More than 400 people marched through South Slope on Wednesday night to unite against the sex fiends who raped one woman and tried to attack nine others since March — a massive show of frustration over the NYPD’s inability to catch the villain and a call for neighbors to protect each other. Comments (9)

Weprin blames Obama for stunning loss

Sheepshead Bay: The loser in the special election to replace Anthony Weiner said it was the president’s fault. Sure it wasn’t the mustache? Comments (22)
BoroBeat: Flying fists and skillful strategy were part of the action when cops squared off against the DUMBO Destroyers at St. Ann’s Warehouse to raise money for the area’s business improvement district. Comment

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