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Hail to the retiring chief.

After 37 years in the military, Gen. David Petraeus is feted with a retirement party and honored for his service. Comment

Brooklyn remembers 9-11

Brooklyn remembers 9-11

Everyone has a personal story about 9-11, a day that touched every single New Yorker. We asked our readers to share their remembrances — and the result is a broad cross-section of reactions and memories. Click below to read them all.

Minute by minute — a day that will live in infamy

Ten years after Sept. 11, we still remember every second of that tragic day. Here is a brief timeline on the nightmare that changed New York. Comment

A reporter remembers the day

Brooklyn Angle: We hated those damn towers. Comments (4)

Not for Nuthin’, but I remeber that day

Not for Nuthin’: What was I doing on Sept. 11 2001? Most assuredly the same thing that I did on Sept. 10, 2001 but even more assuredly not the same thing that I would do on Sept. 12, 2001 or ever after. Ten years on and the memories of 9-11 are still as sharp and crisp as they were that day. Comment
Park Slope: For the longest time, Marian Fontana’s fatherless son, Aiden, wanted to be a firefighter — just like the old man he lost on 9-11. Comments (2)
Park Slope: Thousands are expected to flock to Ground Zero this Sunday to mark the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, but Marian Fontana won’t be among them. Comment
Digital editions: Brooklyn Daily is proud to present the latest print editions of our Courier Life newspapers. Read more…

Surviving the terror: One woman’s story, Pt. II

A Britisher’s View: A Brooklyn woman, who was in the thick of 9-11, recalls the horrors in this final installment of a two-part column. Comment

The legacy of Sept. 11

The legacy of Sept. 11

Op-Ed: Who owns the legacy of 9-11? What have we learned since that horrifying day? We asked local leaders to weigh in. Click below for their thoughts as we enter the 10th anniversary ceremonies.
Dining: One of the most historic spots in Brooklyn is now home to the most modern take on grilled cheese sandwiches. Comments (35)

Cops nab second suspect in coin dealer murder

Crime: Plus a host of other crimes reported to the 70th Precinct. Comment
Letters: Our letters page tells it like it is (well, at least how our readers think it is). Comments (5)

Oxy thief busted

Crime: Plus a smattering of other crimes reported by the 61st and 70th precincts. Comment
Harbor Watch: The surviving Montford Point Marines — the nation’s first African-American Marines — are honored. Comment

Your weekend reads — from three booksellers

Books: Once again, the ladies of BookMark Shoppe, Greenlight and Word give us their hot books of the week. Comment

Drive on over to Crown Victoria

Bar Scrawl: A former garage becomes a great beer hall. Comment

Worst weekend ever!

Weekend Watch: This weekend’s transit snafus. Comments (1)

Speedy’s presence to pace Jefferson

Ride the wave: Thomas Jefferson’s offense will be explosive this season. Comment
BoroBeat: An unlikely trio of Coney Island legends finally got their due. Comment

Grimm: I’ll take on my party over Irene relief funds

Bay Ridge: The borough’s lone Republican congressman is poised to battle his own party’s leadership — and put his budget-cutting credentials on the line — to make sure that Brooklyn gets more Hurricane Irene relief money. Comments (8)
Digital editions: It’s been 10 years and, admit it, sometimes even you can’t make complete sense of 9-11. That’s where we come in. In this week’s Brooklyn Paper, you’ll find a full guide to marking the somber anniversary in any way that you see fit. Our guide offers perspective pieces, calendars of cultural and civic memorials, some historical coverage and even an iPhone app that can help. Click the link above to download it all — plus all our other news, arts and features. Honor the past, but celebrate the present — that’s The Brooklyn Paper credo. Read more…

The playoffs should be the Mellencamps in a walk

Greenpoint: Check out our playoff preview as The Brooklyn Paper breaks down the Brooklyn Kickball League’s postseason tournament. Comments (10)

Size matters: ‘Adult Zone’ gets smaller sign, new name

Mill Basin: Talk about shrinkage! Comment

Editorial: Do not allow a cross to defile Trade Center memorial

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s feisty editorial board takes a strong stance against a bill that would turn a cross — the ultimate Christian religious symbol — into the centerpiece of the World Trade Center memorial museum. Comments (18)

Drug store cowboy bust

Crime: Plus several other crimes reported to the 60th, 61st and 62nd precincts. Comment
Bergen Beach: Democratic congressional candidate David Weprin unleashed the big guns — make that long, slender guns — in his bid to succeed disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner: Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, the legendary singer from the retro doo-wop band Sha Na Na. Comment

Cop killer not smart enough to die

Gavel to Gavel: Ronell Wilson was convicted of killing two undercover cops in 2003. His lawyers now claim that his low IQ would preclude him from being put to death. Comment
Nightlife: Eugene Mirman does what he does best (with booze!) Comments (4)
This month will mark the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, and Brooklyn will play host to several memorial events vigils, musical performances, poetry readings, and charity runs across Brownstone Brooklyn and Bay Ridge. Comment

Cops cash in on bone-headed burglar

Canarsie: Plus a smattering of crimes from Canarsie’s 69th Precinct. Comment

A whole lot of honey, honey

Not for Nuthin’: Our columnist’s take on the Comment

Slope Catholic school principal turns critics into converts

Meet Maura Lorenzen, head of St. Saviours School. Two years ago, she was the Devil. Comments (7)

Defending Fort Hamilton

Bay Ridge: Young Tigers will need to learn to finish if it hopes to repeat as PSAL champs. Comment

Breaking moos! Aggie the cow is dead

Park Slope: Prospect Park’s legendary daily queen losses battle. Comments (6)

Man shoots self as marshals come to evict him

A 52-year-old Bensonhurst man is in stable condition after he shot himself in the head Wednesday morning as city marshals sent to evict him from his home banged on his door. Comment

Grimm: Make ‘9-11 cross’ a national monument

Rep. Michael Grimm wants to turn the ultimate 9-11 symbol of Christianity into a national monument. Comments (22)

Williams: Cops wouldn’t have cuffed me if I was white

Prospect Heights: In his first public comments since he was detained by police at the West Indian Parade on Monday, Councilman Jumaane Williams contends that the incident happened because of the color of his skin. Comments (10)

Want to see the Twin Towers again? There’s an app for that

The ghosts of Sept. 11 are still with us. And now you can get two more — the Twin Towers themselves — on your iPhone. Comments (7)
Meadows of Shame: A reckless building owner in Prospect Heights destroyed an adjoining community garden on Vanderbilt Avenue by dumping a giant mound of dirt and rocks on top of vegetables and plants to build a wall between his land and the greenspace. Comments (71)

Grimm weighs in on trashy situation in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge: The Republican congressman says we need garbage cans — for moral reasons! Comments (15)
Flatbush: Talk about an organ donation! Comment

Loud and clear: When Lou speaks out, friends listen

Speak Out: Lou recalls columns past, and how friends remember them. Comment

Another senseless cyclist death in Williamsburg

Mean Streets: A bike rider was killed after a car struck him and dragged him through an intersection on Rodney Street — the second such death in days. Comments (48)

Ed Koch joins Bob Turner on the campaign trail

Sheepshead Bay: Koch, a Democrat, defends Israel by backing Turner for Congress. Comment

Arts world remembers 9-11

Arts world remembers 9-11

Here’s your roundup of ways to remember and honor what was lost on Sept. 11, 2001. Comments (1)

Smoked out! FDNY bests NYPD in heated baseball match at MCU Park

BoroBeat: Talk about getting hosed! Comment
Harbor Watch: A new suvellance system protects army bases. Comment

Older, wiser X-Men hope this is the year

Bay Ridge: A year after a dispointing 5-5 season, the Xaverian Clippers think they can turn things around. Comment

Railsplitter Murphy headed to Oklahoma State

Coney Island: After a breakout July, Kamari Murphy’s stock went through the roof as big-time schools like Connecticut, Missouri, Florida, Miami and Florida State were all over the 6-foot-8 forward from Lincoln HS. Comment

Cops detain councilman at West Indian Day Parade

Park Slope: Was it racial profiling? Many think so. Comments (10)

Horsing around! Jane Walentas to finally open her carousel

The instant waterfront icon will start thrilling kids of all ages (or at least some of them) on Sept. 16. Comments (11)

Old School! It’s business as usual at Kersner Furs

Bensonhurst: A Bensonhurst furrier is betting his modern twist on an old-fashioned classic — the super-expensive fur coat — could help revive an industry’s that’s deader than the mink in your grandmother’s closet. Comment

Here’s what we learned on Labor Day

It’s Only My Opinion: Stan’s post-barbecue thoughts. Comment
Cyclones: Jack Leathersich is a legend in the making — and he’s not afraid to let you know! Comment

Fire rips through Paerdegat home

Canarsie: A massive fire punched through the roof of a Paerdegat 12th Street home on Aug. 24, sending heavy smoke and flames into the afternoon sky. Comment
Music: Peter Bjorn and John — legends of Scandivania — are calling on all fans to rush the stage at Brooklyn Bowl. No, we mean it. Comment
Cinema: The greatest movie about a bike theft — ever. Comment

Dealing with Irene like a ’50s TV dad

The Dad: Sometimes father really does know best. Comment

Raw Utes hope hard work pays off

Bensonhurst: New Utrecht HS coach says his squad’s dilligence will be its strong point. Comment
Windsor Terrace: A sex fiend groped another woman in South Slope on Saturday in the seventh assault in the area since March — days after cops ramped up their efforts to catch the attempted rapist. Comments (4)

Cyclones end regular season by crushing Yanks

Cyclones: Get set for the rematch on Tuesday night as the playoffs begin. Comment
Harbor Watch: Secretary commends airmen on a job well done in the Pacific area. Comment

Can you believe the nerve of these peoples!

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine goes off on low-life scumchops who booed kids that were doing a great thing — keeping Brooklyn beautiful! Comments (3)

The nerve of these peoples!

Big Screecher: This week, Carmine complains about low-life neighbors who booed kids that were doing a great thing — keeping Bensonhurst beautiful! Comment

Sunday reading: 30 minutes, plus Lou Powsner, equals gold

Perspective: Our reporter learned more in 30 minutes with 91-year-old Brooklyn Graphic columnist Lou Powsner than he did in four years of college. Comment

Cyclones prepare for post-season by thrashing the Yankees

Cyclones: A pre-playoff tuneup goes well for Brooklyn. Comment
Harbor Watch: Military members work together to help during flooding from Hurricane Irene. Comment

Cyclones make the post-season with win over Yankees!

Cyclones: A loss by Williamsport clinches the wild-card spot for the surging Clones. Comments (1)
Walmart gave the Brooklyn Public Library $50,000 this week, but opponents of the big-box store’s move into Brooklyn say the donation is just another cheap hustle by a company looking to grease the wheels so it can open here without protest. Comment

Feds slap landlord over refusal to negotiate with workers

Flatbush: A notorious Flatbush landlord owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay for 70 employees that it illegally locked out during an ongoing labor dispute, a federal agency said last Wednesday. Comment

Birders save swan in Prospect Park!

Meadows of Shame: Talk about an Achilles beak! Comments (31)

Cyclones unravel the Spinners for the second straight night

Cyclones: And a Williamsport loss gives the Clones a one-game lead for the wild card with three games to play. Comment
Windsor Terrace: Cops in South Slope are passing out hundreds of “Wanted” posters and boosting patrols in an effort to nab a sex fiend who’s prowled the area since March. Comments (1)

Cyclones unravel the Spinners

Cyclones: Wild-card race remains even with four games to play. Comment
Canarsie: A gunman shot two men in Canarsie this afternoon. Comment

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