Time to quit the blame game — and study geometry!

Perspective: On the ferry coming to the office, I stood on the prow watching the harbor traffic. Not too far in the distance I saw a little white speck heading in our direction, growing ever larger as it neared. All at once, Euclidian geometry popped into my head. Will a boat (with me on it!), sailing at x rate of speed and travelling in a north-easterly direction, collide with another vessel sailing at y rate of speed and traveling in a north-westerly direction? , but Comment

Hill’s ‘extreme’ Muslim rush

Perspective: Memo to Hillary Clinton: a lone American nutter with a gun is a far cry from the 9-11 terrorists.Arizona massacre suspect Jared Loughner Comment

Some Internet advice from your Uncle Stanley

Perspective: HereHere Comment

Meet the new ‘Noir’!

There in 2004, with more than 40 titles in as nearly as many cities since. Comment

Judge begrudgingly sentences kid porn addict to five years

Crime: A Brooklyn Federal judge sentenced a Bushwick pizza shop owner found guilty of possessing thousands of pornographic images involving children on his computer to five years in jail on Jan. 13 Mobster, 93, sent to jailJohn Comment

What to do about ‘failing schools’

Perspective: The city has embarked on another round of school closures — but are the facilities on the hit list truly “failing” or has the city wrongly defined the word itself. Click below for two takes on the issue.

‘Charter’ territory! Parents in ‘failing’ MS 571 fight closure for elite school

Brooklyn Is Angry: The city is moving to close a poorly performing Fort Greene middle school and use the space for an elite charter school — and parents say they’ve been sold out by an education bureaucracy more focused on tests than students. Comments (11)

‘Married’ to it! Emma Straub’s new book is a hit

Books: And she’s reading from it next week at BookCourt. Comments (2)

Meet the new ‘Noir’!

Books: Edwidge Danticat edits “Haiti Noir.” Comment

Another wild weekend on the rails

Weekend Watch: The big news, of course, is the F train. But here are all the service changes affecting you this weekend (Saturday, Jan. 22 at 12:01 am to Monday, Jan. 24 at 5 am, unless otherwise noted). Comments (1)
Mean Streets: Accidents have plummeted dramatically since the installation of the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane in the spring, new city data reveals. Comments (60)
Bay Ridge: The repeal of President Obama’s landmark health care reform on Wednesday was punctuated with plenty of Brooklyn moxie — and a few indirect swipes at freshman Rep. Michael Grimm, the only Republican in the city’s congressional delegation. Comments (4)

Breaking: Cyclist killed on — yes, on — the BQE

Mean Streets: Keep checking back for updates on this odd tragedy. Comments (8)
Who needs MSG when the New York Aviators have all the puck-swatting, fist-swinging action of the pros — at a fraction of the cost? Comment
Park Slope: A new selective public school will open inside the John Jay HS building in Park Slope despite an outcry from students and teachers who say the decision encourages racial segregation. Comments (15)
Cleaning Our Waterways: Greenpoint’s four-year-old Newtown Creek Nature Walk will nearly double in size thanks to new city funding. Comment
Music: Liz Phair will fill the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Jan. 26. Be there. Comments (1)
Cinema: Gregg Araki’s new Sundance Festival cult hit will debut in Brooklyn on Jan. 27. Comment
Carroll Gardens: Who needs a nightstick or service revolver when you have Jerry Armer, Maria Pagano and Frances Brown? Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: And a judge has ordered an expedited hearing, too. Comments (4)
Bay Ridge: Soldier-turned-Congressman Michael Grimm has hired a former NYPD detective who will “act as a bodyguard” for himself and staffers in the wake of the Arizona shootings — but Brooklyn’s lone Republican member of Congress is apparently our only local lawmaker to take such a drastic step. Comments (6)

License ‘em! Sloper wants to put plates on bikes

Mean Streets: Cyclists will be required to register their rides like their gas-guzzling counterparts under a controversial scheme trumpeted last week by a Park Slope activist. Comments (37)
Brooklyn Heights: A 250-year-old map of the city is found — and restored to its original glory. Comments (3)
The city was quick to clear the streets following last Tuesday’s mini-snowstorm, but that hard work left us under an avalanche of something grittier, dirtier and much more aromatic — a trashpocalypse of garbage and recyclables. Comment

Boro’s biggest jerk off at the Bell House

Dining: Get your mind out of the gutter — we’re talking about a beef jerky contest. Comments (1)

Chain chain chain — chain of burgers! Cheeburger Cheeburger coming to Park Slope

Dining: It’s the ultimate Park Slope good news/bad news story: The long-vacant Miracle Grill space on Seventh Avenue is finally about to reopen — but as a national burger chain with a very cheesy name. Comments (13)

Get buzzed! Brooklyn Brainery hosts beekeeping course

Admit it — ever since beekeeping became legal in March, you’ve been wondering how you could get in the buzz biz. Comment

A ‘Borkman’ for a long, cold winter

For a play that stars some of the best stage actors working today — as well as Snape from the “Harry Potter” movies — the true star may be the set. Comment
Mean Streets: The city is moving to stop droves of double-decker tour buses from idling and clogging the foot of Old Fulton Street during the summer — a traffic debacle that’s reached a breaking point since Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park opened early last year. Comments (18)
Dining: All around the borough, this humble staple has become a big ticket item. Some are worth it — some are not. Comments (8)

This week’s juicy food gossip

Foodie-in-Chief: Dig in. Comments (1)

Hey, artists, here’s your chance to wine

Williamsburg: Brooklyn Oenology sponsors a contest to design the Next Great Wine Bottle. Comments (5)

The snowstorm was heaven sent

Fearless Living: Sure, Bloomberg blew the clean-up, but our columnist’s sons got a life lesson in rolling with the punches. Comments (3)

Simon’s ‘Gingerbread’ is savory, not sweet at Ridge Rep

Theater: Don’t let the name fool you. Comment

The 76th Precinct’s crime-fighting octogon

Carroll Gardens: Just eight new officers at the precinct — but that’s a good thing because it means the area is safe. Comments (1)

Teacher fired following salacious Madison coupling

The teachers accused of having sex with each other inside a classroom at James Madison High School have been fired by the city after arbitrators ruled that the two were most likely having a “sexual encounter.” Comment

The bike crackdown — two views

Editorial: The city announced last week that it would begin a major crackdown on cyclists who violate motor vehicle laws. It’s a controversial move and, as such, prime fodder for this week’s op-ed page. Comment

‘Ticket blitz’ too lopsided

Editorial: Over 200 pedestrians and cyclists killed by motor vehicles in New York City every year. Our concern is that this “ticketing blitz” which singles out cyclists will simply discourage bicycle usage. Comment

For Mayor, Tuesday’s snow was “The Perfect Storm”

What a difference a snowstorm makes! Comment

Teachers fired following salacious Madison coupling

The teachers accused of having sex with each other inside a classroom at James Madison High School have been fired by the city after arbitrators ruled that the two were most likely having a sexual encounter. Comment

Truck sleepovers irk residents

Seventh Avenue near 92nd Street has become a truck stop, say angry residents who are demanding somebody tells the drivers who park there at night to move along. Comment

Murder at the gallery

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Police seek gun trip

Flatbush: Police are searching for team of trigger-happy thugs who are on a sinister shopping spree. Comment

Crackdown will save lives

Editorial: When people ask me why I’m for the NYPD’s new bicycle safety enforcement initiative that’s poised to start, I have a very straightforward answer for them: It’s going to save lives, period. Comment

Cops hunt the Monitor Street gunman

Greenpoint: No solid leads yet on the gunman who critically wounded a man near Nassau Street on Friday night. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: An “illegal” barrier is blocking Greenpointers from their waterfront — and controversial landowner Josh Guttman is to blame. Comments (8)

Stephen Brown — journalist of the year!

The Brooklyn Paper has done it again — won the highest honor from a national newspaper association. Comments (4)

Freddy’s, killed by Atlantic Yards, rises from the dead

Awesome: Set your calendar — the legendary bar reopens in Park Slope on Feb. 4. Comments (2)

Slope goes back to the future for Equal Rights Amendment

Park Slope: The 1970s equality law for women, which failed to make the Constitution, is back. Comments (7)

Bar toons! Our nightlife cartoonist makes the big time

Art: Bill Roundy has a gallery show in DUMBO. Comment

Aunt Mary’s memory keeps me from hoarding

Perspective: Whenever my Aunt Mary would visit, she would organize my stash of plastic shopping bags under my kitchen sink. She would fold them and put them in neat little bundles secured together with rubber bands., but if one day of bundling plastic bags and organizing the closet can induce such calmness, putting the whole house in order should put me in a coma. Thanks, Aunt Mary! Comment

A three-way beating

68th PrecinctBay Ridge3 on 1Three thugs jumped a 20-year-old guy on 11th Avenue on Jan. 4, making off with the victimnear 66th Street at around 6 pm when three unknown dudes approached and punched him […] Comment

Cops nab Canarsie gunman

Canarsie: Gunman nabbedPolice have arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with a Jan. 3 shooting on E. 92nd Street.Television takerA knife-wielding thug swiped a television from an E. 95th Street home on Jan. 6, but didnScaffolding crook bustedAn 18-year-old thief was arrested after he was linked to two burglaries on Seaview Avenue last November.Scammed on deliveryA 22-year-old delivery man for a Marine Park restaurant was arrested this week for using a customerMugger bustedCops have arrested a 33-year-old responsible for a brutal mugging inside the Kings Plaza mall.Bad beginningsChampagne bottles werenDevilish crimeThieves broke into a Utica Avenue church Comment

Cops solve delivery debacle

Mill–Marine Courier: Scammed on deliveryA 22-year-old delivery man for a Marine Park restaurant was arrested this week for using a customerMugger bustedCops have arrested a 33-year-old responsible for a brutal mugging inside the Kings Plaza mall.Home wreckerA 24-year-old man went wild inside a Flatbush Avenue apartment on Jan. 10, breaking everything from drinking glasses to a vase before being taken into custody.Purse grabA thug jumped a 61-year-old woman on Flatlands Avenue on Dec. 26, taking her purse.Devilish crimeThieves broke into a Utica Avenue church Toys A crew of Christmas grinches tunnelled into the Toys Comment

Cops search for chin cutter

Bay News: Slashed on 16thA thug attacked a 16-year-old on 16th Avenue on Jan. 1 Synagogue raidA devilish thief broke into a Kings Highway synagogue over the New YearUPS robA man with a hammer tried to rob a UPS […] Comment

Open mouth, insert foot

Perspective: I love our secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. She is the perfect example of the More than a year ago, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, former chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria, […] Comment

Boot beating on train

Brooklyn Heights: 84th PrecinctBrooklyn HeightsNice bootsTwo punks attacked and robbed a man of his cellphone on the F train at the Jay Street-Metrotech station on Jan. 8.Why guy?Someone burglarized the Wi-Pie pizza joint on Remsen Street on Jan. 8.Free punchA brute randomly attacked and robbed a man near the York Street train station on Jan. 8.Compu-goneSome thieves heisted two computers from a Jay Street commercial space on Jan. 4 while its owner was on vacation.Window jackA thief smashed the windows of a car on Court Street before stealing an envelope filled with $300 on Jan. 4.Diebstahl!Two creeps robbed a German tourist on Plymouth Street on Jan. 3.iGive chaseA quick cretin stole a man Comment

An ordinary day, an extraordinary nightmare

Random violence isnArizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Comment

Senior run down in Midwood

Kings Courier: Run downAn unlicensed 27-year-old motorist was arrested on Jan. 5 after he ran down an 82-year-old man at the intersection of Avenue J and E. Ninth Street.NYPD sneakA man masquerading as a police officer […] Comment
Theater: A runaway princess, a talking donkey, a singing rooster, and music-loving cat and dog are coming to the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts — and, no, it’s not some knock-off production of “Shrek.” Comment

Get buzzed! Brooklyn Brainery hosts beekeeping course

Event: Admit it — ever since beekeeping became legal in March, you’ve been wondering how you could get in the buzz biz. Comment

Cops: We have Williamsburg rapist

Williamsburg: Cops say they have nabbed the villain who sexually assaulted two women in Williamsburg and has been preying on the fairer sex for years. Comments (4)

Grimm: House members should pack heat if they want

Bay Ridge: Gun-slinging G-man-turned-Republican Rep. Michael Grimm wants beefed up security training for him and his House colleagues in the wake of last weekend’s Arizona shootings — and lesson one is that lawmakers should consider packing heat. Comments (23)
Park Slope: Approve our hotel — or else we’ll bring low-class clientele to the Grand Prospect Hall, owners Michael and Alice Halkias seem to be saying. Comments (26)
Williamsburg: Brooklyn Brewery has finally reached the tipping point. Comments (9)

The bike crackdown — it’s coming

Perspective: The city announced last week that it would begin a major crackdown on cyclists who violate motor vehicle laws. It’s a controversial move and, as such, prime fodder for this week’s op-ed page. Click below for opinion pieces on both sides of this contentious issue.

A ‘Borkman’ for a long, cold winter

A ‘Borkman’ for a long, cold winter

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: The Butcher’s review finds this Alan Rickman-led production just a bit too chilly. But, hey, it’s Ibsen, so what did he expect? Comment
Dining: Fans of Ditmas Park’s Pomme de Terre may have rejoiced when a veteran of that kitchen took over the Newkirk Avenue spot earlier this fall. But don’t expect the same experience at the new Ox Cart Tavern. Comments (1)

Empire wing of mind! Jay-Z invests big in Downtown chicken joint

Dining: He’s not a businessman; he’s a business, man — and that’s why rapper Jay-Z’s investment in Downtown’s newest wing joint has already put it on the map. Comments (15)

Tower power! State bails out developer in BAM Cultural District

BAM District: The state bailed out a long-delayed, 42-story residential tower just off Flatbush Avenue late last month, days before a tax exemption deadline would have left developers with an unfunded mega-project for at least another year. Comments (2)

Cops: This is the guy who robbed the Bay Ridge bank

Bay Ridge: The FBI has has identified the principal suspect in the armed robbery of the Ridgewood Savings Bank on Third Avenue on Dec. 23. Comments (1)

Love ‘Letters’! Dance work inspired by history’s greatest epistles

Dance: They’re words that move hearts — and feet! Comment

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