Event: There will be lots of swashbuckling and “Shiver me timbers!” Comment

Start spreading the ‘Newsies’! Singalong on Friday at the Bell House

Cinema: Calling all kings of New York. Comment

Celebrate Brooklyn pick of the week — Mark Morris!

Dance: The outdoor festival shows that it’s not just about music. Comment

Woman found dead by Gravesend Bay

Sheepshead Bay: An unidentified woman’s remains were found stuffed in a shopping cart at the edge of Gravesend Bay on July 17. Comment

Bueller? Bueller? Classic coming-of-age story to unspool in McCarren Park

Cinema: Don’t play hooky on the greatest hooky movie ever. Comments (1)

Saturday Night Fever at Mister Sunday

Bar Scrawl: Our Bar Scrawl columnist digs the scene at the Gowanus dance party. Comment

City on PPW suit: Bring it on!

City on PPW suit: Bring it on!

Mean Streets: The city will fight the Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit on its merits, instead of seeking its dismissal on a technicality, lawyers told a judge on Wednesday. Comments (49)
Bridge ‘Park’: A co-ed volleyball league will take over Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park for two nights a week in exchange for providing free public workshops and funding for court maintenance — the latest sign that public-private partnerships are shoring up the waterfront park’s revenues. Comments (1)
Brooklyn Heights: Get on board Marty’s Marriage Train! Comments (2)
Clinton Hill: Yep, that was Don Draper taking in the summer breeze from one of the best places around — a Clinton Hill stoop. Comments (6)
Ambitious plans for a boathouse along the Newtown Creek ran aground this week when state officials indicated they would not fund the project because the city objects to kayaking in the fetid waterway, according to a source familiar with the project. Comments (16)

Worst boss of the week! ACS manager attacks his staff

Williamsburg: An Administration of Childrens Services supervisor berated his staff so much during a conference at his Williamsburg office that they called the cops. Comments (4)

Foxy set free — plans to sue DA Hynes for malicious prosecution

Gavel to Gavel: A judge dismissed criminal charges against Foxy Brown on July 12, but the raunchy rap star plans to come back to court again — to file a lawsuit against District Attorney Charles Hynes. Comment

The freakiest, geekiest circus folks around!

Event: The Coney Island Talent Show returns to the Boardwalk this month. Comment
Atlantic Yards: High rollers at the Barclays Center will get their own VIP entrance — with a concierge desk and a sleek chandelier — when the $800-million arena opens in Prospect Heights next fall. Comments (13)

‘Tobacco’ smoke! St. Ann’s leader blames community and sadly talks of DUMBO pullout

DUMBO: The St. Ann’s Warehouse theater company will leave DUMBO now that a federal judge blocked the city from allowing the historic Tobacco Warehouse from becoming its future home — and theater officials are blaming the community groups for getting in the way. Comments (9)

Raid! FBI storms into McKibbin Lofts looking for hackers

Bushwick: A worldwide crackdown on the hacker group known as Anonymous touched down in the McKibbin Lofts in East Williamsburg early on Tuesday — but the target of the FBI raid there had already flown the coop, residents and authorities said. Comments (5)
Williamsburg: A humble supermarket manager is doing a better job than the NYPD of informing Williamsburg women that a sexual predator is apparently on the loose. Comments (8)

Bike lane lie? Beep testimony casts doubt on city position

Mean Streets: Borough President Markowitz says the city is lying to protect its most controversial bike lane. Comments (28)
Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s largest waterfront park has stalled — perhaps permanently — because the city doesn’t have the cash to buy the land. Comments (38)

It’s summer — can we let the kids relax?

Fearless Living: Our columnist grapples with letting her kids mellow out rather than be enriched all the time. Comments (2)
Mean Streets: A bike parking corral will soon replace two spaces on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens — a move that neighbors say will fix the treacherous intersection with Sackett Street. Comments (17)
Cyclones: Cole Frenzel is living on duct tape, string and superstition. Comment

Weprin woes: Brooklyn’s not behind Queens congressional hopeful

Sheepshead Bay: Some voters in Southern Brooklyn are concerned that Queens-born and bred Assemblyman David Weprin — the Democratic machine’s candidate to replace former Rep. Anthony Weiner — will do nothing for the borough if he’s elected to Congress in September. Comment
Cinema: Brooklyn’s biggest animation festival is no child’s play. Comment

Talking about that old-time tradition

Music: The roots enthusiasts that make up the Union Street Preservation Society were born about 100 years too late. Comments (1)

Clones pummel the Ironbirds

Cyclones: A big win by the visiting Cyclones. Comment
Met superstar Jose Reyes slummed it as a Cyclone on Monday, creating a fan and media frenzy at MCU Park, though the Major League all-star failed to bring the one thing the struggling Cyclones really needed — a “W.” Comment
Atlantic Yards: Rat-plagued residents of Prospect Heights will get relief from the rodent infestation caused by the Atlantic Yards project — courtesy of the developer himself. Comments (5)

Perfetto gets community service in ‘attack’ on legal system

Former Bay Ridge District Leader Ralph Perfetto was slapped with 70 hours of community service for masquerading as a lawyer in 2008 after a judge agreed with a prosecutor’s assertion that the victimless crime was “an attack on the heart of the legal system.” Comments (12)

Fault lines are showing on the New Frontiersmen

Greenpoint: The top-ranked team in Brooklyn Kickball had a bad weekend. Comment

Kruger sighting!

Embattled senator shows his face at Coney Island concert. Comment
Downtown: The Fulton Mall landmark restaurant continues its transformation from high class to low end. Comments (5)

Old ‘Gold’: New Ridge deli goes back to Brooklyn’s roots

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge has struck gold — in the form of homemade egg salad, potato-horseradish knishes, and giant pastrami sandwiches. Comments (24)

PS 29 principal gets slush fund

Cobble Hill: Parents at scandal-tarred PS 29 have created an $8,000 slush fund for their beloved principal — and it’s all legal. Comments (12)

This week’s tasty — but less filling! — food gossip

Foodie-in-Chief: Bubby’s bubble bursts (along with a pipe) in DUMBO, a fresh egg readies to hatch in Williamsburg, and the Grapes are always greener in Fort Greene. Ready, set, gossip! Comment
Theater: Brave New World Repertory’s new production adds more than just some much-needed “dese” and “dems” to the Bard’s classic comedy. Comment

Brutal beating near Navy Yard

Fort Greene: Two brothers are battered by a gang of 12. Plus all the other crime reports from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comment

Oh what a gripe! Marty’s new concert home a concrete jungle

Coney Island: Many who attended opening night of Borough President Markowitz Summer Seaside Concert Series in Coney Island say Asser Levy Park is a better place to enjoy the show. Comments (14)

Forget jurisprudence, let the evil bastard rot in hell

Not for Nuthin’: Res ipsa loquitur: the act speaks for itself. Comment

Coco66 gets 86’ed! Cops shutter Greenpoint club in liquor violation

Nightlife: Police shuttered the bar after allegedly served alcohol without a license — the latest attempt to step up enforcement on noisy neighborhood joints. Comments (5)

Eat this Marty: new Gravesend waterfront retail center won’t have a restaurant

The Beep won’t be getting a burger with his BJs! Comment

Porterhouse perfection!

Prime Time: Joe tells you how to grill steak just right. Comments (3)

Cyclones beat Spinners in 4-1 rout

Cyclones: Richard Lucas homers, continuing Brooklyn’s winning streak. Comment
Sunday Screech: My stomach has been rumbling louder than the Cyclone as it goes down the second hill since I started reminiscing about eating delicious meatball sandwiches at Coney Island after I saw that fantastic picture of myself working at the Ravenhall Pool in Sunday’s most popular web feature. Comments (2)

Cut to the Corps! Grimm bars fed money from funding move from Fort Hamilton

Bay Ridge: The Army Corps of Engineers won’t leave the Fort Hamilton Army Base for an office in Manhattan — a big victory for Rep. Michael Grimm, who had inserted language into an appropriations bill that would have barred the Corps from using federal funds to move. Comments (4)

Rot in hell, Betim Kaziu! 

A Britisher’s View: America has made another example of an aspiring anarchist, and other extrmemists should take heed. Comment

Cyclones beat Spinners in dizzying 5-4 victory

Cyclones: Brooklyn’s winning streak continues. Comment

Stan’s questions sometimes don’t have answers

It’s Only My Opinion: Sometimes, a question only requires a shrug of the shoulders. Comment

Get your free ice cream!

Dining: A Ben and Jerry’s truck will be parked outside of the Lovin’ Cup today giving out free ice cream. Scoop’s on. Comment
Red Hook: For the second year in a row, these kids can’t cool off in their local pool, while other city campers have no hold-up. What gives? Comment

Cyclones take down Doubledays 10-4

Cyclones: Brooklyn’s bats come back to life as they defeat Auburn in heated rubber game. Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: A judge has blocked a plan to turn the historic Tobacco Warehouse in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park into the new home of St. Ann’s Warehouse, a DUMBO theater company that had planned to move there. Comments (1)
Editor’s Picks: Get out there, Brooklyn! Comments (1)

Food frenzy!

Borough President Markowitz really loves waterfront dining. Comment

Cyclones defeat the Doubledays 2-0

Cyclones: The losing streak is over — for now. Comment
But it stops short of stopping the development completely. Comments (14)

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