It’s a family affair on Fifth Avenue on Saturday

Event: This one’s for the kids. Comment
Music: With a name like Body Language, you know this band will get you moving. Comment

You gotta love Noche Flamenco

Theater: It’s the forbidden dance, after all, and its this week at Kingsborough. Comments (2)

It’s a family affair on Fifth Avenue on Saturday

Parenting: This one’s for the kids. Comment

Weekend reads from our bookworms

The BookMark Shoppe’s pick: “The Imperfectionists” Comment

Flamenco straight from the motherland

This flamenco show’s got it all. Comment

Whitehead, underclassmen trump elders at Wheelchair Classic

High School Sports: The main event of the 38th annual Wheelchair Charities HS Basketball Classic was supposed to be the boys junior and senior championship between Brooklyn and The Bronx. But it was the underclassmen who stole the show in April 14’s curtain raiser. Comment

Northwestern-bound Poly Prep girls lax star moves past injuries

Jessica Dahldorf didn’t know what she was in for when she visited Northwestern just before the start of the school year. The Poly Prep junior had spent time at the famed women’s lacrosse school’s camp among others over the summer and had received an e-mail and later a call from coach Kelly Amonte Hiller asking her to come on a visit. Comment

Saputo’s heroics keeps Poly’s Ivy win streak intact

High School Sports: Just two innings earlier, Kerri Saputo had struck out looking with the winning run in scoring position. Now she had swung and missed on a hittable pitch, the first of this at-bat, with a runner at second and two outs in the eighth. An out would have given Fieldston another chance to end Poly Prep’s six-year Ivy Prep League winning streak. Comment

My winter in the sun, minus Puerto Rico

Perspective: Lou Powsner used to spend the mean winters of Brooklyn away from home, soaking up the sun in Puerto Rico. Comment
Meadows of Shame: Yes, it’s another righteous pro-goose screed from our bird-loving editorial board. Comments (21)
Residents and out-of-town union advocates urged the city not to sell land to a developer because when lied in its promise to bring a unionized supermarket to the planned Gateway II Plaza shopping center. Comments (6)

Is that a big cheese — or is Charlie Sahadi just happy to see you?

Shopping: Our guess is that it’s both, as Atlantic Avenue’s grocer expands in latest salvo against Trader Joe’s. Comments (4)

It’s Religion 101 on our Op-Ed page

Perspective: Holy week is upon us again, so we invited representatives of three really major religions to explain their faith in these troubled times.

Halyards is a heckuva joint

Bar Scrawl: Bar Scrawl takes his cartoonists’-eye view to Gowanus’s new whisky bar. Comment

Same sad story

Weekend Watch: Here are all the service changes affecting you this weekend (Saturday, April 21 at 12:01 am to Monday, April 25 at 5 am, unless otherwise noted). Comment
Cobble Hill: A Windsor Terrace mom whose baby was breastfed by another woman in a hospital switch-up wants to head to the highest court in the state after a lower court refused to grant her damages for the emotional pain of knowing that the baby’s first nourishment came from the breast of another woman. Comments (5)
Red Hook: The city has derailed a ballyhooed plan to return trolley service to Red Hook, dashing the dreams of the transportation-challenged peninsula. Comments (8)
Greenpoint: The Bloomberg Administration moves against developer Josh Guttman for walling off Noble Street. Comments (13)

Help Japan at a fun party tomorrow night

Ooba Lounge raises funds for earthquake victims. Comments (1)
Downtown plan: A wealthy supermarket magnate promises to bring a grocery store to the Fort Greene “food desert” spawned by his stunted real estate project. Comments (2)

What the duck? Buttermilk Channel gives us its meatloaf recipe

Dining: You only wish your mama made meatloaf like this. Comments (1)

Barrier broken: IS 211 student takes lesson from Jackie Robinson’s legacy

Canarsie: An IS 211 eighth grader’s fight to improve his math scores and overcome an ugly stereotype has grabbed the attention of the daughter of the biggest barrier-breaker of them all — Jackie Robinson. Comment
Mean Streets: A Lefferts Gardens woman who watched her mother get mowed down by a car is Comments (29)

Whoa, get a load of how pissed off Vito Lopez is at the mayor!

The longtime Assemblyman and affordable housing advocate is not pleased — and we have the photo to prove it! Comments (8)

Finally, a Brooklyn Flea just for food

Shopping: The operators of the popular Brooklyn Flea antiques and craft markets have created a gastro-centric marketplace that launches on May 21. Comments (2)
Meadows of Shame: Two Park Slope lawmakers — including pensive Councilman Steve Levin above — are pushing legislation that would prevent another secret slaughter of geese this summer. Comments (10)

Carroll Gardens rallies around Mark, but not Benny

Carroll Gardens: Carroll Gardens rallied behind big shot pizzaiolo Mark Iacono this week, championing the man — not just his marinara. Comments (12)
Theater: Don’t miss the chance to see one of the greatest classical theater actors working today. Comments (2)

Bread lines! New cookbook is devoted to the greatness of sandwiches

Dining: The secret is out: Sandwiches are the best. Comment

Pulitzer call interrupts Egan’s lunch at Olea!

Books: The salad will have to wait, as Fort Greene writer’s ‘A Visit from the Goon Squad’ becomes one for the ages. Comments (4)

Pizzaman will be charged with attempted murder, too!

Carroll Gardens: Lucali remains closed as its owner, recovering from last week’s stabbing, is charged. Comments (7)
Cleaning Our Waterways: The city’s top environmental boss turned salesman last week, trumpeting a low-tech plan that he believes will stanch the stink in the Gowanus Canal. Comments (4)
Mean Streets: The Fourth Street cul-de-sac won’t be available for parking anymore. Comments (17)

This year, Museum gala has a Brooklyn accent

Event: For its next big bash, the Brooklyn Museum is looking for inspiration in its own backyard. Comment

Matzoh ball mania! The best traditional soup this Passover, just like bubbe made it

Some grandmother’s pass down recipes for meatloaf and mashed potatoes, others make the best lasagna, arroz con pollo, or sweet potato pie. Comment

Beaten by a teen wolfpack

Brooklyn Paper: 84th Precinct Comment

Here comes the bribe: Kruger hit with more charges

More crimes have been added to the morass of charges filed against state Sen. Carl Kruger — leaving the embattled legislator in even hotter water than he was before. Comment

Royal wedding fever! Bloody good parties for Wills and Kate

Event: Royal wedding fever has officially crossed the pond. Comment

Bugging out

Dance: A man who turns into a spider. Aerial acts above the audiences’ heads. Zip lines running from one end of the theater to the other. Comment

By ‘design’? Brooklyn’s top furniture showcase killed by state budget cuts

Event: Bklyn Designs — the annual showcase for cutting-edge interior designers, retailers and manufacturers — won’t be happening in DUMBO this spring. Comments (4)

Weekend reads from our bookworms

Books: Word Bookshop, Greenlight and The BookMark Shoppe offer this week’s picks. Comment

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Miss Norway!

It was an event of royal proportions as Bay Ridge’s Norwegian community crowned its new Miss Norway. Comments (2)

Coney Island is back!

Coney Island’s spring season kicked off this weekend, and it was the classic attractions that saw most of the action. Comments (1)

Dying for space

A plan to expand Brooklyn’s largest Jewish cemetery could be killed because residents say the graveyard’s growth will literally turn the area into a dead zone. Comment

Police rain on Fort Ham walkout

Police locked-downed Fort Hamilton HS on Friday morning, putting the kibosh on the student-planned walkout in support of arrested art teacher Sabrina Milo — who allegedly made terrorists threats inside the school earlier this month. Comment

Thor Equities tries a new outdoor flea market this May

Coney Island “developer” Joe Sitt, the local boy who owns a large portion of the People’s Playground but has yet to build anything atop it, is again bringing a flea market to his Stillwell Avenue lots in a scheme similar to one that failed miserably in 2009 — and other stakeholders in the area say it’s time for the his company, Thor Equities, to actually put a shovel in the ground. Comment

Mom: My son’s no cop-killer

Crime: “I swear by the Bible my son is innocent,” Josefa Villanueva screamed as she knelt outside the courtroom, holding her Bible close to her heart. “These are lies by the 84th.” Comment

Restaurant woes

Bay News: Manhattan Beach residents fear that a new two-story restaurant on Oxford Street will attract rowdy co-eds from nearby Kingsborough Community College — giving them yet another reason to square-off with the young adults. Comment

Violent beating on Gold St.

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Light fantastic

A long-desired traffic light will be installed in May in front of Bay Ridge Preparatory School, where an existing “Stop” sign just isn’t doing the job, locals said. Comment

Clean-up on Shore Road Park could use more hands

Members of the Shore Road Park Conservancy say they spent two days cleaning up parts of the park between 88th and 97th streets — but a lack of volunteers is making it difficult to get the job done. Comment

Big game hunter

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Carmine’s got a beef about our streets

Perspective: Now that I have survived one of the worst winters in decades, my body is trying to survive the hazards that Mother Nature — and the city — has wrought on our streets, highways and sidewalks. Comment

Berkeley Carroll four plan to roar

High School Sports: Before they were old enough to date or take driver’s ed classes, Robb Paller, Joey Martinez, Dan Schwartz and Andrew Timko were playing baseball together, all the way back eight years ago with Youth Service. Comment

Coupons and other quandries....

Perspective: Another 30-percent-off coupon from Kohl’s arrived this morning. So guess where we spent the afternoon? While my roommate was busy over in the women’s section, I, once again, was busy doing research in the men’s. Last time, I investigated where the products were made. Today my focus was on the brands being sold there. Comment

Kruger spin! No mention of arrest in update to constituents

Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room! Comment

Taking his turn, Maldari pitches, hits Poly Prep past Dalton

High School Sports: Andrew Zapata and Philip Maldari rarely saw the field for Poly Prep last spring. Freshmen at the time, the two spent much of the year listening, observing and learning from standout seniors J.J. Franco and Richie Carbone. Comment

On Passover, he is truly a man in full

The Dad: Why is this night different from all other nights? Because on this night, our parenting columnist is a real father. Comments (1)

Smoke signals

Bay News: A civic group’s plan to ban grilling in Manhattan Beach Park is fueling more fires than it would put out. Comment

The plight of the purloined poop pole

Perspective: Home ownership has taught me and my husband many valuable lessons, not the least of which is the worth of the “poop-pole,” also known as a toilet auger. Comment

Community comes through for embattled Knights of Columbus Hall

Pool sharks have helped the Gerritsen Beach Knights of Columbus bounce back from a debilitating burglary — and put the club on course toward reaching a goal believed to be unrealistic. Comment

Green getaways! Learn about eco-friendly trips at this travel expo

Event: For your next vacation, think green. Comments (1)

Finally! An app to get rid of your leavened bread!

A new mobile phone application helps Jews keep their houses kosher this Passover. Comments (1)

Nemo spotted in Coney Island!

Nemo spotted in Coney Island!

Event: Two new exhibits at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island feature a colorful fish made famous by a Disney film. Comments (3)
Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s league for lovers is looking for players. Comments (1)

The Siren screams! Manhattan newspaper cancels festival

Brooklyn Is Angry: It’s the day the music died! Comments (3)
A drowsy senior citizen driver slammed into a group of people standing outside the Park Slope Armory at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 15th Street on April 15 — leaving four hospitalized. Comments (14)

Stabbed on Smith Street

Carroll Gardens: The owner of a famous pizzeria with alleged ties to the mafia was slashed in broad daylight. Comments (11)
Williamsburg: A local panel is going after a popular summer concert series, demanding that the sponsors of the East River State Park jams clean up and quiet down its acts. Comments (24)
The owner of Park Slope’s controversial Prime 6 bar is bowing to the demands of lawyered-up neighbors who believe the new watering hole will be a big problem when it finally opens in May. Comments (20)

Brooklyn Public Library offers ‘amnesty’ for book scofflaws

The Brooklyn Public Library is giving you until the end of the month to bring back your late book, so do it quick, or library cops may report you to a collection agency. Comments (1)

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