Betty Buckley performs your favorite showtunes this Saturday

Theater: A bit of Broadway is coming to Brooklyn. Comment
Williamsburg: Three bougie supermarkets are leading the fight against a Williamsburg hummus maker who allegedly abused his workers. Comments (5)
Census 2010: What happened in your neighborhood? Find out with this handy featurette. Comments (8)
Fitness: You can be as fit as Melissa “Hurricane” Hernandez — with a little help from Gleason’s Gym. Comments (3)

What is the way to save our geese?

What is the way to save our geese?

Perspective: This weekend’s Hands Across the Lake vigil for Prospect Park’s Canada Geese has roused plenty of emotions — even within the animal-loving community. Click below for two takes on the issue:

When the moon hits your eye — order ramen at Lunetta

Dining: The Smith Street restaurant goes bonzai whenever the lunar orb is full. Comment
Bar Scrawl: Bar Scrawl takes his cartoonists’-eye view into Prospect Heights’ Way Station. Comments (2)

Trouble on the rails

Weekend Watch: Here are all the service changes affecting you this weekend (Saturday, April 2 at 12:01 am to Monday, April 4 at 5 am, unless otherwise noted). Comment

Where the boys are! Columbia Street is the city’s gayest neighborhood

Census 2010: Brooklyn has a new “gayest” neighborhood, and it ain’t Park Slope. Comments (15)

Wheel bad news in Bay Ridge as city puts meters on last free block

Mean Streets: A legendary oasis of free parking on Third Avenue will dry up this summer when the city installs new muni-meters between 83rd and 84th streets. Comments (19)

Nazareth’s Jones caps career with stellar performance

High School Sports: Tiffany Jones didn’t have your typical pregame warm up for a 6-foot-3 forward. The Syracuse-bound senior didn’t take a free throw or a layup, just shots from 3-point range. Her final shot was a halfcourt heave that fell well short. Comment

Naz coach breaks down after tumultuous year ends with Federation title

High School Sports: Apache Paschall left his team’s celebration, wandered slowly over to the end of the bench and sat down. All alone, while the Lady Kingsmen hugged and clapped and cheered, the Nazareth coach bowed his head and cried. Comment

Top that: Nazareth caps historic season with ‘AA’ Federation title

High School Sports: The rise of the fallen is complete for Apache Paschall and his team. This time last year they were without a school when St. Michael Academy closed, only to find a new home and bring back to it a Federation title. Comment

Monday night is ‘Secret’ night at my house

Perspective: Will Amy sleep with Ricky? Will Adrian say yes to Ben? Will Ben be happy with a yes? These are the questions that fill the hearts and minds of every American teenager (and a few of us that ought to know better), as the fourth season of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” comes back to the tube. I have to admit, I’m addicted to the show myself. Comment

Rest in peace, Elizabeth Taylor

Perspective: “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty — that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” [John Keats, 1795-1821]. Comment

Senior-laden Midwood set to reclaim PSAL boys lacrosse crown

High School Sports: Midwood has tasted defeat more than it would have liked the last two seasons. Comment

Playing all night — and the music’s all right! Mama’s got a squeezebox, Daddy never sleeps at night

It’s his birthday, and he’ll have accordions if he wants to. Comment

Stan’s question that don’t need answers

Perspective: Just because a spoken sentence ends in a raised voice or a printed one ends with an eroteme (that’s fancy-speak for a question mark), does that necessarily indicate that one is seeking information or testing knowledge? In most cases, yes, but there are also instances when a particular question is asked merely to make a statement. Here are some from the notes sitting on my desk. Comment

Ox Cart Tavern a welcome addition to Ditmas Park

Dining: Fans of Ditmas Park’s Pomme de Terre may have rejoiced when a veteran of that kitchen took over the Newkirk Avenue spot earlier this fall. But don’t expect the same experience at the new Ox Cart Tavern. Comment

Finally, bikes, babes, beer and burlesque — all in one place

This burlesque show really shifts gears. Comment

Honky tonk man! Jonny Corndawg begins month-long residency at Brooklyn Bowl

It wasn’t the rich music scene or allure of Williamsburg that pulled Jonny Corndawg out of the South — he moved from Nashville to New York for a girl. Comment

No. 5: Young Madison relying on pitching in beefed-up division

High School Sports: Vinny Caiazza has been described as the White Knight of Brooklyn baseball. Caiazaa defending the borough’s reputation is as much a spring tradition as halter tops and sandals. Comment

The High comes up dry in ‘AA’ semifinal loss to Mount Vernon

High School Sports: Boys & Girls strengths in winning back-to-back PSAL Class AA city titles has been its depth of scoring options and pressure defense. Comment

Midwood’s ‘magical’ season comes to close as turnovers do in Hornets

High School Sports: In running through the PSAL to its first boys basketball city championship in 43 years, Midwood relied on two specific assets: Avoiding mistakes and having the best player on the floor. Comment

Kruger sighting! Embattled senator shows up at annual breakfast

What’s the matter, Carl — no love? Comment

Gunmen sought for E. 15th Street killing

Flatbush: Gun-toting trio sought Comment

Bandana-wearing punks sought for robbery

Kings Courier: Bandannas and bullets Comment

Burglar offers some creepy advice

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Charter crunch: Second school approved for PS 114

Canarsie: A new charter school moving into PS 114 in Canarsie could take up the building’s best classrooms, and some fear the new tenant will be the final nail in the coffin of the troubled elementary school. Comment

BJs bilk

Canarsie: Bag swipe Comment

Sex tape sparks attack

Mill–Marine Courier: Sex, lies and videotape Comment

Squatter beats up the landlord he ain’t paying!

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Top cops honored for year-old shooting

Mill–Marine Courier: It was a special NYPD honor — one year in the making. Comment

Charging Mustang injures two, damages a row of parked cars

Bay News: An out-of-control Mustang slammed into a Hyundai Sonata near the corner of Emmons Avenue and Ford Street on March 24 — sparking a chain of events that caused two injuries and left a block-long swath of damaged cars in its wake. Comment

Vicious beating at Kevin Barry’s

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Agata Olek pimps her ride again

Bay News: That’s not a celebrity that tourists are photographing under the Brooklyn Bridge — it’s a bicycle. Comment

Wheel bad news in Bay Ridge as city puts meters on last free block

A legendary oasis of free parking on Third Avenue will dry up this summer when the city installs new muni-meters between 83rd and 84th streets. Comment

Feeling blue over ‘Lavender’: Ridge’s colorful Zen shop to close

Bay Ridge is about to lose some of its Zen. Comment

Corps bugs out of Fort Ham — heading for more expensive Manhattan

They’ll take Manhattan — with your money. Comment

Floyd Bennet Field airport plan crashes and burns

Mill Basin and Marine Park are a no-fly zone. Comment

IS 303 parents: Four schools in one building is bad math

Bay News: The city wants to jam a ballooning charter school into IS 303 on West Avenue, even though that building already holds a middle school, a high school, and classes for special-needs children — and angry parents of students at 303 say cramming so many different age groups together is a bad idea. Comment

KO’d on Bay 26th Street

Bay News: Knocked unconscious Comment

Suspected EMT killer murdered in Parade Grounds

A Crown Heights man suspected of murdering notorious city rescue worker Jason Green was killed last Wednesday night at the Parade Grounds on Parkside Avenue. Comment

Two great things — beer and adoptable pets — come together at the Bell House

Nightlife: If you like Sweet Action and puppies, you’ll find yourself in good company at the Bell House this month. Comment

‘Ed Sullivan on Acid’ returns — to the new Freddy’s

Nightlife: This show is a real trip. Comment

True blue salute for ‘Nam vets at Fort Hamilton

BoroBeat: If you love freedom, thank a vet. Comment

City workers implicated in child’s death

Crime: District Attorney Charles Hynes charged Damon Adams and Cereece Bell of the city’s Administration of Children’s Services with criminally negligent homicide on March 23 for falsifying documents to show visits to victim’s home to check on her status had taken place, when, in fact, no one from the city ever showed up at the house. Comment

Strippers and tigers and risotto, oh my!

Nightlife: Brooklynites will no longer have to choose between their adult entertainment and their pasta puttanesca. Comment

Our gala was one of the biggest and best

Perspective: Pulling off the Bensonhurst West End Community Council 50th Anniversary Gala was a bit of a miracle. Of course, preparations began at the beginning of the year, when we selected our award winners and confirmed the date and caterer, settling on the exquisite Riviera, right here in Coney Island. The invitations were printed and sent. We were expecting less than the 320 guests we got for last year’s event — far short of the 360 capacity of the Riv. Comment

Loreley hosts a real sausage festival this week

Dining: ItSausage festival at Loreley Williamsburg [64 Frost St. at Meeker Avenue in Williamsburg, (718) 599-0025], Jan. 26-30. Plates $16-$38. With Bill Carney Comment
Art: That’s not a celebrity that tourists are photographing under the Brooklyn Bridge — it’s a bicycle. Comments (1)
Atlantic Yards: This just in: The Nets are offering season tickets to their 2012 games at the Barclays Center. Comments (11)
Park Slope: It’s an all-out war for the most sought-after commodity in baby-filled Park Slope — a kindergarten seat. Comments (21)
Shopping: Say goodnight to the “night market.” Comments (18)

Corps bugs out of Fort Ham — heading for more expensive Manhattan

Bay Ridge: They’ll take Manhattan — with your money. Comments (1)
Red Hook: Cops may muzzle the Filthy Mad Dogs, a Red Hook motorcycle club, following a double shooting inside its headquarters last Saturday, and a related shooting near Methodist Hospital in Park Slope. Comments (20)
Cobble Hill: The former PTA treasurer at a Cobble Hill public school is facing 15 years in detention — the real kind — after being indicted this week for embezzling close to $100,000 from her school. Comments (6)

Chamber power outage! Boro biz group loses phones and Internet

Downtown: Contractors working on a massive construction project near the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s Downtown headquarters slashed phone and Internet cables, sending the organization, and other tenants inside the Elm Place property, back to the slow old days. Comments (3)

Precinct commander catches thieves himself

Park Slope: Get the “Cop of the Month” award ready again — for Inspector Argenziano himself! Plus the other crime from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct. Comments (1)

How to beat the bullies

Fearless Living: After her son is verbally dissed on the playground, our columnist figures out how to help him. Comments (4)

Mass mutual! Two Slope Catholic churches to merge

Park Slope: Two Park Slope Catholic churches that are just six blocks away from each other will merge some operations by June, church officials confirmed on Monday. Comments (4)

It’s a Peggy Lee impersonation festival

Music: On April 3, watch men and women compete to be the perfect jazz singer. Comments (2)

The ‘lion’ of Cobble Hill, is dead

Cobble Hill: Murray Adams — longtime neighborhood activist and father of state bigwig Kenneth Adams — died on Tuesday of complications from a stroke. Comments (2)
Mean Streets: A Manhattan lawmaker wants to ban cars from Prospect Park — a plan that would tame the “hectic pace of city life,” its chief supporter says. Comments (68)
Park Slope: Prime 6 has been tarred and feathered — and now locals want it to close at midnight on Friday and Saturday night. What’s next? Last call at 7 pm? Comments (7)

Revealed! Vito’s $64,000 pension

Vito under the Microscope: The $64,000 question — “What is Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s annual state pension” — now has a $64,000 answer. Comments (8)
Gowanus: Louise Crawford’s Brooklyn Blogfest — still reeling from the sponsorship of Absolut Vodka and an appearance by Spike Lee last year — is going back to basics. Comments (6)
Event: And it’s not on the Prospect Park West bike lane, but at Legion Bar next week! Comments (6)

This hotel has all the right numbers

Downtown plan: A Downtown hotel is entering the digit-al age — claiming the borough’s area code as its chic calling card. Comments (3)
Dining: Sample dishes from lots of local restaurants on April 5. Comments (1)

Old man beaten in Red Hook

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Brooklyn’s finest: Midwood claims first crown in 43 years

High School Sports: The buzz is the Hornets are champions! Comment

PSAL Brooklyn A softball preview: Bushwick building off successful seasons

High School Sports: Pitcher Kayla Hill will be counted on to lead James Madison to the PSAL championships again this year. Comment
Nightlife: Jaguars 3 is a new nightclub devoted to drinks, Italian food and bikini-clad dancers. Comments (19)

Honky tonk man! Jonny Corndawg begins month-long residency at Brooklyn Bowl

Music: Foot-stompin’ country, but hilarous lyrics make this son of Nashville a must-see. Comments (1)

More robberies at Target

Fort Greene: Atlantic Terminal was again a den of crime last week. Plus all the other malfeasance from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (7)

Come on Coney Island, feel the noise at Noisefest

Music: Coney Island is kicking off the spring season the only way it knows how. Comments (6)

City hits our editor with a $1,300 fine — inevitable video ensues

Park Slope: Watch what happens when the Department of Transportation tells Editor Gersh Kuntzman that his pristine — pristine! — sidewalk needs to be replaced. First in what will likely be a long, drawn-out series. Comments (7)

Liquor license fight is no Polish joke at community center

Brooklyn Is Angry: Foes of a permit for the Polish Slavic Center are upset that wine and beer would “send the wrong message.” Comments (4)

Brooklyn Flea expands to Williamsburg this weekend

Shopping: The Brooklyn Flea is going from Williamsburgh to Williamsburg. Comments (4)
Foodie-in-Chief: It’s another feast with our Foodie in Chief, Sarah Zorn. Comments (1)

Life sentence sought for perp who pushed cop off stoop

Crime: The man accused of killing a Boerum Hill cop after throwing the police officer off a stoop may spend the rest of his life behind bars now that he has been indicted on murder charges — but his attorney claims the cop’s death was a tragic accident. Comment

Condoms, needles litter W. Seventh Street

Bay News: Gravesend residents say that hypodermic needles, condoms and other disgusting trash is piling up in front of two shuttered W. Seventh Street storefronts in what has become a chronic, out-of-control problem. Comment

Robbed on way to work

Bay News: Gunpoint rob Comment

Carmine recaps 31 years as president, dinners and all

Perspective: The Bensonhurst West End Community Council celebrated my 31 years as its president — which encompasses more than half of the council’s history — at its Golden Anniversary Gala. Comment

Of Home Depots, highways, and raids

Perspective: Now the raiders race for our parkways. Comment

Playoff awakening has Jones, Naz at top of their game

High School Sports: Maybe Tiffany Jones was conserving her energy during the regular season. Maybe she just wasn’t motivated enough watching Nazareth easily handle most teams it came across in the year’s first 3-1/2 months. Whatever it was, it had coach Apache Paschall saying that as much has he loved his star forward she was “asleep” most of season. Comment

Cops take down one-man crime spree

Two communities located miles apart from each other combined forces to help nab a thug plaguing both neighborhoods. Comment

Don’t cut the line on this nasty lady!

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Inside Brooklyn’s underground foodie scene

Dining: The secret’s out. Comment

Gunmen raid E. 92nd Street bodega

Canarsie: Bodega raid Comment

Trigger-happy pill-popper sought

Mill–Marine Courier: Pill popper pinch Comment

Big bully beats up man on Vanderbilt

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Union divide: Politicians who oppose Walmart’s anti-union policies recruit two non-union supermarkets to replace Pathmark

Politicians who claim to oppose Walmart because of its non-union policies are courting at least two other non-union supermarkets to replace the soon-to-be-shuttered Nostrand Avenue Pathmark in Sheepshead Bay. Comment

Four grand taken by gun-toting thieves

Kings Courier: Gunning for cash Comment

Two shot, one killed, on Schenectady Ave.

Flatbush: Shot on Schenectady Comment

CHSAA Brooklyn/Queens softball preview

High School Sports: Ginny Peiser plans on wearing her proverbial hard hat this season. Comment

Irish dancing queen

Brooklyn has its very own Lady of the Dance! Comment

Scuffle over an iPhone

68th Precinct Comment

Defending champion James Madison has Hill to climb

High School Sports: Jeff Meltzer almost fell out of his chair. A few weeks ago, he logged onto to look at his James Madison softball team’s roster for this season. There he saw senior windmiller Kayla Hill’s name on the inactive list. Comment

Sheepshead Bay Turkish joint is a restaurant with balls

Dining: Head to Caucasus Garden for lamb testicles. Comments (2)

This dish is the veal deal

Foodie-in-Chief: And now you can make Zio Toto’s signature entree yourself, thanks to this recipe. Comment
Meadows of Shame: Dozens rally to save the geese. Comments (17)

Borough president — though not ours! — says he’ll return tainted developer’s cash

Manhattan Beep Scott Stringer won’t keep contributions from arrested developer Aaron Malinsky, even as our own Beep, Marty Markowitz, keeps the money for now. Comments (12)

Brooklyn: Federal count makes no Census!

Don’t count out Brooklyn! Comments (3)
Fort Greene: The historic beauty of a swath of Civil War-era homes in an isolated corner of Fort Greene has finally been recognized. Comments (1)
Mean Streets: Hundreds more drivers will compete for parking spots in Gowanus and Park Slope under a plan by Con Ed to eliminate a 250-space employee parking lot next month. Comments (149)

Bay Ridge goes sweet for ‘Sweetie’

Dining: There’s a new frozen yogurt joint in town. Comment

Bay Ridge goes sweet for ‘Sweetie’

Dining: There’s a new frozen yogurt joint in town. Comments (4)

Fundraiser helps gay center become a reality

DUMBO: The hunt for a permanent home for Brooklyn’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community received a financial boost at the Brooklyn Community Pride Center’s second annual fundraiser in DUMBO on Tuesday night. Comments (5)

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