New Ford dealership opens in Bay Ridge

The universe was in Bay Ridge — Miss Universe, that is — to help cut the ribbon on the neighborhood’s newest business last Wednesday. Comment

Christmas pageant at Salem Bethlehem Lutheran Church

BoroBeat: Sunday School students moved the crowd to a hush when they took to the stage at Bethlehem Lutheran Church to perform the story of Christmas. Comment

Winter wonderland at St. Anselm’s Church

BoroBeat: Joseph had a bit part, but he performed it like a pro. Comment

Tree lighting at McKinley Park ignites seasonal spirit in Bay Ridge

BoroBeat: McKinley Park glows with good cheer — thanks to state Sen. Marty Golden (R-Bay Ridge). Comment

Eye-popping Christmas trinkets adorn Bay Ridge home

BoroBeat: The season of glad tidings had Brooklyn’s premier festooner transforming his house on 58th Street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, into a seasonal jewel box brimming with eye-popping trinkets. Comment

Quittin’ time: Gladden says team folded in fourth

High School Sports: South Shore wasn’t playing its best game, but it was definitely getting by. The Vikings held a one-point lead heading into the fourth quarter with hopes that they could blow the game open. Comment

Nazareth no-shows for clash with Trenton Catholic

High School Sports: Nazareth’s highly anticipated clash with Trenton Catholic Academy (N.J.) was a last-minute cancellation at University High School’s Festival of the Phoenix event after the Lady Kingsmen didn’t make the trip to Kean University in Union, N.J., on Saturday night. Comment

Nazareth’s Paschall released from hospital

High School Sports: Nazareth girls basketball coach Apache Paschall was released from New York Downtown hospital Saturday afternoon after behind diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier last week. Comment

Comic coal! Mike Birbiglia mines jokes from despair

If self-deprecation had a crown, Mike Birbiglia would be wearing it. Comment

Now is the time to see the Dyker Lights

Do they know it’s Christmas? They do in Dyker Heights. Comment

‘Nut’rageous! American Ballet Theater version is cracking good

Not sick of “The Nutcracker” just yet? Comment

A real festival of light at Invisible Dog

Let there be light. Comment

Finally, some top quality Metrocard art

Reduce, reuse, recycle, recreate. Comment


Due to an unforeseen construction delay, the Skate with Santa event scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 19 at the new Aviator-Queens Ice Skating Rink at Copper Ave/81st Street in Glendale has been cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We are expecting the rink to open next week.  Please check our website or call 718-758-7500 for details. Comment

Catch the Moscow Circus this weekend

This is a circus show for people who take circuses seriously. Comment

Cops hunt serial rapist

A serial rapist has turned a popular Flatbush Avenue intersection into his hunting ground. Comment

Belt out the holiday classics at the Jingle Bell Jamboree on Saturday

When it comes to the annual Jingle Bell Jamboree, choir teacher Ethan Schlesser warns, “This isn’t the kind of concert where we expect the audience to sit and politely clap.” Comment

Mugging on Clinton St

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

David Strathairn was one of the ‘jerks’ at Farmacy

Hollywood touched down on Henry Street this week. Comment

Survey says: Walmart’s a good fit for Brooklyn

A Walmart may soon be coming to Brooklyn — because we want it here! Comment

Paint the town red! Councilman wants new hydrant markings

Here are two laws that would definitely measure up. Comment

Young gun on the loose

Brooklyn Courier: 76th Precinct Comment

Paint the town red! Councilman wants painted hydrant markings

Here’s a law that would definitely measure up. Comment

Not banking on the police

Mill–Marine Courier: Bank boob Comment

Tunnel rats hit Ave. U bank

Kings Courier: Bank break-in Comment

Gunned down in East Flatbush

Flatbush: Shot on E. 31 Comment

Panel to city: We need asphalt, not bike lanes

Flatbush: East Flatbush residents have hit a major bump in the road when it comes to getting the neighborhood’s streets made smooth — the city appears to be willing to let roadways big and small across the community go to rack and ruin, even as they rush to add bike lanes that residents haven’t asked for. Comment

Canarsie mom shot while answering door

Canarsie: A 51-year-old woman was shot in the face on Dec. 10 by a gun-toting assassin who showed up at her Canarsie home looking for her son. Comment

Cops snip sniper

Canarsie: Short sighted Comment

Apartment complex residents have a merry Christmas party

BoroBeat: Those condo folk in East New York sure know how to party. Comment

CB 17 tree lghting makes E. Flatbush glow with festive spirit

BoroBeat: The Vincents of East Flatbush gave the Rockefeller Center tree lighting a miss this Christmas, preferring to keep their festivities close to home. Comment

Smell hell

The city is trying to cover up a stench residents say it created — and needs to find the cause of. Comment

Sneaky thief

68th Precinct Comment

Tree lighting at Shore Road pk. ignites spirit of the season in Bay Ridge

BoroBeat: Konrad Brzezinsky’s eyes sparkled like ornaments on a Christmas tree as he scrambled onto Santa’s lap at Shore Road Park and told him his holiday wish list. Comment

“Feast of Angels,” a heavenly show-stopper at Christ Church Bay Ridge

BoroBeat: “The Nutcracker” was given a celestial run for its money when a pair of borough performance troupes performed an original Yuletide production — to a sold-out house — at Christ Church Bay Ridge. Comment

Miss Brooklyn strikes a turkey at Maple Lanes

BoroBeat: She came in jeans and held court like a beauty queen — bowling over the alley cats with her charm and grace. Comment

Cyclists: Ocean Avenue now for cars

Bicyclists are panning changes recently implemented by the city on Ocean Avenue that have made the thoroughfare — which leads directly to Prospect Park — more difficult for them to ride on. Comment

What a dump!

At least four Sheepshead Bay businesses, including a United Artists multiplex, have been dumping waste like raw sewage, grease and fecal matter into Shell Bank Creek near Knapp Street for the past seven years, authorities say. Comment

Popped into a jail cell

Bay News: Shooter busted Comment

Price is right: Junior shoots Vikings past Robert E. Lee

High School Sports: Fannisha Price may have even surprised herself with her fourth-quarter shooting performance. Comment

Poly shocks SFP on Donahue’s buzz beater

High School Sports: Poly Prep never led until Lily Donahue’s 12-foot bank shot in the lane fell as the buzzer sounded. Comment

Nazareth bounces back, beats St. Frances

High School Sports: There was concern on the Nazareth bench as St. Frances Academy pulled within striking distance heading into the fourth quarter. Comment

Dynamic freshman blisters Jefferson, continues fast start for Lincoln

High School Sports: Dwayne (Tiny) Morton has a unique relationship with his talented freshman Isaiah Whitehead that goes beyond basketball. The Lincoln coach was the underclassman’s math teacher in middle school and knows what makes him tick. Comment

Lincoln flexes muscles, shows depth in rout of Jefferson

High School Sports: In just four minutes, Lincoln vanquished Thomas Jefferson, turning a two-point deficit into a 13-point lead. Comment

Breezy Bishop roundup: Short-handed Ford can’t take air out of Spalding

High School Sports: Mike Toro asked Shanice Vaughan to turn the clock back to last season. The Bishop Ford coach felt his junior guard was settling for too many jump shots, particularly 3-pointers, in the early goings this year. With forward Diani Mason out for three-to-four weeks with a severely sprained ankle, more will be needed from Vaughan. Comment

Tree lighting makes Bergen Beach glow with seasonal spirit

BoroBeat: ’Twas the time for merry dancing, and 6-year-old reveler Wynter Hubbard let her feet to the rejoicing when she kicked up her heels at the John Malone Community Center on Saturday to help step off Yuletide cheer at the Bergen Beach facility with a tree-lighting ceremony. Comment

PS 52 talent show bests ‘American Idol’

BoroBeat: Move over, American Idol, some new kids have stolen your thunder — and they’re from PS 52. Comment

Should tunnel name Carey on?

Editorial: There’s talk of re-naming the Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel for Gov. Hugh Carey, a Democrat who saved New York City from the fiscal abyss of the 1970s. But is it a good idea to start naming stuff after people who are still alive? We asked two experts to weigh in. Comment

Carey is OK, but Battery is essential

Editorial: The state’s plan to rename the Battery Tunnel in honor of Hugh Carey, and the city’s plan to rename the Queensboro Bridge in honor of Ed Koch are not going to “Koch” on too quickly. Does anyone call the West Side Highway the Joe DiMaggio Highway? Comment

Renaming tunnel a fitting tribute

Editorial: Last week, I was proud to vote for a bill that would rename the Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel for Hugh Carey, who was our governor from 1974 to 1986. Before that, he represented Brooklyn in the House of Representatives for 14 years. Comment

Hot Tub comedy returns to Littlefield next Monday

Littlefield knows what you want this holiday season — more Hot Tub. Comment

An inkling for art

The folks behind Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Gerritsen Beach think they can turn the sleepy creek-side town into the borough’s newest hub for artists. Comment

Oh, how I miss the busy signal

Perspective: Boy, have times changed. Comment

‘Tis the season of evil will

Perspective: Some crimes are so cowardly and compassionless that they defy humanity and shatter the Richter scale for depravity — even in the dog-eat-dog world that is New York City. Comment

Merry Christmas from the real Santa

Perspective: I have been Santa Claus throughout the past quarter century to well over 100,000 as well as 25,000 adults, parents and party goers. So when the Board of Education decreed public schools were to use generic holiday season themes instead of a Christmas theme, I refused to go to those schools whose principals were stupid enough to obey the Board’s ridiculous order. Boy, how dumb could they get? Comment

W’s book reviews are in, and I don’t believe them

Perspective: More fun than reading W’s new book may be reading the reviews on Amazon. Five minutes before it went on sale, the book seller was receiving reader reviews. Comment

Locals pile on Vito for ‘double-dipping’

Bushwick: Williamsburg community leaders slammed Assemblyman Vito Lopez for cashing in on a state loophole that allows him to collect his retirement pension while still drawing his $92,000 salary. Comments (12)

Should tunnel name Carey on?

Should tunnel name Carey on?

Perspective: There’s talk of re-naming the Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel for Gov. Hugh Carey, a Democrat who saved New York City from the fiscal abyss of the 1970s. But is it a good idea to start naming stuff after people who are still alive? We asked two experts to weigh in. Click below for their opinion pieces:

A feast fit for three kings — where to eat out this Christmas Eve

Dining: Sure, Christmas Eve is one of the big “family nights” on the Gregorian calendar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the family out to a great meal at one of the few borough restaurants that are open. Here’s our guide to the best Christmas Eve dining options (minus Chinese restaurants, which never seem to close). Comments (2)

This senior is pissed off about our toilet coverage

Letters: Seniors want to live full and respected lives in their own homes, and within the community that they know and are comfortable with (“What do seniors want? A new survey seeks to find out,” online, Nov. 30). Comment

Officer Charlie honored

Williamsburg: Former officer Charlie Murello has been coming to work every day to the 90th Precinct — even though he’s been retired for decades! Comment

Vito’s double-dip: An editorial

Editorial: This week, Assemblyman Vito Lopez was caught in the ultimate Albany scam — he wants to start collecting his pension even though he’s about to start his 14th term. Comments (1)

Our first-ever singalong editorial!

Editorial: Why should Marty Markowitz have all the fun? Come on, click above and sing this year’s headlines! Comments (3)

Hut, hut, HIKE! City mulls raising park and recreation fees

Meadows of Shame: Tennis anyone? — better bring your checkbook. Comments (5)

Re-hired! Kent Avenue workers get job back, though no union

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: Two workers who were fired in May after trying to organize a union in a Williamsburg luxury rental building are finally back on the job — though the building remains non-unionized. Comments (8)

Roofus: Atlantic Yards remains a circus, Ringling or not

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist is at it again! Comment
Greenpoint: Hundreds of Greenpointers — civilians and soldiers alike — mourned slain Marine Sgt. Nicholas Aleman on Wednesday morning during a poignant funeral mass at St. Anthony’s Church. Comments (3)

Perfect pork chop? Brine it Joe’s way

Prime Time: Our columnist gives you the secret to brining. No, it’s not difficult! Comments (1)

‘Shine on! Legal distillery moves from hootch to bourbon

Dining: Kings County Distilling is taking on the big boys. Comments (1)
An embattled skating rink plan in Prospect Park took its first real step forward in years on Wednesday, as park officials broke ground on a $70-million mega-project to add blade-bourne activities and restore a more natural lakefront. Comments (8)

Our cartoonist says: Woodwork is a great place to watch the game

Bar Scrawl: The latest installment of our new feature, Bar Scrawl, offers our cartoonists’-eye view of Prospect Heights joint. Comments (1)

More details on crazy father-son bash of 10-year-old!

Fort Greene: The full story of how a man encouraged his son to beat up a 10-year-old classmate — then joined in the assault! Comments (4)

Paint the town red! Councilman wants new hydrant markings

Face it, drivers don’t know how far 15 feet is, so a new bill would require the city to paint the “no park” zone at fire hydrants. Comments (23)
Coney Island: A decaying Coney Island icon was designated a city landmark on Tuesday — but it remains unclear what will become of it. Comments (6)
Williamsburg: Joe Glaser has been through a lot as a contestant on TLC’s “Cake Boss: The Next Top Baker” — from being threatened with a knife and being called a quitter to winning best dessert. Comment
Coney Island: Who needs Shark Week? In Brooklyn, we’ll have it all year long. Comments (1)

Belt out the holiday classics at the Jingle Bell Jamboree on Saturday

Music: “This isn’t the kind of concert where we expect the audience to sit and politely clap.” Comment

David Strathairn was one of the ‘jerks’ at Farmacy

Cinema: Hollywood touched down on Henry Street this week. Comments (2)

The most awful (and best) Police Blotter item — ever!

Fort Greene: A man encourages his son to beat up a 10-year-old classmate — then joins in the assault! Police Blotter fans, it doesn’t get any better than this. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (2)

FDNY’s ‘tunnel’ vision! Agency kills underground film series

Cobble Hill: A popular Gowanus-based film series is out more than $7,000 after fire officials put the kibosh on a sold-out series set for an abandoned subway tunnel 10 feet below Atlantic Avenue. Comments (7)

Do you Vodou? Show offers insight into Afro-Carib religion

Art: Check it out this weekend at Five Myles. Comments (1)

His daughter finds her way in the world

The Dad: Our dad columnist deals with a headstrong 15-year-old — who’s often right! Comment

Hot Tub comedy returns to Littlefield next Monday

Nightlife: But this time, Kristen Schaal is taking the night off and Kurt Braunohler is doing it all. Comments (1)

New Downtown hangout is good for what ‘ales’ you

Nightlife: The Brooklyn Paper has found its newest resident bar — the Downtown Ale House. Comment
Windsor Terrace: An unhinged 31-year-old turned his Windsor Terrace home into a bloodbath on Monday morning, stabbing both his parents before jumping in front of an oncoming train at the 15th Street subway station in a failed suicide bid that disrupted the morning rush. Comments (7)
Greenpoint: The remaining tenants of a Greenpoint loft slated to become a homeless shelter are mulling a buyout offer from their landlord — removing the most significant obstacle from a nonprofit’s path to convert it. Comments (3)

Burglar does his Xmas shopping early on Manhattan Avenue

Greenpoint: A thief looted four buildings on a quiet Manhattan Avenue block in Greenpoint last week. Comments (1)
Williamsburg: Thrifty Brooklynites will have even more aisles of second-hand clothing to pick through as the Salvation Army plans to expand its Bedford Avenue thrift store — though Apple fans will be crying on their iPods. Comments (1)
Music: This lottery has nothing to do with scratch-offs. Comment
Transit: Brooklyn commuters will greet the new workweek with a new free transfer — but the $164-million question is whether anyone really needs it. Comments (7)

Annual living nativity scene this Saturday in Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst: It’s one thing to believe in the story of the Three Wise Men, Mary and Joseph, and the little baby that they birthed in a manger, but it’s another thing to see it live. Comment
Music: Brooklyn’s best chorus is three times as nice this holiday season. Comment

Tish backs the bike lane slowdown

Mean Streets: Fort Greene’s councilwoman signs onto a Southern Brooklyn lawmaker’s bill to require hearings before new bike lane’s could be installed. Comments (15)

A hot little ‘Nutcracker’ from Company XIV

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: ’Tis the season for “Nutcrackers” of all stripes, be them faithful or irreverent. For a sexed-up retelling that’s full of eye candy, Company XIV’s reimagining, “Nutcracker Rouge,” doesn’t disappoint. Comment

Last-minute dash for creative gifts

Shopping: Our weekly MarketWatch feature brings it all home. Comment
Shopping: A new store in Gowanus sells designer furniture and accessories straight from local movie sets. Comment
Atlantic Yards: The development of Atlantic Yards has been sometimes compared to a three-ring circus — but now the real thing is coming to Prospect Heights. Comments (11)

There’s now room to wine at Brooklyn Oenology’s ‘tasting’ space

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Why are you not reading this in Brooklyn Oenology’s new tasting room right now? Comments (1)

WikiRabbi! Leaked diplomatic cables make a star out of Niederman

The Greatest Story Ever: Brooklyn has its own “victim” of the WikiLeaks dump — Rabbi David Niederman! Comments (5)

What the hay?!

Enter our caption contest. Comments (7)

Mean Streets special: Marty sings his contempt for bike lanes at hearing

Mean Streets: Borough President Markowitz is so opinionated about bike lanes, that he’s even singing about them! Comments (53)

SantaCon scoop! All-day St. Nick fest will kick off at Water Street Bar!

That’s right, people: SantaCon is tomorrow. And we have the scoop — it’ll start at Water Street Bar on Water Street in DUMBO at 10 am. It’s a scoop, people! Comments (2)
Construction Update: Here’s one sudsy solution to car traffic at Atlantic Yards — give transit-riding basketball fans a free beer. Comments (16)

Bah, humbug? Has Christmas gotten too commercialized?

Perspective: Christmas is a great time of the year, but it’s also a season for debating whether we waste too much time, effort and money on gifts for everyone on our list. We sought out two perspectives on the topic, so click below for their opinion pieces (irony alert! This week’s print edition features our two-page gift guide, so you know what side we’re on!):

Nice quiet weekend on the rails

Weekend Watch: Here are the service changes affecting you this weekend (12:01 am, Saturday, Dec. 11 to 5 am, Monday, Dec. 13, unless otherwise noted). Comment

Moonshiners no longer! Kings Co. Distillery making bourbon now

Foodie-in-Chief: Lots of news and gossip to share, so grab a bib and get reading. Comments (1)

Tower power! CB 2 pushes ‘Skyscraper District’ plan forward

Downtown: Brooklyn Heights’ community board narrowly backed a “Skyscraper Historic District” for Court Street on Wednesday night, bucking many locals who actually live in the proposed landmark zone. Comments (1)

Hugh-ge honor! Battery Tunnel to be renamed for former governor and Brooklyn legend

Awesome: The Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel is about to be renamed for Hugh Carey — the Park Slope congressman who achieved his greatest fame as the governor who saved New York from fiscal ruin. Comments (13)

Emily’s list? Fix Prospect Park

Park Slope: The beleaguered greenspace has a new administrator, big time city insider (and Park Sloper) Emily Lloyd. Comments (9)

New ‘Day’ for Studio B as hot artist plans live-work space in notorious club

Greenpoint: Renowned artist Matthew Day Jackson is moving to Greenpoint — and taking over the former lair of the notorious nightclub Studio B. Comments (2)
Horseplayers were barn sour on Wednesday, hours after the city’s Off-Track Betting Locations, including 16 in Brooklyn, were shuttered after years of losing money. Comments (5)

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