Put on your ‘ride’ stuff for Tweed bike event this Sunday

Get out your 19th-century knickers, gloves and shirtwaists — it’s time for the Tweed Ride. Comment

Who could ask for anything more (than an Ethel Merman tribute)?

She’s got rhythm and music, so who could ask for anything more from a singer performing an Ethel Merman tribute concert? Comment

The best pumpkin maple soup ever

Nothing says fall like soup and pumpkins. So good thing that Nissa Pierson at Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center in Park Slope has offered us her pumpkin maple soup recipe. Comment

Open season: Orthodox Jews march against stores

Shop till you drop — except on Shabbat! Comment

Cooking 101! This is the time to brush up on your skills

Whether you’re a complete amateur or consider yourself a budding Batali, cooking lessons are a way to fine-tune your skills, or learn new ones. And with the holidays upon us, there’s never been a better time to perfect your braising technique or try your hand at baking bread. Here’s a roundup of classes at three Brooklyn cooking institutions. Comment

One word: Plastics

Kings Courier: Call it a concrete bungle! Comment

The Atlantic Yards saga is now a play

The battle over Atlantic Yards may be over, but it’s still brewing on stage. Comment

This Brussels sprout recipe will turn you from a hater

There’s no hating on Brussels sprouts when they’re combined with with apples and mint in this simple and tasty recipe from Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center. Comment

On the Boardwalk, there’s one word — plastics

Call it a concrete bungle! Comment

Xaverian battles valiantly despite playoff loss

High School Sports: Joe DeSiena hates to lose, which made the feeling as he walked across the field Saturday night following Xaverian’s 14-7 loss to Fordham Prep in the CHSFL Class AAA quarterfinals a rarity. Comment

Baked shares its cupcake recipe

“I love the idea of anything maple,” admits Matt Lewis. Comment

License to drive — me crazy!

Perspective: This past month was a test of my endurance — my daughter is officially licensed to drive. Comment

Field a dream: E-Hall persevering despite lack of practice space

High School Sports: Erasmus Hall is one of the PSAL’s elite football teams. Yet its practice field situation has to be one of the league’s worst. Comment

Fontbonne bounces back in third-place match, bound for states

High School Sports: When Linda Strong got home on Oct. 28, she sat down and almost cried. Her favored Fontbonne Hall squad was upended by Archbishop Molloy in the CHSAA Brooklyn/Queens Division I semis and the Bonnies coach compared the feeling afterward to losing her best friend. Comment

Kearney erases bad memories with semifinal win over CK

High School Sports: Shannon Fahy admitted that she and her team were having flashbacks to a year ago. Comment

Late lead slips away from Goldstein

High School Sports: Following a first-round win filled with scoring frustration, Leon Goldstein picked up on a disturbing trend when scouting Bard, its next opponent. The Raptors had allowed just eight goals during the regular season, four to top-seeded Beacon. Comment

Coney Island doesn’t have to be a Sitt-ing duck

Perspective: Britain’s Stonehenge was just a grouping of rotting, prehistoric earthen works — and its City of Bath just a place where the Romans took a dunk and a dump — before some egghead figured out that if they were preserved people would actually flock to them for the chance to hobnob with history. Comment

Boys & Girls’ Nichols finds perfect fit in Hofstra

Malik Nichols wanted three things out of college: a program close to home, a coaching staff he felt comfortable with and the opportunity to contribute immediately. Comment

Man shot in neck

Mill–Marine Courier: Shot in neck Comment

Bag snagging boob busted

Kings Courier: Brazen boob Comment

Owl’s Head Park, a haunted, howling green for Halloween

BoroBeat: Do to an error, this story did not continue on the inside of the paper, was the cover promised. We regret the error. Comment

Stab’s America — by the numbers

Perspective: In 2002, in the wake of 9-11, there were 1,463 claims of discrimination against Muslims in U.S. workplaces. As things quieted down, that number dropped significantly until 2008, when it climbed to 1,304. Coincidently (?) that was the year Barack Hussein Obama ran and was elected president. With his popularity slowly sinking into the sunset, bias claims rose again to a new high of 1,490 last year. Another fluke? Maybe — maybe not. Comment

Bramson ORT’s new Extension Center opens in B’hurst

BoroBeat: Just add property owner to Bramson O.R.T.’s resume. Comment

Pie in the sky

It’s the best pizza money can’t buy! Comment

Down to five: Lincoln All-American makes cuts

And then there were five. Comment

Late BIG artist’s life celebrated in front of her mural

BoroBeat: Christine Palmer-Persen’s face glowed with pride on Sunday as she stood in front of the heart-warming mural across from the Sheepshead Bay train station, lovingly painted by her late sister, Faith, to salute the serene waterfront community. Comment

Low budget, high ambitions at Zero Film Festival

Hollywood, take note. Comment

Reach out and bust these guys!

Cops need your help in reaching out, touching — and then arresting — a crew of cellular raiders who have stolen more than 50 phones from AT&T and T-Mobile stores throughout the borough. Comment

Coney Island is only getting better

Editorial: Last February, the city took a major step toward the revitalization of Coney Island when they designated Central Amusement International to develop and operate a number of properties in the historic amusement district, with an eye toward transforming the neighborhood into a thriving, year-round seaside destination. The first phase of this transformation was realized in May with the opening of the new Luna Park on the vacant former site of Astroland. Comment

Family of boy killed by bus to sue city

Bay News: The mother of a 4-year-old boy who was struck and killed by a bus on Oriental Boulevard last month says that the streets of Manhattan Beach are extremely dangerous for pedestrians and plans to take legal action to prevent future fatal traffic accidents. Comment

Killed in apartment building

Bay News: Gunned down Comment

Dry cleaner cleaned out

68th Precinct Comment

Thieves raid home

Canarsie: Unwanted guests Comment

Accidents waiting to happen!

Perspective: I had a few things to say at the Bensonhurst West End Community Council meeting in the Harway Terrace Community room on Oct. 28. Comment

Bank robbery on Fulton

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Gunned down on Church Ave.

Flatbush: Bullets over Church Ave. Comment

Blame the messenger: Gerritsen Beach wants to unplug website for “unscrewing” the community

With a click of a mouse, blogger Daniel Cavanagh has become Gerritsen Beach’s most reviled citizen. Comment

Bed bugs found in PS 207

A Marine Park school bed bug sighting is making some parents’ skin crawl. Comment

Strivelli Players bring pre-war Berlin to Christ Church with “Cabaret”

BoroBeat: Danielle Giovinazzi channeled her inner Sally Bowles down to the thigh-high stockings, tail coat and bowler hat, wowing the crowd with her star role in the Strivelli Players’ production of the stage and big-screen classic, “Cabaret.” Comment

The Halloween blame game

To some Gerritsen Beach residents, the blame for last week’s egg-throwing Halloween hooliganism falls squarely in one place: on the out-of-neighborhood businesses that sold the kids the eggs in the first place. Comment

Where’s our thanks?

Editorial: The people that are calling the shots in Coney Island, they don’t have the right to call the shots. They know nothing about Coney Island. Comment

Residents want dangerous trees pruned now

Bay News: Branches big and heavy enough to dent a car have fallen from an E.26th Street tree — nearly hitting the driver of the car — but the city says it will take a month before it can give the 30-year-old behemoth the trimming it desperately needs. Comment

The story this week? Two teen gangs

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

The future of Coney Island

Editorial: The operators of Luna Park declined to renew the leases of nine old-school Coney Island businesses, including the Depression-era Ruby’s Bar and the retro-chic Shoot the Freak booth. What does it mean for Coney Island? We asked two experts to weigh in. Comment

Gerritsen board prez: Press can stay — for now

The head of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association has ruled that the press can attend the group’s meetings — for now defying a large bloc of members who want their discussions to remain behind closed doors. Comment

The brief history of football in New York — and Brooklyn

Perspective: New York was once alive with sports — street corner jibes about which of the three baseball teams was your pride, your deep faith. In the American League, we had the always well-tended Yanks of high spending, multi-million dollar owners. In the national league, of course, our beloved Dodgers and, over in Manhattan, the Giants (named so because, in the early years of the game, the won so often). Comment

Joe Camel — a hipster? R.J. Reynolds markets its smokes to Williamsburg

Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s hipsters have been smoking for decades — but Joe Camel wants them to start puffing their own neighborhood brand. Comments (17)

Our winter entertainment guide

Dining: Here it is, folks: recipes, tips, shopping guides — everything you’ll need to make fill the winter entertaining season with good food and fun (did we mention the food?).
Dining: It’s no secret that Robicelli’s cupcakes are amazing. Comment

Cooking 101! This is the time to brush up on your skills

Dining: Whether you’re a complete amateur or consider yourself a budding Batali, cooking lessons are a way to fine-tune your skills, or learn new ones. And with the holidays upon us, there’s never been a better time to perfect your braising technique or try your hand at baking bread. Here’s a roundup of classes at three Brooklyn cooking institutions. Comment
Shopping: Here’s our full guide to the culinary riches of our borough. Comments (3)
Atlantic Yards: Yes, the state lied, a judge says, but a Tuesday ruling only called for a new environmental review of a project that is now being built. Comments (14)

Cops: We have the C train knifeman!

Fort Greene: Cops say they’ve nabbed a knife-wielding thug suspected of holding up at least four women in separate incidents at subway stations in Fort Greene. Comments (3)
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: What’s a velodrome? It’s a fancy bike-racing stadium — and it could be coming to the North Brooklyn waterfront soon. Comments (22)

Bikers beware! Two more cyclists hit in as many days

Mean Streets: Two cyclists were sent flying from their bikes in separate incidents within a block of each other Sunday and Monday. Comments (22)
Coney Island: Critics of the city’s plan to replace the famed Coney Island Boardwalk with a concret path say wood may be good, but plastic is better. Comments (8)

Park Slope woman is a marathon legend — completes 25th race

Every marathoner has a story — but Kate Ahlers’s is just better. Comments (4)

Battle on Bedford! Duane Reade takes on the little guy in Williamsburg

Williamsburg: What do the people of Williamsburg love more: a mom-and-pop drugstore or 24-hour beer? Comments (21)

Call the Heights Players for ‘Room Service’

The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: If there’s any community theater company that can pull off a good show about a community theater company trying to pull off a good show, it’s the Heights Players — and they did with their modern rendition of the 1930s-era “Room Service.” Comments (3)

Foes scream at Regina: ‘Myer, Myer, pants on fire!’

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park officials have brushed aside a demand by local elected officials to allow public scrutiny of a raft of proposals to turn the old Tobacco Warehouse into an arts and community center. Comments (4)

Board of Elections honors poll site mug victim

Greenpoint: A hero of democracy finally got his due. The Board of Elections honored poll coordinator Stanley Denker this week for remaining at work on Election Day even after he was mugged and brutally assaulted on his way to a Greenpoint polling site that morning. Comments (3)

That Rushdie really is a legend

Books: And you can meet him on Tuesday at PowerHouse in DUMBO. Comments (1)

Toxic avenger! Pollution foils film studio expansion

Greenpoint: A Greenpoint film production company’s $24.5-million expansion plans have been temporarily put on hold — thanks to oil contamination on the banks of Newtown Creek. Comments (2)

What’s up, Doc? Well, your blood pressure, your cholesterol …

Health: It’s health care enrollment season — and cold and flu season — so our healthiest reporter, Joe Anuta, sat down with Lesly Kernisant, chairman of Preferred Health Partners, to discuss the state of Brooklyn’s health care. Comments (2)

The sidewalk that swallows women whole!

Park Slope: Talk about a sinking feeling! Comments (12)

Walentas hotel gets its fed stimulus money

Williamsburg: DUMBO titans David and Jed Walentas have received $15 million in federal stimulus money to revive their stalled luxury hotel in Williamsburg — even though the city thinks that the project will create far few jobs than the developers promised. Comments (4)
Columbia Street residents are thrilled that the beverage trucks that once plied their quiet street have been re-routed onto the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway, bringing to an end a familiar controversy in which locals wrestled with the growing port on the waterfront. Comments (8)

Let’s hear it for the Tooth Fairy!

Fearless Living: Kids need myths — and so do parents. Comments (3)

Girls! Girls! Girls! An old-time Ziegfeld-like spectacle at Galapagos on Sunday

Dance: Once you do the math, it’s only $1 a dance. Comments (2)

The story this week? Two teen gangs

Carroll Gardens: That’s pretty much all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comments (5)

More cars hit by vandals

Mean Streets: It’s a smashing spree. Comments (2)
Awesome: A Manhattan burger interloper will land in Downtown Brooklyn, pushing aside a local pizzaiola. Comments (22)

Death plunge at the St. George Hotel

Brooklyn Heights: An acting student fell to his death from his dorm room inside the St. George Hotel in Brooklyn Heights early on Sunday — and cops are investigating whether the man took psychedelic mushrooms before the plunge. Comments (16)

Almontaser speaks — and she decries anti-Islamic ‘propaganda’

Park Slope: Opponents of the mosque in Sheepshead Bay are playing the same game as right-wing fear-mongerers who have targeted the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, according to an alleged victim of Islamophobia. Comments (1)
Cleaning Our Waterways: Federal officials have identified three “hot spots” of intense contamination — and the source of cancer-causing toxic vapors — along the polluted Gowanus Canal. Comments (2)
Books: Sarah Glidden thought she was leaving her art studio in Greenpoint for a 10-day trip through Israel, but it turns out she was embarking on a deeply personal and spiritual journey. Comment

Another chance to get ‘Baked’

Books: The dudes behind the beloved Red Hook bakery, Baked, are sharing their secrets — again — with “Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts.” Comment

Get steamy with a dance party at a Russian bath

Nightlife: Don’t put away that bathing suit for good just yet. Comments (1)

Pie in the sky this Sunday in Williamsburg

Dining: It’s the annual pie contest, so let’s get ready to cruuummmmbbbbbllllleeeee! Comment

The last greenmarket guide you’ll ever need

Shopping: Our day-by-day shopping list. Comments (2)

It’s Bushwick gone wild as area becomes a big art show on Sunday

Art: Ever wonder where all the artists in Brooklyn are moving to these days? That would be Bushwick — where another arts festival is set to command your attention on Sunday. Comment

Lift up every voice at this killer gospel show on Friday

Music: It’s no church service, but a concert devoted to one helluva great music form. Comment
Coney Island: Hundreds gather to mourn the “old” Coney Island at shuttered bar. Comments (21)

Sixteen years of NAG-ging

Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s coolest teenager, Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, celebrated its 16th birthday at Causey Gallery on Wythe Avenue last Saturday night with some of its best friends including a smorgasbord of neighborhood heroes. Comment

Remember the Craft Beer Fest this afternoon at Red Star in Greenpoint

Awesome: We’re the media sponsor, so don’t embarrass us! Get to that beer fest! Read more…

Sign of the times! Trader Joe’s admits its crime problem

Cobble Hill: Managers of the Trader Joe’s on Court Street have confessed — albeit in its own cheeky way — that the store is a magnet for criminals. Comments (9)
Music: By day, Jonah Bruno is the spokesman for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. By night, he plays a banjo and sings bluegrass songs about being the spokesman for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. Comments (1)

L.A. Dodgers fight Brooklyn burger for using Dem Bums’ logo

Sunset Park: Major League Baseball wants a Brooklyn burger business called out for stealing. Comments (1)

Tupper Thomas fights back at critic

Letters: Now this is a vibrant letters page! Prospect Park Administrator Tupper Thomas answers her critic, Anne-Katrin Titze, in a broadside rebuttal. Comments (36)

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