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Accidents waiting to happen!

Perspective: I had a few things to say at the Bensonhurst West End Community Council held a meeting in the Harway Terrace Community room on Oct. 28. Comment

That Rushdie really is a legend

From a death sentence to kids books — is there no end to Salman Rushdie’s talents? Comment

Glidden paints a picture of Israel through the eyes of a skeptic

Sarah Glidden thought she was leaving her art studio in Greenpoint for a 10-day trip through Israel, but it turns out she was embarking on a deeply personal and spiritual journey. Comment

Bookworms get A-plus for summer reading at PS 1207

BoroBeat: Stellar sixth-grader Alex Spinelli beamed with pride when PS 207 Principal Mary Bosco presented him with a crisp new certificate for taking lots of exciting journeys over the summer — without leaving his home. Comment

Another chance to get ‘Baked’

Get Baked right in your own home. Comment

Girls! Girls! Girls! An old-time Ziegfeld-like spectacle at Galapagos on Sunday

Once you do the math, it’s only $1 a dance. Comment

Pie in the sky this Sunday in Williamsburg

This baking contest sure won’t be easy as pie. Comment

The last greenmarket guide you’ll ever need

The last place you want to be in the middle of November is outdoors, but that’s where you’ll find the best, freshest produce in Brooklyn. Comment

Yes, but are greenmarkets overpriced?

Wondering how a greenmarket will hit your wallet? Here’s a look at the last week’s prices at the Windsor Terrace Greenmarket. Comment

Brooklyn’s best chefs share their tips

Ever wish you could bend your favorite chef’s ear for some advice in the kitchen? Well, with the holiday cooking season upon us, we asked some of the top foodies working in Brooklyn to share their tips in the kitchen. The results are some basic rules to stand by, as well as tried-and-true methods. You’re welcome. Comment

Saturday recipe corner! It’s easy being green with beans this good

City Tech isn’t just about technology. If you’re looking to brush up on cooking skills, or even just looking for new ideas, the continuing education is offering special culinary classes this month. Comment

Plumb luck

Sandbags will be the only thing guarding the Belt Parkway from the raging waters at Plumb Beach for the next two years, says the head of a federally funded project that will put off building sturdier structures until January 2012. Comment

She passed out — and then was mugged

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Canarsie HS student run down on her way to school

Canarsie: A 13-year-old girl with aspirations of becoming a nurse was run down by a car just paces from Canarsie High School on Monday — right in front of her horrified friends. Comment

An ‘American’ crime

Brooklyn Paper: 78th Precinct Comment

Harrowing holdup

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Teen terrors

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Asthma girl parents sue city, cop in 11-year-old’s death

The family of an 11-year-old Carroll Gardens girl who suffocated from asthma this summer is suing the city and the 84th Precinct cop whose inability to perform CPR may have contributed to her death. Comment

City: ‘No Parking’ the holy grail for Church traffic

Flatbush: How do you spell traffic relief? N-O P-A-R-K-I-N-G! Comment

Spooky! Cops and kids ring in Halloween together

BoroBeat: The police transformed IS 211 into a holding pen for Halloween ghouls, goblins, ghosts, witches and warlocks, but it wasn’t for the neighborhood’s protection. Comment

Power to the ‘People’

Several Sheepshead Bay residents opposed to a mosque on Voorhies Avenue put a full-court press on Community Board 15 last week, demanding it take a stand against the city-approved house of worship and neighborhood center, but the panel plans on holding its ground. Comment

Tilden on its way up again after school restructuring

High School Sports: Eric Waterman has read the press clippings about Canarsie, South Shore and Columbus. All of them have struggled with their schools restructuring after multiple new schools were formed in the same building. South Shore and Columbus had to move down into the Bowl division, because they were no longer competitive at the highest level. Comment

Brooklyn Tech falters, winning streak comes to an end

High School Sports: In Brooklyn Tech’s previous four games, three of them wins, the Engineers scored 136 points while allowing only 74. They ran for over 200 yards four times and held the opposition’s ground attack to under 100 yards twice. Comment

After wait, Gersh a perfect fit at Fontbonne

High School Sports: Rachel Gersh isn’t a fan of waiting. Comment

Poly loses this game of catch-up

High School Sports: Poly Prep has been playing from behind all season. Much to coach Vanessa Ruck’s chagrin, that has been the team’s calling card. Comment

Kids enjoy some frightening fun at 61st Precinct Halloween party

BoroBeat: For some, going to the police station is pretty scary. On Halloween, it’s downright frightening! Comment

Yemen is the anagram for ‘enemy’

Perspective: Barack Obama should give himself an “F” for doing a lousy job of befriending our sworn enemies. Comment

Two seniors robbed and scammed

68th Precinct Comment

Feds have no money to study Canarsie Pier, much less fix it

The cash-strapped Gateway National Recreation Area doesn’t have enough dough to perform a thorough evaluation of the Canarsie Pier, much less repair it, the Digest has learned. Comment

Man shot on Ryder Street

Mill–Marine Courier: Shot in face Comment

This time around, the undead left me unscared

Perspective: The zombies are here, but where’s the fear? Comment

Burglarizing backpacker busted

Canarsie: Brazen break-in Comment

Blog bashing! Some Gerritsen Beach residents decry blog that outed their kids’ misdeeds

A website’s account of Halloween mischief on Gerritsen Beach has caused a stir in the close-knit neighborhood — but some residents are angrier at the blogger than the egg-tossing hooligans he covered. Comment

Woman killed in Halloween bloodbath

Bay News: Killed in costume Comment

Halloween horror! Gerritsen Beach teens turn on neighbors during All Hallows’ ‘bombing’ raid

Gerritsen Beach was turned into a ghoulish war zone on Sunday as teenage mischief-makers upgraded their traditional Halloween arsenal of eggs and shaving cream to potatoes, rocks and jagged chunks of concrete — and police were allegedly no where to be found. Comment

Bay bombs could go boom

The bombs in the bay could explode! Comment

Believe it! God loves gays, Pastor Ann says

Checkin’ in with: A very special interview with Ann Kansfield, leader of the Greenpoint Reformed Church, as she launches a new group to help gay teens. Comments (2)

Is Fulton Mall poised for greatness?

Downtown plan: For decades, many residents, real-estate developers and retailers have been waiting for the Fulton Mall to “come back” as Brooklyn’s destination shopping strip. With thousands of new residents moving into Downtown, the possibility has been raised anew. But is Fulton Mall ready for prime time? Click below for two opinions.

Ladies night! Clover Club reveals its secrets — but only to women

Nightlife: On Nov. 11, a woman’s-only drinks-making class is a true cocktail tease. Comment

Cops: We have the ‘Kill Jews’ guy

A borough livery cab driver has been nabbed on a different kind of DWI charge — Driving While Intolerant. Comments (4)
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More vandalism against gas guzzlers on PPW!

Mean Streets: Four more gas guzzlers were vandalized on Prospect Park West early this morning, the second attack against big cars in as many days. Comments (16)

The two faces of Vito — paranoid pol and tenant hero!

Vito under the Microscope: Both sides of Assemblyman Vito Lopez were on display last week — click below for both stories.

Gehry returns to the borough of his greatest failure

Clinton Hill: Starchitect Frank Gehry will return to the borough where he proposed his most ambitious design — and which became his greatest failure — next week. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: That pile of dirt and concrete slabs over there? That’ll be a shallow platform complete with shower fountains at the front of the new McCarren Park Pool. Comments (5)

Roofus: Republican wave drowned McMahon

Cartoon: This week, Roofus weighs in on Rep. Mike McMahon’s surprise election loss. Comments (2)

War stories at the Old Stone House next Thursday

Books: Four vets share the hell of battle in the heart of a peacenik neighborhood. Comment

The D-Q headache

Weekend Watch: Here are the service changes affecting Brooklyn this weekend (12:01 am, Saturday, Nov. 6 to 5 am, Monday, Nov. 8, unless otherwise noted). Comments (1)

Lorraine Furniture, Downtown stalwart, yields to changing tastes

Downtown plan: Gentrification may be the culprit — but the store failed to change with the times. Comment

This weekend’s sales and markets

Shopping: Brooklyn is gearing up for the holidays — so why wait? Get shopping with our help. Comment
Park Slope: A stalled plan to refurbish the dour Fourth Avenue F-train station — and perhaps jumpstart a renaissance of the roadway beneath it, too — is back on track, thanks to Borough President Markowitz. Comments (6)

Annie Keating, Park Slope parent, celebrates her fourth album at Southpaw

Music: The show is next Wednesday at the Fifth Avenue club — her home turf. Comment
Music: Where would Carly Simon, Alanis Morissette, and 99 percent of country musicians be without bad breakups? Comments (1)

Grimm must move to center

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board urges the newly elected far-right congressman to represent his district, not his ideology. Comments (12)
Bay Ridge: Freshman Rep. Mike McMahon drowned in a Republican tsunami as newcomer GOP challenger Michael Grimm trounced him by a 51.5 to 48 percent vote, early returns show. Comments (16)

Defending democracy! Poll worker beaten — but he still works a full shift

The Greatest Story Ever: Mugged and bloodied, Stanley Denker is a true hero of democracy. Comments (2)

Junior’s marks 60 cheesy years

Downtown: It’s a milestone for Downtown’s beloved diner and clubhouse. Comments (1)

These thugs targeted gas guzzlers in PPW vandalism

Mean Streets: Someone hates gas guzzlers in Park Slope. Comments (8)
Greenpoint: The question is how to do it. Comments (11)

Nutria — if you can’t beat ‘em, wear ‘em!

Bushwick: Brooklyn fashionistas to design clothes using the fur of a wetlands rat. Comments (11)

It’s the pits — in a good way!

Cleaning Our Waterways: Locals dig up sidewalks to help save the world (or at least the Gowanus Canal). Comments (8)

Believe it! American finally wins Slope chili cookoff

Dining: And you get the recipe, too. Comments (1)
Carroll Gardens: The family of an 11-year-old Carroll Gardens girl who suffocated from asthma this summer is suing the city and the 84th Precinct cop whose inability to perform CPR may have contributed to her death. Comments (1)

The marathon is not just about running

Dining: The athletes will jog, but you need to eat. Here’s our guide. Comments (3)
Coney Island: Nine longtime Boardwalk businesses — including the Shoot the Freak booth and a bar dating back to the Great Depression — got the boot on Monday, part of the city’s controversial effort to transform Coney Island into a glitzy year-round destination. Comments (12)

Today is Junior’s birthday — but you get the cake!

Downtown: Cheesecake for 60 cents at Downtown’s legendary diner. Comments (2)
Mean Streets: The Prospect Park West bike lane has aced the city’s first test — though opponents claim that officials cheated. Comments (38)

Vote today! Here’s our guide to the questions on the other side of the ballot

Politics: There’s more to this year’s election than meets the eye. Comments (1)

King Con lives up to its name — starting on Thursday

Event: Call it King Con: The Revenge. Comment

Needing the company of men

The Dad: Our columnist admits it: He needs to hang out with his pals sometimes! Comment

She passed out — and then was mugged

Carroll Gardens: A woman’s wallet and iPhone is stolen after she faints. That’s cruel. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Ein stein! Craft beer festival comes to Red Star Bar

Event: The more you enjoy this annual Greenpoint festival, the less you’ll remember it. Comment

Election buzz at Babeland today!

Park Slope: As if you didn’t need another reason to vote beside stellar, impeccable candidates and easy-to-understand ballot referendums, here’s another: Voters can go to Babeland and get a free vibrator. Comment

F’d in Park Slope is back to her annoying old tricks

The Greatest Story Ever: Park Slope’s most-acerbic blog made a gloriously snarky return this week, days after it was hijacked and turned into a pornography site. Comments (10)
Mean Streets: Jeff Sherman has been hit by a car at the intersection of Washington and Atlantic avenues for the last time — and now he’s doing something about it. Comments (4)
Nightlife: What a ride it’s been for the Wasabassco Burlesque troupe — and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Comment

Debbie Almontaser to speak on Friday

Cinema: A new film dissects how a Muslim-American educator turned into Public Enemy Number 1. Comment

Hot time! Burlesque returns to Red Hook on Saturday night

Nightlife: Red Burlesque has a second run at Sugar Lounge. Comments (2)

Stage version of Kurosawa’s ‘Macbeth’ film is a chrysanthemum ‘Throne’

Theater: “Throne of Blood” plays at BAM next week. Comment
Theater: For Abby Browde and Michael Silverstone’s latest production, the two theatrical types wanted to work in the least theatrical-like setting possible. And lucky for them, they found it only a few blocks from where they live. Comment

Still the life of the party

Politicrasher: Inside Democratic establishment legend Steve Cohn’s annual breakfast at Junior’s. Comments (2)

Saturday recipe corner! It’s easy being green with beans this good

Dining: City Tech’s adult education program serves up something good. Comment

MISTRIAL! Murder trial of WABC newsman ends in deadlock

Carroll Gardens: The murder trial of WABC newscaster George Weber was declared a mistrial on Wednesday — and friends and neighbors of the Carroll Gardens broadcaster were left feeling like another crime had been committed. Comments (1)
Art: A new retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum will change the way you think about this much-derided painter. Comment

Prospect Park needs a real wildlife plan

Letters: Brooklyn deserves a caring and compassionate response from the newly created Wildlife Management Advisory Committee (“Park officials: We’ll save geese this time,” online, Oct. 5) to the disturbing events that took place on July 8, not more smoke and mirrors. Comments (20)

The ‘Do-Gooders’ have been named!

Awesome: Click above to find out who the Brooklyn Community Foundation says are the best Brooklynites (no, it’s not you, sorry. Wait ‘til next year). Comment
Books: Since Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan, he’s transfixed, confused, annoyed and inspired generations of listeners. Chief among them Greil Marcus. Comments (1)

One ‘Curious’ play headlines the fall at the Narrows Community Theater

Theater: A forgotten gem is getting its due. Comment
Former President Bill Clinton energized a standing-room-only crowd at City Tech in Downtown on Wednesday afternoon, urging the Democratic faithful to get out and vote on Nov. 2 — and vote for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for governor. Comments (1)
The test results are in — and a concrete Boardwalk is inevitable! Comments (16)

Vito hires lawyer! Embattled lawmaker plots ‘libel’ action

Williamsburg: Assemblyman Vito Lopez has hired one of the city’s best criminal lawyers — the same guy who represented Abbie Hoffman and Russell Crowe! — to defend his good name. Comments (3)

Our cartoonist says: ‘Fulton Grand is well named’

Bar Scrawl: The latest installment of our new feature, Bar Scrawl, offers our cartoonists’-eye view of a great Clinton Hill bar. Comments (4)

Roofus: New ballots more confusing than old ballots

Cartoon: So, everyone thinks the new voting system is better? Well, not our cartoonist. Comments (2)

Truly F’d in Park Slope! Someone took over popular website — and turned it into a porn site

The Greatest Story Ever: F—ked in Park Slope just got f—ked! Comments (16)

Looking up! City plans ‘Skyscraper district’ in Downtown

Downtown: A new historic district would protect the borough’s tallest architectural wonders in Downtown and Brooklyn Heights, the city announced this week. Comment

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