No laughing matter: Donahue propels Poly past Fieldston

High School Sports: Lily Donahue was bed-ridden with a stomach virus the first time Poly Prep met Fieldston and the phone call she got from teammate Cherkira Lashley after the match made her feel even worse. Comment

Cement overcoat and shoes anyone?

Perspective: We have struggled with the worst economic downturn in U.S. history since the Great Depression. We New Yorkers are currently wrestling with an unbalanced budget, increasing sales tax, increasing real estate taxes, cigarette taxes, higher utility costs, foreclosures, job loss and politicians that are craftier than Gov. Rod Blagojevich from Illinois. Comment

Railsplitters ruin comeback bid, run over Erasmus

High School Sports: Wayne Morgan’s long punt return set up Shaquell Jackson’s rushing touchdown, cutting Lincoln’s lead to just one possession and giving Erasmus Hall new life. Comment

Big second half keeps Goldstein’s title hopes alive

High School Sports: Joanna Soares stressed to her team the importance of limiting turnovers and mistakes at halftime. The Leon Goldstein coach watch bad passes and touches nearly turn into goals. While the Dolphins were lucky enough to have their mistakes not hurt them, they took full advantage of a Brooklyn Tech miscue. Comment

Hail to the Chiefs: Canarsie finally gets first win

High School Sports: So close, yet so far. That has been the story of Canarsie’s season thus far. Comment

Fumbles, injuries help erase Erasmus

High School Sports: Danny Landberg had just one explanation for his team’s play in a 28-8 loss to Lincoln on Friday night. Comment

Stan’s trivia for the people

Perspective: If you are of my vintage you remember who sang “Thanks For The Memory.” If you paid attention in history class you recall the battle cry, “Remember the Alamo.” Let’s see if you know who said, “The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” Comment

As I was saying about the Aquarium…

Perspective: I was annoyed that I hadn’t been invited to the previous two, especially if they were as spectacular as this one. Comment

Man nearly killed in bloody 63rd Street skirmish

Bay News: Deep cuts Comment

Bombs a-bay!

There are bombs in the bay! Comment

Victim of hate crime remembered: Bench named in honor of Michael Sandy

Bay News: Plumb Beach will always have a place for Michael J. Sandy. Comment

Roofus: New ballots more confusing than old ballots

So, everyone thinks the new voting system is better? Well, not our cartoonist. Comment

Coney does need beachfront dining

Perspective: Coney took a bad turn as overdoses of urban renewal set in on its streets. It was precipitated by the demolitions of slum areas in eastern Coney, across Ocean Parkway from Brighton Beach, then also suffering a downturn, with many emptied homes. Coney Island took on the brunt of the helpless, who were deemed homeless as their units were demolishedto make way for both Trump Village and Warbasse Houses. Comment

Determined Sharks earn share of Brooklyn A West

High School Sports: Rich Tighe likes to think of his soccer team at Sheepshead Bay the way kids dream of Christmas. Comment

Huge milestone this Saturday — burlesque show turns six

Wasabassco Burlesque’s anniversary extravaganza is more than just burlesque. Comment

Saturday recipe corner! It’s easy being green with beans this good

City Tech isn’t just about technology. If you’re looking to brush up on cooking skills, or even just looking for new ideas, the continuing education is offering special culinary classes this month. Comment

Holy Greil! Marcus in Brooklyn to discuss Dylan!

Since Robert Zimmerman changed his name to Bob Dylan, he’s transfixed, confused, annoyed and inspired generations of listeners. Chief among them Greil Marcus. Comment

Neighborhood group and community college slug it out on softball field

BoroBeat: The Yankees may have lost the pennant, but America’s pastime was alive and well in Manhattan Beach on Oct. 24. Comment

HBO star skates for cancer at Abe Stark

BoroBeat: Pressing flesh with a celebrity, raising thousands of dollars for a killer disease and enjoying a trip down memory lane? Comment

Sea of howlin’ fun at NY Ascarium

BoroBeat: Buzz Lightyear hobnobbed with Batman while Spiderman whizzed around with butterflies, immersing thrill-seekers in a sea of spine-tingling escapades at the New York Aquarium, which morphed into a spooktacular Ascarium over the weekend to celebrate the year’s most phant-astic day. Comment

P.S./I.S. 206 gets A-plus for PlaNYC playground

BoroBeat: Budding Michael Jordans didn’t tip-toe around the fun last week, teaming up instead for a game of hoops on their new basketball court during a ribbon-cutting for the snazzy, just-opened playground at P.S./I.S. 206 — complete with sweet dance and music presentations. Comment

Is she really going out with him — and that yarmulke?

Amy Holson-Schwartz knew she had a great title on her hands when she had a sold-out run at the Midtown International Theater Festival this past summer with very little advertising. Comment

Our guide to the Brooklyn portion of the route

Even if you won’t spend three hours running the New York City Marathon this Sunday, that doesn’t mean you have to sit on your butt at home. Comment

UglyRhino kicks off with two-week ‘season’ at Brooklyn Lyceum

This micro-season is anything but small. Comment

One ‘Curious’ play headlines the fall at the Narrows Community Theater

A forgotten gem is getting its due. Comment

‘Reefer Madness’ is a hit!

The Gallery Players have gone to pot — but you’re the one who’ll get high. Comment

This weekend’s sales and markets

Lots of exciting market news this week, so let’s get right to it. Comment

City: Cement will make a better Boardwalk

Bay News: The test results are in — and a concrete Boardwalk is inevitable! Comment

Powwow planned for embattled Manhattan Beach civics

Bay News: The tragic death of a four-year-old hit by bus while crossing Oriental Boulevard could bring two rival Manhattan Beach civic groups to the same table — but don’t expect them to stay there for too long. Comment

The $350,000 bug bite

Flatbush: It could cost the city $250,000 to clean up a mess left by a bedbug exterminator whose shoddy work has forced PS 197 and two other schools to quarantine seven classrooms where dangerous pesticides lurk. Comment

Masked menace strikes on E. 58th Street

Mill–Marine Courier: Black mask attack Comment

Can-Can’t! City set to remove public trash bins

Flatbush: If you can’t keep ’em clean — trash ’em! Comment

This guy needs a slap!

Kings Courier: Slap happy Comment

Duo seeks date — steals phone instead

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

MTA menace

Flatbush: Bus boob Comment

Thief breaks in while two women sleep

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Here’s one you didn’t read about in the papers

Perspective: There it was, clear as day on the press release: “X-ray invisible knives??? Assemblyman Colton targets potential terrorist weapon: Introduces bill to ban undetectable knives.” Comment

Look, don’t double-park in Park Slope

Brooklyn Paper: 78th Precinct Comment

Money? What money? Beep slams developer for claiming he’d fund Greenpoint Hospital project

Williamsburg: Borough President Markowitz slammed the Queens-based developers of the Greenpoint Hospital site for making the “wrong” claim that he would underwrite the project with $3.9 million. Comment

Hard signs

When it comes to parking spaces, the hardest part is giving one up. Comment

Military academy could be coming to Flatbush

Flatbush: Ten-hut! Comment

Geezer beater

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Thug cleans out laundromat

Canarsie: Laundry loot Comment

Canarsie curses bike lanes

Canarsie: Canarsie residents unleashed an SUV-load of outrage upon the city’s plans to put bicycle lanes along E. 94th and E. 95th streets. Comment

Let broadcasters, cable handle it

Editorial: The current impasse between Cablevision and Fox, and the earlier dispute between Time Warner and ABC, have led some consumer activists and members of Congress to call for government intervention into the retransmission consent process, under which broadcasters and pay TV distributors agree on the terms permitting carriage of TV stations on cable and satellite TV systems. While no one likes having their favorite TV shows and channels disrupted, it would be a mistake to interject the government into these private negotiations. Comment

The cable dispute — what should be done?

Editorial: Hundreds of TV shows have been blacked out during the negotiations between Fox and Cablevision, depriving viewers of everything from the baseball playoffs to talk shows. Who’s right? Who cares? We just want to watch TV. Here are two takes on the conflict. Comment

Last meal for Kings Plaza Diner

The Kings Plaza Diner served its last supper just before midnight on Oct. 24, capping off 35 years of dishing out massive portions of comfort food to Southern Brooklyn residents. Comment

Sheepshead Bay mosque is back on

Bay News: The Sheepshead Bay mosque is no longer living on a prayer. Comment

Hole of a job: It takes one hour to fix 6-month-old hole

Bay News: It took the city just one hour to fix a Hubbard Street sinkhole that residents had been complaining about for six months. Comment

College drama! Young upstart hopes to beat King Kruger

State Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Sheepshead Bay) didn’t have an opponent in this year’s Democratic Primary, but he’ll be embroiled in the David vs. Goliath showdown on Nov. 2 as voters choose between the notorious legislator and 19-year-old (yes, we said 19) Avrahom Rosenberg, a Midwood resident and full-time Touro College student running on the Conservative line. We caught up with the young upstart this week. Comment

Stop the cable madness

Editorial: The roots of the dispute go back to the 1992 Cable TV Act, which allowed broadcast stations to seek “retransmission fees” from cable providers to permit them to air the exact same content that broadcast networks provided for free. Before that, broadcasters relied on the “must carry” provision of the law, allowing broadcasters to actually compel cable providers to carry their content. How the worm has turned! Comment

What’s in a name? Marketing, that’s what

Editorial: Many years ago, as a guest at a Bar Mitzvah, I was served something called sweetbreads. It was neither sweet nor did it contain bread, but it did taste pretty good. Curious to know exactly what it was, I spent the next morning at the library on Stone Avenue, because this was so long ago (or, not so long) that there were no computers to Google things on. I learned that I had eaten the pancreas and/or the thymus gland of a calf. Had I known that the day before, would I have cleaned the plate? Comment

Dynamite walk-a-thon draws big-hearted trekkers to Bay Ridge

BoroBeat: Big-hearted Brooklynites kicked cement on adolescent substance abuse by walking the Shore Road Bike Path on Sunday to raise money for long-term teen therapy and family support. Comment

Big time drug theft at Lowen’s

Pill perp Comment

Rocking the suburbs: Slaughter keys Boros comeback in Metro Classic

Bay News: A long day of basketball ended with a bitter defeat to the Playaz Club (N.J.) in the quarterfinals of the iS8/Nike Fall Tip-Off Classic and all Mike Taylor and Antione Slaughter had in mind was getting back to Brooklyn. Comment

Say hello to Brooklyn’s undefeated rubgy team

Bay News: Here they are, your undefeated Brooklyn Rugby players. Comment

Panty trail: DA links underwear to suspect

Crime: DNA links missing woman to Seagate couple Comment

French food, made by a Ukrainian, in Sheepshead Bay

Dining: Chef Roman Nikhman may be Ukrainian, but he’s bringing French food to Sheepshead Bay. Comment

Fontbonne Hall wins Tottenville’s Robert Kronisch Memorial Tournament

High School Sports: Linda Strong found out something about her team Saturday. When her Fontbonne Hall team doesn’t know the team on the other side of the court, the Bonnies get back on their heels and don’t play their best. When it’s a familiar name? That’s when they turn it up a notch. Comment

Do you abide? You’d better if you’re going to the Lebowski Fest on Nov. 4

Bowling, White Russians and costumes combine next month at Brooklyn Bowl for Lebowski Fest 2010, a celebration of the 1998 Cohen Brothers’ cult comedy and its great anti-hero, The Dude. Comment

Bike lane bluster

In an age of economic downturn, political discord and social disconnect, one issue more than any other is still able to inflame and provoke. Comment

Trial of accused Weber slayer is on

Crime: The trial of the Queens teen charged with butchering WABC radio broadcaster George Weber last year during a twisted sexual rendezvous in his Carroll Gardens home got underway on Monday — with the alleged murderer claiming it was all self-defense. Comment

Tried to rob a CVS — then rode on the sidewalk

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Robbery at the Farmer’s Market!

Brooklyn Paper: 78th Precinct Comment

Brutal mug on Bay Ridge Ave

68th Precinct Comment

Here she is — Miss Brooklyn!

BoroBeat: This year’s Miss Brooklyn competition proved again that the smartest, prettiest and most civic-happenin’ gals hail from Brooklyn — especially our 2011 “Miss Brooklyn,” Bensonhurst beauty Christina Moore, 20. Comment

College drama! Young upstart hopes to beat King Kruger

State Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Sheepshead Bay) didn’t have an opponent in this year’s Democratic Primary, but he’ll be embroiled in the David vs. Goliath showdown on Nov. 2 as voters choose between the notorious legislator and 19-year-old (yes, we said 19) Avrahom Rosenberg, a Midwood resident and full-time Touro College student running on the Conservative line. We caught up with the young upstart this week. Comment

Group to Gravesend: Get rid of the Nazi next door

Bay News: A radical Jewish organization is trying to rally Gravesendresidents against a white supremacist living on West Street, but locals don’t seem phased about the extreme views of their neighbor, Allen Rouse. Comment

More brutal chokings

Brooklyn Heights: 84th Precinct Comment

Roofus: No cars in bike lanes

This week, Roofus weighs in on the “compromise” to allow church-goers to park in a Brooklyn Heights bike lane. Comment

Hail storm was an act of God

Hail hath no fury like a bigot scorned. Comment

Rabbis taught genetics

Forget about the Gemmorah — area rabbis are being asked to become well-versed in a far more secular subject: genetics. Comment

Harvest fest and canine contest add to fall spooktacle at Narrows Botanical Gardens

BoroBeat: Mocha the wag-nificent Rottweiler came dressed to thrill as Wonder Woman while Chico, a long-haired Chihuahua from Bergen Beach, arrived in the fall spirit — gussied up as a doggone scarecrow. Comment

Bedford Avenue bloodshed

Mill–Marine Courier: Four men were hospitalized on Oct. 14 after a dispute over money ended in a gruesome attack that left a block-long trail of blood. Comment
Dance: This dance piece is bare — in more ways than one. Comment

Slope theater troupe aims high with ‘Reefer Madness’

Pot is so omnipresent, that even a Park-Slope based community theater troupe is reviving a marijuana-themed play. Comment

Marine Pk. Hallow walk — only for the brrr-ave

BoroBeat: If you thought a sun-kissed day couldn’t send shivers down your spine, then you probably missed Saturday’s spooktacular Halloween haunted walk at Marine Park. Comment

Edible Schoolyards take a bite out of childhood obseity

Perspective: It takes just one person to sow the seeds for a better Brooklyn. Comment

Domestic Violence leads to assault spike

Canarsie: Domestic violence incidents in Canarsie are on the rise, so cops in the 69th Precinct are making defending against it one of its top priorities. Comment

Coney robber bust

Bay News: Cops say they’ve arrested a one-man crime wave who spent his summer targeting senior citizens in Coney Island’s western end. Comment

Blockbuster deal: Ford dealer coming to 86th Street

An empty Bay Ridge lot will become home to a new Ford dealership by the end of next month. Comment

Delivery man mauled by pit bulls

Flatbush: Dog danger Comment

Teen laughs at murder confession

Crime: Court hearing no laughing matter Comment

Miss Bklyn. and Outstanding Teen contests reign in Fort Greene

BoroBeat: It’s no secret that the smartest, prettiest and most civic-happenin’ gals hail from Brooklyn. Comment

Hole ‘lotta complaints

Bay News: The city says it won’t fix a six-month old sinkhole on Hubbard Street until it figures out how it got there, so someone has taken matters into his own hands — with a makeshift patch job. Comment

No Littell task: Tech middle balancing volleyball, superior academics

High School Sports: Colette Littell has the potential to earn a college scholarship through academics or volleyball. But if there was Division I women’s juggling, the Brooklyn Tech junior would be a shoo-in. Comment

Orange Wave wash Port Richmond back to Staten Island

High School Sports: Thomas Jefferson is one of the biggest stories of the season in PSAL football. The Orange Wave won four of their first five games, beating notable teams like Sheepshead Bay and Flushing. Still, the coaching staff and players don’t feel like they’ve gotten their due in their inaugural season in the City Championship division. Comment

Kearney handles St. Edmund, eyes Notre Dame

High School Sports: Charlie Candela knew something had to change in the preseason. Oddly enough, with two forwards up front his Bishop Kearney girls soccer team wasn’t generating enough offensive chances. So rather than adding another player he subtracted, leaving talented freshman Darian Raccuglia alone at forward and pulling senior Emily Mason back to midfield. Comment

Tigers stun Goldstein, hold Wishart scoreless

High School Sports: Ed Coyne thought he was in for a rebuilding season after losing eight seniors from a team that earned a share of the division title last season. While the Fort Hamilton coach believes his young team is still a year away they are starting to give him plenty of validation to the statement. Comment

Xaverian pays back Farrell with 48-0 thrashing

High School Sports: Xaverian didn’t forget what happened against Monsignor Farrell and hopes the Lions feel exactly the same why this time around. Comment

Getting his kicks: Marando stars on Xaverian football, soccer teams

High School Sports: They have explosive playmakers at running back, receiver and in the defensive backfield, as well as a poised senior leader at quarterback. But the secret of Xaverian’s success is buried a bit under the surface. Comment

Sodas are sugary garbage

Editorial: The Health Department recently asked the federal Department of Agriculture for permission to exclude soda and other sugary soft drinks from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the Food Stamp program. On the one hand, it’s no surprise that this request was immediately controversial. Many beneficiaries and advocacy groups focused on hunger see the program as supporting incomes rather than promoting nutrition. And in the economic downturn, more and more Americans have come to rely on SNAP — including 1.7 million city residents — and other government assistance programs. Comment

Bloomberg’s ‘soda assault’ won’t work

Editorial: Mayor Bloomberg has decided what New York’s biggest problem is. It’s not nearly 10 percent unemployment. It’s not some of the highest taxes in the nation. Comment

Jamaica Bay’s revival begins with mollusks

Troubled Jamaica Bay is going from stinky to stunning! Comment

They’re Wyld about this Chyld

Bay News: A controversial tattoo parlor in Gerritsen Beach is expanding — and even its former opponents are happy about it. Comment

Stepinac tops Ford, stays perfect to set up Royal clash

High School Sports: Mike O’Donnell knew what was coming next week for his Archbishop Stepinac club. A win over Bishop Ford would set up a clash with Christ the King, which is the other CHSFL ‘AA-A’ with an unblemished league record. Comment

Julia Stiles stars in a ‘Persephone’ for all seasons

What do you get when you combine an ancient Greek myth, a pioneering theater ensemble, two experimental musicians, and a Hollywood movie star? Nothing less than an intoxicating, multimedia play fit for the gods. Comment

Bat man busted in Midwood!

Kings Courier: Bat bruiser Comment

Pot lover bites cop

Bay News: Marijuana menace Comment

Watercraft caper! Thief makes off with speed boat

Mill–Marine Courier: Boating blues Comment

Canarsie restaurateur shot

Canarsie: Restaurant owner shot Comment

Homegrown 502-pound pumpkin is a true Brooklyn spooktacle

BoroBeat: Go ahead and call it a plumpkin. Comment

FOX News conservative? Stan says ‘No way’

Perspective: There’s a new scapegoat in town. Comment

Library highlights Brooklyn’s kids book supremacy

At the Brooklyn Public Library, some of the best material isn’t on the shelves — it’s on the walls. Comment

Carmines tips on keeping personal info safe

Perspective: Of course you’ll be hit with interest and fees that would make legitimate banks blush, that is if the bank doesn’t issue similar credit cards with abhorrent interest rates. Comment

A grand collapse, and the loss of NY football

Perspective: In a recent column, I waxed poetic about the days when football ruled our weekends, and what it meant to us to attend a game, be it at Ebbets Field, the Brooklyn College, or a local school yard. Comment

‘Chaos’ theory — Fred Van Lente has a new comic book out

As Fred Van Lente’s climbed the ladder at Marvel, he’s sent Spider-Man climbing up the side of buildings in Red Hook, put a supervillain lair in Gowanus, set up a vampire club in DUMBO and staged a battle between super heroes and the Olympus Gods on the waterfront. Comment
Theater: It’s time to reanimate a centuries-old corpse — and this time, it’s a woman! Comment
Music: Next stop: Atlantic/Pacific. Comments (3)
Books: This just inked: the ultimate in literary fandom. Comments (4)
Shopping: French ex-pat Jacques Kerner can now savor his favorite Breton pastry — the flaky kouign-aman — practically a hop, skip and jump away from his Boerum Hill home, thanks to the Foodshed Market on The Commons which officially marked its arrival in the tony nabe with a grand opening on Sunday and a sublime showcase of locally sourced artisan foods. Comments (1)
Park Slope: A Park Slope homeowner gets a $2,000 repair bill — so the city can install “distinctive” sidewalks. Comments (5)

‘Dust Bowl’ to get a parrot-centric name

Bay Ridge: The event is on Sunday, but you read it here first: The Dust Bowl is going to be renamed for some birds. Comments (5)
Coney Island: The “new Coney Island” is about to claim two of the last remnants of the old Coney. Comments (6)

Bike lane bluster

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board takes on the bike lane naysayers. Comments (18)
Bensonhurst: He’s the decorator from hell. Comment

The latest from Vitoland!

Williamsburg: Our weekly compendium of the latest news, gossip and allegations against Williamsburg’s longtime Assemblyman. Comments (2)
Cleaning Our Waterways: Three environmental advocates, fed up with polluted water pouring into Newtown Creek, are pushing an innovative solution to clean it up. Comment

Reader blames tireless reporter for bike loss

Letters: Our mailbag is full, as always, though not everyone sympathizes with our reporter Stephen Brown, whose bike was stolen. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Brooklyn Heights doorman Ronald Williams has gone from laying out the welcome mat to walking the red carpet. Comments (1)
Books: As Fred Van Lente’s climbed the ladder at Marvel, he’s sent Spider-Man climbing up the side of buildings in Red Hook, put a supervillain lair in Gowanus, set up a vampire club in DUMBO and staged a battle between super heroes and the Olympus Gods on the waterfront. Comments (1)

Roofus: No cars in bike lanes

Cartoon: This week, Roofus weighs in on the “compromise” to allow church-goers to park in a Brooklyn Heights bike lane. Comments (3)
Meadows of Shame: The butcher of Prospect Park is back. Comments (6)
Fashion: The new Barneys Coop on Atlantic Avenue is the perfect place for well-to-do Brooklyn fashionistas — but you need more than money to shop there. You need hips like Kate Moss. Comments (13)
Mean Streets: On the eve of a protest and counter-protest regarding the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane, the Beep forcefully reiterated his die-hard opposition, and took a few more shots at his nemesis, the Department of Transportation. Comments (92)
Dining: Brooklyn has a booming food culture, so how come you can only get a stale pretzel, a dirty water dog or a re-frozen Italian ice in Prospect Park? Comments (2)

Collegetown is booming as CUNY takes over more space

Downtown plan: City University of New York is expanding its empire in Downtown with a lease on a large space at the 16 Court St. tower — further evidence that the neighborhood is becoming College Town USA. Comments (1)

Bay Ridge panel now supports two bike lanes — if city helps cars, too.

Mean Streets: Bay Ridge’s community board flip-flopped on its opposition to bike lanes on Tuesday night, saying that two new cycle routes on Bay Ridge Parkway and Shore Road could be a good thing — for drivers! Comments (6)
Theater: Marijuana makes even more inroads! Now the Gallery Players is even celebrating it. Comment
Art: A new exhibit features art from you favorite children’s books. Comment
Now trolling the streets to allow you to vent. Comments (1)

McMahon: No on ‘Ground Zero’ mosque

McMahon on Line 1: A Bay Ridge Democrat in a re-election fight comes out with the same position as his GOP challenger. Comments (10)
Mean Streets: An influential Park Slope restaurant owner is pushing for a plaza a dead-end portion of Fourth Street that would eliminate around 30 parking spaces, setting the stage for yet another showdown between pedestrians and drivers. Comments (11)
Theater: What do you get when you combine an ancient Greek myth, a pioneering theater ensemble, two experimental musicians, and a Hollywood movie star? Nothing less than an intoxicating, multimedia play fit for the gods. Comments (2)
Dining: Stumptown coffee is available throughout the borough, but true java geeks should make their way down to Red Hook, where the roaster’s new coffee bar opened this month. Comments (1)
Dining: Bacon lovers, here’s your new favorite recipe. Comments (1)

More crime on the supposedly safe LIU campus

Fort Greene: Three crimes in three weeks. That’s probably why an online magazine named LIU’s Downtown campus the third safest in the nation. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (1)

Obama to Brooklyn: You’re a disaster

But, hey, that’s good news for a city still paying for tornado damage. Comments (7)

Survey says! Prospect Park West bike lane is still very controversial

Mean Streets: The Prospect Park West bike lane remains so controversial that 800 people filled out an online survey on the first day it was posted. Comments (47)
Awesome: That little nip in the air meants it’s time for the Smith Street Soup Festival. Comments (11)

Get ‘Psyche’! It’s Baroque, but this opera company fixed it

A classic Roman myth — with several classic composers — makes for a fun evening of opera (yes, you read that right!). Comment

CITY SCRUBS MOSQUE! Sheepshead Bay Islamic Center is denied permit

City officials on Friday quietly scrubbed a controversial Sheepshead Bay mosque, which had already been the subject of months of review and protests, and ordered another probe of the project. Comments (49)
Greenpoint: Brooklyn’s best skaters have a new place to practice awesome kick flips, ollies and nosegrinds under the auspices of the best team of skate professionals money can buy. Comments (3)
Mean Streets: The score is settled for parking in Brooklyn Heights: God 1, cyclists 0. Comments (27)

Williamsburg artists evicted in crackdown on illegal building!

Exclusive! The city storms a loft on Metropolitan Avenue — and 50 artists and hipsters are on the street. Comments (18)

Paterson gives $40M to SUNY Downstate in advance of LICH takeover

Cobble Hill: Gov. Paterson helped to bail out the financially struggling Long Island College Hospital on Thursday — granting millions to the state hospital that will take on substantial debt when it takes over LICH next year. Comments (2)
Art: And we say that in a good way! Comment

This hero was ‘Rite’ on time

Dyker Heights: A former John Jay HS football player chased down a shoplifter at a Dyker Heights Rite Aid and pinned him to the sidewalk, holding him until cops from the 68th Precinct arrived, according to store employees who watched it all go down. Comment

Cops: We have our man in Tuesday’s Clinton Hill shooting

Clinton Hill: A 28-year-old Clinton Hill resident has been arrested in connection with Tuesday’s fatal shooting at the corner of Classon and Lafayette avenues. Comments (10)

Bloomy moves ahead with funding for Vito’s ‘fraud’ nonprofit

Bushwick: The city is moving to reverse an earlier decision to halt more than $100 million worth of health care service contracts to a Bushwick-based nonprofit that is the subject of two federal investigations and the city’s own fraud probe. Comments (7)
Shopping: And even the local boutique owners are happy! Comment

Readers love opossum, but hate Andy Campbell

Letters: Opossums are gentle, loving, tremendous parents and good for the environment (“City: Don’t blame US for opossum oppression,” Oct. 1). Comment

Slope historic district expansion moves ahead

Park Slope: Community leaders threw out the welcome mat for the extension of Park Slope’s historic district on Thursday night, arguing that its protections are worth any inconvenience experienced by property owners. Comment

Inside the Restler victory party!

Politicrasher: It’s been said that political victory has 100 fathers — in this case it’s 120. Comments (3)

Kiddie Clapton packs ‘em in!

A Park Slope guitarist didn’t sell his soul at the crossroads last night, but Donovan Dwyer did blast the blues for a Park Slope bar full of cheering fans — and he’s only 8 years old. Comments (2)
The dailies have it today, but our Aaron Short had it four days ago. Click here (and just change the tenses!). Read more…

Freemans restaurant coming to Brooklyn?

Williamsburg: Goodbye, Rock Yard — hello, Freemans! Comments (5)

Vans plans jams on Saturday in Greenpoint

Greenpoint: The newest skateboard park in the city is set to open on Saturday in Greenpoint — but it’s only for professional skateboarders. Comment

The latest from Vitoland!

Williamsburg: Our weekly compendium of the latest news, gossip and allegations against Williamsburg’s longtime Assemblyman. Comments (1)

Art pains! Gallery sped gentification, then fell victim

Williamsburg: It’s a story as old as the Bible — or at least the 1980s. Comments (1)

He’s not agnostic about his daughters’ faith

The Dad: Our parenting columnist drags his kids to religious services — but is it for their own good, or his? Comments (4)

Roofus: For God’s sake

Cartoon: This week, our cartoonist offers his take on hate: he hates it. And he hates coverage of it. Comment
Bay Ridge: Nascent plans for a new dog run on the southern end of Bay Ridge are already so popular that proponents are already expanding the idea. Comment
Greenpoint: Andrew Cuomo’s sister still has some ‘splaining to do, apparently. Comment
Park Slope: Borough Park’s firebrand lawmaker nearly came to blows with the hate-spewing Kansans picketing outside of a Midwood yeshiva on Monday, calling one of the church members “a whore,” and breaching a police barricade before cops quickly restrained him. Comments (5)

Another ‘Great’ work from Nicole Krauss’s big desk

Books: The author will read from her new book on Saturday at the Brooklyn Public Library. Comments (1)

BIGOTS TARGET MIDWOOD! Westboro Baptists hurl anti-Semitic garbage

Park Slope: Members of the bigoted Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church screamed a message of anti-Semitic hate in front of a Midwood Jewish school on Monday — but counter-protesters, including a genuinely enraged assemblyman, out-yelled the group. Comments (12)

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