‘Celebrate’ Brooklyn’s Queen of Funk this Saturday

All Sharon Jones really wants to do right now is go fishing. Comment

‘Ultra’ cool new club lets you paint Gowanus purple

Gowanus, meet your first dance club — Ultraviolet, the hottest triple-floored, extremely purple dance party east of the Canal. Comment

‘Devils’ and ‘Spacemen’ fill the Brick Theater this month

At the Brick Theater this month, you’ll be sure to laugh and cry, just like the Greeks intended. Comment

Flatbush constriction put off for three weeks

Flatbush Avenue will still lose a lane of traffic around the future home of the Brooklyn Nets, but the work won’t begin until Aug. 20, the state announced this week. Comment

Demoralizing loss to the Renegades

Bay News: Renegades 3 Comment

Good jeans! Loren Cronk opens his denim den in Greenpoint

Sure, your $300 pair of Ed Hardy jeans are cool, but it’s time to grow up and meet the denim fanatic who offers style and value to the celebrities — designer Loren Cronk just opened his own retail shop in Greenpoint. Comment

Groping goon grabs 11-year-old

Crime: This guy was too touchy-feely for his own good — and cops want to put him behind bars. Comment

Get out the brooms — Cyclones sweep Yanks

Bay News: Cyclones 7 Comment

Jazz man to ‘Usher’ in new score for Vince Price classic

Marco Benevento does not have quite the right disposition for “The House of Usher.” Comment

Cyclones can’t be beat

Bay News: The Cyclones were unbeatable this week — that is, until they went up against the Renegades. Comment

Sarah Palin weighs in on Ridge House seat

Bay Ridge: Former Republican Veep loser likes Grimm over Allegretti to replace Democrat McMahon. Will it matter? Who knows, but it’s a great story. Comments (20)

Cyclones melt the Ironbirds

Cyclones: Luis Nieves and Joe Bonfe lead the attack. Ceciliani is 1-for-4 as he chases Maloof (you know what we mean, right?). Comment

The Heights has the right spirits next week

Nightlife: What better way to celebrate a 100th birthday than to bounce into four of Brooklyn Heights’s best bars and drink a special cocktail designed just for the occasion? Comment
Mean Streets: It’s not just humans who are sweating out this heatwave — the high temps have also gotten to the Ninth Street Bridge. Comments (4)

It’s like a summer ‘Campo’ for pizza lovers

Dining: The new Campo de’ Fiori on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope is like a tiny corner of Rome. Comments (2)
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: The City Council unanimously approved the mammoth 2,200-unit Domino Sugar redevelopment plan on Thursday afternoon — a show of unity on a controversial project that will bring thousands of new residents to a Williamsburg waterfront that has been divided over the project since its unveiling six years ago. Comments (2)
Digital editions: So, I know this guy — let’s call him Jimmy. Jimmy says to me the other day, “Man, I wish someone would tell me what’s going on with Flatbush Avenue.” So I say to Jimmy, “Jimmy, it’s right here — on the front page of The Brooklyn Paper.” And he says, “Oh, cool. That’ something I should be reading every day. Where can I get one of those?” And I say, “Well, the easiest thing to do is just go to our Web site and click on the link right above this little anecdote — and the whole paper will download as a PDF.” And you know what he said? He said, “Cool, I’ll do it right now.” That Jimmy, you gotta love him. Read more…
Greenpoint: Game. Set. Resurface! Comment

The dirty, smelly truth about our public toilets

Meadows of Shame: We put our nose to the grindstone to sniff out the best public toilets in Williamsburg. This was a tough assignment. Comments (6)

Bonfe knocks in three in Cyclone win

Cyclones: And Ceciliani goes 2-for-5! Comment

The ‘Odessa’ file: Brighton Beach 2010 — livelier than ever

Nightlife: Coney Island, with its topsy-turvy amusements, sports bars and sideshow freaks, tends to grab the spotlight for nightlife in southern Brooklyn. But its neighbor to the east — Brighton Beach — is a sea of debauchery in its own right. Comment
It may be the strangest summer program for kids and adults in Brooklyn — but it’s also the must fun. Comment
Meadows of Shame: Like a fowl Phoenix rising from the ashes of its fallen brethren, at least 37 geese have been spotted swimming on Prospect Park lake — less than a month after the federal government massacred 290 of the popular water birds in a nocturnal operation that shocked the borough. Comments (3)
Park Slope: Councilman Brad Lander and his wife try to cut down on their profligate use of electrons Comments (5)

City seeks ‘dollar vans’ to operate on dead MTA routes

Carroll Gardens: The city wants dollar vans to fill a huge gap in Brownstone Brooklyn bus service that was created by MTA service cuts last month. Comments (15)
Nightlife: If you’re dying for a drink, there’s only one place to get it: At the new bar and music venue in a former coffin shop in East Williamsburg. Comments (1)

‘Jelly’ rolled as office is burglarized!

Williamsburg: JellyNYC may own summer in Williamsburg, but an enterprising thief now owns JellyNYC’s computer. Comments (3)

Meet Jack Rabid, the godfather of punk rock (journalism)

Checkin’ in with: Jack Rabid can rattle off band names like letters of the alphabet. Comments (2)

Have you robbed the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man?

DUMBO: A creep broke into the Dumbo Muffin coffee shop on Pearl Street and stole a stunning amount of stuff worth over $17,000 on July 18. Comment
The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Most burritos end up igniting a Mexican Revolution in your stomach — but the pollo asado burrito ($7) from the Calexico food cart in Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 is as wonderful as un beso from Salma Hayek herself. Comment

UPDATE! Cops nab the Boardwalk burglar

Cops have arrested one man in connection with a rash of burglaries along and near the fabled Boardwalk over the past two weeks. Comment

Bloomberg defends goose massacre

Meadows of Shame: Mayor Bloomberg has met the enemy — and it is the geese. Comments (7)

Cuan leads the way as Cyclones salvage split against the Yanks

Cyclones: Brooklyn remains in first place with a solid win. Comment
Clinton Hill: Praise the lord and pass the kohlrabi! Comments (3)

Chasing Maloof! Can Darrell Ceciliani hit .400?

Ridin’ the Cyclones: Jack Maloof, the last man to hit. 400 in the New York–Penn League talks about his achievement. Comments (1)

Another ‘Super’ reading from Shteyngart this Friday

Books: Gary Shteyngart has the unique capability to leave you wincing and laughing at the same time, as any satirist worth his salt should do. Comment
Shopping: Brad Estabrooke’s Breuckelen Distillery opens on Aug. 1 Comment

Big Takeover, big party

Big Takeover, big party

Music: Jack Rabid’s music magazine throws a 30th anniversary show at The Bell House. Comments (1)

Lip service! Human beatbox competition this weekend in Gowanus

Music: In an age where a machine can make any noise imaginable, beatboxing hasn’t lost its novelty. Comment

Suspect: The Hamburglar

Prospect Heights: The Atlantic Avenue McDonald’s is hit. Plus all the other news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comments (1)

Kickball roundup: Can anyone stop Brooklyn United?

Greenpoint: It was a clash of kickball titans on Sunday, with top-ranked Brooklyn United striking the final blow over third-place Crucial Taunt, before the lights went dark. Comment
Park Slope: Park Slopers are shouting triumph after a decrepit property on swank Garfield Place was sold last week — ending a decades-long battle to force its owner to stop letting the once-immaculate brownstone fall apart. Comments (4)

Cyclones lose second in a row to the Yankees

Cyclones: The first-place lead is cut to four games, even as Brian Harrison hits two homers. Comments (1)
Music: Indie rock gods Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have been pushing the rock envelope for three decades as the seminal rock band Sonic Youth, delivering arty, experimental sounds to generations of head-bopping teenagers and cool dads alike. Comments (3)

Park Slope’s newest music venue will ‘Rock’ you

Nightlife: The Rock Shop officially opens on Aug. 2. Comments (1)
Music: How many musical genres can one band incorporate into its sound? Comment

Crazy Lady and Smartmom have designs on Teen Spirit’s bedroom

Smartmom: The kid is off to college and the imaginations run wild. Comments (4)

This Saturday, a talent show for Coney Island

Nightlife: Coney Island’s got talent. Comment

Yanks beat the Cyclones

Cyclones: Well, you gotta give the Evil Empire a win now and again. Comment
Clinton Hill: Residents of a Clinton Hill artist loft have returned to their apartments after being raided by the Fire Department last week, but the building’s large first-floor event space — which was at the center of the eviction crisis — remains off limits. Comment

Cyclones take the first game from the Yankees

Cyclones: Jeff Flagg leads the offense to open a four-game series in crushing fashion. Comment

Once-controversial special needs housing opens to cheers on Fifth Ave

Park Slope: What a difference three years makes. Comments (4)
Gowanus: A tree may indeed grow in Brooklyn — but Frieda Lim is using her Gowanus rooftop to grow lemon verbena, echinacia, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and other delicious produce. Comments (1)

Today, you can start your wining at Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Bridge ‘Park’: Public boozing in Brooklyn Bridge Park becomes a reality today, as the café on Pier 1 gets to make use of its newly acquired beer and wine license. Comments (2)
Red Hook: School’s out for summer — and the pool’s out for some Red Hook campers as well. Comments (5)

‘Sponge’ worthy? Battle brews over name of a water-sipping Gowanus park

Cleaning Our Waterways: Call it “The Project Formerly Known as Sponge Park.” Comments (4)
Borough President Markowitz’s summer concert series in Asser Levy Park appears to be in violation of a new city law hastily passed last month to allow the performances as long as noise spillover from the band shell does not exceed 10 decibels above typical ambient sound. Comments (4)
Backers of the proposed mosque in Sheepshead Bay aren’t letting a few angry neighbors and a bomb threat deter them from seeing their dreams become a reality. Comments (18)

Man cave outfitter to open in DUMBO

Shopping: Animal bones, magnifying glasses, and leather satchels: a new DUMBO shop stocks everything you would find in your grandpa’s den, if your grandpa hunted game and discovered evolution. Comment

Typewriter is key to Carey Wallace’s new romance

Books: A beautiful and recently married Italian dame is going blind, but nobody believes her except a nutty inventor. In order to help her overcome her disability, he devises a novel machine: the typewriter. Comments (10)

Pier pressure in Greenpoint

Greenpoint: The city is going to install a new public pier at the end of Java Street in Greenpoint, plus bring in new ferry service. Comments (3)
Park Slope: The sacred and the profane merged this week atop Park Slope’s Greenwood Baptist Church as workers from Verizon installed cellphone antennas — a move that some critics worry will increase radiation in the neighborhood, but the church says will save the congregation. Comment

In case you missed yesterday’s day game — Cyclones win! […] Read more…

This ain’t no fish tale! Massive sturgeon washes up on beach — and we got the picture!

A massive six-foot sturgeon that was pulled from the waters off Manhattan Beach on Wednesday afternoon will always be fondly remembered as the one that got away — or, more accurately, carried away. Comments (2)

A heroic day game win for the Cyclones

Cyclones: Cory Vaughn does it — again! Comment

Unlucky ‘Star’ for this burglarized Boardwalk boutique

Some party-pooping punks broke into the Lola Star boutique in Coney Island on Tuesday, effectively clearing out one of the Boardwalk’s most popular vendors. Comment

Hotlantic! Brooklyn’s main street is sizzling

Shopping: Here’s our walking tour of Atlantic Avenue from the harbor to Third Avenue — the hottest street in town. Comments (3)

DA to investigate Vespa mom death

Fort Greene: The Brooklyn District Attorney announced last Wednesday that it would conduct its own criminal investigation into the tragic death of a Fort Greene mother of three who was run down by an SUV that apparently ran a red light on July 8. Comments (15)

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