Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lookin’ good! Meet our first Double-D hottie

Gowanus: And look out for our photographer this weekend at the beloved Gowanus watering hole. Comments (1)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Politicrasher: A great yarn about the hour when men become candidates and candidates become scared little boys. Comments (21)
Park Slope: A Park Slope elementary school that has had more than 50 Apple laptops stolen in the past two months may not receive replacement computers. The still new MacBooks, which were stolen from PS 107 on Eighth Avenue on two occasions over the past two months, made up the majority of school’s computer supply. Comments (13)
Greenwood Heights: Green-Wood Cemetery’s Roman Goddess of War is about to clash with her toughest foe to date: city bureaucracy. Comments (3)
Cleaning Our Waterways: The clean-up of the smelly Gowanus Canal is really going to stink for people in the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Comments (1)

With the Clones, the hits just keep on coming

Cyclones: And so do the wins. Comments (1)

On the new mechanical bull — a video exclusive!

Campbell’s Soup: Some guy named Andy Campbell who said he was a reporter here got on the bull and rode it (more or less). Join Gersh Kuntzman as he covers this mediocre effort. Comments (2)

Buttermilk Channel’s skirt steak is a heck of dish

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Ordering the skirt steak at any ol’ eatery can yield a grab bag of results — a bland, heavily oiled or overcooked beef slab can leave you wishing you ordered something a little more exciting. But we’re proud to show off the one at Buttermilk Channel, which is not only the best thing we ate this week, but quite possibly the best skirt steak anywhere outside of Argentina. Comment

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dead goose walking?

Dead goose walking?

Meadows of Shame: Two geese showed up at Prospect Park lake yesterday, blissfully unaware that a date with the gas chamber apparently awaits. Comments (10)
Page 1: You don’t want to wait until Friday to read our full coverage of the federal slaughter of hundreds of geese in Prospect Park. Sure, we’ve kept you up to date on the Web, but there’s nothing like clicking the link above and downloading our entire edition in seconds. And remember, whenever geese are slaughtered anywhere, head to first for the fullest coverage around. Read more…

Tree branch madman is caught! Arborsault ends for now

Prospect Heights: A serial tree branch breaker in Crown Heights and Prospect Heights is finally in custody — bringing to an end to a months-long reign of arborsault the likes of which Brooklyn has never seen. Comment

Bust out? Report shows that the worst of the real estate crisis is over

Development: The worst of the housing market crash is over. Comments (1)

Cyclones beat the Scrappers

Cyclones: First place belongs to the Clones! Comment
Park Slope: Fourth Avenue and Carroll Street was inundated Tuesday afternoon with filthy water rising as high as car tires — once again infuriating locals in the flood-prone area. Comment

Fun, fun, fun with the Beach Boys

Music: Nothing says summer quite like the music of The Beach Boys. Comments (8)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Editorial: Fed geese slaughter was wrong

Meadows of Shame: The federal government’s slaughter of more than 250 geese in Prospect Park last week was a horrifying crime that not only calls into question our abilities as stewards of the earth, but also our core values as a species. Comments (22)
Park Slope: A Park Slope elementary school that had 30 laptops stolen last month has been hit again, with thieves taking 21 more MacBook computers on Monday. Comments (8)

Witnesses: SUV driver ran red light in Vespa crash

Fort Greene: A beloved Fort Greene mother of three was killed last Thursday when her Vespa was slammed by a speeding SUV that witnesses said ran a red light. Comments (37)

Cyclones win big in Lowell

Cyclones: Team is in a virtual tie for first with the hated Yankees! Comment

Talk about a Bonnie and snide couple

Brooklyn Heights: Two women trick a garage attendant into handing over the keys to some fancy wheels. Plus all the other crime news from Brooklyn Heights and Downtown’s 84th Precinct blotter. Comment

What’s on tap? Opera

Music: Opera on Tap is known for taking opera out of stuffy opera houses and bringing it where it belongs (in bars) — and now the group is going outdoors. Comment

Shake it to this Polaroid exhibition

Art: The retro appeal of the Polaroid hasn’t died, even in the age of the ultimate in instant photography — the digital camera. Comment

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meadows of Shame: Prospect Park was in mourning on Tuesday, as Brooklynites wrestled with the horrifying news that around 250 geese had been sent to the gas chamber to protect airplanes flying thousands of feet overhead. Comments (20)
Fort Greene: What anti-incumbent mood, the 28-year lawmaker seems to be saying. Comments (10)

Machine politics! City unveils new voting machines in Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill: Election Day came early in Boerum Hill this week as candidates Vanilla and Chocolate vied for Best Ice Cream flavor — and who cares who won, at least it was a fair election! Comments (3)
Though he supports Borough President Markowitz’s concert series, Mayor Bloomberg did tell the beep to make sure his concert series doesn’t get too noisy this summer. Comments (5)

An ‘Angel’ returns from the 2001 champs

Cyclones: Angel Pagan dropped by MCU Park — and with him came memories of the Cyclones only championship team. Comment

Win streak ends with bad loss in Lowell

Cyclones: The Cyclones manage just four hits — two of them by Darrell Ceciliani. Comment

‘Tramp’ gets the classy treatment at Celebrate Brooklyn

Cinema: Three Charlie Chaplin classics get a live performance by the Brooklyn Philharmonic. Comment

You gotta hand it to this Cyclone star

Cyclones: The secret of the Brooklyn Cyclones’ best hitter Darrell Ceciliani is all in the hands. Comment

More trouble at Atlantic Terminal

Fort Greene: Three more incidents at the troubled mall. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (6)

Cops padlock ‘violent’ Dyker nightclub

Bay Ridge: Officers from the 68th Precinct shut down F1 on 65th Street on Friday night in response to ongoing violence at the club, said Deputy Inspector Eric Rodriguez, the precinct’s commanding officer. Comment
Bay Ridge: The dangerous exit ramp from the Gowanus Expressway at Sixth Avenue will be widened from one lane to two under a plan to make traffic move more safely and more freely. Comments (2)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Meadows of Shame: Federal agents slaughtered more than 250 geese and dozens of babies in Prospect Park after corralling the adults and their young into a small pen early Thursday morning, boxing them up, and tossing them in a gas chamber. Comments (42)

Rebel hell! Southerners defeat Bklyn kickballers in all-star game

Greenpoint: Let the record show that on Sunday night, the South rose again — in kickball. Comments (4)

Another big free concert series on the way!

Music: JellyNYC has announced a new lineup — and venue, just after the East River State Park “pool parties” began. Comments (1)
Brooklyn Heights: It’s all because of a mud-based cosmetic made in the West Bank. Comments (112)

Hear this ‘Siren’ song on Saturday

Music: The annual rock fest returns to Coney Island. Comments (1)

Clones wave the ‘Flagg’ all over Lowell

Cyclones: Jeff key to fourth victory in a row. Comment

Why isn’t the OSFO doing anything this summer?

Smartmom: Is it Smartmom’s fault that her daughter is wasting the summer? Yeah, but a trip to Yogo Monster makes it all OK. Comments (5)

Vive la France on Bastille Day

Vive la France on Bastille Day

Nightlife: On Bastille Day, local Frenchmen party like it’s 1789. Comments (1)

Barista claims that Ozzie’s owners are java fiends

Park Slope: A barista fired from the popular Seventh Avenue coffee bar Ozzie’s is claiming home-brewed harassment! Comments (30)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baptist Church fire forces today’s services into the street

Downtown: The fire that gutted the historic Baptist Temple Church on Third Avenue caused such enormous damage that the pastors plan to hold today’s services in the parking lot. Comments (3)

Vaugh-tastic! Cory hits two dingers in Cyclones win

Cyclones: Cory Vaughn nails the Spikes in a 9-3 win. Comment

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Atlantic Yards: Problem is, it’s miles away from the Barclays Center site! Comments (2)

Cyclones beat up on the Spikes

Cyclones: The Clones have taken the first two in a row and go for a sweep tonight. CU@MCU! Comment

Friday, July 9, 2010

Coney Island: In the midst of a record-smashing heatwave, an all-too-familiar villain is keeping sweating Brooklynites from a new water park at Coney Island — bureaucratic red tape. Comments (2)

For this alleged drug kingpin, silence was the prescription for success

Park Slope: The alleged mastermind of a million-dollar prescription drug ring fooled everyone about the Adderall and OxyContin supply line that law enforcement officials say he was running out of his quiet Carroll Street condo. Comments (13)

Our exclusive video of horseshoe crab mating!

Podcast: Click above for some pre-historic mating action. Comments (2)
Gowanus: The “Superfund stigma” has claimed its first victim, as a development company that once envisioned a 500-unit complex along the banks of the fetid Gowanus Canal has officially bailed on its five-year pursuit of the project saying that it can’t wait for the federal government to complete its proposed 10-plus year clean-up. Comments (14)
Bridge ‘Park’: With all that robust lawn space at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a concert series was the logical next step. Comments (1)

The $64-million question

The $64-million question

Perspective: Borough President Markowitz wants to build a $64-million open-air concert hall inside Asser Levy Seaside Park in Coney Island. The plan is controversial because the new venue would be close to two synagogues and city law currently forbids amplified music so near houses of worship (though that law is currently being changed to accommodate Markowitz’s annual concert series). With the amphitheater about to get its final approval, we asked two neighborhood machers to weigh in. Click below to read their opinion pieces.

Now that’s more like it — Cyclones win

Cyclones: Back home and back in the ‘W’ column! Comment

New bar, old problem

Prospect Heights: A woman’s bag is stolen from Woodwork on Underhill Avenue. Plus all the other news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comment

Don’t pass this Moutarde! Fifth Ave. bistro is better than ever

Dining: Just in time for Bastille Day, the irrepressible Bruno Berrebi has completely transformed his excellent restaurant, Moutarde, into a more casual bistro, Moutarde: Le Bistro de la Rue. Comments (4)

A man, a van, a plan — horror at Slope Barnes and Noble

Park Slope: A literature lover went rogue on Thursday, swiping tomes from the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope before struggling with a cop, breaking free and stealing and crashing a van. Comments (1)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Benefit concert booted from Asser Levy band shell — citing same law Marty flouts!

A concert promoter hosting an autism benefit on Friday has been barred at the last minute from rocking the same band shell in Asser Levy Park where Borough President Markowitz holds his annual summer concert series — and the city is citing the same anti-noise code that Markowitz has apparently flouted for decades. Comments (4)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sex god! Bklyn College doc loves a good crab orgy

Podcast: There’s a horseshoe crab orgy going on right now, and everyone’s invited. Comment

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stealing water from a baby!

Carroll Gardens: A 13-year-old is robbed at his bottled water stand! Plus all the other crimes from Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill’s 76th Precinct. Comment

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