Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

Slugfest knocks out Cyclones

Cyclones: Brooklyn has now lost four in a row, while the hated Staten Island Yankees have won six in a row. That’s a major problem. Comment

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Now, go out and celebrate America’s independence by watching the hot dog-eating contest, hearing some hip-hop or crashing Sen. Marty Golden’s annual family BBQ. It’s all in our guide to going ‘Fourth’ today. Comments (1)

Hynes decides against charging firefighter in Salty Dog brawl

Bay Ridge: Looks like a flip-flop from the former Fire Commissioner district attorney. Comments (2)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Damn Yankees — again! Clones fall in extra innings

Cyclones: The Cyclones lose their second in a row to the Yankees. Comment

Hot food gossip — new bars, new eats, and, yes, some closures

Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been a busy few weeks in the Brooklyn food-scene. Here’s the best of the borough’s openings, closings, some pretty big rumors and some crumbs, too. Comment

Friday, July 2, 2010

Brooklyn Angle: A global dispute about the heart, soul and stomach of one of the world’s greatest hot dog eaters flares up two days before the flagship event. Comment
Boerum Hill: Boerum Hill’s corn field is truly a-maize-ing — but the artist responsible for the crop admitted this week that Canarsie, not Smith Street, got the most exclusive variety of grain. Comments (4)

This fire wasn’t as bad as it looks

Williamsburg: Williamsburg book lovers breathed a sigh of relief this morning after a vicious that fire ripped through a Devoe Street building did not damage the beloved Brooklyn Public Library branch next door. Comment

Gym-nastic! PS 39 gets its recreation space back

Park Slope: The city has come up with the money to retain a Park Slope elementary school’s gym program that had been threatened by bureaucratic stinginess. Comment

Prepare to hoist the giglio!

Event: Talk about heavy lifting. Comments (1)
Music: Great Elk may be named after an extinct species, but things are starting to pick up for the Brooklyn band. Comment

‘Cary’ on! Hollywood icon Grant gets second BAM retrospective

Cinema: He’s still great — and he’s at the Brooklyn Academy of Music all this month. Comment

Damn Yankees! Clones fall 8–5

Cyclones: Look, you lose some games. But the Cyclones remain in first place. Comment

The drink of summer at One Girl Cookies

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: When it’s this hot outside, there are really only a two things worth consuming: ice cream, and iced tea. Comments (2)

Mass transit cuts — a necessary evil?

Perspective: Harsh service reductions on buses and subways went into effect this week that will increase waiting times and decrease the quality of mass transit service throughout the city. Brooklyn was hit especially hard, with the elimination of several key bus lines, plus the M subway line. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said that the cuts were necessary to reduce an $800-million budget deficit. But were such harsh cuts truly necessary? We asked a critic of the MTA and the agency itself to weigh in. Click below to read their opinion pieces.

He’s hamming it up at new W’burg trattoria

Dining: Alex Palumbo may just one day join the ranks of King Midas. After five years managing Manhattan’s Da Silvano — known for its five-star dining and clientele — Palumbo has brought his golden touch across the river, to the newly opened Osteria Il Paiolo in Williamsburg. Comments (1)
Dining: Finally, baby food that’s fit for an adult. Comments (1)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mean Streets: Sign painters to the rescue! Comments (1)
Page 1: So, guy walks into a doctor’s office and the doctor says, “Look, I have some bad news for you — you have only six months to live.” So the guy thinks about this for a second and says, “Well, what’s the good news?" And the doctor says, "Who said anything about any good news?” We love that joke. And we also love our print edition, which, like that joke, is a classic. Click the link above to start the ball rolling (or, more accurately, the issue downloading). Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment
Williamsburg: Guests at Brooklyn’s illegal hotels could soon be checking out for good — if Albany has its way. Comments (3)

Geronimo! Man publishes a 15-volume history of the Indian Wars

Sometimes, it takes one obsessed man to seize the reins of history. Comments (1)

Inside job? Greene Ave tenants say crooks had the keys!

Fort Greene: Seven apartments inside a tony Fort Greene building have been broken into in the past year — and in all cases, the burglars had the keys, leading residents to believe that they are the victims of the ultimate inside job. Comments (7)

Do not go Fourth if you want to have fun

Event: On July 4, the smart set stays right here in Brooklyn rather than rushing off to beaches (we’ve got those), parties (check) or hot concerts (um, this is music city, after all). Don’t believe us, here’s our full guide to this weekend (so full, in fact, that you’ll need to take Monday off). Comment
Theater: For those looking for a way to cool down this summer, “Nocturnes” is sure to give you the chills. Comment

Cyclones win their fourth in a row

Cyclones: Dynasty? Not yet, but a 9-4 start keeps the Clones in first. Comment
Coney Island: A judge on Wednesday ruled that Borough President Markowitz’s summer concerts may violate a city anti-noise law — but the ruling blocking this year’s series is effectively moot thanks to a just-passed Council bill that excepts the very concerts from noise code restrictions. Comments (6)

Now the city may be helping Greenpoint vendors

Shopping: A rentable commercial kitchen may be made available to small-time food manufacturers. Sure beats summonses. Comments (3)

Stinging rebuke of Courier-Life anti-bike editorial!

Mean Streets: Last week, we gave space to the editorial board of our sister publication. This week, we set the record straight! Comments (27)

Roofus: Mosque protesters aren’t only interested in traffic

Cartoon: This week, Roofus weighs in on protests over a mosque in Sheepshead Bay. Comments (7)

It’s ‘Flea’ at last in Greenpoint every Friday

Shopping: Want to find a good deal in Greenpoint? Go to church. Comment

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Committeman Confrontation: You’ve heard of “Million Dollar Baby”? Well, meet Democratic District Leader candidate Hope “The Moose” Reichbach — Brooklyn’s $20,000 baby. Comments (8)
Mean Streets: Williamsburg residents castigated city transportation officials on Tuesday night, claiming that the changes that they made on Kent Avenue are not working. Comments (32)

Win streak at three as Clones own first place

Cyclones: This 8-4 team is on a roll. Comment

Speak to P.T. Barnum — live!

The man who allegedly said, “There’s a sucker born every minute” is about to give us another earful. Comments (4)

Time to steal the donuts

Park Slope: A shoplifter makes his move at the Dunkin’ Donuts. Plus the rest of the crime news from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct. Comments (1)

Downtown walls, if nothing else, start to look great

Downtown: Lipstick on a pig, indeed — some abandoned construction sites in Downtown are looking a lot cooler these days now that local artists are turning the sites into canvases. Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: No wonder this kid is so PO’d. Comments (1)

Check out our hot Double-D Pool video!

Gowanus: The pool that was saved from city budget cuts opens with a splash — by our shirtless editor. Watch it all. Comments (2)
Park Slope: A concrete mogul provides the material and the workers to fix Prospect Park’s decrepit riding circle. Comments (4)

LC Fest, in fifth year, is perfect for short attention spans

Park Slope: For those with musical ADD, this one’s for you. Comment

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gowanus: The city budget bean counters have spared the Douglass-Degraw pool — and the children are happy. Comment

MTA service cuts make it a Monday from hell

Transit: Mass transit became mass confusion on Monday, as the most severe service cuts to the city’s transit system in 30 years took hold in Brooklyn, where 26 bus lines were restructured or eliminated, a subway line vanished, and service became slower and more crowded. Comments (12)

Clones win second in a row

Ridin’ the Cyclones: Lead the McNamara Division by a game and a half. Comment

Cory is at the ‘Vaughn’ guard of Cyclone success

Cyclones: It’s only the third week of the season, and Cory Vaughn — the Cyclones’ speedy right-fielder with a surprising amount of power — is emerging as the face of the team. Comment

Power failure leaves 1,100 Williamsburgers boiling mad

Williamsburg: More than 1,100 Williamsburg residents were without power on Tuesday after ConEdison cut electricity to the area to make emergency repairs to its overloaded distribution system on one of the hottest days of the year. Comments (2)
Nightlife: This ain’t your grandma’s bingo. Comment
Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: A slightly smaller version of the Domino Sugar project will be approved, sources said. Comments (24)

Motel’s TV caper

Carroll Gardens: A hotel guest checks in, but then checks out with two TVs! Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Smartmom opens up the bible — the high school bible, that is

Smartmom: It’s time to start thinking about a high school for the Oh So Feisty One. Comments (9)
Music: The biggest summer stage is the Prospect Park band shell — and Ozomatli will need every inch. Comment

Injured Sadewitz says Frontiersmen will rise again

Greenpoint: It’s only the most important shoulder in the Brooklyn Kickball League. Comment

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot dog contest shocker! Kobayashi is out in contract ‘impasse’

Takeru Kobayashi, one of the greatest eaters in the history of the world and a six-time Nathan’s hot dog-eating champion, has stunned the world by dropping out of the July 4 competition, giving rival Joey Chestnut, who has beaten him three years in a row, a clear shot to a dynasty. Comments (7)

Clones are back on track

Cyclones: The two-game losing streak is over — and first place again belongs to Brooklyn. Comments (1)

Fountain blues along the Shore Road bike path

Mean Streets: It’s strictly BYOB — bottles of water, that is — on the Shore Road bike path, and the city’s failure to provide working fountains along the popular leaves cyclists joggers and pedestrians at risk of heat stroke. Comments (4)
Music: Indie band Jukebox the Ghost shows up at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comment

Another bike is gershed

Prospect Heights: A two-wheeler is stolen, plus all the other news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comment
Music: The annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival is like the genre itself — it’s gotten bigger and more expensive every year. Comments (2)

Hey, Joe, nice rack! And thanks for the press release about bike apparatus

Williamsburg: There’s a new bike rack at the East River State Park — and a Williamsburg assemblyman is taking the credit. Comments (1)

Bklyn Yard’s loss is this loft’s gain

Nightlife: DJ dance parties continue, albeit in a different place. Comment

Thursdays are swing time this summer

Dance: Swing’s the thing this summer. Comment

Kickball roundup: Lobos howling at the top of the leader board

Majesty’s reign as Brooklyn Kickball top-ranked and only remaining undefeated team has toppled, after it was dethroned by the Lobos and Zeus’s Beard. Comments (1)

New ‘Narrows’ bar is long on style and wide on substance

Nightlife: Flushing Avenue has a new oasis from its busy truck route and heavy manufacturing neighbors — a bar that serves craft beers and organic cocktails. Comments (1)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coney Island: You won’t have to jump in the ocean at Coney Island to get wet and wild this summer. Comments (1)

Clones blow second game in a row!

Cyclones: Another night, another blown save, another demoralizing road loss. Get home soon, boys. Comment

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cyclones blow a game in the ninth!

Cyclones: If the Cyclones lose the division by one game, this is the game. Comments (1)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Double-D Pool will open on schedule on Tuesday!

Gowanus: Budget deal spares Gowanus watering hole Comments (1)
A few days after a lawsuit raises the possibility that Borough President’s summer concert series may be illegal, Mayor Bloomberg rushes a bill to make it legal. Comments (11)
Park Slope: Nearly 30 state-of-the-art laptop computers were stolen from a Park Slope elementary school over the weekend — and school parents are blaming construction workers who failed to secure the school while they made weekend renovations. Comment

One of the biggest wins ever

Cyclones: Cyclones bash the Renegades, 16-5. Comment

Ooh-ooh, that well! EPA digs to find source of Gowanus toxins

Cleaning Our Waterways: It’s not all fun and games at an area playground — it’s also Superfund-related science! Comment

Gym-nauseam! PS 39 loses its recreation space!

Park Slope: Parents at a historic Park Slope elementary school that’s too small to have its own gym are fuming that the city will no longer rent out a recreation area for the kids across the street. Comments (1)

Big (well, sort of big) fireworks bust for 76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens: It must be nearing July 4 because the men in blue are cracking down on the explosive stuff. Comments (2)

Should Park Slope’s historic district be expanded?

Should Park Slope’s historic district be expanded?

Perspective: Residents of Park Slope are considering expanding their neighborhood’s historic district — already Brooklyn’s largest — by more than double. It’s certainly true that many people equate historic district designation with preserving the “feel” of our neighborhoods, but others oppose such measures because of the rules and regulations that inhibit building owners’ ability to alter their structures. Click on the links below to read both opinion pieces.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mean Streets: State officials have slammed the brakes on a controversial plan to eviscerate part of historic Brooklyn Heights in order to modernize the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, conceding on Wednesday night that the shocking scheme is untenable. Comments (5)

Booked ‘em! Slope’s top cop nabs another bad guy

Park Slope: Deputy Inspector John Argenziano is no desk jockey. He’s made two arrests in three months — more than some beat cops! Comments (1)

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