Hell, I’m Lost

Perspective: “I’m dead, too?” Jack asks at the end of Lost. OMG, what tripe. From the pens of Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams this is the best they could come up with? After six seasons of black smoke monsters, others, a crazy French woman, bite your nails off cliffhangers and polar bears in the Pacific, all Lindelof and Abrams can come up with is “I’m dead, too?” Comment

Ford doubles up St. Francis Prep in B/Q second-place clash

High School Sports: Standing in foul territory outside third base in the fourth inning, Bishop Ford coach Mike Hanrahan made a somewhat bold statement. Comment

City to study Flatbush Avenue traffic

Flatbush: The city will soon be taking a close look at congestion on one of Brooklyn’s busiest thoroughfares. Comment

Never forget the American soldier’s supreme sacrifice

Perspective: Monday is Memorial Day — once known as Decoration Day — and a time to honor the brave men and women “whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land.” Comment

Some say more car break-ins result of less cops

An increase in car break-ins has some people worrying that the 61st Precinct is being stripped of it cops. Comment

40 years for botched robbery

Repair shop raider convicted Comment

Vendor, vidi, vici!

It’s a vendor-detta! Comment

Mystery deepens over body found floating in bay

Bay News: A grisly mystery surfaced just outside of Manhattan Beach on May 21 — the remains of an apparent murder victim left to rot in a watery grave with five-pound weights tied to his wrists and ankles. Comment

City to Red Hook: Park is safe! No PCBs found in soil tests

Brooklyn Paper: Red Hook Park is no red zone. Comment

He smelt it, they dealt it — but city says it will now fix Owls Head stench

City officials will finally cover two stinky tanks at the Owls Head sewage treatment plant — but locals should expect a few more bad days before the stench can finally be stanched. Comment

Brooklyn Homebrew honcho reveals the process — and it’s a process!

For the homebrewing novice, the process of making your own beer may be a bit of a mystery. So we asked Benjamin Stutz of Brooklyn Homebrew in Gowanus to break it down for us, from the tools you’ll need to what happens between boiling the grain and bottling the brew. For purposes of simplicity, we are using as basic and uncomplicated a recipe as possible, since, as any beer drinker knows, there’s a seemingly infinite style of beers — and each wouldresult in an entirely different recipe. Comment

Homebrewed! Here’s how to make your own beer

So you’re thinking about brewing beer at home? Comment

Woodstock + Clinton Hill = Hillstock!

The hills — well, at least Clinton Hill and vicinity — will be alive with music this month. Comment

Stay in town to have a Memorial Day done right

Memorial Day means a three-day weekend for most of us — but why head to the beach when you can stay in Brooklyn? Here’s how to have fun while everyone else is taking in the sun. Comment

Dinner <i>and</i> a movie — coming soon to Williamsburg

Grab your popcorn, Williamsburg! After years of fulfilling your cinema needs outside the neighborhood, you’re about to get your very own movie house. Comment

Corny island! Woman artist turns Smith Street corner into a mini-farm

Nebraska’s got nothing on one Boerum Hill corn-er! Comment

Kickball shocker! Never Scared feels the worries with first defeat

It was an upset Sunday during a surprisingly turbulent Week Four of Brooklyn Kickball. Comment

Walmart protest fizzles — is opposition to retail behemoth slowing?

A smaller-than-expected crowd showed up last week at Starrett City to protest Walmart’s proposed first New York City superstore. Comment

Test driving the BRT

Bay News: Plans to bring Bus Rapid Transit to Nostrand Avenue may have given some Brookynites pause, but riders already enjoying select bus service along Fordham Road in the Bronx and Manhattan say not to worry because it’s one sweet ride. Comment

Cabby drives crook to cop house

Mill–Marine Courier: NYPD cabbie Comment

Mugger nab

Kings Courier: Mugger nab Comment

Last day at the garden

Flatbush: In the gathering dusk, gardeners and students met at the Campus Road Community Garden, last Thursday night, to dig up and tag plants they wanted to take, and sing, chat and eat together one last time. Comment

Murder at a deli on Lincoln Place!

Brooklyn Paper: A trigger-happy gunman killed a 34-year-old on May 19 on Lincoln Place and Franklin Avenue in what might have been a gang slaying. Comment

It was murder

Brooklyn Paper: 77th Precinct Comment

Neighbors put this bar plan out of ‘The Woods’

Williamsburg: The party was over even before it started. Comment

Man nearly loses ear in domestic squabble

Canarsie: Hearing problems Comment

Child care worker needs help

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment

Prayers help wounded cop grow stronger

Bay News: Someone up there is keeping an ear out for prayers about Police Officer Carlos Olmedo. Comment

Coney Island’s boardwalk is ready for summer

Bay News: The city is almost finished installing new wood planks along a four-block stretch of the Riegelmann Boardwalk. Comment

Car theft ends in Coney crack-up

Bay News: Wild ride Comment

iS8 still holds a place in Joakim Noah’s heart

Bay News: Joakim Noah squeezed his 6-foot-11 frame inside the tightly cramped, steamy middle school gym, gazed around at the talented high-school prospects on the court, the grown men sitting three deep underneath each basket, and smiled. Comment

Cabbie assaulted

68th Precinct Comment

Rifle in hand, soldier will march with his daughter

Canarsie: A battle-hardened army sergeant back home after a 13-month stint running supply trucks to the front lines in Afghanistan is marching in Canarsie’s Memorial Day Parade — with a rifle in one hand and his daughter’s hand in the other. Comment

Bay Ridge rapist get 82 years

The renegade rapist who attacked a Fort Hamilton Parkway woman in the basement of her own building two years ago is facing 82-years to life behind bars now that he’s been convicted of rape in the first degree, Brooklyn prosecutors said on May 24. Comment

Brooklyn beat

Drum call! Comment

Lens on hunger

This exhibition gives new meaning to the phrase “starving artist.” Comment

Believe it! Paulie Gee’s has opened in Greenpoint

Dining: For months, Twitter, Facebook, foodie blogs, and even pizza blogs kept sounding the alarm that the opening was imminent. But the delays only fueled the excitement. Comment

Lev Grossman is still the ‘Magic’ man

Books: Lev Grossman does not do magic tricks. Comment
Our photographer had a blast at Coney Island yesterday, when temps jumped to 90 for the first time this year. Comments (3)
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Church steps mess!

The meek may inherit the earth, but parishioners at a Bushwick church increasingly want them off their front steps. Comments (4)
Art: Finally, there’s a key to the city that actually unlocks something. Comment

Waterfront Museum’s circus series returns this June

Event: It’s showtime on the showboat! Comment
Bay Ridge: The disgraced former congressman, nominated for his old seat by his Staten Island party cronies, said today that he will not return to politics at this time. Comments (5)
Williamsburg: Williamsburg’s park-starved South Side is so desperate for green space that residents are entertaining the idea of building a park on top of the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway. Comments (5)
Bay Ridge: City officials will finally cover two stinky tanks at the Owls Head sewage treatment plant — but locals should expect a few more bad days before the stench can finally be stanched. Comments (2)

Stay in town to have a Memorial Day done right

Event: Memorial Day means a three-day weekend for most of us — but why head to the beach when you can stay in Brooklyn? Here’s how to have fun while everyone else is taking in the sun. Comments (1)

Greenpoint Library to close — but only for repairs

Greenpoint: The real budget cutting could come later this year. Comments (4)

Child care worker needs help

Carroll Gardens: Cops say he stole from his own school! Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Neighbors put this bar plan out of ‘The Woods’

Williamsburg: A popular Williamsburg bar is forced to abandon a plan for a garden and community space. Comments (7)
Art: Mexico City may have Diego Rivera, but Wallabout has Puerto Rican folk muralist Evelyn Talarico. Comment
Shopping: A national retailer appears to have copied some Brooklyn designers. Comments (12)
Bay Ridge: The already divisive Republican effort to unseat freshman Rep. Mike McMahon took a bizarre turn last week, when a GOP committee on Staten Island nominated none other than Vito Fossella — the congressman who was run out of town after a drunk-driving arrest and subsequent revelations that he had a secret family in Virginia — to represent the party in the fall election. Comments (7)

Judge lets Bway Triangle suit move forward

Bushwick: City officials criticized a judge’s ruling last week allowing a lawsuit against a major rezoning initiative to move forward — saying that the decision to allow the suit to continue would delay construction of new housing on the South Williamsburg site. Comments (3)

Smoked out! Ridge board votes for crackdown on hookah bars

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge civic leaders are demanding that the city douse the neighborhood’s allegedly burdensome hookah bars and cafes. Comments (14)

Kickball shocker! Never Scared feels the worries with first defeat

Greenpoint: It was an upset Sunday during a surprisingly turbulent Week Four of Brooklyn Kickball. Comments (2)

It’s Smartmom minus one as Teen Spirit leaves the nest

Smartmom: We all saw it coming, but now that Teen Spirit is leaving for college, Smartmom is a weepy mess. But remember what Nietzsche said. She’ll be fine (as long as she doesn’t die). Comments (3)
Dining: Food carts? Feh. Comments (1)

Hot cakes, foul mood

Fort Greene: A McDonald’s customer goes postal. Plus more crime at Atlantic Center — and all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (3)

Tasty restaurant gossip — including prepared food next to the Co-op!

Foodie-in-Chief: With summer heating up, it’s been a busy fortnight for Brooklyn’s foodie scene. Here are our tastiest tidbits of restaurant openings, closings, and of course, gossip. Comments (1)

Tonight! L-train weeknight outages return!

Williamsburg: Better catch that midnight train to Bushwick — because there won’t be another one after it. Comment

More dead animals — this time in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Meadows of Shame: A Santeria-style shocker has washed up on the shores of DUMBO — a bag full of dead birds, fish, food and even some cash! Comments (8)

It was murder

Prospect Heights: Cops are called to the scene of a slaying. Plus all the other news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comments (3)

City to Red Hook: Park is safe! No PCBs found in soil tests

Cleaning Our Waterways: Red Hook Park is no red zone. Comments (3)

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