Thursday, May 6, 2010

Page 1: So, two atoms are walking on Prospect Park West. One says to the other, “Oy vey, I just lost an electron back there.” And the other says, “Are you sure?” And the first atom says, “Yeah, I’m positive.” This is basically how we feel sometimes, pounding the pavement, asking the questions and, yes, putting a charge in your day — with our full print edition, available right now! Read more…

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zombie king takes Brooklyn!

Cinema: This event is BYOB — bring your own brain. Comment

Sardines in the can! Growth along the J, M, Z line is crushing commuters

Brooklyn Is Angry: The J, M and Z subway lines in Williamsburg have become victims of the neighborhood’s success, exploding with a 24-percent increase in passengers in just four years, new data show. Comments (2)
TV: It was back to the future this week in Carroll Gardens, as a 1920s-era pharmacy was renovated courtesy of the magic of television, a reawakening of a Henry Street relic that has stood fallow for over a decade. Comments (4)
Gowanus: They may be delighting customers in Red Hook, but the Latino food vendors are causing indigestion in Gowanus. Comments (18)

City: BID your way to antique lamps on Atlantic Avenue

Boerum Hill: Dark days are ahead for some Atlantic Avenue business owners if they don’t agree to tax themselves — the city will take the pretty lights away. Comments (2)
Williamsburg: A hipster hotel that occupies part of a converted loft building in Williamsburg has become such a crash pad that some renters are moving out. Comments (17)

Chicken heads? Blood? Entrails? No worries! EPA gives Prospect Park green award

Meadows of Shame: Who cares about two months of entrail-dumping, chicken beheadings, blood-letting and furniture abandonment in the Prospect Park lake — the federal government just gave the park an award for cleanliness! Comments (7)

Ear’s to this corn-fed Brooklynite!

Boerum Hill: Christina Kelly wants to plant a cornfield — on a Boerum Hill corner. It’s an art thing. Comments (1)

Shore Road smash-o-rama for a dozen cars

Bay Ridge: Heavy-handed thieves converged on Shore Road on May 1, looting a dozen cars parked along the usually serene strip of park land. Comments (3)

Has the city gone too far with the Prospect Park West bike lane?

Perspective: The proposed two-way bike lane alongside Prospect Park West has divided a community — and given us great fodder for an editorial package. Look below to read opinion pieces by a supporter and an opponent of the controversial lane. Comments (8)

Talk about a HEYDAY

Nightlife: POYKPAC has the Internet to thank for its fame, but the Brooklyn comedy troupe still likes to do things live. Comment
Fort Greene: One of Fort Greene’s oldest and most prominent churches is falling apart and parishioners are putting out an SOS for renovation funds. Comment

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mean Streets: The city has put the brakes on a plan to paint the Brooklyn Bridge a color named after the borough of Queens — and you can thank us! Comments (11)

The greatest district leader debate — ever — is on!

Bay Ridge: It’s Kevin Peter Carroll vs. Ralph Perfetto for the soul of Bay Ridge. Comment

Walmart: Our wages are just as good as Target’s

The nation’s number one retailer continued its PR campaign to open a Brooklyn location, saying that its wages are just as good — or, perhaps more accurately, as bad — as other national chains. Comments (3)

Newcomer Restler battles incumbent Cohn for obscure, minor, little-known post

Williamsburg: The challenger is just 26 years old — and he wants to beat a guy whose held the district leader job in Williamsburg for 27 years. Comments (7)

Close firehouses? Not in Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge is sounding the alarm over proposed firehouse closings. Comments (1)
Dining: Borough Hall hosts Brooklyn’s big time food manufacturers. Here’s our preview. Comment

Are you an ‘edgy mom’?

Smartmom: Take Smartmom’s annual quiz. Comments (8)
Theater: A church is the most natural — and most unlikely — setting for playwright Sarah Ruhl’s triptych, “Passion Play.” Comment

Burglary at Sweet Melissa’s!

Carroll Gardens: Our favorite bakery is robbed (sort of). Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comment

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cleaning Our Waterways: We’re live on the conference call about the federal government’s decision over Superfunding the Gowanus Canal. Keep clicking refresh! It doesn’t get more exciting, or live, than this! Comments (4)
Meadows of Shame: A secret e-mail worthy of Deep Throat reveals the true motive behind last week’s invasion of a private garden inside McCarren Park: The Parks Department wants its land back! Comments (24)

A great opening weekend for the Latino Food vendors of Red Hook

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The Red Hook Vendors are back — and a hero has emerged: El Olomega! Comments (2)
Coney Island: “Greatest show on earth”? We’ll see — but first, you have to buy tickets. Comment
Coney Island: Coney Island is gearing up for a summer of new rides and circus attractions, but the neighborhood’s main private landowner is instead tearing down historic buildings — including the place where Harpo Marx made his comic debut — and replacing them with a temporary fast-food stand. Comments (6)

Bloody hell at 4 am

Prospect Heights: Bad things happen early in the morning. Plus all the other news from Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comments (2)

The arm of the law is especially long in this 11-year-old murder case

Prospect Heights: A 34-year-old learned that there’s no expiration date on justice last week when he was arrested for a murder he allegedly committed eleven years, four months and one week earlier on Lincoln Place. Comment

A day at the speech! Annual Delaney contest serves up a real winner this year

Brooklyn Heights: The winning student slams the media for how it portrays women. How bad could we be? We did an article about her, didn’t we? Comments (1)

Red Hook author brings world of the projects to life

Books: Growing up in the gritty world of the Red Hook projects, the last thing on Torrey Maldonado’s mind was becoming an author and becoming a role model. Comment

Friday, April 30, 2010


City reaches deal to ‘Stop the Chop’

Brooklyn Heights: The constant rumble of helicopter noise over Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO may be over starting today, after the city instituted a no-fly zone for sight-seeing flights over the entire borough. Comments (2)

Call us Roto rooters! We love James Rotondi

Campbell’s Soup: Reliving the filthy old washout in seclusion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Comments (1)

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