A day at the speech! Annual Delaney contest serves up a real winner this year

Brooklyn Heights: Champ speaker Chandra Persaud is the talk of St. Francis College! Comment

Car wash cleans up its dirty act in Marine Park

Mill–Marine Courier: A Flatbush Avenue car wash says it is putting the brakes on its illegal practice of covering local cars with fliers. Comment

’70s geek alert! Band channels Stones, Neil Young, Dylan and even Forbert!

Matthew Houck just might have been born in the wrong decade. Comment

Gowanus is for jazz

Gowanus most likely isn’t the first place you think of to go hear some good jazz, but for this month, it is. Comment

A BKLYN Designs for the ages — young ages

BKLYN Designs, the ne plus ultra of uber-hip contemporary furnishings, has been known for many things over its last eight years, but family-friendly hasn’t exactly been one of them. Comment

Murder season!

Canarsie: Canarsie’s “murder season” began on April 28 with gunshots and the sickening sound of a knife being plunged into a woman’s chest. Comment

Dinner and a movie made easy on Fifth Avenue

Dinner and a movie just got easy. Comment

Ray Tintori is only 26 years old — and he gets a retrospective?

Ray Tintori may be only 26, but that’s not stopping the Brooklyn Arts Council from running a retrospective of his work. Comment

¡Ay, papi! Here’s our guide to the best tacos in Williamsburg

Few people know that Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French in 1862 — but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least be educated about Mexican food. Comment

Zombie king takes Brooklyn!

This event is BYOB — bring your own brain. Comment

Raise your toes, raise some funds

Event: All those kegstands will finally come in handy. Comment
Shopping: BKLYN Designs, the ne plus ultra of uber-hip contemporary furnishings, has been known for many things over its last eight years, but family-friendly hasn’t exactly been one of them. Comments (1)

Dinner and a movie made easy on Fifth Avenue

Nightlife: The Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District brings independent films directly to diners — now through May 10. Comment
Dining: Sure, the vendors will open this weekend in Red Hook Park, but in two weeks, they’ll open a full market, free of some of those persnickety city rules. Comments (4)
Mean Streets: The city finally has a plan to fix the mess it made at the Fort Hamilton Parkway exit from the Gowanus Expressway — unveiling a rememdy that includes more pedestrian crossing time, relocating a crosswalk and adding a lane of car traffic to prevent backups. Comments (2)

Check out our editors’ picks for this weekend and beyond!

Event: Here’s what our editors really recommend. Comment
Page 1: We know we sound like a broken record (what were those again?), but this week’s print edition of The Brooklyn Paper is the best one we’ve ever put out. And you can get it all — articles, commentary, great pictures, calendars and, of course, Smartmom — by just clicking the link above. Even works on an iPad! Read more…
Atlantic Yards: Hipsters, old-timers, and barflies will raise their glasses at Freddy’s Bar for the last time on Friday — making a final toast to a Prohibition-era watering hole, but one man won’t be there: the man whose name is on the awning. Comments (2)

Dead biker’s mom joins call for Flatbush bike lane

The grieving mother of a bicyclist run down on Flatbush Avenue has vowed to not let her son die in vain, joining a nascent campaign by cycling advocates for a bike lane on the chaotic thoroughfare where her son was killed. Comments (5)

78th Precinct CO is his own ‘Cop of the Month’

Park Slope: Argenziano nabs three robbers in two incidents. Comments (1)
Meadows of Shame: A handful of gardeners in McCarren Park are stumped by the apparent efforts of the city to intimidate them. Comments (3)

Roofus: Other hazards for kids

Bridge ‘Park’: Our cartoonist read about the broiling hot metal domes in Brooklyn Bridge Park — and thought of other hazards that park planners might consider. Comment

Movable feast

Event: When Ian Cheney takes his truck for a spin, he keeps more than spades and fertilizer in the back — he brings his whole garden with him. Comment
Cinema: If you were as good as he, you’d have one, too. Comment

Company XIV now takes on fairy tales

Dance: Little Red Riding Hood, meet Lady Gaga. Comment

Lookout at this Williamsburg intersection!

Lookout at this Williamsburg intersection!

Mean Streets: The building boom in Williamsburg has gotten so crazy that a once-quiet intersection has become veritable deathtrap for pedestrians — a crisis so serious that workers nearby dispatch their own flagmen to avoid the inevitable disaster. Comments (6)
Mean Streets: The Brooklyn Bridge is getting the facelift — but Brooklyn Heights is getting the worry lines. Comments (9)
Atlantic Yards: Forest City Ratner officials abandoned their diplomatic talk on Tuesday to explicitly portray Daniel Goldstein, who ended his long holdout in the Atlantic Yards footprint for $3 million last week, as an opportunist looking to make as much money as possible. Comments (28)
Vinegar Hill: The city wants to build a much-needed supermarket bigger than the Red Hook Fairway in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, but preservationists are deriding the announcement as premature given the many bureaucratic hoops to come for the long-stalled project. Comments (5)
Park Slope: Two new members of the City Council have brought a new weapon to a decade’s-old fight to force a homeowner on tony Garfield Place to stop letting his once-stately brownstone fall apart piece by piece — they’re demanded that the mortgage holder take back the beleaguered building. Comments (28)

¡Ay, papi! Here’s our guide to the best tacos in Williamsburg

Dining: Few people know that Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French in 1862 — but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least be educated about Mexican food. Comments (7)
For bikers at a Red Hook motorcycle club, the secluded waterfront neighborhood may seem like hog heaven — but some living nearby are bracing for Harley hell. Comments (8)
Carroll Gardens: Talk about a dumping ground. Comments (1)

Icelandic volcano can’t stop this ‘Eurotrash’ show

Art: Some Euro ash nearly spoiled “Eurotrash.” Comment
Brooklyn Heights: A pop cultural phenomenon that has turned an Italian bridge into a locksmith’s paradise has jumped across the Atlantic and is threatening to cover the Brooklyn Bridge in lovers’ padlocks. Comments (6)
Cobble Hill: A historic Cobble Hill apartment complex built a century ago to house the working class is now on the fast track to luxury. Comments (8)

Introducing…’The Short Minute’ with Aaron Short

Podcast: Join Community Newspaper Group legend Aaron Short for the first installment of his scintillating weekly roundup, “The Short Minute.” This week, Aaron takes on the big topics. Comments (3)

City to Slope: You’re not poor enough!

Park Slope: Budget woes lead to after-school cuts in ‘rich’ neighborhoods. Comments (2)
Mean Streets: North Brooklyn’s deadliest road struck again last week, when a man was struck and killed as he tried to cross McGuinness Boulevard — an accident that has left residents outraged that the city has not done more to protect pedstrians. Comments (6)

Brooklynites gear up for ‘Warmart’

Residents are hailing reports that Walmart is looking for its first Brooklyn location — even as critics of the big-box store are preparing to fight back the retail Golaith famous for its “low, low prices” and, some say, low, low wages. Comments (7)

Critics: City’s Brooklyn Bridge Park will still include housing

Bridge ‘Park’: Meet the new operating “entity” for Brooklyn Bridge Park — same as the old operating “entity” for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (3)
He’s been Brooklyn’s park czar for almost 30 years, but outgoing Commissioner Julius Spiegel says he can’t identify trees, doesn’t know plants and has never really been all that interested in parks. Comments (8)

The Goldstein legacy: Was Yards opponent an opportunist?

Atlantic Yards: Last week, the last holdout in the Atlantic Yards footprint, Daniel Goldstein, accepted $3 million to move out of his condemned apartment. The settlement is more than other residents received, fueling some talk that Goldstein’s fight against developer Bruce Ratner was about the money. This week, Goldstein responded, while his chief critic, Bertha Lewis of ACORN, shared her two cents.

Atlantic Terminal and Center malls are crime magnets

Fort Greene: Every week, crimes in the Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center malls lead the blotter from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comment
Theater: Who needs to sound your barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world when you can sing it? Comment

Come together! New show unites the Beatles and burlesque

Fans of the Beatles and burlesque — this is your ticket to ride. Comments (1)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: In the last decade, a new sub-genre of horror flicks has developed called “torture porn,” which seeks to communicate in an extremely over-the-top manner the dangers of vengeance at any cost. Movies like “The Devil’s Rejects” and “Hostel” show how torture ends up turning the good guys bad, leaving the protagonists — and the audience — adrift in a post 9-11 world in which the moral high ground has been abandoned. Comment
Park Slope: Park Slopers can once again get their caffeine fix at Gorilla Coffee, which reopened on Monday after a stunning walkout by the entire staff two weeks ago forced the Fifth Avenue java joint to suddenly shut down. Comments (6)

Safe and sound — and found! Thompy is back where he belongs!

How about that? A happy ending to a dognapping story! Comments (12)
Dining: A new bake shop in Gowanus has a fairy tale name — but there’s nothing make believe about the quality. Comments (2)

Style council! Brooklyn Museum opens its closet with fashion exhibition

Fashion: Dior. Schiaparelli. Lanvin. Comment
Event: It’s the anti-Super Bowl: Hours of buildup for two minutes of pure sporting pleasure. Here’s how to enjoy the Kentucky Derby like a pro. Comment

For Teen Spirit, Gap Year University made him a man

Smartmom: Smartmom is relieved that Teen Spirit will not be attending Gap Year University next year. And it’s not because he had a bad experience at GYU. Not at all: it was great year and his coursework in the school of life included work at a warehouse in Red Hook, babysitting for a local boy, a road trip to the SXSW music festival in Austin, three days in New Orleans and (starting soon) more work at a warehouse in Red Hook. Comments (2)

In Verde veritas! New Smith St. Italian serves awesome tuna

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Look, there are lots of restaurants on Smith Street — and many of them are great — but none of them served us a plate of seared sashimi-grade tuna over beans and herbs as good as Verde did last week. Comment

Danny Glover steals the show — for a cause

Boerum Hill: Hollywood heavyweight and social activist Danny Glover starred in another role when he came to Boerum Hill on April 19 — host of a fundraiser at the Deity Lounge. Comments (3)

Lawn and order! Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 grass finally opens

Bridge ‘Park’: Pier 1 is now officially usable! Comments (5)

The Goldstein Legacy: Man of principle or sellout?

Atlantic Yards: Analysis: Everyone is weighing in on Daniel Goldstein’s decision to take $3 million from Bruce Ratner to give up his fight. Here’s our chance. Comments (19)
Bridge ‘Park’: We blew it on the last park, but the next one will be awesome. Comments (11)
Cobble Hill: A Cobble Hill homeowner has allowed two landmarked properties to fall apart for nearly a decade — and now the buildings are in danger of collapse, the city charged in a bombshell lawsuit this week. Comment

Dead dog found in Prospect Park’s ‘Lake of Death’

Meadows of Shame: The lake at Prospect Park once again gave up its dead yesterday — yet another grisly discovery to bolster fears that the man-made oasis has become a watery graveyard. Comments (15)
Development: A Community Board 13 panel finally voted to back Borough President Markowitz’s controversial bid for a glitzy $64-million amphitheater inside Asser Levy Seaside Park — ending a year of silence on the issue that brought out accusations that the members are just shills for the Beep. Comments (8)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: Revenge is rarely as gripping, vicious and, yes, fun, as it is on stage at the BAM Harvey in August Strindberg’s “Creditors” — a thoroughly modern take on the battle of the sexes. Comment

Brooklyn Museum gala was a meaty good time

Art: Where else can you smack Andy Warhol in the face with a bat for a good cause, and then leave with a Little Debbie Ho-Ho? Comment

City awards Greenpoint housing contract to non-Brooklyn company

Greenpoint: Locals get snubbed — though in the end, the neighborhood gets 240 units of housing. Comments (6)

From ‘Scratch’ — obsessive breadsmith plots his next move

Shopping: Matthew Tilden’s SCRATCHbread has all the ingredients of cult legend. There’s the bread, so delicious that it’s scooped up by the early risers long before most of Brooklyn can grab a bite. Comment
Foodie-in-Chief: It’s been a scrumptious two weeks of openings, closings and restaurant gossip. Here’s the skinny. Comments (2)
Red Hook: A controversial charter school will be allowed to use space inside a cramped Red Hook public school for at least three more years, thanks to a city vote on Tuesday. Comments (5)
Letters: Virtually everyone has a problem with our editor for some decisions he made at our sister publication! You can be mad at him, too. Send a missive today to! Comments (3)
Atlantic Yards: The anti-Atlantic Yards living room has made a deal with developer Bruce Ratner, and will relocate to Park Slope. Comments (6)

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