Friday, April 2, 2010

And positive body image is her platform. We’ll say! Comments (12)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Page 1: How do we love thee? A heck of a lot. So much so, in fact, that we’re going to give you — for free! — the entire print edition of The Brooklyn Paper one full day before it hits the stands and appears in select issues of the New York Post. This issue is jam packed, including a user’s guide to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, plus our tribute to late great Prospect Park swan, John Boy. Who offed that gorgeous cygnet? The mystery continues! Click on the link above and keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment
Fort Greene: When it comes to wearing your pants, no one should tell you how low you can go. Comments (9)

Who will stop the disgusting dumping and killings in Prospect Park?

Meadows of Shame: EDITORIAL: If it was happening in Central Park, it would be an international outrage! Comments (4)

Roofus: McMahon’s vote is his umbrella

Cartoon: Everyone is calling for Rep. Mike McMahon’s head — except our cartoonist, who thinks the Obamacare-rejecting congressman is in the clear. Comments (1)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meadows of Shame: John Boy Walton, one of the celebrity swans of Prospect Park, has died — setting off a furious battle over whether it was murder … or something even worse! Comments (6)

Norah Jones to open Celebrate Brooklyn

Music: Cobble Hill resident Norah Jones will get back to what she does best — performing before adoring audiences instead of irking her window-hating neighbors — and kick off Celebrate Brooklyn with a free concert on June 9. Comments (2)

How about that! Cyclist beats cop’s ticket!

Mean Streets: Cyclist Nathan Brauer fought the law — and the law didn’t apply. Comments (5)
Art: For those whose school bus was the subway, and sprinklers were fire hydrants, the Brooklyn Academy of Music has a photo exhibit is for you. Comment

CB6 approves reuse of shuttered Degraw St. engine company

Carroll Gardens: It was a bittersweet symphony last week, as a decommissioned firehouse moved ahead toward a new life as the home of an arts group, even as some neighbors of the Degraw Street engine company still object that it was shuttered by the Fire Department in the first place. Comments (1)
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Methodist unveils heart rehab program

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a common and debilitating disorder characterized by destruction of the lung and inflammation of the airways. It is often — but not always — associated with smoking, but either way, it is the fourth most common cause of death in the United States and is quickly becoming the third most common cause of death worldwide. Read more…

The health care debate still rages

And we’ve got columns by two Brooklyn lawmakers who are right in the center: Rep. Mike McMahon (who voted “no”) and Rep. Anthony Weiner (who voted “yes”). Who’s side are you on? Click below to read both columns.

Great rock photo exhibit at Boerum Hill’s DeCastellane Gallery

Art: For those mourning the closing of the Brooklyn Museum’s “Who Shot Rock” exhibition, there’s another show in town where you can get your fix of rock photography. Comment

Our mailbag returns — and is filled with Atlantic Yards ire

Letters: Your online coverage of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Atlantic Yards project was disappointing — to put it mildly (“Ratner breaks ground! Jay-Z celebrates! Others protest!” March 11). Why would you quote several speakers on “job creation” without noting that there is simply no argument that this project will bring a significant number of jobs, especially in relation to the perhaps as much as $2 billion in direct and indirect public subs Comment
Brooklyn fashion designers are looking beyond their hemlines to the plight of Haiti’s quake victims. Comments (1)

Is someone going to fix this sidewalk already?

Mean Streets: A road reconstruction project is causing treacherous conditions for pedestrians strolling on the Fort Greene Park side of Dekalb Avenue. Comment

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What? McMahon worry? Dem shouldn’t be nervous after ‘no’ vote on Obamacare

Politicrasher: But it’s not like anyone can actually beat this centrist in Bay Ridge, is there? Well, that won’t stop the GOP and the liberals from targetting the freshman. Comments (13)

By the way, this Web site you’re reading? It’s the best in the state!

But you don’t have to believe us — believe the New York Press Association. Comments (1)
Transit: Here’s our roundup of the damage. Comments (11)

Teen Spirit learns the lesson of the road

Smartmom: Teen Spirit heads for Austin with his pals, and Smartmom is miffed — but she gets over it in this extra special edition of Smartmom. Comments (4)

Fatty ‘Cue opens in Williamsburg

Dining: And the duck is amazing! Comments (1)

Crazy boozy blowout at Perks

Carroll Gardens: This Smith Street club is beginning to be a nuisance. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comments (2)
Williamsburg: Four are injured, one seriously, in the Monday afternoon crash. Comments (1)

Gotta dance! But they need a brownstone in which to do it

Dance: A Brooklyn dance company needs a home. Several, actually. Comment
Music: All things considered, you’d think Steve Five would stay in Ohio. Comment

Rich Richardson, 86, beloved columnist is dead

Park Slope: Beloved former Brooklyn Paper columnist Fayette Richardson, a passionate liberal and World War II veteran, died on Friday morning in his Park Slope home. He was 86. Comment

Monday, March 29, 2010

Revival tent! Ringling Brothers circus to return to Coney this summer

Coney Island: The good news keeps on coming for Coney Island. Comments (7)

Bensonhurst man cracks the da Vinci code!

Bensonhurst: Now we know why Mona Lisa didn’t smile: Leonardo painted her badly! But Melchiorre Martino has finally repaired the damage! Comments (5)
Bridge ‘Park’: To get the 411 on Brooklyn’s newest park, don’t call 311 — just click on the link above! Comments (7)
Williamsburg: One of the most revered churches in Williamsburg is on its way to becoming a city landmark. Comment

Some tea bagger ruined this woman’s coffee break!

Park Slope: A liberal’s car is defaced with an anti-Obama hate message. Comments (15)
Music: Sure, it takes talent to wail on an axe in front of a blood-thirsty crowd — but it takes some serious finesse to put on a show with nothing but the music at your back and the wind between your fingertips. Comment

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meadows of Shame: The mystery of animal savagery continues in Prospect Park. Comments (17)

Friday, March 26, 2010

BREAKING! Hostel takeover in Williamsburg!

Williamsburg: The city kicks out two allegedly illegal hotels inside a normal residential building. Comments (9)

The Butcher of Prospect Park — a photo montage!

Meadows of Shame: Entrails, chicken heads, blood and dead fish. It’s been a disgusting two weeks in Prospect Park. So put down that coffee and let award-nominated reporter Stephen Brown narrate a slideshow of a fortnight’s worth of carnage! Comments (2)
Borough President Markowitz’s controversial Coney Island amphitheater hasn’t even been approved yet, but the city is acting as if the fat lady has already sung. Comments (3)

Demons, ghouls and skulls, oh my! 

No, this isn’t some sort of Lady Gaga tribute. Comment

Get into Jean Renoir — the French film guy! — at BAM

Skip the latest 3-D box office gimmick and get acquainted with one of cinema’s giants this month. Comment

Andy in a box! Our columnist gives the gift of love

Campbell’s Soup: There really is nothing better than giving someone a life-sized replica of your genitals. Comments (11)

Hey, Sean, what’s up with that towel?

Theater: Sean Edward Lewis is used to doing underground theater. With his ensemble Lilac Co. and St. John’s Theatre, he’s performed primarily in a church basement in Greenpoint. Comments (1)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It’s a ‘Shore’ thing! Boosters back landmarking Coney theater

Coney Island: Advocates of landmarking a decrepit, 90-year-old Coney Island theater are pushing ahead — though the building’s owner is not on board. Comments (1)
Park Slope: These Slope gals are getting in the saddle to raise money and awareness. Comments (21)

Warehouse 11 moves away from Chapter 11!

Williamsburg: But developer Isack Rosenberg is scarred in the bankruptcy court process. Comments (1)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The First Lady with the best pizza!

DUMBO: Michelle Obama was at Grimaldi’s today. Comments (27)

Help cops find this rapist!

Cops are on the hunt for the armed rapist who assaulted a 42-year-old woman in Clinton Hill on March 23. Comments (1)
Transit: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority ratified its slash-and-burn service cut package on Wednesday morning, hoping that Draconian bus and subway alterations will close a $383-million shortfall in the agency’s 2010 budget. Comments (8)
Mean Streets: Cyclists are calling for a separation of church and bike lane along a narrow Brooklyn Heights roadway, where every Sunday, parishioners anoint the cyclists’ safe haven as their own personal parking strip. Comments (37)

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