Astroland lives on Cyclone

Astroland Amusement Park is gone, but the storied name will still be one of the last things riders on the Cyclone roller-coaster see before plummeting 85-feet to the street this summer. Comment

Arrest made in Cropsey Ave. slashing

Bay News: Stabbed on Cropsey Comment

Bensonhurst man cracks the da Vinci code!

Look, the Mona Lisa’s great, but Leonardo da Vinci got her all wrong. Comment

Gotta dance! But they need a brownstone in which to do it

A Brooklyn dance company needs a home. Several, actually. Comment

Our exclusive mus-o-meter registers A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Cinema: A Sunny Day in Glasgow burst on the dream-pop, shoegaze scene in 2009 with its sophomore album, “Ashes Grammar,” a sprawling collection of experimental noise-pop. The band’s recent EP is a continuation of that album — the leftovers, so to speak. But to really get a sense of what it’s all about, the band can only be described through the musical-mathematical science that goes into our exclusive mus-o-meter. Comment

Single no more, Frank takes the leap

Perspective: Break out the tissues, girls. Frank Maresca of Frank the Entertainer In A Basement Affair is presently off the singles chart after having chosen Kerri Schwartz, 24, of Brooklyn, to “go forward with” in this week’s final installment of the reality show on VH1. For all those 20-somethings out there who had flirted with the fantasy of being Mrs. Frank the Entertainer, I send you my condolences. Comment

It’s a ‘Shore’ thing! Boosters back landmarking Coney theater

Bay News: Advocates of landmarking a decrepit, 90-year-old Coney Island theater are pushing ahead whether the building’s owner is on board or not. Comment

FDR by the numbers

Bay News: The state says the Franklin D. Roosevelt HS in Bensonhurst is one of the worst high schools in the city. Comment

NYU land grab?

Stephen Brown Comment

Unkindest cuts! Boro subways and buses are slashed by the MTA

In total, the agency said that the cuts will save $93 million. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said the agency determines net savings by tallying costs associated with operating a particular line, such as salary, gas, and maintenance. Comment

Transit cuts hit Brooklynites hard

Tony Cella Comment

Cops colllect gun cache

Bay News: Prosecutors are challenging the sanity of an eccentric Sheepshead Bay “gun collector” arrested Friday for amassing over 30 firearms in his West Street apartment. Comment

Clippers embrace new underdog role

High School Sports: J.T. Torres knows the chatter around the city and he loves what he hears. Comment

Back to the future: After 12-year hiatus, Piccola coaches Xaverian again

High School Sports: Lou Piccola never thought he’d be back in the Xaverian uniform, back coaching the Clippers baseball team. After all, it’s been 12 years since he last filled out a lineup card and went over ground rules with umpires at the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn school. Comment

Library is on Fire is heating things up in Williamsburg

All things considered, you’d think Steve Five would stay in Ohio. Comment

Our exclusive mus-o-meter registers The Library is on Fire

The Library is on Fire has been characterized as 1990s rock revival. It’s easy to see why, as the trio’s echoes of the alternative rock scene are reminiscent of the bands Steve Five would have listened to growing up in Kent, Ohio. But to really get a sense of what it’s all about, the band can only be described through the musical-mathematical science that goes into our exclusive Mus-o-meter. Comment

Career day at PS 209

BoroBeat: What shall I be when I grow up? Comment

Easter fun for IS14 students

BoroBeat: Under the supervision of special education teacher Lori Cordasco and Heather McCormick, head of the school’s Law Academy, the Good Samaritans trekked from their school on Batchelder Street, between Brown and Coyle streets, to the shelter on Emmons Avenue off Coyle Street, where they jumpstarted the cheer with an egg-citing afternoon of frolics; among them, a festive ferret for oval beauties filled with treats provided with donations from the school community. Comment

Turn that garbage into something special

Instead of dumping her broken microwave on the sidewalk, self-professed Williamsburg “design junkie” Tiffany Threadgould turned it on its side, stuck in a shelf and transformed it into a hot new CD player — thus beginning her quest to “recycle the whole world.” Comment

Mean streets on display at BAM

For those whose school bus was the subway, and sprinklers were fire hydrants, the Brooklyn Academy of Music has a photo exhibit is for you. Comment

Slow start, size differential too much for Bedford to overcome in Federation debut

High School Sports: Brent Jones was the equivalent of a bicycle in front of a runaway truck. Comment

Trap game: Cougars tamed in Federation ‘A’ semis

High School Sports: A PSAL title is the ultimate goal for team that plays in the league. But Medgar Evers got one of those last week. The Cougars were looking for a little something more, though coach Barney Davis didn’t feel he should push them. Comment

Phelps proves to be a quick study as coach

High School Sports: Instead of a pair of shorts, Robert Phelps is dressed in a suit, shoes, pants, dress shirt and sports jacket. His team, Bedford Academy, is seconds away from its first PSAL championship in any sport. Phelps has emptied his bench. Comment

Lynch leads Jefferson to city’s first JV crown

High School Sports: Jaquan Lynch was set to come off the bench for Thomas Jefferson’s varsity until he missed a series of preseason workouts. As punishment, coaches Lawrence Pollard and Seldon Jefferson sent him down to the JV. Comment

Goldstein falls in Federation semifinals

High School Sports: Goldstein didn’t think of itself as the favorite coming into the game, but considering the circumstances a win wasn’t out of the question. Despite not playing well and its star point guard hobbling on a bad ankle, the Dolphins were down just four points midway through the third quarter. Comment

‘Roos rue loss, still feel great about special season

High School Sports: After storming back multiple times in the second half, Boys & Girls got all it could ask for – a chance to tie with a good look at the end. Comment

BREAKING! Hostel takeover in Williamsburg!

Talk about a hostel living environment! Comment

From burning bush to burning bread — a Passover tradition

A Passover tradition that goes back centuries was alive and well in Williamsburg on Monday as thousands of Hasidic Jews tossed bits of bread onto small pyres to usher in the Passover holiday. Comment

Seuss is loose!

BoroBeat: Stage-struck students transformed the auditorium of PS 207 into a mini-Great White Way, wowing the crowd with a rollicking production of “Seussical the Musical.” Comment

Caught ‘on the job’

Flatbush: NYPD plucker Comment

Is Kevin Parker walking a mile in Monserrate’s shoes?

Flatbush: It looks like state Sen. Kevin Parker will put his dukes up once again — but this time, it’ll be in court. Comment

Flatbush Gardens: Living a good life in East Flatbush

Flatbush: All evidence points to the 2,496-unit,59-building complex in East Flatbush coming back in a big way since its name has changed from the notorious Vanderveer Houses three years ago. Comment

Boxing club hopes to KO crime

Flatbush: A new boxing club in the heart of a once-notorious housing complex could change the lives of neighborhood kids — for the better. Comment

Stolen car found five years later!

Flatbush: Car catch-up Comment

Swastikas pop up in Midwood

Kings Courier: There’s a swastika blitz going on in Midwood, not that anyone noticed. Comment

A water meter menace

Mill–Marine Courier: Meter menaces Comment

Cinema giant on screen

Skip the latest 3-D box office gimmick and get acquainted with one of cinema’s giants this month. Comment

Demons, ghouls and skulls, oh my!

No, this isn’t some sort of Lady Gaga tribute. Comment

Get a load of this

Sean Edward Lewis is used to doing underground theater. With his ensemble Lilac Co. and St. John’s Theatre, he’s performed primarily in a church basement in Greenpoint. Comment

Carmine takes on gravity at the wedding

Perspective: Following the custom, Cookie was my Best Man, (as I was his when he married Eleanor) and Lisa, is my Goddaughter. Comment

No tree-lief! City: Downed trees in marine park won’t be replaced — yet.

Mill–Marine Courier: Don’t expect a lot of shade in Marine Park anytime soon. Comment

Shootist nabbed nearly one year later

Canarsie: Shootist celled Comment

Cops on horseback, plainclothes officers contribute to recent crime downtown

Canarsie: You could almost say they called in the cavalry. Comment

Here’s one Ceol place with a menu to match

Nightlife: One of the old-school Cobble Hill chef moguls is back, baby, and he’s here to kick some serious apps. Comment

Why I voted yes on the health care bill

Editorial: The objections then were many of the same that we heard during this debate — it would create more bureaucracy and send us careening down the steep slope to socialism. Instead, we now have universal health coverage for America’s elderly, lower rates of poverty and greater peace of mind for older Americans. Comment

Why I voted no on the health care bill

Editorial: I have long been — and continue to be — supportive of reforming our health care system in a way that brings down costs and provides affordable health coverage to all Americans. But I could not in good conscience vote for the Senate health care bill or for the changes presented in the reconciliation package. I am very supportive of many provisions in the bill, particularly the efforts to provide strong consumer protections and reduced health care costs for small businesses, but I remain concerned about the effect this package will have back at home. Comment

The health care debate still rages

Editorial: The din continues in the wake of last month’s historic health care reform vote — which featured almost unanimous support from the city’s congressional delegation. The lone “No” vote on President Obama’s signature issue came from a fellow Democrat — Rep. Mike McMahon from Bay Ridge. McMahon believes that the reform measure didn’t go far enough, but he was one of only 34 Democrats nationwide to vote against the bill. So we offered up our op-ed space this week to allow McMahon, a freshman, to explain his vote, while also allowing a fellow Brooklyn lawmaker, Rep. Anthony Weiner, to counter with his explanation of his “yes” vote. Comment

Caitlin Sarubbi: Scholar, athlete, inspiration

Bay News: There’s no stopping Gerritsen Beach native Caitlin Sarubbi. The 20-year-old Harvard student just returned from competing at the Paralympic Games in Vancouver and, if things pan out, will intern at the White House this summer. Comment

Bay Ridge celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

BoroBeat: The rain didn’t dampen the spirit of Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who donned a green sweater and joined mom, dad and the kids in putting his “Irish” foot forward for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Bay Ridge. Comment

Canarsie Park baseball diamonds in need of polishing

Canarsie: The baseball fields in Canarsie Park are diamonds in the rough that local activists want to see shined up in short order. Comment

Cops who nabbed brutal robbers snag Cop of the Month honors

Canarsie: A key arrest of a pair of robbers has earned two Canarsie police officers “Cop of the Month” honors. Comment

An ‘August’ show

BoroBeat: Student raconteurs breathed new life into the soaring, lyrical works of one of America’s greatest playwrights when the Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School hosted a contest based on the monologues of two-time Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson. Comment

Norwegian Day parade organizers blast cut in route

Organizers of Bay Ridge’s Norwegian Day Parade are madder than a pickled herring over the city’s plan to slash their parade route a whopping 25 percent — after letting all St. Patrick’s Day parades go the full route in recent weeks. Comment

In mounting challenge, Carroll bucks Perfetto

He’s got $12,000 and a dream. Comment

Air apparent! It takes more than hot licks to win the air guitar championships

Sure, it takes talent to wail on an axe in front of a blood-thirsty crowd — but it takes some serious finesse to put on a show with nothing but the music at your back and the wind between your fingertips. Comment

The First Lady with the best pizza!

First Lady Michelle Obama and the First Kids downed three pies at DUMBO’s legendary Grimaldi’s Pizzeria today — and impressed even their jaded waiter. Comment

More Tish-grace! Councilwoman hires big-time personal injury lawyer in bump-and-scratch

Councilwoman Letitia James is vigorously pursuing her personal injury lawsuit, despite widespread ridicule over her contention that she suffered “permanant” injuries after bumping into the legal trailer hitch on his parked van. Comment

Warehouse 11 is out of bankruptcy

Williamsburg: It’s settled! Comment

An anti-tax advocate says ‘No’

Brooklyn residents — and all New Yorkers — already pay a state sales tax for their favorite beverages. This new proposal place an additional tax on sugared beverages including certain juice drinks, sports drinks, teas and sodas. Comment

Keep un-trucking! Bedford merchants resent food carts

With the economy in a downtown, Bedford Avenue’s restaurants are scapegoating nearby food trucks for threatening their bottom line in the neighborhood’s viciously competitive restaurant row. Comment

Health care questions for the common man

Perspective: President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were jubilant that their historic health bill had passed. Then before the ink dried attorneys general from 13 states filed suit to stop the initiative, declaringthe lawunconstitional. Comment

Steriod doc pleads guilty

A physician who worked with a Bay Ridge pharmacist to provide illegal steroids to borough juicers squeezed out a plea arrangement from prosecutors on Friday. Comment

Storm provides cover for marauders

It was the perfect storm for crime. Comment

Fidler “Desperate” to fix Cablevision

Nothing is going to come between City Councilmember Lew Fidler and “Desperate Housewives” — especially Cablevision. Comment

Williamsburg squawks — over Williamsburg Walks plan

Williamsburg: Williamsburg Walks could be getting a lot shorter. Comment

Smoke on the water! Port Authority resists effort to clean piers

A port operator has reaffirmed its commitment to a green-friendly initiative along Red Hook’s waterfront — even as its landlord is not moving full steam ahead. Comment

Heyer: No to gay marriage — or gay bashing!

Heyer: No gay marriage — and no gay bashing, either! Comment

Eighteen — again? W’burg matzoh bakers keep churning them out, every 18 minutes

Matzoh, the holiest unleavened bread this side of the Red Sea, is the latest must-have accessory in Williamsburg. Comment

Ditch the “tish-for-tat,” Letitia

Perspective: Whatever happened to building “a society that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected?” Comment

Shooting for the moon

Coney Island residents hoping to find work at the new Luna Park can start their search on Mermaid Avenue. Comment

Dog off it!

Brooklyn Bridge Park is the greatest open space since Prospect Park was built in the Civil War era — but for dogs, it’s nothing special. Comment

Pistol pack-away: Gun hidden following shooting

Bay News: Gun running Comment

Tunnel rat nabbed with stolen scratch-offs

Talk about a tunnel rat! Comment

Heyer: No to gay marriage — or gay bashing!

Here’s a crazy little tidbit that fell through the cracks during Monday night’s rally decrying the March 2 gay bashing on Luquer Street. Comment

Debating Fidler’s finances

Fider’s finances Comment

‘Cheesy’ start to new charter revision commission

Let them eat cheesecake! Comment

Man shot on East 21st

Flatbush: Gunshots over E. 21 St. Comment

Fast kids raise big bucks for Haiti

Brooklyn Paper: Our beloved Armory hosted a fundraiser for Haitian earthquake victims on March 18, welcoming the big-hearted “Mighty Milers” from PS 269 in Flatbush, which raised $5,600 for the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund. Comment

Van-gunner sent to slammer

Canarsie: Van shooter busted Comment

It’s strictly ballroom at One Front Street

Brooklyn Heights: You can dance if they want to — and now you can do it legally in DUMBO. Comment

100 candles! Happy Birthday, Ms. Love!

BoroBeat: Will you still be snuffing out candles on your birthday cake when you’re 100? Comment

Pawn shops searched for stolen material

Cops weren’t looking for old Gibson guitars when they started hitting Brooklyn pawn shops this week, but they did make a few merchants sing the blues. Comment

They’re on the road — for afforable housing

Three gutsy gals will spend two months riding their Giant Defy bikes from Providence, Rhode Island, to San Francisco to bring attention to what they say is the need for additional affordable housing apartments in Brooklyn’s low-income neighborhoods. Comment

After storm headache: The lazy tree that wouldn’t leave

Flatbush: If you think you had it bad in the storm, you haven’t met Nicole Francis. Comment

Close eye on deadly East Flatbush Intersection

Flatbush: In the early-morning hours of March 7, when two vehicles collided at the intersection of Avenue D and Utica Avenue in East Flatbush, it marked another strike at an intersection that many residents have come to fear. Comment

Gardeners’ last stand: wall of flowers symbolically rises against threat of razing

Flatbush: Hands caked with dirt, Madeline Nelson stood up, clutching some purple tulip plants. Behind her, a team of gardeners dug. Comment

Cops quick to nab murderer in Midwood

Kings Courier: A 19-year-old man gunned down a Midwood man on Avenue J and East 12th Street early Tuesday morning only to turn around and get apprehended by two police officers. Comment

Trash tickets in Marine Park

To ticket or not to ticket, that is the question. Comment

Cops confiscate $38,000

Flatbush: Talk about laundering your money! Comment

Federalization comes to Bay View

Canarsie: The city’s projects just got $400 million richer. Comment

But which matzoh is best?

Shmura matzohs may look the same but they don’t taste the same. Each major Hasidic sect in Williamsburg has its own matzoh bakery and each bakery zealously guards its methods and its recipe. But which factory produces the tastiest shmura (if those words aren’t themselves a contradiction in terms)? We put our stomachs (and bowels) on the line for our first-ever Shmura Matzoh Smackdown. Comment

The Health Commissioner says, “Yes”!

Sixty percent of New York adults and one third of children are overweight or obese. We eat 300 calories more a day now than we did 30 years ago, with most extra calories coming from sugar-sweetened sodas, energy or fruit-flavored drinks. As a physician, I’ve had to tell more patients that they have diabetes. As a scoutmaster, I’ve watched a kid chug a sports drink so full of sugar that he’d have to hike an hour a day to burn off the calories. Those “big gulps” may be cheap, but they are also loaded with sugar and calories. Comment

Vagrant-proof fence gets mended

All’s secure at the 65th Street railyard. Comment

Don’t run red lights

Brooklyn Paper: 76th Precinct Comment
Digital editions: If you can hear the sound of these words, click on the blue sentence above and you’ll be taken to the most amazing thing ever: the full print edition of The Brooklyn Paper — available right now, a full day before it shows up on the street and in select copies of the New York Post! And everything is in there: calendars, features, columns and, of course, all our coverage of the Brooklyn Bridge Park opening and the bike crackdown on Jay Street. What a time-saver! Click today! And always keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Read more…
Williamsburg: Here it is, folks — just in time for Passover, the inevitable matzoh factory feature! Comments (3)

The ‘soda tax’ is dead — for now

Albany has killed Gov. Paterson’s proposed tax on sugary soft drinks — for now. It’s inevitably going to come up again, so it’s best to know where you stand. Click below to read opinion pieces from the state’s Health Commissioner and an anti-tax advocate. It’s a package you’ll only see on
Nightlife: Sorry, Community Board 2, but this is no hip-hop club. Comments (3)
Music: Ben Daniels should hate being on tour. Currently on the road for months on end, the frontman of A Sunny Day in Glasgow is thousands of miles from his Sydney, Australia, home, where he left behind his wife. It’s also nearly impossible to get anything done creatively (unless, of course, you call watching old “Simpsons” episodes inspiration). Comment

Keep un-trucking! Bedford merchants resent food carts

Williamsburg: With the economy in a downtown, Bedford Avenue’s restaurants are scapegoating nearby food trucks for threatening their bottom line in the neighborhood’s viciously competitive restaurant row. Comments (8)
Dining: Greenpointers looking for Mexican munchies will soon only have to head towards McCarren Park to have their craving sated — thanks to the brain trust behind Lokal. Comments (2)

UPDATE! Someone really doesn’t like Atlantic Yards

Atlantic Yards: WARNING: Clicking the above link means you’re willing to see and read a curse word — and it’s a doozy! Comments (13)
Mean Streets: Williamsburg Walks could be getting a lot shorter. Comments (16)
Cleaning Our Waterways: What’s below the Lowe’s? Comment

Smoke on the water! Port Authority resists effort to clean piers

A port operator has reaffirmed its commitment to a green-friendly initiative along Red Hook’s waterfront — even as its landlord is not moving full steam ahead. Comment

A burger by way of the islands

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: In a town full of mediocre burgers, the discovery of a new favorite is somewhat akin to waiting less than an eternity for the G train — a rare occasion. Enter the Agoulou, the West Indian-style burger at three-week-old French-Guadeloupian eatery Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights and a very possible new favorite. Comments (1)

Crazy Lady is on the warpath in Teen Spirit’s room

Smartmom: What’s wrong with a little cleaning while he’s on a road trip? Comments (11)

Walt Whitman was beat, man

Event: St. Francis College explores Brooklyn’s legendary poet’s influence on guys like Allen Ginsberg. Comments (1)
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: Now that the hysteria over health care reform has reached its crescendo — hopefully — why not revisit the classic parable of groupthink run amok, Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”? Comments (2)

Don’t run red lights

Carroll Gardens: A car thief learns this valuable lesson. Plus all the crime news from Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook’s 76th Precinct. Comments (1)

Our foodie-in-chief gives you the lowdown

Foodie-in-Chief: Here’s the tastiest restaurant gossip this week. Comment
Bay Ridge: A physician who worked with a Bay Ridge pharmacist to provide illegal steroids to borough juicers squeezed out a plea arrangement from prosecutors on Friday. Comments (17)
Bridge ‘Park’: It’s the greatest thing to happen to Brooklyn open space lovers since Prospect Park was built in the Civil War era — but it’s not so great for their dogs! Comments (26)
Fort Greene: An renowned expert has come out against the unsightly Egyptian tombs at the new LIRR terminal. Comments (8)

Toni Morrison leads a true ‘write’ of passage for black authors

Books: The reining queen of American literature, Toni Morrison, is coming to the borough of writers in yet another Brooklyn celebration of the arts and letters. Comments (1)
Fort Greene: Myrtle Avenue is no longer Murder Avenue — but cops are making sure that it stays that way. Comments (7)
Nightlife: Break out your 1940s vintage finest. Comment

Ibeam kicks some serious brass with trombone fest next month

Music: It’s not often that trombonists get to toot their own horns in music circles. Typically, they’re one of many in a horn section or the punch line of a joke (see: sad trombone). But next month in Gowanus, they’re front and center. Comments (1)

Get spirited at a great food and booze event at the Bell House

Nightlife: What, you never ordered a Bali Hai before? Comment
Art: Broken-down industrial structures might detract most people, but for photographers with a sense of adventure, they can be ideal spots for urban exploration and inspiration. Comment
Greenpoint: Could the Greenpoint oil spill soon be a distant memory? Comment

Fans will ‘relish’ the Cyclones’ new free food plan

Cyclones: Call it a batters’ box lunch. Comment

Who is the Butcher of Prospect Park?

Meadows of Shame: Chicken guts are everywhere! Is it Santeria this time, or something really weird? Comments (38)

Hot Dogg! Snoop Dogg’s Bklyn show tix on sale today!

Music: It’ll be a Dogg’s day in Brooklyn next month. Comments (3)
Mean Streets: Fresh on the heels of the new Flushing Avenue bike lane, the city unveiled plans for a bike-friendly facelift for Smith Street, turning the much-used approach to the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges much less harrowing. Comments (4)
Bushwick: The B13 bus has been saved — somewhat. Comment

Parking? Lots! City says Park Smart is working!

Park Slope: And the fees are not going up for now! Comments (3)
Bridge ‘Park’: On Monday, Brooklyn finally gets a chance to park it on the stoop. Comments (4)

Crackdown! Cyclists say cops are fining them on Downtown bike routes

Mean Streets: Riding a bicycle in Downtown Brooklyn can be hazardous — to your bank account. Comments (23)

You gotta bee-lieve! It’s now legal to be an apiarist

Rogue beekeepers no longer have to worry about the cops anymore, thanks to a ruling last week by the Board of Health that has finally made their apiary activities legal. Comments (2)

Hey, was that John Heyer at the gay-bash vigil?

Carroll Gardens: The anti-gay-marriage candidate re-emerges at the scene of the assault of a gay man. Comments (4)

Wail, Columbia! Reconstruction drags on

Mean Streets: A stalled street reconstruction project on Columbia Street is paving the way for bad blood between local residents and the city agency charged with overseeing the work. Comment

Andy? That’s dandy! Brooklyn Museum’s late Warhol works

Art: Get ready for more than 15 minutes of fame. Comment
Park Slope: Check out this cool sand painting. Comment

More Tish-grace! Councilwoman hires big-time personal injury lawyer in bump-and-scratch

Fort Greene: Councilwoman Letitia James is vigorously pursuing her personal injury lawsuit against an itinerant laborer, despite widespread ridicule over her contention that she suffered “permanent” injuries after bumping into the legal trailer hitch on his parked van. Comments (23)
DUMBO: A “gritty” and very urban residential tower proposed by one of the nation’s largest suburban homebuilders breezed over the first hurdle of the public review process when a Community Board 2 committee approved Toll Brothers’ Water Street design on Wednesday night. Comments (3)

Here’s one Ceol place with a menu to match

Dining: The bad boy of Smith Street — Marc Elliot — has a new kitchen and he’s ready to kick some apps. Comments (5)
Carroll Gardens: An effort to preserve the history of Carroll Gardens is being criticized for actually hastening the neighborhood’s gentrification, said opponents of a controversial city initiative to widen the area’s historic district. Comments (4)

Tray magnifique!

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Paper or plastic? More and more, city’s schools are taking paper. Comments (3)
Mean Streets: Flushing Avenue will sprout a protected, two-way bike lane to link cyclists between the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg, the city revealed on Tuesday. Comments (8)

Allah akbar! Arabic school principal is vindicated

Boerum Hill: A federal agency has ruled that the city’s ouster of the founding principal of an Arabic language and culture school was marred by prejudice — a vindication for the embattled educator as she seeks to win her job back through the courts. Comments (8)

City hopes to make the Willy B safer for bikers

Mean Streets: Biking over the Williamsburg Bridge should soon be a lot easier, thanks to a makeover of the ramps on the most heavily cycled bridge in the city. Comments (6)

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