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Digital editions: This week, The Brooklyn Paper looks back at over 30 years of covering the borough we call home. That’s right, The Brooklyn Paper — intoduced as a tabloid covering the Downtown business district in 1978 — is now thirtysomething! And we’ve dedicated an entire issue — available right here, right now — to this milestone. Normally, we use this space to tout our Web site. But today, we implore you to pick up a copy of the real thing — it’s truly a collector’s edition! Read more…
30 Years: Brooklyn has changed, and The Brooklyn Paper has been through it all the way. From urban renewal to the “brownstoners” to the young urban professionals, every newsmaker we covered had, in his or her small way, a role in creating “The New Brooklyn.” Comments (8)

Thirty years of covering Brooklyn

30 Years: If there’s one constant in Brooklyn over these last 30 years, it’s change. A Rip Van Winkle returning waking up in a Brooklyn neighborhood after a three-decade slumber might not be able to recognize the place. From the glistening new towers on the Williamsburg waterfront to Yuppies in Bay Ridge, this borough has been in flux for all of our 30 years of covering it. Here’s our look back at how each of the vibrant communities in our coverage area have changed over the years.
30 Years: Our photographer Tom Callan has been shooting Brooklyn for longer than a mob henchman. And he’s got the scars to prove it. Whether getting beaten up by Mike Tyson in 1998 or by thugs at the notorious Club Wildfyre in the late 1980s, Callan has been getting in people’s faces for years. Comments (2)

The years when it all came together

30 Years: Brooklyn is certainly not the same as it was in 1978 when the first issue of The Brooklyn Paper rolled off the printing press. Yet our first issues contained coverage of some of the exact same development projects that make headlines today. From Brooklyn Bridge Park to the McCarren Park Pool to Atlantic Yards to the Fulton Mall, the pace of development in this borough has been slow and not always so steady. Find a project below and read all about it!

This is ‘sick’: Bklyn councilmembers and boro biz group on opposite side of bill

Brooklyn’s City Council delegation is pushing to give city’s workers more sick days, setting up a clash with the borough’s own Chamber of Commerce, which opposes the bill as too costly to Mom and Pop. Comments (4)
Development: The woman who kept Coney Island’s Astroland alive during the neighborhood’s long decline only to see it close down one season too soon says she wants back into the action. Comments (4)

Is the state playing lowball with Daniel Goldstein?

Atlantic Yards: State officials have finally put a price on Daniel Goldstein’s opposition to the Atlantic Yards project — it’s going to cost the activist $80,000. Comments (34)

Woman shot in head

Fort Greene: Cops are still investigating a shooting near Myrtle Avenue. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comments (2)

Smartmom wins! She gets her couch!

Smartmom: The couch saga is finally resolved: Hepcat gives in and Smartmom gets to replace her 18-year-old Ikea couch. Whew. Comments (4)

What do you hear at a GOP health care rally?

Vox Pop: Our reporter went to a Republican anti-health care reform rally in Bay Ridge on Sunday. Here’s what he heard from the locals. Comments (14)

Bar owner defies tarot reading and opens anyway

Nightlife: Jesse Levitt, owner of the Minor Arcana on Washington Avenue, is optimistic. Comments (1)

Cyclones go ‘Backman’ the future

Cyclones: The Cyclones newest manager may have had one of the shortest stints as a major league skipper, but team brass said that former Mets infielder Wally Backman has the right stuff to take the team all the way next season. Comments (1)
Transit: Shuttle busses replaced regular F train service again this weekend — and a “screw-up” by the Metropolitan Transit Agency left Brooklyn straphangers frustrated and confused. Comment

It’s lights out at Prison Ships memorial

Fort Greene: The eternal flame is not living up to its name — again. Comments (6)
Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist certainl thought it was — until he called the architect and had it all explained to him. Comments (9)
Cobble Hill: Plans are in the works for a real gym. No more half-court basketball games for these kids. Comments (10)

Finally, real British football with real British food

Dining: Plenty of bars show European football matches, but at the long-awaited Black Horse Pub in Park Slope, you can watch Manchester United live while eating fried eggs, Irish bacon, black pudding, sausage, baked beans, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and fried toast — and wash it down with a spot of tea or a pint of Guinness. Comments (7)

Another F’ing lie! Shuttle buses return on closed F line this weekend

Transit: The MTA lied! Read all about it! Comments (7)

Cleaning Newtown Creek Could Take Decades

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it could take 16 years to fully clean Newtown Creek, though local businesses and property owners fear that the effects of the agency’s Superfund recommendation could be felt immediately. Comment

CB13 members between a rock and a hard place

Some members of Community Board 13 are feeling the squeeze this week - caught between a chairperson who has insisted that the group has no active role in the new $64 million amphitheater Borough President Marty Markowitz proposes for Asser Levy Park - and opponents who demand that they speak out. Comment

Brooklyn U.S. Reps weight in on health care bill

Four of the five Brooklyn congress members voted for and hailed the recent passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Comment

Man clings to life following Coney Island Ave. accident

Head: Man clings to life following Coney Island Ave. accident Comment

Commish rebuffs planter plea

Hey, commish - with all due respect, Oriental Boulevard is not MGuinness Boulevard. Comment

Navy and city may have to pay for Gowanus cleaning

The United States Navy and the City of New York could be the latest entities footing the bill for the clean-up of the fetid Gowanus Canal, this paper has learned. Comment

Curating Sparkle Motion in Williamsburg

A makeshift Wailing Wall on a chain link fence in an alley next to Waste Management.A U-Haul truck decorated with glittery foil strips with the words “Sparkle Motion” above it while girls in leotards sold cupcakes.A lute-playing Renaissance fairy named Steve. Comment

76 Precinct cops earn accolades

Two on three isn’t usually a fair match-up — unless you’re a dynamic duo from the 76th Precinct taking on three thugs. Comment

Legal Van Owners Want Unlicensed Vans Off the Street

The flood of illegal vans on Flatbush and Utica Avenues is making it increasingly difficult for the legal van operators to stay in business, and is also endangering community residents. Comment

Clouded woman threaten Judge Sunshine

Woman threatens Judge Sunshine Comment

BK’s National Park

Nationally, parks mean Old Faithful, Yosemite and delightful black bears hungry for picnic baskets. Here in Brooklyn it’s swings, a seesaw - maybe a ball field or two. Comment

parents love thompson

Parents love Thompson Comment

Pop’s parking restored

Pop’s Popular Clothing is getting its parking spaces back. Comment

Brother can you spare me a dime?

Brooklyn’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average and the future doesn’t look much brighter, according to the state Department of Labor. Comment

“Unity and healing” for St. Saviour

The Diocese of Brooklyn hopes to bring “unity and healing” to St. Saviour in Park Slope. Comment

Oy vey, another Schleppie for B44

Another year, another Schleppie Award for Brooklyn’s B44 bus, the least reliable line in the five boroughs, according to a recent report. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: Thieves were in such a rush to get the tires off this Lexus that they even left their jack behind! This was the scene on the block between Henry and Hicks streets last Friday, a few hours after thugs stripped off the fancy wheels — which cops say have a street value in the thousands. Comments (2)

City moving quickly to use its new Coney land

Development: The city is moving quickly to bring rides and other amusements this summer to seven acres of beach-front land that it bought on Thursday from landowner Joe Sitt — issuing a request for proposals from theme park operators this morning. Comments (3)
Brooklyn Heights: A new effort to make Brooklyn Heights more pedestrian-friendly may have taken a wrong turn, as new sidewalk extensions at Joralemon and Hicks streets will make the intersection a concrete obstacle course for fire trucks exiting the nearby firehouse. Comments (20)

Miss G train pageant is rolling ahead

Williamsburg: Finally, the beauty pageant for the little engine that could is generating some interest. Comments (19)
Cleaning Our Waterways: The federal government is now looking at charging the U.S. Navy and the city of New York for the clean-up of the fetid Gowanus Canal. Comments (7)

Shooting ends chicken wing gravy train at Buffalo Wild Wings

Fort Greene: Buffalo Wild Wings has plucked the feathers off its weekly cheap wings promotion after hordes of rowdy students descended on the sports bar, resulting in two separate shooting incidents on Tuesday night. Comments (18)

Got something to say? Stick it in this artwork

Art: A piece of sculpture at the Pratt Institute asks you to scribble down your inner-most thought. Relax, it’s art. Comment

Comedy comes to the Knitting Factory

Nightlife: Comedy is coming to the Knitting Factory. Comment

Now Boerum Hill has caught downzone fever

Boerum Hill: The push to downzone Boerum Hill has begun! Comments (1)

Finally, Tom Mylan is on our meat hook!

Shopping: The celebrity butcher finally breaks his silence about his new butcher shop, the Meat Hook. Comments (2)

City buys out Sitt (mostly) in Coney


City buys out Sitt (mostly) in Coney

Development: Mayor Bloomberg has sealed his deal to buy Joe Sitt out of Coney Island, purchasing seven acres of the speculator’s 12.5-acre Coney holdings for a whopping $95.6 million. Comments (5)

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