Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009

Page 1: It’s a crazy, mixed-up world. And we know how much you rely on The Brooklyn Paper to help you make sense of it. But why wait until Friday, when our print edition blankets the borough like a soft Chamois cloth? Right now, from where you are sitting, you can look at the entire edition in seconds, simply by clicking the link above. It’s amazing, but in this crazy world of ours, isn’t it night to have something so reliable? Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

It’s official: Park Slope’s Halloween parade is better than Manhattan’s!

Event: The Greenwich Village Halloween parade and Park Slope’s Halloween parade may celebrate the same holiday, but they march to the beat of very different drummers. Comment
DUMBO: In the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, DUMBO development titan David Walentas has put on the market the borough’s most-expensive apartment. Comments (6)

New state-Ratner deal has ‘clause’ for concern

Atlantic Yards: Has the state let the developer off the hook on his affordable housing promise? Comments (6)
Carroll Gardens: A three-year fight against “out of scale” buildings in Carroll Gardens is heading towards victory on Monday, as the City Council is expected to approve a downzoning that would cap building heights in most of the picturesque neighborhood. Comment

‘Sex and the City’ writers bring new Texas-tinged soap opera to DUMBO

Theater: From “Sex and the City” to “Soap Opera on the Prairie”? Comment

And from the old-style mailbag…

Letters: Republican City Council candidate Joe Nardiello writes us to complain about our coverage … of him! Comment

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge resident Richard Mahany is mad as hell — and he’s not going to rake it anymore! Comments (15)
Shopping: The minds behind Robicelli’s Gourmet Market in Bay Ridge have decided to close their beloved Third Avenue store so they can go national with their even-more-beloved cupcakes. Comments (9)

Health care road show comes to Bay Ridge — and Rep. McMahon is too conservative!

Bay Ridge: While the rest of the country brought out torches, pitchforks — and in some cases, handguns — this summer to protest “socialized medicine,” Bay Ridge residents stormed Tuesday’s town hall meeting on health care to demand that their Democratic congressman be more liberal on the issue. Comments (4)
Dining: Here it is, folks — the photo op of the week: Borough President Markowitz caresses a pastrami sandwich at the Mill Basin Deli! Comments (5)
Shopping: Finally, a chance to pretend that your living room is the 2 train. Comments (1)

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009

A two-man gun team is on the loose!

Brooklyn Heights: A pair of heavily armed muggers is running wild in and around Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO, robbing at least three men in a six-day blitz last week. Comment
Williamsburg: The city’s contentious plan to allow residential development inside the largely commercial “Broadway Triangle” was rubber-stamped by the City Planning Commission on Monday, as commissioners said that the project’s ends — affordable housing — justified the sometimes ugly means that were involved in drafting the plan. Comments (20)
Bay Ridge: But is a ferry next? That’s unclear. Comments (5)

Murder near Myrtle Avenue!

Fort Greene: The third murder of the year is reported. Plus all the other crime news from Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s 88th Precinct. Comment
Books: For one weekend in November, Brooklyn will become the center of the comic universe. Comment

Monday, Oct. 19, 2009

Election: What other newspaper lets you into the boardroom when we grill three candidates for City Council who are seeking our endorsement? Comment

Author ponders death — at Green-Wood Cemetery

Books: There’s nothing better than a reading about suicide at Brooklyn’s best boneyard. Comments (1)

Teen Spirit is doing well at Gap Year University

Smartmom: He didn’t go away to college, but Smartmom’s son, Teen Spirit, is learning plenty. Now, if he only had a bank account. Comments (5)

Friday, Oct. 16, 2009

Development: The Brooklyn real-estate bust is showing signs of bottoming out. Comments (1)
Greenpoint: One day after the federal government gave residents 30 more days to complain about the Newtown Creek, the fetid waterway’s congresswoman revealed last Friday that she supports designating the creek as a toxic Superfund site. Comments (6)

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