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Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009

Page 1: Our full print edition has just gone to the press — but thanks to the miracle of modern technology, you can read it right now! Not to get too technical, but we can recreate our newspaper — in the exact format you’d find it at the newsstand (minus the paper and ink) — right on your computer screen. This is done using Adobe’s amazing Portable Document Format, or PDF. And we’ve been doing this for, like, 10 years! So read it now, and, as always, keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

GOP and Green nominees say they’ll beat Lander (maybe)

Election: Now that he’s won the Democratic nomination for the 39th Council District, Brad Lander is facing two challengers: Republican Joe Nardiello and Green Party nominee David Pechefsky. We checked in with both upstarts to see if they stand a chance against the better-funded, better-known Democrat. Comments (16)

Totonn-YES! Famed Coney pizza landmark to reopen next month!

One of the world’s greatest pizzerias, Totonno’s in Coney Island, will reopen next month. Comment

Hey, sports fans: Here’s what baseball was like before it was great

An afternoon of “vintage baseball” shows how far our national pastime has come. Comment
Shopping: If your all-star team includes Henry David Thoreau before Henry Aaron, Edgar Allen Poe before Edgar Renteria, and Walt Whitman before … Walt Weiss, then you’re in luck. Comments (4)
Summer is over and it’s time to put away foolish things like the beach and get back into the rhythm of urban life. To help, The Brooklyn Paper has assembled this full guide to fall fun. Comment

And from the mailbag...

Letters: Our letters column opens with a scathing attack on our editor! Comments (2)

Get some great food in a church basement!

Shopping: The best new place to get homemade, specialty and ethnic foods isn’t some fancy gourmet place, but a church cafeteria. Comment

Roofus’s take on the Atlantic Yards planning process

Atlantic Yards: Here’s our cartoonist’s take on the latest Atlantic Yards development. Comments (1)

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009

Look, up in the sky — it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s hate speech!

Downtown: Hate and profanity filled the skies over Downtown Brooklyn on Wednesday when an anonymous pamphleteer threw hundreds of copies of an obscene, anti-Obama poem from the top of a building in the Metrotech office complex. Comments (8)
Prospect Heights: Prospect Heights, long seen as the ne’er-do-well sister of Park Slope, is about to become the city’s 97th historic district. Comments (1)
Downtown plan: A city panel approved a $20-million federal stimulus bailout for a stalled Downtown development on Tuesday, pushing ahead plans for a mall, residential units and office space where the Albee Square shopping center once stood. Comments (2)

Oh So Feisty One doesn’t call — and Smartmom freaks out

Smartmom: Suddenly, Smartmom goes from protective to overprotective to veryoverprotective in one day. Comments (2)

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009

It’s Primary Day! Check out these last-minute endorsements!

Election: One guy got endorsed by a former pop singer while another was endorsed by a living, breathing minor footnote to history. Click on the race you care about below to read all about it. And remember: Vote today!
Atlantic Yards: Enjoy the new renderings of the Barclays Center while you can — because if the economy gets back on track, the look of the rippling steel building will be altered radically to include new buildings, including one atop the arena’s signature entrance way. Comments (12)

Mormons give Hipsterville a good cleaning

Greenpoint: Wake up, Williamsburg! While you were sleeping last Saturday morning there were real live Mormons cleaning up McCarren Park. Comments (14)

That was some party!

Williamsburg: A guy hosts a great bash on McKibbin Street — then he and his guests are burglarized! Plus all the crime news from Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct. Comment

Monday, Sept. 14, 2009


Mike McLaughlin leaves The Brooklyn Paper!

Podcast: Award-winning Senior Reporter Mike McLaughlin has moved on. Enjoy our tribute video now! Comments (8)

Tomorrow is Primary Day — here’s your last chance to bone up!

Election: In one last effort to get you focussed on Tuesday’s Primary Election in several hotly contested Brownstone Brooklyn districts, we’re reposting our debates featuring all the candidates. Find the district below and click to see our exclusive footage! And remember to vote on Sept. 15.
Red Hook: Organic plants, not concrete plants! Comments (11)

Mike likes The Speech — but wants more details

McMahon on Line 1: Freshman Rep. Mike McMahon checks in with The Brooklyn Paper after President Obama’s big health care speech. Comments (1)

Does anyone know how to run a popcorn machine at the Court Street Cinema?

Downtown: Apparently not — the multiplex had its second fire in a month on Saturday night. Comments (2)

There’s a new cookie in town

Shopping: Little Buddy Biscuit Company opens in the South Slope. Comment

Friday, Sept. 11, 2009

Downtown plan: Call it the “Battle of the Bailout.” Comments (1)

Challenger: Call her Sara ‘Gone’-zalez

Election: Insurgent candidate Robinson Iglesias lobbed the ultimate hand-grenade in his longshot bid to defeat Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez in Tuesday’s primary for the Red Hook-Sunset Park seat — he’s gone after Gonzalez’s poor attendance record. Comments (3)

Marty’s ‘Potato chip’ gets stale

Marty’s ‘Potato chip’ gets stale

Big Coney Island ampitheater is delayed, perhaps to answer complaints of some critics. Comments (2)
Art: The King of Pop — a god? Comments (18)

Frank’s wild about Judge Schack!

Rhythm & News: Frank Hoier recently read about a Brooklyn judge who’s tough on banks that want to foreclose, so the Bard of Bushwick was moved to write his new hit, “Little Judge Schack” for this week’s “Rhythm and News” feature. Comments (1)

Another intern moves on!

Podcast: We’ve lost another solid intern — Shannon Geis. Please join us for this cupcake-filled tribute, which includes a rare office visit from our puppetry, kids music and mime columnist, Thurston Dooley III! Comment

Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009

Atlantic Yards: The basketball arena at the core of the Atlantic Yards mega-project is actually a money pit that will cost city taxpayers nearly $40 million more over the next 30 years than they will get back in revenues, according to a new report issued last week. Comments (13)

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