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Dining: You’ve heard of a mealworm, but have you ever heard of a meal of worms? Comments (3)

Why we’re steamed

Editorial: Members of the Brooklyn Paper editorial board offer a tossed salad of things that are making them mad this summer. And who doesn’t love a tossed salad in the summer? Comment

Broadway Triangle battle reaches Marty’s hearing room

Williamsburg: Great plan or politically corrupt boondoggle? Now, it’s the borough president’s turn to consider the evidence. Comments (11)
Horns are honking. Jackhammers are hammering. Politicians are calling. Babies are screaming (or worse, wanting you to play with them). Face it: you can’t get any freakin’ peace and quiet in this town! Comments (2)
Clinton Hill: A long-frozen plan to build affordable senior housing on Lefferts Place has come back to life, revealing a rift in the normally quiet corner of Clinton Hill between neighbors divided over the six-story project. Comment

Bloomy’s F train plan has one big flaw

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist Cristian Fleming sees the one main problem in Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign-year promise to fix the F train. Comments (1)
Music: Only Peter Block would find his inspiration in the murky Gowanus Canal. Comment

Billyburg, G’point crime is way down — except for burglaries

Crime: Despite double-digit drops in most categories, break-ins are still a problem in North Brooklyn. Comment

Neighbors fill up on wine in Williamsburg bar fight

Williamsburg: A Community Board 1 committee voted on Tuesday night to deny a liquor license for a Metropolitan Avenue wine bar as neighbors complained that booze-soaked, party-loving, “frat boy”–filled Williamsburg just can’t handle one more drinking establishment. Comments (7)
Brooklyn Angle: Credibility has finally been restored to the celebrated — but controversial — “Greenest Block in Brooklyn” contest. Comments (7)

The Brooklyn Paper eats insects — on camera!

Podcast: You gotta see this! Comment

Batavia slugfest — but Cyclones slay the Muckdogs, 15–11 

Cyclones: This one was ugly, but a win is a win. Comments (2)
Coney Island: Landmark status awaits — at long last, some say — at least two historic buildings in Coney Island, including the derelict Shore Theater, but possibly not the most famous site in the amusement area, Nathan’s Famous hot dog restaurant. Comments (11)
Downtown: At long last, it was the right time to yell “Fire” in a crowded movie house as the United Artists multiplex on Court Street was briefly consumed by smoke during a crowded afternoon screening on Tuesday. Comments (6)
Election: Mayor Bloomberg called for the creation of express subway service on the F line, one of the most crowded routes, as part of a larger campaign announcement calling for a multitude of mass transit improvements — and maybe even the return of trolleys! — for Brooklyn. Comments (13)
Park Slope: Seventh Avenue is a commercial strip in flux with 27 storefronts empty or under renovation. Comments (3)

Candidates waste big chance to be king of Brooklyn

Politicrasher: Only two candidates showed their Brooklyn street cred at last night’s Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce debate. Comments (9)
For now, at least, post offices in Park Slope, Red Hook and Bay Ridge are safe. Comments (1)
Park Slope: Cops put the lockdown on Lincoln Place on Tuesday morning as a woman whom neighbors openly called “the crazy lady” lived up to that cruel nickname. Comments (5)

The OSFO goes parasailing — and Smartmom finally learns to cut the cord

Smartmom: Smartmom lets the Oh So Feisty One take flight — finally! It’s a very special edition of Smartmom. Comments (1)

Say goodbye to two great interns!

Podcast: It’s the first of a series of summer farewell videos. Comment
Nightlife: What happens when you take Cirque de Soleil and cross it with the “Yellow Submarine?” You get Suspended Cirque’s “Urbanopolis,” at the Galapagos Art Space. Comment

New show makes great fun of lousy economy

Theater: It’s current! It’s humorous! It’s educational! It’s “Tally Ho! Or Navigating the Future,” a slapstick comedy with trap doors, giant puppets, and smoke machines. Of course, it’s about the economy, stupid. Comment
Cinema: A trio of rockers will bring some noise to a silent kung fu film during a rare screening. Comment
Election: Borough President Markowitz locked up a third-term in a Manhattan board room on Tuesday afternoon as the Board of Elections kicked the Beep’s Democratic challenger off the ballot. Comments (10)
Fort Greene: Laika, the geriatric Husky whose abduction late last month prompted an immediate and visceral response from cops, readers and even a dog-loving state assemblyman, is back home — and you can partly thank The Brooklyn Paper! Comments (14)

Our singer-newswriter ‘parks’ one!

Rhythm & News: In his latest “Rhythm and News” feature, the Bard of Bushwick, Frank Hoier, sings about the Meadows of Shame! Comment
Red Hook: Turns out, this guy was not all he claimed to be. Comments (4)
Books: Move over, Su Doku! Chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley has a new mind game: pawn mowers. Comments (1)
Mean Streets: Critics are calling it “Ratner Road,” but it was city workers who turned a Pacific Street sidewalk into a lane of car traffic. Comments (2)

Our team puts a hit on the new ‘Sopranos’ wine

Smash or Trash: They gave us an offer we could not refuse: drink this bottle of red wine. Now! Comment
Fort Greene: Someone stole Laika, an 11-year-old Husky in Fort Greene this week — and cops, the owner and a dog-loving assemblyman are on the trail. Comments (19)

It’s splitsville for the B61 bus!

Transit: The MTA wants to improve service on this Red Hook–Queens bus line by cutting service in half. Comments (1)

Ridge fire leaves families out in the heat

Bay Ridge: The terrifying fire that tore through a Bay Ridge apartment building early this morning left dozens of residents homeless — and 28 people injured. Comment

Shot on Varet

A 27-year-old was killed last week after he fell under a hail of bullets on Varet Street. Comment

Mayoral visits raise eyebrows

The lack of open space in Williamsburg and Greenpoint following the 2005 rezoning is one of the key issues in campaigns for City Council and citywide races this fall, but with tax revenues falling, city officials are in a difficult position. Comment

Brooklyn obesity figures shows the borough’s growing girth

Brooklyn’s love handles are showing. Comment

McCaig Welles gallery closes its doors

McCaig-Welles, the playful Williamsburg gallery (129 Roebling Street) that has been on the scene since 2000, is closing its doors for good later this summer. Comment

Five-legged Brooklyn dog loses limb

Five-legged Lilly went from nature’s oddity to normal pooch last week: The dog is back on her own four feet. Comment

Parks Dept. optimistic in spite of cuts

While budget cuts have made their way into every major city department, the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation remains optimistic about its future. Comment

Velazquez gets funding for Moore Street Market, Brooklyn Heights

Williamsburg’s Moore Street Market and the Brooklyn Heights Association are set to each receive $400,000 for capital improvements under an appropriations bill Congress passed this week. Comment

Beep! Beep! Newcomer tries to nudge Markowitz out of the way

If Borough President Marty Markowitz is a political locomotive, then newcomer Eugene Myrick – his challenger in the September Democratic primary -- is the Little Engine that Could, spouting the age-old mantra, “I think I can… I think I can…I think I can.” Comment

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