Thursday, May 14, 2009

Page 1: If this edition of The Brooklyn Paper isn’t a collector’s edition, we don’t know anything about the antiques market! Inside, you’ll find great stories about the Gowanus Canal, the crackdown on cyclists, Joe Sitt’s fizzled Coney plans, and so much more. Just click above for all the action. And as we say in the newsroom, keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Read more…

Windsor Terrace deliman dares thugs to come back and rob him

Windsor Terrace: Go ahead, punks, make Jeff Samaha’s day. Comment

Ain’t this a kick in the kickballs?

Greenpoint: Newly planted trees in McCarren Park have forced Brooklyn Kickball players to reorient their fields — and now players are practically on top of each other! Comments (2)
Coney Island: In an embarrassing setback, Coney Island’s would-be savior, developer Joe Sitt, has postponed the highly publicized grand opening of rides, freak shows and vendors this weekend. Comments (9)

Ridge hero cop loses “America’s Most Wanted” dog and pony show

Bay Ridge: Heroic NYPD officer Susan Porcello won’t be an “America’s Most Wanted” all-star after all — but she doesn’t care anyway. Comments (1)

A tribute to our intern, Emilia Brock!

Podcast: Another one bites the dust! But Emilia Brock was one of the greats. Comment
Yes, Ringling Brothers is coming to Coney Island — and that’s great for fans of elephants and tigers and bears (oh my)! But this borough is positively busting with smaller troupes that are also worth your time and money. Comments (1)

Will there be any BQE left to fix?

Cartoon: Our cartoonist, Cristian Fleming, thinks this BQE roadwork is taking too long. Comment

The Brooklyn Paper mailbag

Letters: This week, we got a mailbag full of letters about our article about a walking tour of Brooklyn’s mob past. Comments (1)
Brooklyn Heights: This much is clear: Montague Street is knit to be reckoned with these days. Comment
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The Brooklyn Paper’s Summer Camp Guide

School’s almost out, which means it’s time to find a summer camp! Read more…

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crash course on the avenue of death and destruction

Mean Streets: The so-called Avenue of Death and Destruction is still living up to at least part of its name. Comments (2)
Bridge ‘Park’: An evolution-themed artwork that beautified an ugly scaffolding was ripped down by state officials who claimed the artists did their public service without permission. Comments (9)
Mean Streets: Drivers, neighbors and merchants who are forking over handfuls of quarters to pay the newly increased parking meter rates during peak hours on Fifth and Seventh avenues say the city’s so-called “Park Smart” project isn’t living up to its name — because debit cards that render change obsolete aren’t being sold in the neighborhood yet! Comments (5)
Bridge ‘Park’: State officials revealed on Tuesday night that a colossal renovation of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway won’t likely begin until 2020 — nearly 30 years beyond the roadway’s original lifespan. Comments (8)

Tailored Pet rises from the dead — thanks to former workers

Brooklyn Heights: The Tailored Pet is back from the dead — reborn as “Rocco and Jezebel.” Comments (10)
Williamsburg: Williamsburg — the jam-packed home to scores of art galleries, hundreds of bands and even 30 kickball teams— just made space for a little history, too. Comments (1)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cleaning Our Waterways: The feds cast doubt on the city’s plan to clean the Gowanus Canal — but admit that the Superfund plan would not fix the biggest problem: the hundreds of millions of gallons of raw sewage that end up in the canal whenever it rains. Comments (16)

Dragnet! Cops nab bikers in red-light sting

Mean Streets: Police cracked down on rule-breaking bicyclists in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill last Friday, issuing tickets for running red lights and then slapping offenders with additional summonses for minor infractions, including one bicyclist who didn’t have a bell. Comments (41)
Music: Brooklyn music lovers will no longer have to trek to Austin — or Manhattan — to check out a premiere indie-rock festival. Comments (2)

Smartmom raises her glass to new bar — the one across from the school

Smartmom: If it’s Tuesday, it’s Smartmom day on This week, Smartmom says she has no problem with a new bar-restaurant across the street from PS 107 in Park Slope. Comments (6)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Park Slope: Brooklyn’s largest historic district would triple in size — and become the biggest in the city — under a proposal unveiled last week by a Park Slope community group. Comments (5)
Music: The best folk festival in the city just got one bold-faced name better. Comment
The Butcher of Flatbush Ave. Extension: Mike McLaughlin, the Butcher of Flatbush Avenue Extension, takes a shot across the bow of the Heights Players’ “Show Boat.” Comments (1)

A tribute to our intern, Aisha Gawad!

Podcast: Another one bites the dust! But Aisha Gawad was one of the greats. Comment
Mean Streets: A decades-long project to repair a ready-to-collapse section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway finally begins tomorrow night. Comments (4)
Brooklyn Heights: Subway riders got a thrill on Saturday afternoon when Vanessa Francis and Matthew Solly left their wedding ceremony in Brooklyn Heights and headed to the reception … on the 4 train. And she even got a seat! Comments (3)
Parenting: Fantasia, the beloved albino Burmese python at the Children’s Museum, celebrated her 15th birthday this weekend — and was promptly rolled out to her full length for the first time in years. Comment

Friday, May 8, 2009

Daily News garage to become rock-climbing gym

Gowanus: Finally, Brownstone Brooklynites will be able to get their rocks off on, well, rocks. The old Daily News garage on Third Avenue in Boerum Hill is being remade into Brooklyn Boulders, a rock-climbing center that will be a mountaineer’s Nirvana. Comments (1)

Frank sings about bedbugs!

Rhythm & News: Join the Bard of Bushwick for his first installment of “Rhythm and News.” Comments (2)
Brooklyn Heights: Brooklyn Heights’ own Notre Dame is in line for a multi-year makeover of Biblical proportions. Comment

This Frontier Needs Heroes lives up to its name!

Smash or Trash: The Smash or Trash team loves this Williamsburg-based band. Comment

Irish author with a ‘Brooklyn’ accent

Books: Meet Colm Toibin, author of “Brooklyn,” his sixth book. Comments (1)
Editor’s Picks: Once again, the invaluable Brooklyn Paper is back with some tips for a great weekend. Keep hustlin’, Brooklyn! Comment

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